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The "naughty days" of the last few nights of the year are the most important moments of Islam's history. The "naughty days" of the first few nights of the year, including the night of decision making, are the most important moments of Islam's history. The "naughty days" of the last few nights of the year, including the night of decision making, are the most important moments of Islam's history.

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I'll be lying when I sit on the regime's will our man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Marathi your subdomain my beloved brothers and sisters said Mr. Lee Kamara, how to lie about a gaggle

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always and we will begin with the praise and thanks of Allah. I said to Allah, Allah and Allah we testified that the as an unworthy of worship because Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and eating salutations, beloved Debbie Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is Pisces pure family whose companions and all those who follow the Sunnah until the end of time melas Panatela Bliss has to be amongst them. I mean, I think we're coming to the law handler medicine Joomla. Today, from last week, I was a bit late. I came up with the facts for the due to the traffic accident, and I was trying to make it not the safety I mean, And Alhamdulillah. The 20/23 night of

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Ramadan is upon us tonight this evening. We have already finished with 22 days of Ramadan. And we thank Allah subhanaw taala for blessing us with those 22 days. And we can only imagine how much just for us to reflect on that one day of Ramadan is valued.

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If it's accepted more than an entire lifetime of sunnah fasting, if you fasted your entire life, it would not equal one day of Ramadan. And so Allah has given us 22 of those days that hamdulillah Allah accept from us, I mean, and grant us the ability to achieve what is left, especially later to other than the days ahead, may Allah grant us to, to succeed in that I mean, we continue with our series on how to make your dreams come true through dua, and

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as we move towards the last 10 nights of Ramadan. We know that in later to Qatar, it is also the night of God. In fact, it's called Laila to codon not the Night of Power, the Night of Decree, it's the night of decision making, it is the night where Allah subhanho wa Taala will measure out the proportions of the creation, who will get how much money who will live who will die and all that the list of the people that will be born in the next 12 months. So if you are desperate for a child, this is the time to ask for the child. If we are worried about whether we will live until the next year. This is the time we make dua as we mean as an Elisa mentioned that Dr changes cada even that

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will change the color through to that job promotion, it is going to be decided now in these in these last few nights of Ramadan vanilla. And so whatever you want, your dreams can come through through your DUA and many people, when they look at dua, they find it difficult to make dua I find that many of us we struggle to make dua, at least one on one with Allah to speak to Allah directly. We find it easier to sit in a Jamaat and that's good. That's fine. Jamar dua is fine. We will say Amin together and inshallah one of us is a pious person and Allah accepts the DUA and we all get it. But it's important that we make our individual to us. And so today we are going through

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some of the doers of the Gambia to look at how they made dua to learn from them. So and when you make your DUA this evening, or this afternoon or today, how, look at how the Gambia did it, and also to think about those things that prevent you. So you'll ask people, why don't you make dua and they will say, I'm too sinful to make dua, I've done so much sin, how do I ask Allah, Allah or I'm insignificant, all my problems are too much. I don't even know how to make dua. So we'll go through some of these, these things that prevent us from reaching out to Allah. Let you look at the duodenum be Adam. How many of us feel that I'm coming to Allah now in my old days, many years have passed I

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never spoke to Allah. I was a very naughty person, negligent person throughout my life I fallen. Or maybe you're a person that was you know, you were close to Allah. You were doing good deeds and then you've completely lost touch with Allah. And now you say how do I go back to Allah, I'm too far gone. And I think of the item. Now the item was close to Allah in Jannah. And Allah spoke to him directly. And then of course, he made a miss

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Take, and he was sitting down to the dunya. They were dunya. Dunya means the lowest, from the highest to the lowest. And so for him to be pushed so far away from Allah, it feels like how do I get back to Allah? This distance is too big, but Allah minute maybe Adam and Hawa a mother and a father committed the sin and they were expelled from Jana. What did they do? They said Robin alumna and Susannah Oh Allah we have wronged ourselves. We have committed sin against ourselves while I'm thankful and what are Hamner and Allah if you don't forgive us, and pod Nelson's Len Hakuna in the middle class city and then we will forever be lost.

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Allah is respond response for the record, I mean, Robbie Kanuma immediately and you will see I want you to notice something, wherever the DUA is made. Look at the next is the beginning of the ayah the first letter is afar, but Metallica that far means immediately, that far is for immediacy. Now let's see all these ayat. So now the other made a major sin was sent out cost out of Jannah and then he makes it to Allah Allah Magnusson. Forgive me for tilaka immediately he received a response from Allah. When Robbie kalimat he received word from Allah Fatah Allah. So Allah may Toba and I said the word Toba is Allah returned to him Allah came back to him in now what the web Rahim and Allah says I

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am forever returning to you if you want to come back there is no there is no such thing as your cut off. So whenever you feel too distant from Allah think of Nabil Adam and make raise your hands and immediately Allah will respond. Maybe you committed. Now one might say okay, in every item he ate, and he made a, in our estimation, maybe not such a big sin. Maybe Jonas made perhaps a little bigger. infringement. Maybe unitized Salam you spoke to his people you told him to to believe they didn't listen to him. And so then the punishment was decreed and when Allah sins the punishment there is no way you can stop it there's no stopping it now the once that button is pushed, Hollis

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it's gonna come and be Eunice basically gave up before the time and he left his people. And he winked and be left before Allah had given him permission to leave. He left his post before he was allowed to leave. And then we know of course, while he was on the ocean, the ocean would not settle until maybe units had to jump into the ocean. And then he was swallowed up in the whale. And so Subhanallah his punishment, if we could say for leaving his post was he was swallowed alive in the belly of the whale. And he's sitting there in the darkness of the belly of the whale being digested in the ocean, knowing that he committed something he shouldn't have done. What are known, Allah says

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and the locals who is not known the one who was angry because he was angry with his people was frustrated and he left well the unknown is the hubba Mahadeva and when he left his people angry, for one Allah naka de la la he and Allah says that he thought we would not catch up with him, obviously never Eunice knew he can't escape Allah subhanaw taala but he's angry got the better of him. Now he's in the whale, and he knows Subhan Allah. I made a big mistake. Fernanda and then he called out Vitola Matt in the darkness he called out to Allah, La ilaha illa Anta and this is the best way to make dua to begin with ya Allah there is none I can turn to other than you. There is none I worship

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other than you La ilaha illa Anta there is no Lord but you Allah Subhana Allah glory beat you in economia Dalemain I made a mistake here Allah, what's the next area faster? Jumbunna. Immediately that far, immediately we answer the first agenda who when not J now who and we save the Middleham from his difficulties, the service worker, they're leaking energy meaning and that's how we save the believers. And in some halogens an interesting tidbit but never use after he was saved. He expected when he came to his people that would be destroyed because the punishment was on its way. You can't stop it. When he got these people will find and so Allah says in the Quran, the only people that

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Allah prevented the punishment of the two ascent was never Eunice's people. So this is the father of never Yunus. It worked out so beauty not just for him, but even for his people. Maybe Allah the lesson of who says it's never ever too late.

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Even in the middle of the gap, the punishment was upon them. And Allah averted the punishment, even though this is not the standard sunnah. Don't ever think you're too far too late to make dua Now,

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you might be thinking, yeah, Allah, I've come through 22 days of Ramadan, I left my sinful actions, but the love for that certainly still way. I'm itching to go back. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking a minute, you know, it comes, I'm gonna go back to those sins. And why is it like that my fasting is not being accepted. It's human to feel that way. And if you think about temptation, and desire and all those things that you struggle with, you're not alone. Now, the use of a salaam felt the same way about you insofar as we know with the story, the ladies wanted him because he was so beautiful. They wanted to seduce him. Now, he didn't say I didn't want these ladies. He says Call

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her up, be a surgeon. And they said we are going to if you don't do what we tell you to do, you don't perform for us. You're gonna go to jail. So he says, oh, Allah. Jail is better for me than what they according to me. What? It'll be funny if you don't help me now.

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In this situation, I need katoen A superbill. Even if you don't intervene now Allah I'm going to give it to them because I want to give it to them. I want to be with him. He's only a man. And these are women courting him. So he says, yeah Allah I want to be with them. So if you don't help me now in this situation, I'm going to fall into sin. Well criminal, Jaya Helene and I will be of the Jacqueline I'll be of those who are ignorant. The next if first Jana who so we answered him, he called out to us in the middle of that moment when he's about to commit sin. We answered him for sort of an Hokkaido and and so we saved him from the plot in our semi will. We everything and we're

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all knowing maybe you're in a situation where you feel there is no answers. You know, you might think my situation is so bad. I don't even know what to make dua for because there's no all the doors are locked. There's nothing I can do. Then think about ASEAN is the wife of Iran. We could she turned to she's married to the worst person in history. Will frown is the worst of the worst. She's married to him. He's the most powerful man in the world. She can't run away. She's locked in her palace. She's a prisoner. She's forced us. Can you imagine if this man killed babies? What do you think he did to his wife? Behind the scenes? What do you think it did to her? And so she had no way

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out. And so she needs to order Allah says and He gives you the example of a good lady, a pious lady the wife of your own if called that she said Robbie, Robin Lee in Dhaka Batum Phil Jana, Allah, I have no way out in the dunya so I make dua that you build for me a palace with you in Jannah when a genie being fit, I want to please Allah save me from your own well, I'm ready, and he's anxious. Don't let me be like him. When a genie no call me volume and save me from his people. And Allah subhanaw taala, save them. And they'll be Ibrahim. Sometimes, maybe the DUA is not for yourself, our brothers and sisters in Palestine, maybe it's a family member, where you can't help them all you can

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do is make dua but you're powerless your kids whatever it might be, how many of us have family members, we so much wish good for them. But you know, they're unable to fix their problems. So you just stand on the outside and you feel powerless. Now viverra humans like that, when you lift the big smile and Hotjar in Makkah, you had to leave them in the middle of nowhere and he had to walk away. And so he says, I've been in the scan to Mindu Realty I've lived my family building lady lady, these are in in an open bed in the middle of the desert, in the cupboard haram in the Haram robber now I've left them there so that they may establish Salah so so then he says yeah Allah I've done

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what you commanded me to do. Firstly, I'll determine a nurse Sita who Elaine so please Allah send some people to help them I can't help them. Please make a way for them since some people to take pity on him. What what is to come in some erotica alone yes Quran and feed them so that no water no drink. So when you feel powerless in the situation, think of Nabil Ibrahim. He didn't have any way to help make that DUA and turn to Allah.

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Some people Subhanallah they've experienced such a difficult traumatic experience.

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Some things you can make dua for you know I lost the contract and make dua for new contract and a better one. You know, the call was an accident I make dua Allah grant me a replacement, but some things cannot be replaced. If you lost a loved one you make dua, you can't see Allah replace the son of one other son. And so think about nine Nabi Yaqoob, who lost the thing he loved the most in his life, never use all these dreams and his hopes was on this boy was going to grow up to be NLB. He had so many kids and none of them were going to be Ambia. But this boy, ALLAH given him a righteous pious boy, and he's going to be unhappy. And then as we know, he was lost. And his perhaps no more

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painful experience, when not losing a child through death is beyond difficult. In our series on piano, we said any parent who loses a child, it will be a Cafaro, they will get a guarantee to Jannah if they are patient, but perhaps even more than losing a child through death is not knowing where the child is lost. Are they alive? Are they okay? are they struggling? Nobody yet who went through this for 30 years 3040 years never used was a small boy. And he only reconnects when he's a big man. So maybe you so think about maybe Yaqoob every single day make me call her in nama. He says to his sons in a school Bothy. We're hosting in Allah that I pour out my grief and my sorrow to

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Allah every day every night, only to Allah you don't see me moping around crying and being a misery on you guys. But when I'm alone with Allah when I make my salah my dua when I cry to him, it Allah Allah Allah may Allah Allah Allah Tala mon and why am I so sad? You don't know what I know. Then he says yeah Boo

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is horrible for her. So make use of it's been 40 years my boys but still don't give up hope with will find him Don't give up hope.

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What are they assuming Rohilla because you don't give up hope in the Mercy of Allah. That's what he says to his sons. I will never ever give up searching for use of making dua because I don't give up hope in the Mercy of Allah. So if you think that one thing is irreplaceable, nothing is irreplaceable to Allah.

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And then he says in the hula, you are swimming Rohilla Ellen Coleman caffeine and he says the only people that are hopeless

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When it comes to DUA and Allah are people who just believe in Allah, one of the names of Iblees is from Yes, it means the one who has lost all hope in Allah. He has no hope in Allah anymore. Whereas a believer, when the doctors give you the diagnosis, there is no hope. There is no way forward. The DUA is the answer. The door is the thing that can make the impossible come through.

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Nabi Yaqoob, lost the thing that he loved the most nebbia you've lost everything. Every single thing he lost his money, his family, his children, his health, his ability to move his wife the only thing that he had was his tongue but he could still make dua and if you think that I have reached rock bottom, there is nothing that I can you know this Yeah, Allah there's nothing more for me. There's nothing left for me think of an Obeah you when he says is not a robber, who when you make dua, must certainly do. That hardship has come upon me. And beautiful. Look at the adab of the Gambia. They don't say yeah, Allah, you put hardship on me or you made me sick, which is true. It's from Allah

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subhanho wa taala. He knows this is a test from Allah, but he says I have gone through hardship. One Tarhan Rahimi, but I'm not complaining you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. He's saying yeah, Allah, look at my situation. Maybe I could be saying yeah, Allah, look at my situation. I'm so in this display, and I turned to you for my assistance. The next is faster. Jabra that far comes in low *a Schaffner and immediately we made easy for him, maybe him in Dota, we remove these difficulty when Tina Allahu and his family was given back to him nos para la nabina. You thought that his kids and his family had died? Maybe they were on a ship, and he thought it sunk but

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they weren't they were still alive. So out of nowhere, it's like they came back from the dead. They were they returned to him. When we saw him and more meaning they came with grandkids they came with more people now rock bottom in Indiana, emergency from us with eagerly obedient and a reminder for all of my slaves, that reminder for all of you, Allah subhanaw taala can make the impossible come through through your DUA don't lose hope in Allah dua. Sometimes things are so difficult and he's I don't even know what to ask Allah, I don't know where to begin. And if you feel like that, Nabi Musa felt like that, when we Musa to run away from fear only killed a man by mistake. And so leaving the

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palaces leaving his family leaving everything, he just had the clothes on his back, and he left and he ran into the desert. So he comes to the town, he doesn't know where I'm like, he doesn't have a plan. He doesn't even have a plan. I don't even know what I need. So some are sitting do and say, I know I'm in a bad situation in a terrible marriage and a terrible job in whatever it is. I don't even know what I want to ask Allah I just know I'm I mean misery. Nabi Musa was like that. And so he sits down under a tree. And he obviously we know the story helped those tubes the value sitting there he sees two girls trying to water the animals but no one is giving them a chance to help them

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water. So he gets up a big strong young man. He takes the animals from these girls he waters gives the animals the water and he gives it back to them for Sakala Houma so he gave these girls the water to matawa Illa dill, then he sat under the under a tree in the shade thinking about what am I going to do planning his next step, not knowing what is my next step in life for color so what does he do? He raised his hands, Robbie and he says My Lord in the Lima and Zelda Elysium in hiding *y Oh ALLAH Anna Look at this beautiful successful road you are such a human to iccr Allah I'm not even going to ask you anything. I anything you can send me I'm in need. I need food. I need shelter. I

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need family I need it. I have nothing yet Allah. So whatever you want to send me I'm happy. Whatever you have seen me Allah in the mountains Ultimen Clayton forgive if you can send me any good allies bases. Yeah, love, you can send me any good. I'll be very, very appreciate. I'm very desperate for that fight again. And then immediately, all of a sudden, one of those two girls came to speak to him.

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And she said that our father is calling you and they want he wants to give you a reward for what you did for us. And so whenever you Musa it, okay, immediately he's two hours on set. And so he went with the girls, and he spoke to the Father, He told the story. And the father says, no problem. You can live with us. And you can marry one of my daughters. So that dua What did he get off the DUA, he got a wife, you got a home, you got a job. You got a family with a small dua Allah, if you can send me any good, I'll be very appreciative. So Allah answered him, I'm not gonna give you one good, I'm going to transform your life immediately. Nabi Musa Subhanallah and this is the power of dua, five

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minutes ago.

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He was on the run for murder, not knowing where to go. Five minutes later, his whole life is sorted out five minutes later. This is the power of Allah and his two hours, Allah can open a door for you that you could not have imagined it existed. And that's what Allah does. So you might think, okay, maybe Musa dua, is Will. He's asking for things that are reasonable. I want to place I want to live, I want to be peace. Can I ask for the big things? I want to be a billionaire. I want to be the richest man in the world. I want to be the CEO. He says, Are we allowed to ask like that?

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We're going to be Sulaiman Nabi Sulaiman says Carla, Robbie filly. What do you what what? So first, he first makes this the far also context here. Maybe Sulaiman was already a king. And he committed a mistake. He really loved watching horses race, and one day he was watching his horses race, and he was so engrossed in that, that he must assert a Salah. And then when he finally realized the time the sun was already sitting in the Quran, and so he felt so terrible that he missed the salah. And as a test for him, Allah caused someone else to overthrow him. And Allah says there was someone took over his throne, maybe a gem a gem took over his throne or someone else to go to other mentioned

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that he became very very sick. So then he made the stuffer call her a bit fiddly Oh ALLAH forgive me. And now he says to Allah don't only forgive me, but I want my kingdom back. But I don't only want it back I want more than that. This is called a bit fiddly, forgive me, well, happily, Vulcan and give me a kingdom la Jamahiriya admin body that will never ever be replicated by anyone else. Give me a kingdom greater than anyone before and anyone often no one should have the power that I'm this is like, you know, you ask can I be a billionaire that that small compared to what Naveen Sulayman is asking. I want to be the greatest man in history. That's what he's asking after he

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committed a sin Subhanallah in Nicaragua, and then he says because you you give without limit and we have the giver. You are the one that gives gifts

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for so hard and so immediately Allah says so we answered him, and we gave him the power of the wind. Tragedy be somebody by His Command by him pointing a finger, the wind would move raha hai to ASABE wherever he directed, what Shayateen couldn't Urbana in what was and we've made him overpower the gym so that they could work for him. And they could move objects and build things for him. Or her you know Mikado Nina Phil as far as and he and Allah put chains around the gene to be a nice control how other ha autauga Allah says, This is our gift to you, oh Sulaiman from noon. Oh, I'm sick. You can use it or withhold it as you want without limit the gene and the wind is for you. As you wish

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however you want to direct it. You have complete free rein. So you think sometimes Yeah, what am I allowed to ask for these extravagant things? I want to travel the world. Think about the visa minister. Ah, it can't match what Nabi Suleiman asked and that's what he got. So ask for everything. And then that'd be Sulaiman makes a second door, which is very, very beautiful. And this is for all of us who has been gifted with a lot. He then says, rugby Oh, zero honey, oh, Allah helped me and ash coordinator machaca Lottie and I'm Talia. Now y'all a lot you've given me so much. Give me the ability helped me to give sugar to you don't let me be ungrateful because I can't even make sure I

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can be grateful on my own. Yeah Allah I'm asking you to help me to be grateful. So yeah, Allah let me be grateful for the blessings you've given me what other worldly they are and on my parents and to be there with his father. Well, I'm Allah Saleh ah, and then I may use these things to do good works. I don't want to just these powers I can be powerful. I want to do good things with it. Saudi heitaro da that you are pleased with what are the phenol Nibiru Hermetica fee by the consolidation and ultimate Yet Allah when all of the things are said and done, let me be a good person that may be a good person that's what he's asking let me be a good person.

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So you might nothing is too small look at the duodenum be Musa he asked Allah I'm not asking I want anything just stick Hebrew with just anything yeah Allah Nabi Musa is asking Nabi Suleiman is asking I want the kingdom like never ever anyone had an Allah gave both of them and Allah gave it to me Musa more than he asked.

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Then some might say you shouldn't make dua for miracles you'd find this at some Allah Macedo don't make dua for the impossible. But think of NaVi Zakaria now is my visa Korea was an old man and he had the diagnosis long time ago you never ever going to have children. His wife was barren, completely barren. And you would make dua for a child but in his heart of hearts there was that lingering doubt it's not gonna happen for me. And he walks upon Satan with the money on one day and he finds that she has fruits the and so you asked her where did you get this footage you then alone in your room? So she said no. An angel comes in brings me these fruits and those fruits were out of

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season it wasn't meant to I mean it was a summertime and it was fruits that was meant for the winter. And this revived in his heart that took off I can do everything. So allah so remember was actually I remember Zakariya is now the robber who? Robbie he says My Lord latter than the former Daniel and the Hyrule Warriors you know Allah don't let me die alone without an A and you are the best of those who give blessings

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if not the robber who NIDA and huffy yeah when he made a private dua to Allah He was alone and he laid in his in his Mirabeau in the masjid. Entire God is making a very between him and Allah he's talking kohlrabi in Nirvana asthma, and this is also how you make dua express the problem in your life is Allah knows Allah my boss is on my head. The deadlines are so much whatever it might be, you express your concern yeah Allah I'm struggling in my marriage. Yeah, Allah the bulls can't get paid, whatever it might be called Arabic in the wind and asthma, Allah that my bones have become weak meanie wish to see shea butter

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My hair look at it Yola, it's all gray. Well, I'm I couldn't be darker Obeah Sharqiya and yet yeah, Allah I'm still hopeful in your DUA, even though everything is against me, I still have hope in you and you'll do I've never been unhappy with your DUA. You've always been good to me. We're in the 50s Mr Lehmann Worre II. And the reason why I'm asking for a child is I'm scared off to me what's gonna happen? What kind of Emirati ocular and my wife is also barren for her but in spite of all of that disease still there, Allah give me a child from you. I'm still asking the impossible. So he lists all the impossibilities. He says I'm too old. My wife is barren. It's impossible. I'm never gonna

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have a child, but I really want the child so I'm coming to you and asking for a child. God who needs so that not only a child so behind Allah, this is a dua for all of us. He's not only asking I don't want the child Allah, I don't want a son I wanted to be. I want a nubby. I want a child who will be unabIe mean Alia coupe the family of Nabi Yaqoob Rahim wa Jalla Robbie Radhiya year and a child which you are happy with. Make me happy, and you must be happy. I love you as a career. Immediately in the national curriculum. You as a career I'm giving you the good news you're gonna have a son, his name is Yahia lemenager Allahu Minco blue semiya that he's going to be called Yahia and no no

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person before he made the name of your here John Subhanallah don't even think the impossible when you make dua

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Nabi Zakaria saying yeah, Allah I know it's impossible, but I'm still asking the question. So Allah says they will give it to you. If that's what you want, we will give it to you. And it took him those years and look, one might even be our only human in deep down in his heart, he still had that little but he was 99 Personal Salah will give it to me. But it took him that to see that miracle of Maryam to say, look, I can also get my medical if Maria means getting her medical. Why can I get my medical and that's what you should think. It was like Korea and Abuja, Korea got his medical, even if he saw a man got his medical, why can't I get my medical? Why can't I get my medical? And so

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whenever you feel distant from Allah, you feel Allah is not with you situations isn't going right. Think of Nabi Muhammad wa salam, this is the last two are at the worst point in his life. We know from the Hadith, when I should ask him what was the worst moment in your life it was this moment of the time when the people of Makkah you couldn't live in Makkah anymore. And he went to thaw if to ask them to help me. And instead of helping they were even worse than the Kurdish they almost don't need to. And so he feels I've been in Makkah for 10 years calling him to Islam. I can't even call my own family. They're not even responding to me. I go outside to the next city and they almost stone

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me to death. And he sits between Mecca and Medina. Just sitting bleeding thinking I'm a failure as an OB that's what gonna be so when I'm a failure, I am no I have no worth. And then he makes sure he says oh Allah to you I complain of my weakness. I'm complaining look how weak I am ya allah and my lack of resources. I have nothing going for me yet Allah and my humiliation in front of people. I've been humiliated by people I'm complaining to Yola. Look how bad my situation is.

00:27:56--> 00:28:26

And you are the most and whenever they complain, and this is another trick that Gambia you must complain about your situation. Now when you complain, you are semi ungrateful, because Allah put you in that situation. So you must complain Yeah, Allah, my situation is bad. My job is bad. My marriage is unhappy, but you are the most mercy choices and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. I'm not complaining about you Allah, I'm complaining about me. You are the best of the best. But look at my situation. When he says yeah Allah, You are the Lord of all the weak people of everyone that is weak and suffering You are the Lord and you are my Lord also. To whom should I turn

00:28:26--> 00:29:01

to other than you Yeah, Allah Who should I would you entrust me to I go back to Makkah to the people wanted to overpower me or the people of Taiwan to kill me. What do I do in the situation? Yeah, Allah I don't know what to do. Now we are Allah. So then he says, Yeah, Allah. Let me suppose if you are so long as you're not angry with me, then I am okay. Then I will push I'll still continue like this so long as you are not angry with me. But yeah, Allah Allah. So he's saying that Allah, I will continue like this. I will continue being abused and suffering and struggling, I will be happy if nothing changes, so long as you're not happy if you are not angry with me. This is not about that.

00:29:02--> 00:29:40

But still Yeah, Allah what I will be patient, I still hope for your prediction. I still want you to help me that is better for me. That is first prize if you can help me. Then he says and this is a beautiful, beautiful dua for anyone in difficulty. He says, I seek protection I seek your help in the nude of your face, in the light of your face, who makes it Do I like that? Yeah, Allah, I seek protection from the nude of your face, which illuminates all the darkness, the light that comes from you cos out all the darkness and through that light, every day every hardship in this world and in the afternoon becomes easy. When you are on my side everything becomes easy. So May it never be that

00:29:40--> 00:30:00

I should displease you or incur your your displeasure or your anger. And I will continue to make dua to your Allah until you are pleased with me. Whether How will I want to elaborate and there is no power no mic but you I will continue to ask you until things become better and we know Allah answered immediately. What do ha ha ma caribou coma kala

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

Allah says to the Narcissus, Adam, I have not gone anywhere. I still love you very much what on earth not to just wait you can see the arc the end will be better than you are now I have a plan for you in time in time. So inshallah we know that the Knights of Labor will call that inshallah could be upon us this evening, or in the next few days and as we said, this is the night way, the two of us are answered more than any other night of the year. This is the nights where decrees are made and decisions are made, when doors can be opened that you didn't know even existed. When promotions will be given out children and gifts and rewards everything in the kingdom of Allah can be given, as he

00:30:34--> 00:31:09

says in Hadith, that even if all the gene and all the humans were to come together and asked me and asked me and asked me and I give all of them what they wanted, it would not diminish me even like a drop out of the ocean. That is what Allah subhanaw taala is, so inshallah with the with your dad and your vicar and all that you're doing. Make that sincere dua from your heart. Ask Allah for the impossible ask Allah to fix your situation and may Allah grant us the best in the dunya and the era of Hamdulillah. A reminder that our pm Halal Salah is at 10pm for those who like to join, and a reminder for anyone who wants to start paying the fitrah and the video and the Mahara Jan you'd like

00:31:09--> 00:31:18

to sponsor a pot of food and never eat what a beautiful way to enjoy your need to feed poor people and hungry people inshallah you can speak to but to tell you about the bad chicken so much so that I want to come here again.