Omar Suleiman – His Hajj Story #01 – Growing up in Makkah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The Prophet had a series of announcements to reassure people that they wouldn't destroy the cabin, but they were rebuilding it. The speakers discuss the actions of different tribes and their claims to the profit slice, and talk about protecting from heat during the time of the hedge. They also mention a woman who helped the Prophet lie Selim and the profit slice. The speakers discuss the use of the Prophet's hedge as a way to avoid police and avoid offense, as well as the history of the hedge's use to highlight differences between Jewish and Jewish religion.
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I think most people would be surprised to know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam actually did not want to be anywhere near the Kava growing up. And that's not because he had a problem with the Kava. But because everything that was happening around the Kava was everything that the Prophet slicin hated. It was idol worship, it was the place where all the festivals took place. And in those festivals, you had all the obscenities, all the displays that the Prophet slicin did not want to see all the alcohol, all the boasting about who your tribe was, and the blood money and all these things that are so lost, I sell them shunned, because of the goodness that Allah had put inside of him. But

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once the prophets lie, Selim knew who he actually was when Allah bestowed the message upon him, then it became clear to him that this place was a special place, and his attachment to it as a result of that would grow for the rest of his life.

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Even the people of Mecca didn't really understand what it was about the Kava that was so special. They believe the multiple gods, they didn't really believe in an afterlife. They didn't know what was protecting the Kava, but they knew something was protecting the Kava because many of them had witnessed, I will feel they witnessed the year that abraha and his army had been destroyed trying to attack the Kava. And so there was this general respect for the Kava, even by the polytheists. And of course, it became the central location for everything else that they did anyway. And they use the idols to give themselves power and to give themselves a certain status in Arabia. However, five

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years before the Prophet slicin, receives Prophethood. So he was 35 years old, there was this flood that came to Mecca. And it really damaged the cabin. There's also a narration about a woman that wanted to put some incense on the cabin, she ended up burning a part of it. So the cabin was damaged, the structure was damaged, and they knew they had to reconstruct it. But knowing what happened to Apollo has army they were afraid of how they would go about that. So they're trying to decide, do we take a part of it and fix it? Do we remove the bricks altogether? And then rebuild it? How are we supposed to rebuild the cabinet? So it will either be mahira he stands up and it's ironic

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knowing the wickedness of what he pointed to in the corner and later on, he said, Look, are you people trying to destroy the cabin? Or are you trying to rectify it? Are you mostly doing or mostly home? Write the language that we know on the portal? And are you people that are trying to corrupt? Or are you trying to rectify? They said, we're just trying to fix the cat but we're trying to repair it. He said Allah and of course they refer to Allah amongst all of their other gods. He said, Allah won't destroy the Muslim hoon. He won't destroy the people that are trying to fix the Kaaba. So he takes an axe himself and he starts to repair the cabbie starts to do away with some of the bricks of

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the Kaaba. And he says, See, nothing happens. They said, Okay, let's wait a whole day and night to make sure that your hand doesn't fall off or lightning doesn't strike you or something terrible doesn't happen to you. So nothing happened to it would eat. So they get together and they say, Okay, let's rebuild the Kava. But a Buddha has an announcement. He says, Let's only use the pure money that we have earned. So we're not going to use any of the money that has gone towards gambling that has gone towards prostitution that has gone towards alcohol that has been attained through wronging people, none of the usury or the Riba we just want to use our pure sources of income, which of

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course would be a problem for them because they didn't have enough then to rebuild the entire Kava properly. So they're starting to rebuild the Kava and they're saying Allah humma, learn redo Illa Hydra, Oh Allah, we only want to do good. Please do not destroy us as we are repairing this cabin. And as they rebuilt the cabin, the profit slice I'm told that you sold the Allahu taala. And the years later that your people rebuilt the Kava wrong. It used to be a rectangle shape when Ibrahim it Salaam built it. And the door was to the ground so that people could go in the cabinet and come out. But they ran out of money. So they built it as a cube shape. And they raised the door so that only

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the elites of Piraeus would be able to enter in and they'd be able to govern who was able to go into the cabinet and who would be prohibited. So they rebuilt the Kava wrong, but that was what their money allowed them to do. And of course, the door represented everything else that they did with the idols and with their concept of God at the time and religion at the time. But then came the dispute who's going to put 100 us with the Blackstone, and it's place because all of these things that were retained after Ibrahim it Salaam, they maintain some of the status of those things. And it was understood ahead of us what the Blackstone was special. They didn't know what was special about it,

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but it was special. And whichever tribe was going to take the Blackstone and put it back was going to have a status that would be unrivaled from that point onwards. So they argue about it. Who's going to be the tribe that gets the honor of putting the Blackstone there.

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Some of the tribes they stake the claim based upon, you know, their wealth based upon their power based upon their prominence. Some of them claim to be there for a longer time. Some of them said, well, we're usually the ones that serve the people that come for Hajj or come for on. So we should be the ones to do it. So every tribe is making the claim. And it got so intense that by the time a week passed, they were about to fight each other in the home. So these tribes were actually now getting their weapons prepared, and they were about to turn on each other. Then at that point, a man by the name of Oppo omiya, and muzzle me stands up. And this would be the future father in law of

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the Prophet slice them even though he wouldn't live to see his daughter marry the Prophet slice of them. This would be the future father in law of the prophets lie Selim. So who is he? Well, I'll give you a clue. He's the father of a woman who helped the prophets lie Selim in a similar predicament during her day BIA and that his own selling model, the Allahu taala, and her who would famously advise the profit slice on what to do when they were unable to move forward for O'Meara in her day BIA. So this is about omega and matsumae. He's also a very wise man, clearly, and you can see that I'm set him up with the law and inherited some of that from him. He says, Listen, we're not

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going to solve this amongst ourselves, all the tribes are going to make their claims. But let's agree that the first person to walk through that gate of Benny shaybah, which is known as Baba Salaam, whoever comes through that gate, we're gonna give them the ability, give them the choice to put the black stone as they see fit. Will they'll be hooked me, he and everyone be pleased with his judgment? So they said, Okay, fine. That makes sense. So let's keep it random. So they sat down, and they're staring at that gate to see who's going to come through. And Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam walks through that gate. He was not a rich man. He was not a powerful man. But I mean, all Lena,

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they said he is the trustworthy one, we're pleased he is the trustworthy one, we're pleased, they knew the character of the profit slice on them. And so they were happy that the profit slice and I was going to be the one to carry out that task. Now the profit slice of them could have made a claim at that point for benu Hashem and Banu Hashim had their status in society already and were known for their generosity. He could have said, Alright, but no Hashem, let's do it, and every other tribe Too bad you agree to the condition. But instead, the prophets lie seldom in the spirit that would come in Islam as well. He says, Give me a foap and put it on the ground a cloth and put it on the ground.

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And let's place the black stone in the middle of that cloth. And then the profit slice I'm called for every tribal head to come and to grab one side of the cloth. So all of the tribes team together, they picked up the black stone in that cloth, and the profit slice some said Follow me to the Canada they went to the Kava was the last lesson and he picked it up and he put it in his place. And the Prophet slice alum did not know at that point that this was the stone from an agenda, the stone from paradise of how all those narrations would come later, but he saved them Salalah how to use them from bloodshed. He saved them from taking that time, which was supposed to be a unifying moment and

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Mecca, and turning into a device of moments and the profit slice I'm also once again solidified his reputation in society as a man not just of high moral character but a man who always wanted good for the entirety of Mecca, not just his people. Now after that the Prophet slice alum, he didn't used to do everybody around the cabinet he didn't used to worship around the Kaaba. As we said he really didn't care for the festivals or the obscenities. He did take part salaallah Islam and rebuilding the cabinet because that was a good thing to do. Just like heaven follow the pledge where all of the tribes would agree upon something noble the prophets lie some goes to the cabinet for that. But in

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rebuilding the cabinet, there is an incident there as well where Allah subhana wa tada protects the Prophet slice of them from something that is not befitting of the Prophet. Well, so lost, my son would put the stones on his back as he was walking to the Kava, because he did not want to partake in what the others would do, which was to take their bottom cloth and lift it up and hold the stones, thereby exposing their private parts. So the prophets lie some out of his modesty did not want to expose his private parts, which was common at the time. And as the prophets lie some is carrying the stones on his back, and I bassel the alarm and who says Tim? Oh, my nephew, why don't

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you do what everybody else is doing. Just lift up your ethos, lift up your bottom garment, put the stones there and we'll protect you from the heat just as the profit slice of them gave into that and he started to do that. Allah subhana wa tada cause the profit slice them to fall unconscious. And Allah protected the Prophet slice alum from ever exposing his Allah ever exposing his private parts again, which was a common practice of the people of Mecca. Now what about after that? When the Prophet slice Allah receives revelation, and the people of Mecca are carrying on with their Hajj? Yes, they had a hedge, but it wasn't like our hedge. They had all types of practices, all types of

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ways of enforcing tribal superiority, all types of innovations, but still muscle

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Last night Sam has received revelation at the age of 40. And he knows that the Kava is the house that was built by Ibrahim alayhis salaam to revive the message of tau heat, of which he would be the reviver of that monotheism. And he's witnessing this on an annual basis. So would the prophets I saw them take part in the hedge. There's a narration from drobeta been with him all the time and who, who took a long time to become Muslim. He says that in the days of ignorance, he says, I'd love to buy it. And he said, I lost one of my camels one time for the hub to uploadable who Yama out of us. So I went looking for that camel, on the day of alpha, for 18 nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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awapuhi, from vrfs. So I saw the Prophet slicin, I'm standing in alpha, and Quraysh would not go to alpha they used to, they used to send the poor people towards the alpha and they stayed within the harem. So he was confused why the Prophet slicin and was standing in alpha, and he knew the insistence of their way. So he said, I thought to myself, Masha knew who know what is he doing over here? But I didn't ask him anything at that point. So what do we know about the Prophet slice alums hedge, you might be surprised to know that the prophets ICM indeed did multiple hedges before the heads up before the migration. You have the narration of jabot and Abdullah all the longtime, who it

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says to hedges for short before the migration, and some scholars say that the Prophet slicin them did the Hajj every single year between Prophethood and the migration. However, he would avoid the things that police would do the idol worship and such just like the prophets, my son would do to off around the Kaaba, just like he would pray in front of the camera, but he would not pay heed to the idols that were around the cabinet. So the Prophet slicin would do Hajj on a regular basis, even before the hyjal. And it was in fact, in those last few years in Makkah, where one of the most defining incidents of the Sierra would happen during the days of Hajj, it was the 11th, year after

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Prophethood, the year after I'm in prison, the year after the year of grief, that the Prophet slicin is going out. And he's meeting the various tribes that are coming from outside during the nighttime so that the people of Mecca would not know. And he's introducing them to Islam. He's trying with everybody's allies. He's trying with the small tribes, the known tribes, the large tribes, the unknown tribes, he's just going to find anyone that or he's attempting to find anyone that is going to believe in his message. So he goes out at night, and he has with him about Beckett, and it may Allah be pleased with them. And he talks to these different groups. And suddenly, he passes by this

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group of six young men. And these six young men are there in minute. And they heard the profit slice, I'm talking to some of the more known tribes. And they were curious about what the profit slice of them had to say, as well, because these six young men were from yesterday. And they had been exposed to Jewish tribes that told them about tohei that told them about monotheism, and that also told them about a prophet that was to come. And so the prophets, Isom sees the six youth from this place called the FF. And they're interested in hearing what the prophet slicin has to say, and the prophets lie. Some never overlooks anyone when it comes to data. So the prophets lie. Some says

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to them, are you the allies of the Jews? And they say, yes, he says, Well, why don't you sit with me? And listen to what I have to say. So there they are in Mina, on the 11th day of the hedger in the 11th, year after Prophethood, and that conversation with six young men as it begins urara out there than harder, rather than Malik, quota, banana, rock, banana, and Jabir bin Abdullah, that conversation with those six young man was going to change the entire course of history as we have. The Prophet slicin presents Islam to them. And these six young man, they say what you're saying makes sense. And the Jews have already told us about a prophet that is to come, why don't we hasten

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and believe in you, before it gets back to them, and we will go back and call our people to Islam, and they say may be through you that Allah reconciles our differences brings our hearts together and establishes us upon this beautiful message of monotheism that you have brought and indeed that would be the Society of Medina.

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