Buying What You Want When You Feel Like It

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All right, everyone has said I want to come back until I have an account. So I hope you all are doing well. So you don't have the nozzle to summarize. And he also have the woman writer. So handle that my throat is getting a little better Charlottetown I'll get there as soon as possible. And hopefully be back to normal. I appreciate all of your drives, I appreciate all of those who have sent me remedies. I've tried to apply as much of them as possible, whenever I had the ability to so I was like, well, no hate, and they've all been very helpful. I wanted to share tonight, you know, I'll start this with an incident. And it has to do with, you know, how people are right now, you

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know, hoarding and people are going to the grocery stores, and sometimes just the idea of going to a grocery store and then being out of

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you know, being out of toilet paper, because people are hoarding or being out of meat, being out of, you know, basic necessities, things that were easily accessible to us. The blessing of being able to just go outside, pick something up whenever you felt like it, if you had to make your way to not just the grocery store, make your way to the park, make your way to anywhere. And those things were readily available to you. And then someone tells you, no, you can't do this anymore. Because you have a shelter in place order or the groceries are limited. And I remember, you know, someone sitting in front of me having a faith crisis. And at the time I thought it was you know, I thought

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it was very silly. But then I tried to understand sort of the psychology of it, there was a brother that was saying, why is Allah doing this to me?

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Why is the law restricting me? And what he meant by that? You know, and you would think when you hear someone complaining, why is the law limiting me? Why is the law restricting me? You think that maybe they're talking about, you know, something severe in regards to their sustenance, something severe in regards to their welfare, their health, but he said, No, he said, You know, I had planned to take my family to Switzerland for a summer vacation. And because of a difficulty that I have with my work now, I'm no longer able to take them on that family vacation. And you know, at the time, I'm sitting there thinking like what is wrong with this guy, you know, he's, he's complaining because he

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can't take his family to Europe on a vacation on a family vacation, give me a break. But then I really just kind of sat with myself and thought about like, the idea that someone else tells you, you can't do something or something that you used to be able to do readily. no longer being available to you. There's actually something very powerful about that. And the incident that I'll share with you tonight, as you read in the title, unlimited groceries are only four gentlemen.

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Gentlemen, I'm not allowed on the line or you narrate something that happened between him and allow him to hop on the line. He says that I was walking one day, under the khilafah, Eleanor follow the law of Taiwan. And I was holding a bag of meat. I just purchased some meat from the marketplace. So he's coming back from grocery shopping. And on top of the line, he says, what what is that in your hand? And he said it's meat. Yeah, I mean, I mean, it's just meat. I purchased some meat and almond raw below the line who responded to me and he said to me, I will couldn't have much to hate to shake in a study tool. Is it that every time or first he said to me Sorry, what why did you purchase it?

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He said this to hate. So why did you buy meat? I felt like it I desired it. I wanted to eat meat tonight. And I'm gonna hop over the line who said we couldn't match the heat sheet and study to is it that every time you want something, you buy it every time you desire something, you just go ahead and buy it just because you can? And he said yes. And on top of the law on who responded and he said to him, aren't you afraid of being one of those who Allah subhana wa tada says, of habitant Paiva to complete hieratic and with dunya with some dirt on behalf that you wasted all of your good in this life. And you found all of your pleasure already in this dunya. So there's nothing left for you in

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the market, aren't you worried about, you know, just the ease of which you have those blessings available to you and the way that you just go ahead and purchase them. So if we think about that mindset, now Omaha pa was not telling Java, that you're sinful for buying meat on level the Allahu anhu was being a teacher, a mentor to Java Don't be alarmed, and was basically saying to him Look, just because you have unlimited access to limited resources, that others don't doesn't mean that you should

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grant yourself that unlimited access to those things doesn't mean that you should purchase whenever you feel like purchasing because you have the means to do so. Right? Instead of that, how do you restrict yourself and discipline yourself so that you can understand and appreciate the blessings of those things. So on top of this was his school armor said if you have a comfortable bed, don't always sleep in it, so that you can appreciate the blessing of it. Right? Take it take a day off, okay? sometimes don't sleep in your comfortable bed, and that'll help you appreciate the blessing of that comfortable bed. And this idea that particularly, you know, the way that it's been

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So easy for people that have the means to just buy things whenever they feel like it. Right. So now we have Amazon, now you got prime now you can get everything within an hour, you know, just go ahead and purchase, purchase, purchase, purchase, purchase purchase. And when Ahmad was teaching job, that was a very powerful lesson that we can all learn, especially in these moments right now, we hate to be told we can't go outside, even if we didn't really like going outside. Some people that are crying over the mustard right now, we're not going to the message when it was open. It's just the idea that now I can't go to the masjid. You know, there are certain things in the grocery stores

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that we probably used to buy very easily, or maybe we didn't really care for in the first place. But now that they're restricted, it's a big deal for us, right? This is something that we should limit ourselves with. And think the way that our model the alarm hotel job, but it's to think, in general, there are unlimited groceries and paradise, whenever you want something you can have it, that's not meant to be the case in this dunya we have limited resources, we have an inherent scarcity. And just because we have access easy access to those things, or we might be amongst those that have easy access to those things doesn't mean we should always use that access to just make things as easy as

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possible for us and treat ourselves as much as we want to these blessings that have been made available to us. And sometimes it takes someone else, to force us to restrict ourselves and to limit ourselves to appreciate those blessings that otherwise were not limited to us. And so yes, don't be one of those people that takes all the grocery groceries all don't don't be one of those people that takes all the toilet paper out and leaves other people behind, when you're thinking about going to the grocery store. And if you're in one of those places where you know, they tell you

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one gallon of milk per person or whatever it may be, you know, think about how that connects to philosophically what we are in this dunya and what the nature of this world is. We're not meant to have unlimited anything in this world. We're meant to be restricted, we're meant to be limited and if Allah has blessed us to this point, to where we never had to think that way, then let's think that way now inshallah tada and take advantage of these moments to discipline ourselves spiritually, with the blessings that were so readily available to us before. So again, Javid is the one who actually narrates the story about himself, he says, almost saw me carrying a bag of meat and said to

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me, what is that? Oh, yeah, but he said it's meat. He said, Why did you buy it? I said to him, because I desired it. He said, Is it that every time you desire something, you purchase it? Don't you fear being amongst those who lost the parents out says you wasted all of your good and this worldly life and found all of your pleasure there? May Allah give us the best of this world and the best of the next make us responsible and grateful in this world and allow us to live with unlimited Felicity and eternity in the hereafter. alumna I mean, does that mean love hate and for your continued to us and for everything else and I want to come back into line a little bit again.