Tahir Wyatt – Destroyers of Brotherhood – Episode 01 – Envy

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The importance of building meaningful relationships and faith during Islam's crisis period is emphasized. Support for one another is crucial to achieving this. It is also important to know one's rights and obligations to avoid negative consequences of social media. Consciously learning one's potential is crucial to avoid confusion and loss of opportunities. The segment also touches on the negative impact of certain behavior, called a "monster's culture," and the importance of finding one's own potential and success in life.
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brothers sisters in Islam. For those of you who have been with us for the last 10 months or so, you'll see that there have been a series of things that we discussed, not usually interrupted, but sometimes interrupted by special circumstances. So we began by talking about character in the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us that he was sent to perfect, noble character. And we talked about character being a form of interaction with others, all of that starting with the way that you interact with the loss of Hannah, who was added, the fact that that relationship that you have with the loss of Hannah woods, either singling him out for your divine

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love and hope, and fear that nobody else occupies that space in your heart, except for loss of habitat, that that, in fact is what will govern the rest of the relationships that you have with allows creation.

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We follow that up with a series of hook buzz

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on the heart, actions of the heart,

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repenting having good assumptions about Allah subhanho wa Taala,

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gratitude and other actions of the heart so that we can begin to pay attention to our hearts to give more attention to when those diseases begin to creep into the heart and monitoring the health of the heart so that when something begins to take its impurity, that we're able to recognize it, and treatment. And so first, we have to be right with a lawsuit handle what to add, that's number one. And number two, we need to be able to look at the health of our own hearts. It is only after that, that we can get to the subject of today's cookbook and subsequent foot was in shallow data. And that is the topic of brotherhood in Islam. We can't begin to talk about our relationships with one

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another about building a true bond with one another until we're right with the loss of Hamlet's Adam. And until we're able to monitor ourselves is very important that we recognize that so how do we build meaningful relationships with people whom we would otherwise not have any kind of connection to? This person may not share anything in common with you not background, not ethnicity or race, not socioeconomic status or anything like that. But yet Allah subhana wa tada made us brothers and sisters in Islam.

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even despite despite all of those differences, despite the fact that prior to Islam, we could have been enemies. We could have been from different territories we could have been racist and just hating on another because but Allah subhanaw taala blessed us with this Deen and the ability to love one another for his sake and you will never taste the sweetness of faith because faith has a has a delight to it. It's something that you enjoy, but you will never taste it until you love somebody for the sake of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the last one man couldn't if he he wasn't that'd be hidden the * out and he meant that there are three qualities that if a person

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possesses them will taste the sweetness of faith, and you're gonna love water Sudoku. I have balay human messy welcome. The first is that Alon is messenger of more beloved to you than anything else. That means that you're not going to put anything over this Deen that your love of Allah subhanaw taala and the love of his messenger sorry, sandwiches because of your love of Allah. That takes precedence over everything. When you hit Bell Mark leg.

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Then he loves a person. He only loves him for the sake of Allah. That's it. There's no business ties, there's no family ties. There's no beef from the same neighborhood. No, you love them. For Allah and Allah alone, you see that they have qualities that perhaps you don't even possess, you see that when you come to the mansion, they're always there before. They're praying to Allah subhanaw taala they're begging the Lord, you know that this person is kind you deem him to be sincere, you know that the system takes time out of her schedule, to cultivate the children of other people and to teach the Muslims it's these are qualities that should cause you to love someone for a lot, not

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for anything else. And until you get to that level, you never taste the sweetness of faith.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, well, you're gonna have your own coffee by the end and caught on low income. And you can refer for now and that he hates to go back to disbelief and cover

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after a loss of health data has saved

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to him and given him salvation, the same way that he would hate to be thrown into the fire because ultimately that would be, that would be the result. And so here we understand that in Islam, we are supposed to love one another for long we're supposed to build those bonds. Allah Subhana Allah, the prophet alayhi wa sallam said, in the lives of a gentleman, your poodle yo piano, amen Buta had boo and IV GLM Allah subhanaw taala will say on the Day of Judgment, where are those who love each other for My majesty? In other words, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Where are those people who will look at yo

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yo Milan de la inland v on this day, I will give them my shade of the day when there is no shade other than my own. And so

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Allah subhana wa tada and this Habiba could see is informing us about the importance of loving each other for one another for a loss of power with Allah See, and here we see this concept of brotherhood in Islam, sisterhood, innocent, innocent because of Islam,

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that Allah subhana wa Tada, has put a lot of emphasis on this in the

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last minute that says that the believers are nothing but brothers. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was so keen to establish the Brotherhood between the believers between the Mohajer Deena and saw after probably saw me he's off to Medina. That was one of the first things that he did was establish the Brotherhood somebody, what does that mean? He paired up somebody from the Maha God, those were the people from Mecca. He pairs them up with one of the Ansoff, the people of Medina, he paired them up and he made them brothers to the point that to the extent that if one of them was to die, he would inherit the other, the one that was left behind would inherit the other

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that was their brotherhood, that was the extent of

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it. So the prophesized sum is showing just how important it really is that we support one another that we we are there for one another. Now, and this is the, you know, when we look at our own situation, you look at our own situation, for those who accepted Islam.

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A lot of people were attracted to Islam, before they even knew about the creed of Islam before they really understood land labor law before. Oh, this is the deen that makes sense. Before all of that they saw the Brotherhood amongst the Muslims. They saw people come together that otherwise it would have been no way to bring them together.

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Like the last time I said to the Prophet lo and to mess him up, man must have been a pulumi. If you were to spend everything that was in the earth, on messenger, you couldn't have brought their hearts together. It's nothing you could have done in the law.

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But it is a lost paradigm that has brought them together and so and so it was seeing that brotherhood that attracted people to a standard then they learn more about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala and embraced Islam by Allah subhanaw taala is mercy

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and when understanding that we also look now that allows friends Allah continues to bless us with this brother the people of this man should have other medicines in the city is nothing that brings us together other than Islam.

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Allah data continues to allow us to experience it to the point that you may go and travel throughout the land you go to a totally different city you don't know anybody you see a Muslim you give each other slam

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look at look at look at one of the most famous Muslims of this country. Malcolm X Elia look at the the Brotherhood that he experienced on Hajj, what he saw between the believers and allows parents either coming from all over the places he talked about Muslims with blond hair, blue eyes, and that was something that led him to really understand Okay, Islam is something a little bit deeper than the nationalism that I've been learning in the United States of America. And so we look at that and we begin to understand the value that Allah subhana wa tada has praised placed on brotherhood you go for example, sometimes you may be in an airport, and you just see a sister from a distance because

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of the hijab

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and to comfort her, to let her know that there are other Muslims around. So now why equal Morocco just just because, as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, you will not intergender have said to me, No, you won't enter gender until you until you do. What do you believe? You have a man well

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means you have to have blue. And you will not believe until you love one another will last, there's no enter in gentlemen. So we love one another, listen to this chain of events that is giving us. So you're not going to, you're not going to enter agenda until you have men, and you're not going to have command until there's mutual love between, should I not direct you to something that if you do it, you will love one another. f should sell anabaena comm just spread the synapse amongst each other spread the synapse. Like the problem is I'm selling insulin for those who you know, and those who you don't know, the point is to create those means of establishing true brotherhood and true

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sisterhood as a result of our belief in the loss of habitat and our embracing of this faith. So just as there are things that promote brotherhood, and inshallah we'll be able to deal with those in the future.

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There are also things that destroy brotherhood.

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And we have to be aware of both of them. And we In other words, we have to be aware of those things that promote brotherhood so that we can continue to encourage them and do them and make them a part of how we live. But we also need to be aware of the things that destroy brotherhood, because a lot of times, they're subtle, and they creep in. And they cause friction between the believers. And we have to be aware of that, especially in this society, because we're like brothers and sisters in Islam. Sometimes it's like we live, I don't know, like, we don't need any enemies, because of all the self inflicted wounds we have,

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because of the fact that we are doing things to one another, to destroy our own brotherhood

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to destroy the beam from within. And so we have to be aware, because the only way to progress, and to continue to create the programs, and to continue to create the institutions that serve the tone heat of Allah subhanaw taala his worship alone.

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The only way to do that, and to prevent shooting ourselves in the foot is to know what it is that promotes brotherhood, and what it is that destroys brotherhood. And one of the most comprehensive hobbies that deals with this subject is a heartbeat that we're going to be covering for the next several hookless.

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And that is the heartbeat of Mr. hora while the low tide and who said that the prophet SAW the light, it was so upsetting. I really want you to own and pay attention to this heavy because again, it is one of the greatest hobbies in Islam to deal with the subject of brotherhood. The process of aligning you with some upsets,

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led to hacer do while at an edge issue. While at

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the privacy Some said do not envy one another do not tonnage issue, which means to artificially raise the prices in a bid, right? So you want something there's a there's an auction and you want something and somebody else is just raising the price, because they don't want you to get it for cheap.

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And what does that do that creates problems between the believers? Well as

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well as the devil dabble and don't hate one another and don't turn your backs on one another while a beer Bible kumada v buy it don't undercut one another in sales. In other words, if you see a Muslim selling something to someone don't go to effort say how much do they give it to you important I got it for cheaper on

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the promise. Like some saying do not do that. The profit is when it was said and goes on to say, well Punahou a bad the law he acquired and be Oh servants of Allah as brothers, the brothers, you know, brothers sometimes go through things.

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But eventually, in general, with families, they try to reconcile. They try to make things right, because they realize at the end of the day that they're brothers and this is why Allah Subhana Allah actually, you know, points to this in the Quran when he says in the minimum unit, if what's

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true believers are nothing but brothers and then he says for us we who baina whoa equal. So make things right reconcile between your brothers because sometimes things are going to go wrong, but remind them that they have rows and make things right so the prophet SAW Selim is saying this Heidi well, Kunal a bad alarm and whiner and B Oh service of Allah be brothers masimo

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the Muslim, a Muslim is the brother of another Muslim law of limbo. While I have guru who will lay

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the prophecy some went on to say he does it wrong him. He doesn't forsake Him. Now, these are not words we use all the time. But what that means is he doesn't leave him out to drive. He's supposed to be counting on him. He doesn't leave him out. They're like,

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well, I guess people who and he doesn't belittle him, or hold him in contempt at tbwa have Luna and the property sort of pointed his chest and he said it three times at Luna. It's up what happened to that fear of the loss of Hannah Tyler, taqwa piety. God consciousness is here. It starts in the heart, it's gonna manifest itself on a limb. But this is where it resides.

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We have sublimity infinite sharp, and yet the raw Hall full Muslim, it is enough to be considered evil, that a Muslim belittles another Muslim that he holds him in contempt. And he looks down on

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that a Muslim looks down on another Muslim.

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And then the prophet SAW that this heavy, cool Muslim, steamy Harmon demo who were mad or who, wherever

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the entirety of a Muslim is sacred to another Muslim, that sacred that's beyond the bounds of his blood,

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his wealth, and his arm and his honor,

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and honor, it's not permissible to transgress against another Muslim. Now his life, not his wealth, and not his honor. We're going to deal with some of this in the second part of the law.

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Why should wonder Mohammed Abu Bakr

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alarma, suddenly was suddenly more vertical and

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wider, and he will suddenly need as you might imagine,

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the first part of the heavy

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we're not even going to have enough time today to deal with it. But we're going to start. And that is one of the most important part of the Hadeeth. And that is when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Latta has a duty to not envy one another. We're loving envy destroys our communities.

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And what does it mean, to envy. And it's also important to note that a lot of us naturally, we realize what right and wrong is, you know how to define words. But at the same time, this hobby in and of itself, is a clear indication to any Muslim who has a sound art, that you have to know something about your deen that you have to seek some kind of knowledge, at least come to the cook bar on time, so that you can hear what's being said from the beginning. If this is all the Islamic construction you're getting during the week, 20 minutes is enough for you to learn and D, it's enough for us to just sit around and say that I'm a Muslim and be ignorant for the rest of my life.

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And nobody's saying that you have to be a full time student of knowledge. No, nobody's saying that wasn't the case with the companions of the messenger satellite. It was summer, when not some of them yes, some of them dedicated their entire lives than I was, but the majority of them did not. They were out there, they were working just like you work. They did what they did, but they prioritize learning the beat, they prioritize the hereafter over they do.

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And so this, this idea of brotherhood is not in theoretical abstract concept that doesn't have any practical application to it. So you have to know what it is that you should be doing to fulfill the rights of your brothers in Islam. And you have to know what you have to avoid, so that you don't infringe upon the rights of the believers. And so I prophesied something that says here led to has to do, do not have has it. And that's something that almost every Muslim one of the first soldiers that you learn is called

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Misha the method of diversity the woman shot.

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Woman shall he has he didn't either has, so you seek refuge with the loss of habitat from the evil of the Hacienda, the envious person, one day

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are displaying their envy. So what does it mean to be envious check was named Tamia by malo Tata says that has it is called her to man and I'm alone.

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It is to despise the favorites that Allah subhanaw taala has given to someone else I want us to really let that soak in.

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And what is me

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it's not that you like what somebody else has, or you want to be like somebody else.

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If that's something that's a good quality, that is called a gift, but that's something that's perfectly permissible in his name. So for example, you see someone Mashallah they recite the Quran beautifully, and you want to be able to recite the Quran beautifully. And so you might say something in a, you know, facetious ways, I'm jealous of the way you recite crime, you don't mean that you're jealous that you don't want that person to be able to recite the crime beautifully, it means that you wish that you also had that quality. And so you strive because it's the quality is pleasing to Allah subhana wa, what's at likewise, you may find somebody who, who is always the one spending in

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the cause of a loss of habitat. And you wish that you had the opportunity to spend like they had, maybe you don't have the wealth that they had. Or maybe they just beat you every time you go out to lunch, you go out to dinner, and they pretend to like they were going to the bathroom, they wouldn't they paid the bill, and you wish that you had that opportunity, because that's something good. That's something good. That's not hassle. That is not in and fee is that you wish that somebody else didn't have what they had.

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And that is dangerous, and it hurts us as a community.

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Because the bottom line in this part of the definition, but a lot of us don't pay attention to it. The bottom line is that you are questioning a law's wisdom.

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It is as if you are saying to Allah.

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Oh Allah. Why did you give such so it's so such and such, and you didn't give it to me.

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In as in logic legit, but him alone. Tyler says that this happens most often between people who share something of a kind.

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In other words, you in general will not find a doctor and being an athlete, or an athlete, envying a businessman, or a businessman and being the scholar. But you'll find a scholar who embodies another scholar, a student of knowledge, who embodies another student of knowledge. Any man who embodies another man, a doctor who envies another doctor, this is how we find it, even between races. And I'm just going to be straight because we need to be we need to realize this disease that's in our own hearts.

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If you are African American, and you see a Palestinian brother right up in a Mercedes Benz brand new, you probably don't feel anything about it. But if it's another brother, you got an issue with that.

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Because how can he be like me and have what I don't have?

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This is hassle, and it destroys the community. It shaves off the deed not shaves off hair, like the

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heel how it shapes, not like the same way you a person can have hair up two feet high, you bring that raises going to shave it all off. This is what has it does to you, Dean.

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Because at the end of the day, at the end of the day, you're fighting a lot.

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Who is it that bless this person, but whatever they had? Who is it that made her look better than you? Who is it that made that gave them the ability to have more people at their weddings to the point that people envy one another at funerals, because this person has more or less genetic and another person,

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as Muslims. as Muslims, we've allowed ourselves to stoop that low,

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to have that kind of envy that destroys our community.

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And so, the reality of envy is this and it's built upon this comparison.

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In other words, you are looking at what Allah has given to someone else. And then you're comparing it to what you have. And that may be material or it may be non material, it may be a talent, it may be intellectual ability. It may be some athletic talent that a person has or whatever

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It may be their wealth,

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their status, their knowledge, whatever it is, you're looking at someone else. And then you're comparing and you're hating the fact that Allah subhana wa tada has given them that.

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And that is why has it results in discontentment. It results in gratitude because a person doesn't appreciate the blessings that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given them.

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And that's why our Prophet Isaiah slots are saying we cannot get away from that subject of sugar. This is why the prophet SAW it someone said let tumbleweed come, don't look to those who are above you start comparing

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all the way down and who are astronomical look to those who are below you who edged up. And that says, Do you want me to lie? Because it's more likely that you won't belittle the favors that Allah subhanaw taala is giving you you have talents, Allah Subhana, Allah is giving you something, if you spend the majority of the time looking at what everybody else has, how do you develop your own talents?

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How do you become a better person? And this is why the one who is has it, as the scholars say, the one who is has it, the envious person is always man moon. And he's always he's living in a state of anxiety in a state of worrying. You know why? Because he hates the blessings that are lost parents, Allah has given others but allows as with just blessings don't stop. They're consistent. And so this person is is always when somebody else is always breeding that discontent in his heart and he'll never be happy and shallow tada and future hooks will deal with hassle in more detail. And we'll deal with this Heidi, because we have to do better at being brothers to one another and being

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sisters to one another and developing our own character so that we are better Muslims.

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