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AI: Summary © A representative from Muslim Central discusses the upcoming surah and the importance of not forgetting the promise of victory. They also mention Elijah's " Volkswagen Speaker" and the " Volkswagen Speaker" message. The representative emphasizes the importance of not forgetting the promise and using the " Volkswagen Speaker" message to remind people of the surah's significance.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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Allah He wellford are at NASA Hulu

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because fill in

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the rubbish, suddenly were suddenly every workload, data melissani of gold leaf Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah, he was a big bang. So once again, everybody Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So today, I'm going to tell you some things about Elijah, Allah, he went solo that, you know, declared that the victory from a lies coming, and that that the Cabal will actually be liberated, and people are going to be entering into Islam and huge multitudes from around the region from around the region. It's almost like this premonition that victory is on the way, but you can only think about victory when there's conflict. It's remarkable that the previous

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surah declared conflict. You we are not on the same page, we are in conflict, and the next era promised that victory will come to those who believed that's the first beautiful thing to learn about the sutra and its placement. The second thing to learn about Elijah and Allah He won't forget, is that you know, when Abbas Allahu taala was asked in a group of companions by our model, the Allahu anhu, what do you think the sutra means? The most accurate description of this surah was it's the farewell address of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, why is this sort of considered the farewell address? It's not the last slur revealed. As a matter of fact, for many accounts, it was

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revealed much earlier meaning the the promise of victory was given much, much, much sooner. So why is it considered the farewell address when the events of the surah transpire? Then the prophets mission is done. And when the messengers mission is done, then Allah calls him back to himself. And that's why at the end of this little You see, for Sunday, we have the topic our stuff, and we do this we have your master and seek His forgiveness. There is no real need for you to preach anymore. There's no need for you to go and make me Jihad anymore and struggle anymore. You're You're basically now in that final retirement phase before you meet with a lot. And that retirement phase

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should be filled with two things, declaring a less perfection, asking his for forgiveness, and know who got out of lava. He's always been one who, you know, returns back you know, in other words, as you are now ready to turn back to Allah, you know, Allah is ready to take you back. So hon Allah, that's the end of this surah it's like it's preparing the prophets I saw them. When that is done, you can relax and think about it, this last thing, think about it this way. For the prophets I saw them relaxation is prayer and Stefan, like he has to meet people, preach to them, deal with hypocrites deal with the disbelievers go out in battle. He has to do all of that stuff and his break

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from all of that is just behind stefarr so lesson one, your worldly mission has been accomplished, the worldly purpose for which you were sent, then you can take your break and that break to you is constantly going back to Allah and declaring his praise Allah make us of those who find the coolness of their eyes and their peace and their tranquility and their break in prayer and in stefarr barakallahu li walakum Santa Monica.

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate

Episode 25 – Surah An-Nasr – Nouman Ali Khan

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