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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 29 – Al Mulk, Al Mursalat


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The speakers discuss the negative news and conflicting reports on the origin of the message from the Prophet's Day of Judgment, including the loss of people's lives and the importance of showing dedication to their beliefs. They also touch on the loss of life and reward of those who missed it, as well as the use of "has been lost" in certain stages of the Day of Judgment, including the death of Hannah Montana and the "has been lost" concept. The importance of following guidance and not giving up on one's values is emphasized, as well as the success of Islam in helping people to live their dreams and achieve their dreams. The segment also touches on the loss of family members and the importance of gratitude in bringing them back to their birthplace, as well as a recent incident where two young people were beaten in front of a mouse in New York.

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So now it was time to cancel.

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Cha Cha I'll give you guys a minute to log on.

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All right.

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So I want to come up and talk to you all once again, spend our time the last

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hour obviously, you know, some kind of law we're seeing some of the very disturbing news that's coming out from in from different parts of the world with the continuous you know, bombings and things of that sort. So we asked Allah have mercy on all the victims. And obviously the most disturbing today coming from Medina munawwara.

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There, there's still conflicting reports, meaning there's still some sources that are saying that it's a cylinder and still some sources, in fact, official sources that are actually even identifying the name of a bomber.

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In any case, if it was indeed intentional, then it's a very sad day for for us and we ask a lot to have mercy on us and to protect our own man to protect

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the beloved city of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Lama I mean,

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so obviously, I struggled with whether or not I was going to do this today, but I figured it's the Quran. So it's important for us to continue to

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talk about the call and inshallah time reflect and ponder upon. And so here we go, inshallah, and we're going to finish now we have just 29, it's looking more and more likely that he will be on Wednesday.

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So we'll do the 29th, just today in Charlottetown, will do the 30th. Just tomorrow. So today, we're on the 29th of July. And so we'll start once again. 100, los altos numbers will know it was

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the 29th of June and the 30th are very similar in that you have multiple schools, and they all sort of revolve around a similar theme. So the theme of the Day of Judgment is very, very, very dominant. And you know, in both of these last two days of the whole app, and obviously the court, you know, the cornerstone of our religion, after the belief in Allah is the belief in the hereafter at the amount of Allah willing

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to believe in Allah and to believe in the last day and everything in between, is to bring us closer to those two things. So we believe in Allah, we believe in the last day, a last sense angels with messages to his messengers, to deliver that message to us.

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And so, the at the end of the day, it's the belief that allows the belief in the market and that's the dominant theme and makiko and especially when it comes to these last two chapters of the program, so, when it comes to just 29, first you have certain work and certain work is also known as certain money, the surah, which forbids and the reason being is that, you know, the narration which the Prophet slicin mentions that sort of thing, which is a is a protection from the punishment of the great that if a person recites it on a nightly basis, that it would serve as a punishment as a protection from my little cupboard. So it's a very powerful surah and it's one you know, in which

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Allah subhana wa tada talks about

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many different things, the proof of his dominion Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah de holofoil moto and here, the one who created you know, non existence and existence who created life and who created death, Leah Blue accom ucommerce anomala so that he could test you to see who amongst you would have the best of deeds not a Credit Karma, not the most of deeds, but the best of deeds to test the quality of your deeds. And Allah subhana wa tada is forgiving and overlooking, and Allah subhanho wa Taala, despite his might, and his power, chooses to show his benevolence and his generosity to his creation. But we see a lot of the proofs of a loss and penalties in the surah. We also see the

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regret of the people on the day of judgment that turned away from mustard we see the celebration of those that did accept the message in the New York shown on behalf of those who feared a loss of habitat or who called upon their Lord and the unseen lahoma Pharaoh to carry him, then they will have the forgiveness of their Lord and they will have a great reward. So the people that prepared for the moments where they would see everything, and they worship the lot and the unseen in this world, meaning they did deeds privately, when no one could see them, affirming their belief in the loss, affirming their belief.

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in the Hereafter, and so Allah subhana wa tada granted them protection. So this is the surah that, you know that that that mentions to us the celebration of the people as they enter into paradise and those who believed in the unseen and those who recognize that this life was a test because it starts off with the sort of starts off with the recognition that this is a test. And then it goes into how people responded to that test. So for some people, they believed in a law some kind of mentality they worshipped him they prepared themselves they did they work deeds of righteousness on this earth believing in that for some people, you know, you you would you would see that they would be asked,

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and I'm yet to come navient have not Warner's come to you. Did you not receive the message on novella Khadija and an idea and they would say yes, that a warner did come to us. Look at that. Now we'll put in a man as alone and shape but then we denied and we said that a loss of penalty, I did not send anything. At the end of the surah a loss of Hannah Montana says, fella Morrow who was a little fancy, as usual, Hola, Dina cafaro, that on that day, then their faces are darkened. And they you know, they are they're completely in humiliation. And they are told that this is what you used to long for this is what used to call for us to say that, you know, if there's really any

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consequences to the way that we live our lives here, then go ahead and show it to us Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So

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certain sort of talks about the aftermath sort of alum noon well, colonial milestone, sort of column is also a makansutra and it consists of 52 hours. And this is a sort of that was revealed extremely early on so Allah knows best but it's the order of revelation seems to be the last one on tada first revealed,

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obviously sorts of Allah, the first few authors within our accomplishment of eternity Falak, Allah Subhana metallic revealed, sort of ultimate death fifth and then Allah subhanaw taala revealed sources and resentment. And then we have sort of L column

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and sort of Aloha. So these are the first few suitors that were revealed. This sort of here were loss of 100 to Anna swears by the Padma and to be never meant to be can be mentioned, that you are not in you know, by the favor of your Lord, You are not a madman, you are not seeing things these are not simply you know, visions of demons or something of that sort. This is revelation, divine revelation, that is coming to you. So Allah subhanaw taala, comforting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that you are not a madman, you have not lost your mind you have indeed seen to believe it is Salaam. You have indeed seen these miracles of a loss of Hannah Montana You are a prophet of

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Allah in the Dakota journal Edelman known and you have a reward that has been assured for you that is everlasting that never spoils war in Nicaragua, hello Connor Aleem and you are upon an exalted standard of characters who lost hands on praising the Prophet slice on the last penetang of reassuring the prophet SAW Selim.

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After swithun Allah which is a command it color, and sorbitan and with death conferenza which is to stand up and call the people and uncertain resemble COVID Laila illa kalila, to stand and to pray at night here, this is a sort of that reassures the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this surah Allah subhanaw taala it has sent it to reassure the prophets lysozyme, as he did sort of the law, which comes around the same, the same timeframe. So to reassure the messenger sallallahu wasallam, to tell the profit slicer not to compromise, you know, for suitable sidaway obviously, don't be a common rough tune, we will see who amongst you is the one that has been afflicted or tested. Last

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pantai says What do you know, to the you know, failed, he known, they wish that you would compromise and they would readily compromise on their beliefs. So don't compromise on your beliefs. Because that's that's not the point of this. The point of this is that you have to show a level of dedication and you have to show that you're going to stick this out that you're going to see this through, and you're going to insist upon your beliefs, no matter what happens and no matter what persecution you face from the people. So the first section of our column addresses the greatness of the prophets lie Selim and addresses it's a reassurance to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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The second section of certain column really interestingly enough, it's the story of the people of the garden in Belo Naumann cannot Bellona, US have an agenda, the people of the garden so in this sorta you have in terms of the order of revelation, the first example for the people of coloration and the first example for the Prophet Spicer them. So the first story as an example of the people of the place, the first parable is drawn for the people of place. And also the first method is drawn for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So

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For the people of Piraeus, it's the story of the people of the garden. So this was a garden

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that was situated near Yemen. So it's close to where they are. And at this and the owner of that garden was a generous man that used to allow his garden to be opened up to the poor, and who used to readily give to the poor from this garden that Allah Subhana Allah gave to him, when he passed away, his offspring became stingy. And they started to make excuses to not give to the poor. And then finally, they plotted to keep the produce, to keep to reap the to get the fruits off of the trees before the poor would even be able to see and to even ask and to have any access to that garden whatsoever. So the children of that man became greedy. And they tried to, you know, they tried to

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you know, their own share without thinking about those that were outside. And as a result of that a loss of habitat have destroyed the entire garden. So as a result of their greed, they lost everything.

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This is the first example for the people of some of the scholars said that it's just like Ibrahim is that I'm which we'll see in the in the last few years and just ama sort of Quraysh react murabaha they'll bait a lovely Oklahoma home in Georgia and Manor home and hope that they should worship the Lord of this house, the one who fed them when they were poor, and who granted them safety and security, from from you know, from anything that would do harm to them. So basically, Allah subhanaw taala bless the city of Mecca by the drought of a bohemian in his setup, and as the descendants of the Bohemian he Salaam, it's necessary that you now that you don't allow yourself to be overcome by

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greed or arrogance or forget where the blessing came to you in the first place. So this is the first example for the people of Pradesh. Then you have the first example for the prophets of Allah He who has sung them,

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which is the known universe it his son. So the first prophet mentioned to the Prophet slice Allah, in order of revelation is the Prophet Yunus it his salon to tell the profits like some facility opening up the care whether to clinical soccer will hurt, he is Nadella. homak Don't, don't give up on your people the way that you and assigning his salon once gave up on his people. So you're just getting started, these attacks that you're facing are just you know, they're just starting, this is the very beginning of your revelation. It's gonna get worse for a few years, but it will eventually get better. And don't give up on your people because eventually these people will return to being

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believers, okay, collectively, they will come to be believers. So don't give up on your people. Don't despair, the way that you miss it is that I once did, and had it not been for the favor of your Lord than Yunus it his Salaam would have died a humiliating death. So this this is the first method the first method to coloration, the first method to the profit slice from the first example to the kurush or the people of the garden and the first example so the Prophet slice Allah is Eunice adding Islam to draw inspiration from Yunus it his Salah, Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentions,

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you know, the situation of the people on the Day of Judgment, and this sort of as well as he does in many different sources here, as we see in just 29. But here, last time mentioned, The Omen yaksha, for answer for you there, I'm gonna need us to do that is totally your own, the day that the shin will be uncovered, and they would be invited, they would be called to prostrate, they would be called to make so due to a loss of Hannah Montana, but they would not be able to do so why they used to be called Academy, they wanted us to do their home study when they used to be called to make surgery to prostrate to a loss of Hannah Montana, while they were Sadie moon, while they were

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completely, you know, free of any defects. And while they were healthy enough to do so nothing was stopping their backs from bending

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in this dunya. So there is a time at the Day of Judgment where people would be told to make surgery and they would not be able to make surgery. And this is, you know, very powerful. Because how some of you might remember the video,

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you know, it came out several years ago actually must have been like 10 years ago, about the young man from Saudi Arabia that's paralyzed from the neck down. And he was asked what his regrets were, and he mentioned that,

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you know, or what his three wishes would be mentioned that one of his wishes would be that he would be able to make salute, and he would not get up from that surgery route. Why? Because he said that, you know, when I was healthy before I was in the state, I used to be told to pray and I would refuse to pray. But now, you know, somehow I can't make to do it anyway. And he said, I'm afraid to be amongst those people that would show up on the day of judgment and they would be called to do surgeries and they will not be able to do so. So the the power of a sajida the power of making sujood now realized in sort of Immortal colosse pants I mentioned the faces of the people. Okay, the

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The people

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that you know that they are completely humiliated and they're told how the lady contributor down this is what used to call for here a loss franchise mentioning a later state in the Day of Judgment, which is when a loss pantai before the CLR, a loss of Hannah Montana lays a sack lays the shin bear and the last panel tells them to make suits, so they're unable to make sudo. So they'll have got mentioned another stage of the Day of Judgment, which is the next order, which is when we receive our books. Okay, so some people receiving their book in the right hand and some people receiving their book in the left hand. So those that received their book in the right hand, are those that

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used to worship a loss of hundreds and a bit of hype, those that used to worship along the unseen as mentioned certain look for Imam and Oto Kitab who be a meanie he failed kulu ha omokoroa Aki tabea, the one who receives the book and his right hand goes out to the people and says, Hey, look at my book, in Nirvana to any manakin Hey sabya Look at all these goodies that I used to do with it that I used to do previously that I used to do in private when no one saw me. I knew that this day was coming in Nirvana to any monarch than a zombie. I knew that the hisab would come from a loss of Hannah Montana, for who are theories at olalia fee Jonathan Ania. So he will live a life of pleasure

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and a high garden

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you know with with low hanging fruit Portofino hi Danny akuto, West rebel honey and bee mass left and fill a yarn and honey, that go ahead and eat and drink and enjoy yourself and rejoice because of that which used to do in this dunya in the world before in the life before the hereafter lost parents I then mentioned the next stage will amend Oto Futaba will be Chemin de Fer Corleone and etom Auto kitabi. And then the one who receives the book in his left hand would say that I wish I never received the book. Yeah later neelum hotaki tabia when I'm Anthony Murphy, salvia, and I wish that I never knew what my record would be. Yeah, later, how can I tell parmelia I wish that this was

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it. I wish that I would cease to exist more often. And the money Hello, can you so funny, my money has done me no good. And I have completely lost any authority. I can't seek help from anybody. So this is a different stage of the Day of Judgment now that's being mentioned and sorted and how can we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us amongst the people who received their books, and the right hand column. I mean, so you have these different stages right? Now, sort of than madej goes even a step further. So sort of thing the outage continues. Now, that person that insisted on, on, on on rejecting

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the divine guidance and rejecting revelation and trying to seek a life in which they they would not be held accountable. They thought that they could live their lives without being held accountable. Then Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, what did Mooji mono yesterday mean either beyond me eating the bunny, also, he bought two he was a he was I'll see. Let's see he loved it, too. We won landfill, audibly Jamia and Thelma Yoongi This is the last stage of the Day of Judgment, the last stage of the Day of Judgment, verses eight through 14 certain marriage, where Allah subhana wa, tada would ask a person, that if you could get yourself out of this situation, if you could ransom yourself by

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presenting to a loss of Hannah Montana, the entire world of gold, you know, you could you could present the world in gold twice to Allah subhanho wa Taala. To get yourself out of the situation, would you do it? And on that day, at that moment, when a person is standing before a loss of power and time, those last moments, they would they would be willing to ransom their children, they would be willing to give up their children, they'd be willing to give up the earth they'd be willing to do. Maybe they would say, yeah, Allah send me back to the earth and I will worship you non stop, I won't stop worshiping. I'll do this, I'll do that. They would be willing to do anything to sacrifice

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family to sacrifice people to sacrifice, their material wealth, anything to get themselves out of the horrible situation that they are in on the Day of Judgment. But on that day, it means absolutely nothing. So those are the last moments and a loss of hundreds. I would say that I asked you for much less than that. I didn't ask you for your children. And I didn't ask you for the world filled with gold. I asked you for much less than that. And you refused.

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Excuse me.

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So last time, I mentioned this last phase in sort of the marriage of Yokoyama. So it's actually if you really like if you're paying attention here in these last few slides every sort of giving us a glimpse of a different stage of the Day of Judgment. And then a loss of Hannah Montana mentions to us in London, Warsaw lien

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mentions to us the believers and he mentions those and levena hamana sadati him down

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Manuel de Lena family unhackable myeloma so it will matter on whether the names of the owner beome, and Dean, so on so forth. So Allah mentions the believers who are regular in their prayers that used to give out of charity, to those that asked and those who refrain from asking those that used to bear witness to the last day and those that did not have doubt in the last time, those who, who used to fear a loss of Hannah Montana and public and private those who used to stay away from Xena they used to stay away from adultery and fornication. They used to fulfill their trusts and their promises. They used to bear witness with truth and with equity, they used to prey on time. So all of

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these different things are now mentioned from a loss of Hannah Montana Buddha, he can feed on not in local mode, that these people will be honored with gentlemen, that this is the definition of a Latina shall not have the humble life. This is how they use the fear of loss of habitat in private, not just with their worship, but with their business transactions with their testimonies, when they had opportunities to to look at things that they could not have looked at when they have opportunities to live out their desires and impermissible lace and all despite all of that they still feared a loss of 100 times. So this is another the next owner of Bahama life. These are this

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is a full description of those who feared a loss of hundreds

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in private, so they're honored in general and Allah subhanaw taala has given them

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has given them you know, the promise of a great reward to follow. The next quarter is sort of new, so sort of no is no honey his solemn calling upon his people, day and night, invoking Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's a very heartfelt Dora it's a prayer in the DAO to whom Laila when and how, you know, follow me as he turned around, he loved Iran when you couldn't Amanda out to meet up here alone. Jeremy wasabia home fee mostella show Thea Bahama sobre la stackable stickler that no Hi Sam says I call them day and night. private conversations, public addresses you know i i tried warning them. I tried promising them paradise. I called them to mercy I called them to forgiveness I warned

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them of punishment. I tried everything with these people. Yeah, Allah. Every time I increased in my debt, what towards them, they increased in their bad behavior and then their rejection towards me. So every time I tried calling them more, the only thing that has led to Ola was more persecution towards me. If I put it to stuff hero robber come in now who can have a father and I told them you know, seek the forgiveness of your Lord and verily he is all forgiving your citizen are they committed Allah William did can be a man and woman. We are Johanna congenita and we are Johanna C'mon how that Allah subhanaw taala would send upon you, you know, rain and Allah subhanaw taala

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would would send upon you risk and sustenance and would replenish your wealth and give you children and and make all of these things easy for you. Meaning if you turn to Allah subhanaw taala zap the provider if you do that, which he commands you to do, your society would be blessed. So I lost contact with send upon you. Things that would be blessings and not just in the next life but in this life as well. So basically now it's focusing on and sort of know that this is for your own good here as well. This is not just for you know for your hereafter This is for your own good here as well. And these gods that you worship besides Allah subhanaw taala are of no benefit to you whatsoever

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there they will not avail you at all, and focus instead on your one true God, turn towards him and things will happen for you, goodness will come to you and your life. Of course, the people of North did not listen. And so they were destroyed. Now sora no hands off with the destruction of the destruction of men that that all of mankind was destroyed except for those who followed no honey Islam, those who follow true guidance. What's the next Surah Surah to Jin Han Allah look at the sequence, so telegin that as human beings turned away, Allah subhanho to Allah mentions the jinn that came to respond to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a seminar called an algebra. They

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said that we have an amazing yeah detail how could that guy's the truth and that guides to a straight path. And so another species another creation of a loss of Hannah Montana accepts that message from a loss of hundreds and turns to a loss of Hannah Montana. So sootel jen tells us about the good and the bad Jen just the pseudo North tells us about good and bad human beings. But after the destruction of humanity after many, you know, after a loss of Hannah Montana allowed for humanity to be drowned except for those who followed no honey his alarm and replaced on the Safina on the ark of no honey Sarah, you move on now to sort of gin which shows you that Allah subhana wa

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tada does not depend upon anyone and the message of the prophets lie some of the message of Islam is not dependent upon anyone. The next surah is certain resentment

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Certain resentment was revealed in two phases. The it was the third surah the third revelation to the Prophet sly Salah. The first page of certain resentment was the command to break the armor leg. Common Laila illa kalila nilsa who our postman hope Allah alayhi wa, Anatole Tila in personal piano, colon tequila, so on so forth. So, certain resentment commanded the Prophet seisen to pray for a part of the night so it actually made the first page of Switzerland resentment as I showed the 11 houses. The first page of certain resentment made the AMA live standing up at night obligatory so the first prayer that was obligatory was the almond lay before the five prayers. The almond Lane was

00:25:44--> 00:26:22

the first legislated the night prayer was the first legislated prayer to the profits license into the believers because as they suffer from intense persecution, the AMA led was a necessity the night prayer was a necessity. And that's a powerful lesson to us that nullify em Rahim Allah Allah says that, when persecution is is enhanced, and when a person faces intensified scrutiny for their call to a loss of Hannah hotel, and they really feel the heat of persecution, and they feel the heat of fitna around them, that the only thing that's going to keep them grounded is their prayer at night piano lit. And we're seeing and we're living the beauty of the blessings of the amulet and these

00:26:22--> 00:27:06

last few nights of Ramadan. So the first page of of, of certain Muslim men made it obligatory to pray for them. And then the second portion of certain was Ahmed made it recommended so the last Ayah which is the second page in narangba, criando, and Mecca tecoma dynamin through the lady wellness for who was with the Hawaii for 2 million Latina mark, last time acknowledging the prayers of the Prophet slice among the believers, but Allah Subhana hotel and now making it mister have making a recommended act and removing the obligation of praying pmla the next surah a certain with depth, certain modesitt his own for under the first sort of revealed to the Prophet sallallahu it was

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Salah, after sutera Allah and this was the first time that he saw gbit his Scilab in his angelic form as the Prophet slice on him said that he was walking and he's and he saw Debian Isilon fill up the entire horizon. And the prophets I seldom ran home to fidelity Allah and her said zombie lonely death only wrapped me up and cover me. And so as her these are the A lot of times on her covered himself a lot while he was on the next revelation came to him. And this was certain with depth, the command to call the people and the command to call the people to what to warn them of to warn them of comfort under to warn them of the hereafter to warn them of the Day of Judgment, the next Sora as

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to little piano.

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Okay, the next surah is exactly what the prophet slicin was warning them up. And that is the resurrection and some kind of lawsuit the piano is in completes. You know, it's in much detail of what the resurrection will be like. And it mentions those who are divided into groups will do when yoma is in our in our behind. Now there are that some blesses people whose faces are bright, because they're staring at their Lord as their Lord is pleased with them. Or will joven Yama in early June Yama, Yama, Eden masura no way

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would you open Yama? He did not either be Han Allah or June Yama in

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Allah it escaped me.

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I guess I'd have to I'd have to wait to see it in the comments but because I don't have actually just 29 in front of me I just have my notes

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bastila Hello, no are you for Allah be half hour feel so lost count. I mentioned the wretched faces on the Day of Judgment. You know, that that that will be horrid and that that would be certain to be thrown into Hellfire these faces of people as they are darkened and as they are humiliated. And they are they are they are seeing Doom in front of their eyes and they know that that which follows is is is nothing but agony. So Lawson Hannah Montana says Kela Eva Bella hottie terapia huapi, lemon, rock, well, one and woodfill rock, what is tougher, this cul de sac in ob bkm Indian in Masak. So last point I mentioned those last moments of life, when death comes to you, and you call out to a

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loss of Hannah Montana for help are off. And who are you going to call out to other than a loss of Hannah Montana. When you find death is coming to you a one and a half year off and you find that the soul is leaving your body. When it's tough to sample the SAP and your legs are being crossed over one another as you are being prepared for your burial. Eat out I'll be Chioma. He didn't mess up and at that moment you're being taken to your Lord, you're being driven to your Lord subhanho wa Taala solid solid

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When I can cut the butter well, you know he did not believe nor did he pray but instead he denied and he turned away some of that either he tomato, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah. He boasted and he showed arrogance and a loss of Paradise as well to you. I would look at the odor from Ola Ola accessible in Sun and youth Raka Sudha and Amir moto family money and Yamuna some McCarran Allah, Allah Tada. So, gentlemen who's Audrina Elisa? Daddy can be partied and you're here motor. So lost parents I says Don't you remember when you were just a dirty drop of fluid and then you were fashion and molded into an alpha into that, that suspended clot. And then Allah Subhana Allah created you

00:30:47--> 00:31:30

and he saw you through and then Allah subhanaw taala created from you pairs and he said that he can be harder than Allah and you're here melter isn't a loss of Hannah, what's the one who created you the first time capable of bringing you back once again. Now realize how long the end of sutil piano was the end of sort of gamma is, you know, is basically reminding men that Allah subhanaw taala was the one that created him in the first place, and that he was created and molded from a dirty drop of fluid. Now lost parents are the next sort of takes us in sort of insanity to even before that. So total insanity. insanity. Hina Muna, definitely lamea concerto Miss Cora, there was a time when you

00:31:30--> 00:32:08

did not even exist before you even a dirty drop of fluid on a suspended clock. Don't you remember? oh insaan oh, forgetful one, when you were completely non existence, when you completely had no mention whatsoever when you were not a recognized thing, and a loss of Hannah Montana mentioned to us. You know, when when he brought our souls to us in the first place, and he molded us in the first place in shock. Ilan was in Mecca, Florida, you're either grateful to Allah subhanaw taala, or you're ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah brought you into existence, when you were absolutely nothing. And a lot can bring you back into existence. Once again, after you've been put

00:32:08--> 00:32:36

into your grave, and a lot and sort of an ensign, he really focuses on gratitude versus in gratitude that those people who are grateful to Allah, and they recognize where they came from, that they are going to be a people who are going to live their lives and in charity, and in caring for those around them. And they recognize their humble origins, and they never forget where they came from. Whereas those who are arrogant, you know, will continue to boast until they are completely humiliated. So loss of habitat goes into

00:32:37--> 00:32:46

the reward of Paradise and the reward of Hellfire and great details with insight. And then finally, the last one is written words that were a loss of Hannah Montana,

00:32:47--> 00:33:30

you know, mentions takes oats, about Yeoman Foster's about the day in which matters would be completely decided weighed on Yama isn't didn't look at the mean and well on that day to those that deny. So Yeoman fossil comes in certain Mossad, Allah subhanaw taala, distinguishing and putting the groups and they're in their different spots. So this is, of course, the sorting out of people. And the sorting out of people is in regards to their their, their belief and in their gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala. And so a loss of hundreds and puts them in their respectful in their categories as a loss to Allah does as a result of how they used to carry themselves and how they used to live their

00:33:30--> 00:33:43

lives. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the righteous and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us peace and comfort throughout all of the various stages of the day of judgment and we ask Allah to forgive us

00:33:45--> 00:34:18

for our shortcomings and for all of the things that we you know, all of the different things that that we do that could compromise our status on the Day of Judgment, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those that would have the sweet moment of staring at him some hadn't went out and our faces lit up by the vision of him some hadn't with time we asked our last contacts make us from us How would he have been to make us from the people that receive their books in their right hands to make us from the people that enter into gentleness to make us from the people that when they're called to do salutes when they're called to prostrate in this life they prostrate when they're

00:34:18--> 00:34:32

called to prostrate in the next life that they're able to prostrate a lot I mean, so inshallah tada today, you know, the charity that I'm actually going to pose today for you guys. There's actually

00:34:33--> 00:34:43

Muslims giving back and Muslims giving back is the some of you might remember. Just a few days ago, we had the unfortunate incident in which

00:34:45--> 00:34:50

in which two young people were beaten in front of a mouse in New York and this is a message of

00:34:52--> 00:35:00

you know, that that that we find many, many Muslims that do great things and that particularly serve their communities and things of that sort.

00:35:01--> 00:35:17

So in Sharla Tyler I'm going to post the link to the project of those young people that do great things and going and serving their communities in sha Allah Tada. So please do in Chatelet Tara make sure that you donate to them that you continue to support them in sha Allah Thai we have one more day of Ramadan most likely,

00:35:19--> 00:35:26

you know. So let's keep strong. Let's end off and Chatelet tada finished strong with all of these

00:35:27--> 00:35:40

with all of these different sub accounts and all these different acts of remembrance and recitation of Quran Lama Ameen zakon love hate on to all Charlottetown I'll see you tomorrow for our last episode. Please keep the oma and your your apps with Santa Monica.