Ali Albarghouthi – Ramadan Motivations 23 – Give & Allah will Give You

Ali Albarghouthi
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This means

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I'm doing the Santa Monica metal line we're about a cat or

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mean that he would hand it in now or so that was an Am I not assuming that he was early or slimy he was selling them

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below him and so Luca who took our alpha willamina Allahumma foolin our store ID now are humming our fight the Quran Allah but alameen wa Jana Lin with Athena, you murmur, begin by asking Allah azza wa jal to bless us subhana wa tada to send His mercy, our way to make it the way that we deal with people that we receive Allah's mercy. And we also dispense and we give mercy to others, we asked him subhanho wa Taala, to make us of those who are forgiven and this month of those whose character has improved. His their taqwa has improved, their Eva has improved that they worship Allah zuiden with better and more concentration thoughtfulness with SM, that they want to come close to Allah

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azzawajal because they started to taste how it feels to be close to him. And yes, we say that this is a month of patience to ask Allah xojo to teach us this patience, so that we are patient in the rest of our lives in the rest of our affairs and to teach us also how to be thankful sugar. Shakira, Linda has origin so that we note Allah's Name and we thank him for it, we ask Allah xojo to give us that conviction and certainty in our hearts and his promise in what he had said, in what he were the prophets of the law he was one of them had said, so that we believe it with all of our heart and all of our being and we work towards it and we believe that we will see we will definitely see Allah

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zodion and we will see the consequences of what we have done. So we asked a lot so just to accept the best of what we have done, forgive the worst of that we have done and to allow us to continue to do the best and to stay away from the worst.

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Today insha Allah, we have a Hadeeth

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from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is reported by a Korean Muslim, where Allah is really saying so the prophets Allah said themselves that Allah is really saying, you have an add

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on fake ID will child of Adam spend on I will spend on you,

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give and I will give you

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so here the profits on a pseudonym is telling us that Allah zodion is saying this. So Allah is that it could say something that is in the Quran. The Quran is distinct by being miraculous, a specific

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type of Allah speech or Allah xojo could speak as we hear here in the Hadith and fulfill it expand, and I will spend on and we have various Hadith that tell us that Allah xeljanz said, or a lot has been said and was said to him and so on. So this is something that Allah has, has said, spend another spend on you, give and I will give you and this gives us a panela a rule in life, as we've mentioned, and we talked about this before, as you behaved with Allah servants, Allah Zoltan will be with you.

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Allah will be with you. So if you are generous with Allah servants, if you give them money, if you assist them, if you help them, then Allah will do the same with you. And the more that you will give to them, the more that Allah will give you so unfair on Friday, so skip to them, and Allah will give to you.

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And it's important to Pamela that when we are asked to give an we're asked to give how we're asked to give by Allah nzqa.

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We're asked to get by Allah azza wa jal in assisting others, so others have rights upon us, the poor have rights upon us, our families of rights upon us. Those are in need, and they come to us and they ask, why are they asking you? Why are they asking me? Is it because we somehow are better than all of them? No, it's simply that Allah xojo had put as a test for both of us some money in our possession, and the situation could have been reversed. They could have the money and we could be in need. So Allah had given us the money and given them the need. So they come to us asking for assistance so Allah could see what is it that we do with this money? And what is it that they will

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do with their need?

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And if we are generous with our with our money with our

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help with our counsel with our assistance with our compassion if we are generous with this, then Allah zildjian will show us mercy because as we treat them, Allah will be with us. That's why Allah says unfit unfit, if you spend our spend on you, and the opposite of that is true.

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If that if that rule in life is true that as you are with people, Allah is with you. And if you give them Allah will give you and if you give more, Allah will give more to you. The opposite also should be true, that is if you don't spend, what will happen,

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alone will not give or if you spend less, Allah will give less. Because Allah zildjian wants to read us of that greed that we have for the dunya you ask yourself now

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why is it that

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why is it difficult to give?

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And why does Allah ezard and motivate motivate us in this hadith by saying give because I will give you give, I will give you Why is it and why would we give

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it is very difficult for us to give because we love the dunya a lot. We love money. And it's not that we love the paper one and when we say we don't we love dollars and we love you know, pounds and whatever. It's not that we love the paper itself. It we love what that people can buy us. No, we don't love golden silver, golden silver cannot be eaten. We can't do anything with them. But you can take gold and you can buy things with it. You can buy food, you can buy luxury, you can buy health, you can buy power and respect it is these things that we love. So when you say give it away, to us, it means that we're giving the dunia away, and we love the dooney a lot. And we feel terrified when

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we have less of it. So if you feel comforted, and I feel comforted when I know that my salary is such and such 1000s every month, and it's guaranteed. Or if you have so much money in the bank that you believe in, you think I'm not going to need anybody else. So we put our trust in the money and in the salary. Why? Because we believe it's there and I can buy the dounia if I want to I don't need anybody else. So I put my trust in the dunya. So when Allah tells us or in somebody in need comes and tells us I want something, it means that am I going to sacrifice this dunya my comfort, my security, what I trust for the sake of what that gives us all anxiety, because I'm giving this and I

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don't know that we're at the for the future. I don't know what lies ahead. I've sacrificed what I trust. But if what I trust is Allah azza wa jal, it becomes easy to sacrifice the dunya because it's not what the dunya or it's not what I trust is not the dunya it's not the money it's not the dollars it's not what I have in the bank, these things can be destroyed.

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It let's suppose that you have many 1000s Allah as a possibly right through whatever way currency could be devalued. Somebody could scam you and take your money away. A lot of things could happen. Right? Or you could go you could experience something in life.

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And that money could be of no help to you. You could have a sickness that money cannot value health cannot buy you happiness gonna buy you anything it will be as if it is nothing there. It is there but it has no taste.

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So if you put your trust in money you put your trust is something that is very transient and will not last. If you put through your trust in Allah, it becomes easy for you to do what to give away for the sake of Allah xuejun and we send that as a added motivation that the opposite is true. If you don't spend Allah will not give you so it's not meant to be

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a smell the daughter of a Abubakar Otto the Allah one woman who is married to a survey. So you consider here this triangle of virtue you tie about a father is of a backup the daughter of a snap, of course the sister is Aisha and she escena is married to a survey. So this is like a triangle of Ruchi so as smart as the messenger sallallahu I think us in them says oh messenger of Allah lays an email on in the mail in his way. He says I don't have any money except what a survey brings into the house. And it's not a lot of money. I don't have any money accepts the money that is a gift to me. And it's not a lot of money. So she says do i can i donate from that money? Can I get away from that

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money? He says give the profits a lot he was synonyms as the property says give one or two key for yoga and Reiki why you don't want to sleep for your sake. He said these two things. They are similar meaning but let me explain that. It says give one or two key. Do not withhold for you will not be given

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you will not be given

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Allah will not give you or do not count when you give an Allah will count when he gives you what are these two things mean to Keith, you can imagine here that you have a bag of money, as they used to have a wall that we have wallets, you have your ATM credit cards, but before they had bags of money, what they would keep the money.

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And they would have strings and you can cinch it tight. Close it so no money comes up. So the prophet SAW he was selling he gives that image he says imagine here is that you have this bag of money and it's you're taking money and spend from it. Now imagine that there is this bigger bag of money and money is taken from it to be given to you. So if you cinch it tight or tighter, that bigger bag of money will be cinch tighter or tight and closed. So if you give less,

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you'll be given less. If you open the bag and give more, you will be given more from that pack.

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You understand this image. If you give more you will get more if you give less you tighten the bag, that bag will be tightened.

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And the other end the other generation one or two actually don't count. You know how some again, sometimes you take the money out and you say here's $1. Here's two because you don't want to give here's two here's three maybe that's an excuse for not not three is enough. So So don't count when you give out a stinginess out agreed for you asleep nobody can Allah will count less when he gives you.

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So that means that he was telling as smart and as smart did not help a lot. That he says give Allah will give you assist others and alone assist you.

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And Subhanallah some of the setup, or the early generation of Muslims.

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He was rich. And he used to give a lot of money. He was rich, and he still it used to be a lot of money and a probably I think a you know a lot of people like that. businessmen, people in construction and what have you, whom Allah zoodle have blessed and they're very generous.

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Or people in life so Pamela, you find them to be very generous, and their affairs are easygoing and Allah positive blesses them with money. And if they get in trouble, Allah takes them out if they get in trouble Allah saves them. So that man was asked, he says, Why do you give so much money?

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He said Allah so did had a custom meter something. And I have accustomed myself to something and they're connected. Our the Nila ohada. So my custom is that I'm generous with my money. And Allah had made that custom that he is generous with me. And I'm afraid that if I stopped my habit alone, stop that habit with me.

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If I stopped my habit alone, stop his habit with me. If I stopped giving people alone, stop giving me so I want to keep giving people so I let him keep giving me. So this insha Allah should be a habit that we develop, to be generous with everything but especially with money. So I mean generous with everything. When Allah says and fit, unify, like on our extended I'll spend on you. We can expand this a little bit to see what it also includes what being also generous with your time because some people sometimes they don't need your money, they need your help. They need to someone that could listen to them, sympathize with them, give them advice, a person at times he doesn't need

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your money, he needs your physical assistance, he needs you intervention, your shafa right to go and speak on their behalf to alleviate a problem to intervene in a problem. So they don't need money, but they need your actual intervention. So there are things that Allah has given to us. Sometimes a person needs your knowledge.

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You may be a scientist, a doctor, an engineer, a carpenter, or you have religious knowledge, so they need something from you. Sometimes in our head is shaytaan whispers or it's our self. I don't want to give them because if I give them I'll have less. If I share all of my knowledge, I'll have less knowledge. The scholars of Islam have said even when it comes to religious knowledge, he says each so each thing has as a cap.

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Your Health has as

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your wealth has as your knowledge has as

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your time has account. If you get from that to Allah, Allah blesses it. If you don't get thinking that Oh, I'm gonna save it for myself, you're gonna have less so the knowledge that you have suppose that you have read or memorize 10 areas. And you said if I teach somebody is they'll know as much as I would do say they'll be as knowledgeable as I am. They will then I will no less in comparison. It's called as I've said, You're absolutely wrong spend on I will spend on

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Meaning teach Allah will teach you

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teach others and he will know more about those 10 is than you've known before. And this is a Pamela is a tried and true thing. When you teach you will know more when you will spend a mo will give you more. When you assist others Allah will assist you. When you remove people's pain a lower move yours as you treat people Allah will treat you so your health has is a cap your knowledge has a cap. And now your money has is and that is the hardest of Zika because we get it we can easily share other things but when it comes to our to our money we hold to a tight so Allah is saying now here is the formula. Do you believe Allah? And you believe His messengers of Allah, how do you add your seldom

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and then do you believe the examples that we see around you? You want Allah to give you give.

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Don't hold back you thinking that I'll have more if I keep more, give an Allah will give you we're not and Allah is not asking you to be foolish with your money, waste or with your money, give everything away. Allah is not asking you to do this only is select few among Muslims, right, can give most of their money and still have email. And if they are tested, they still will maintain their email and we're not asking anybody to do this. We're asking people to be more generous with their money. Believing that if you give Allah will bless the rest and Allah will compensate you compensate you in this life and in the Hereafter.

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So don't doubt a lot of generosity. And don't doubt Allah's promises. And don't doubt the prophets of Allah while he was hitting them and believe that a THON who promises you who that keep keep it to yourself and spend less than you will be Richard Laszlo jealous promise is the opposite. Give an Allah will make you richer, even illa xojo It's a guaranteed promise, just give for the sake of Allah as of did so in this month. inshallah I want to remind you first is a Catholic fiddle if you have not paid it paid.

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Second, this account of your wealth, if you have not paid it, if this is the time of yours occur, pay it right. And then a lot of times this month, especially in this month, a lot of people will be knocking on your doors, figuratively, sending you emails, pleading with you, we have this charity, we have this nested we have this cause we have this dalla we have this and we have that. And take advantage of the fact that you are in the month of Ramadan, you're still alive, take advantage of the fact that yes, you could be experiencing hardship at this time. You're out of a job, you're you know, you have debts, you have this and you have that but take advantage of the fact that if Allah

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has given you some money, it doesn't have to be a lot, some money. And somebody comes and says there is a good cause. Give us something for the sake of Eliza and I'm not telling you to believe everybody in anybody but there's a good cause and it comes your way. And you are experiencing some hardship kid with the intention that I'm giving for Allah azza wa jal because I want Allah to bless me in the hereafter. And I want a lot to spend on me in this dunya I will give for Allah to give me

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I will help others so that will like it helped me. So give an expect Allah's help and fill in for your colleague and don't hold back. Because then that risk of yours will be kept away because you've held back he did not assist others. Unless I understand insha Allah in conclusion that whatever money we have is just scheme our in our immune to us to be channeled through us to others. In your money you have within you or with you, there is of your parents,

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there is of your children, there is of your spouse in your money, it's there right there is of your neighbor, the rest of your relatives there is or the person who comes physically or figuratively knocking on your door and saying I am in need, you have that risk in your money and it belongs to them. And it needs to go to them and when it goes to them, Allah will channel more of that money into you through you. Because Allah knows you've given others and he will continue to give. So lesson shall lie customer self to being generous and to believing a lot his promises. So give your Zakah and give more than yours the care and don't believe that this is our money, this is Allah's

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money. So if we later on what Allah has held, when we ask him, when we ask others for help, we want to less help. Let's give when when people are asking us for our help at this time. Well, lo and

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so my daughter wants to donate her hair to cancer society, is that permissible? So So if your daughter right and well Adam and this is kind of a an answer I need to review in sha Allah. So let me

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Come back to it again.

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Tomorrow. But anyway, if your daughter is having just a regular haircut, okay? And that haircut is a haircut, that's not going to lead her to look like a man, because me females are supposed not to look like females and how short their hair is. And males as well. So if the hair, for instance, was just having a regular hair cut, and that haircut right, ultimately does not lead to her looking like a male or the haircut resembles a male's haircut, right? And then she can take that here, rather than it being thrown away. She can donate it to Cancer Society say fine inshallah. And I don't know exactly why that donation matters, like what are they going to do with that hair? I really don't

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know what. So you would have to tell me what they're doing with that hair. So I'm just going to restrict my answers to this in sha Allah until I review the rest of it and until you tell me in sha Allah, what is it that they do with that hair?

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Do they do wigs with it, and they put it so let's just let me know in sha Allah and we'll come back to your question tomorrow in sha Allah, that is okay. Insha Allah The so you stay with us for tomorrow until I review because my feeling is that they do kind of extensions or hair wigs with it for people who have lost their hair. I just need to know whether that's permissible or not. Because hair extensions are not allowed. wigs are not allowed. In the case of cancer patients. I just need that particular detail to be figured out. So inshallah just confirm that in sha Allah for me if that's what they're doing. And I'll come back to that question in Charlotte tomorrow. While I

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consider him a doula with regard to someone has a problem that she thinks it's difficult for her to address. So she seeks advice from her trusted friend.

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Or someone who gives regularly each month, but not a lot. How do we balance out between I'm sorry? is this? How should we balance from seeking advice or assistance from people? versus only asking a Lazo gel or channel her complaint to seeking help to Allah Zodiac? In sha Allah? It's a good question because there is no contradiction. Okay, works for cancer patients. Yes, in sha Allah. So I'll come back and show a few to your question in Charlotte tomorrow after ascertain is this permissible or not in sha Allah for those patients for

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healthy person, you're not supposed to have extensions or wicks, period in sha Allah, I just want to check in sha Allah be sure for cancer patients who have lost all their inshallah so I'm sure, I will confirm that with you in Charlotte tomorrow. So back to your question, shall there is no contradiction between seeking advice and counsel from Allah, and seeking advice and counsel from human beings. And why is there no contradiction in sha Allah because

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as long as he believed that the ultimate counsel the ultimate advice, the ultimate guidance comes from Allah xeljanz. And that Allah zodion could, through His will and power and wisdom, direct those people your way and guide them to give you the best advice. So ultimately, a person who's guiding you, he is only able to guide you because of Allah as though that there is no contradiction between the two. We see that in the messenger. So the love of Allah you are you are sending them and we see this insalata istikhara with the Prophet sallallahu. wasallam is the closest person to Allah, he would seek Allah's guidance. He will pray it's sort of twisted Hara. He's the one who taught this to

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us. But then he also has counselors around him. What is abubaker? Say? What is Omar saying? Especially those two, right? And then others have but what does all those sentiments say? What does he say his wives?

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So there's no contradiction between the two. So if you know someone that around you who's wise pious, an expert in that field knows what they're talking about. ask Allah so did prayer istikhara over it just make up and then after that, go and seek their counsel. And you know, in the books of fear can in the books of Islam and they talking about Salatu istikhara. They same as men at the moment minister Harlow is the shop, the one who phrases to her and seeks counsel, meaning people's counsel will not regret their decision ultimately. So they don't see any contradiction inshallah between the two, right between it so.

00:24:36 --> 00:24:39

So in Shall I hope that has answered your question. Sharla.

00:24:41 --> 00:24:48

Right. So if you trust that person, it's okay insha Allah to seek their counsel and does not contradict your trust in Allah xojo.

00:24:50 --> 00:24:59

For someone who gives regularly each month but not a lot, how do we balance out between giving out and saving for children education for hedge over etc.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:25

How much should we give? Now how much should we give entirely depends on you depends on your level of he man depends on the needs of your family. So first of all, that first setup is the sort of call on yourself, your family and children, their needs, their basic needs. So you have to secure all of that. And the basic needs of today are greater than the basic needs of yesterday. So the basic needs here include, you know, your rent your food,

00:25:27 --> 00:26:00

shelter, and regular clothing, education, transportation, and all of that. In addition, you save also something for tomorrow for the future for a month, two months, a year from now, then you see, but then giving out for the sake of Allah as though Didn't you discover that they're handling that after I save, I can serve you dollars every day, every month, I can spare more than that. And, and hamdulillah I'm doing well, I'm saving enough and it can't get more. So I find that if I give $100 every month, that doesn't affect me.

00:26:01 --> 00:26:37

It doesn't affect me I give 200 or 300 or 500 depending on how much do I bless you, it does not affect me, I still have handed it I'm doing well. I still have the I'm saving enough money. But if when I'm looking around, I find that there are a lot of people who are doing a lot worse than I am. And I don't want to be someone who's hoarding money, just because they believe that maybe something the future could happen. Whereas at this moment, somebody cannot eat somebody that doesn't have a shelter doesn't somebody doesn't have enough to put on their body to protect them from cold and heat. So let me give

00:26:38 --> 00:26:56

and it just depends on the level of emotion. So we've given shell as long as it's not putting you and your family in hardship. It's not interfering with basic savings for your family and your and yourself. Give for the sake of Allah as of right. The the minimum of course, is

00:26:58 --> 00:27:04

but we say of course don't stop there. And you can get yourself insha Allah ready for it by donating a little bit every day.

00:27:06 --> 00:27:46

Or you know you're Sunny, you know, you summon or bring it all together at the end of the month or the end of the week as you go into the masjid for Juma people have that habit as you go to gym, right the accumulation of what you have been given or intended to give every single day you give that at the July time sadaqa you're in or for the masjid or a particular charity, whatever it is, but you develop that habit. So let's say for instance you begin with $10 begin with this every week. You find yourself able to give more than that and humbly now you're comfortable you find that now I'm less greedy and being blessed more there's more Barack in order like given me I can afford to

00:27:46 --> 00:28:02

give 20 give and you see inshallah how Allah blesses you and he will find the balance in that zildjian but we say you don't cross the line when you start hurting yourself and your family and taking away from their basic and your basic needs. Other than that insha Allah the area or that that

00:28:04 --> 00:28:12

Zakah or that set apart, spectrum is open, you can give more and you can keep giving more as long as Allah is blessing Allah.

00:28:15 --> 00:28:47

So I made a donation to an establishment some time ago that organization shared my number with other organizations without my consent. Now I'm flooded with unsolicited messages for donations, okay, from Islamic organizations, I don't even know it's fine for me to Is it fine for me to ignore these messages? I can't help everybody and already have organized monthly plan for organizations cause outcome causes and support so of course, right? Of course, there will be especially in this month, a lot of poor people will ask you that your ability to help it could happen.

00:28:48 --> 00:28:58

So if that's the case, and you're ready for given what you can that's it you can ignore the rest right? Because you've already given you a portion you can give any more. So that's that's fine inshallah we're talking about someone

00:29:00 --> 00:29:09

already who cannot give. But what I can Yeah, Allah Allah, what I could say maybe is that somebody already had knock on your door.

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if you believe that, that cause is a worthy one.

00:29:16 --> 00:29:24

Right? Rather than say, No, if Allah had given you this is what I want to suggest if Allah had given you, rather than saying no.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:27

Can you give them $5

00:29:28 --> 00:29:29

That's it,

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no more.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:38

At least it will be said that you have participated, somebody came and he did not turn them away.

00:29:39 --> 00:29:51

So because you know, the early Muslims, right, the setup, right, if somebody would come and knock on their door, they will give them whatever they have, like a piece of bread and we can reach the level of their Tableau but a piece of bread, they'll break it and give it to them.

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They'll share that little little lunch that they have or dinner that they have that say Come and eat with me and they only have bread than just something to do

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That read in, that's it. Just like oil or something that's it. So if somebody is coming and bless you, let's see. And I don't mean that you're rich person but if Allah has blessed you just give what $5 That's it. They're asking a Masjid donation already did give but somehow okay here are $5 somebody came and asked him Do you have Dell organization inviting new Muslims or educating new Muslims? Okay I like giving you some money don't deprive yourself of being one of having a portion in that effort here $10 That's it. Somebody else comes and says another Masjid somebody else and says sick people somebody says okay $5 $10

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because Allah is the only send them your way maybe because Allah wants to take for you to participate in all of these good deeds. So I know I mean there is this general fatigue with donation especially in the month of Ramadan but considers an opportunity more people are asking you because your Allah wants to bless you. So think about it this way. Five and $10 in sharp Okay.

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Now, why does a person Why does a person need to consider why does a person need to consider to pay zakat in Ramadan compared to any other months of the year? You don't need to?

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You don't have sound

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okay, shall I hope they can you can hear me

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just on Facebook it says there's no sound a lot. So it's just a regular thing. I didn't really do anything to mess with the sound so if you can hear me tell on Facebook just let me know inshallah. And if you can hear me, let me know.

00:31:35 --> 00:31:57

So, no, you don't have Okay, so, oh, sounds fine. So somebody says the sound is fine. Okay, fair inshallah. So maybe it's going in and out or it's cutting off. Okay, good. So it's just that a lot of people have a habit of giving Zakat in Ramadan. That's it.

00:31:58 --> 00:32:38

That's it. So if that's the case, that's why I'm reminding people that give you a second. But if your habit is to give a cat and we'll have Ron Safar Ville, hedger, it's financial. So this there is no so it will let me just say two things there is no particular route to giving you as a cat in Ramadan. It's just that people have had developed the habit of it. Second of all, there are some scholars who have said contemporary scholars have said maybe you should consider also not giving your zecca in Ramadan because they're saying that since a lot of people gives it there's a cat in Ramadan there is this just influx of Zika and then the rest of the months of the year are empty.

00:32:39 --> 00:33:14

Alright, there's those that have been given although the need persists This is not just that people need money in Ramadan and they stopped needing outside people need throughout Ramadan throughout the year. So they're saying that consider giving outside of Ramadan as well so shift your account to outside of Ramadan because the messages are still being belly built that our organization the sick people are still in need outside of Ramadan, but nobody gives them nobody pays attention to them because everybody only gives a normal done. So that's a good point in show, but a lot of you So originally our clip lessons prophets Adam Ibrahim.

00:33:17 --> 00:33:20

Think Musandam is Mecca, how it got changed to Jerusalem.

00:33:22 --> 00:33:29

So we say that the Qibla for Benny suai was Jerusalem. It wasn't Mecca.

00:33:30 --> 00:33:47

Mecca was an area for Hajj. So yes, the prophets Allah lucidum spoke about how he saw Moosa for upcoming for hedge your nose coming for hedge. We imagine Ibrahim Ibrahim I know you sit under hedges there is some hedges there. So it was an area for hedge to say that it was the Qibla

00:33:49 --> 00:34:25

from Adam and he said it's the first semester first semester Absolutely. Was it the fibula from Adam to Ibrahim? I do not know. Allah Who? Adam I do not know now. I have no knowledge of that. Was it the Qibla over Brahim? I have no knowledge of that. I don't know. Well, Adam, maybe that information is somewhat somewhere out there. Right. I've missed it possible. But we know that for veno Islam he right. From when exactly I do not know right. Is it possible from the time of Ibrahim from the time of his help, possibly. But for Bono is a very similar was Jerusalem.

00:34:26 --> 00:34:58

And so when are the prophets a lot he was in them came the Qibla was still in order to Jerusalem wasn't Mecca. It was shifted right during his stay in Medina, from Jerusalem to Mecca, but when did it start as a Qibla? It's a good question. I don't know when it is when it started. I don't know I don't think and I do believe it's from the time of Adam though it's a possibility that it was Adam and then it was shifted to Jerusalem and back I do not know. If I find out later inshallah I will share with you but that's the limit of my knowledge about that topic.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:28

Can I pay donate on behalf of my deceased sons? That Catherine fitter? Okay, no, so no, it's a deceased person. The cattle fitter is not an obligation on them. Because the cattle fitter is for a person who had lived through the month of Ramadan and is purified from the sins in the month of Ramadan, in addition, of course to assisting the weak and the needy. So if there's anyone deceased in your family, you want to give on your behalf, give sadaqa

00:35:29 --> 00:35:30

gifts. It's not

00:35:32 --> 00:35:46

it's not a cow of wealth isn't as a counterfeit that you give sadaqa and it's accepted in sha Allah by consensus is by the statement of the prophets Allah you send them it's accepted, so that sort of is accepted. So it gives up cow Salah I'm sorry, on behalf of any deceased relative inshallah,

00:35:48 --> 00:36:12

how to keep us awake for the young lady. Okay, that's a good question, inshallah, why some people can stay awake for longer nights, and some Can I Is it because clear motivation, what is the strongest motivation we can hold to stay away. It's not necessarily about motivation, it has a lot to do in sha Allah with your body with your ability to concentrate, with your habits with what you eat.

00:36:14 --> 00:36:21

So it's not necessarily about motivation, although for some people, it could be about motivation. I mean, when you're really motivated,

00:36:22 --> 00:36:59

you can stay up, when you're really excited, you can stay up and for other people that doesn't matter, greatly motivated, greatly excited when it hits one or two o'clock, that's it, they have to take one or two hours of sleep, otherwise they can't function again stay, they can stay up. So we say in sha Allah, Allah has given us different bodies, right? different abilities. So just consider what what is it that you can do, if you find in sha Allah that you can drink coffee and tea, you can stay up without a problem. And you can worship insha Allah with a great word, great motivation, a great concentration, and your event is not affected. You know what you're saying? hamdulillah you

00:36:59 --> 00:37:17

found out the secret keep doing it. If you find that you're a person who up till now, you cannot you basically you worship Allah azzawajal up until the say 12 and one o'clock you can drink coffee and tea because whatever reasons you can just come simply cannot. And

00:37:19 --> 00:37:34

if you stay up beyond one or you know 12 or one, you don't know what you're saying, You're too tired. It affects your fasting The next day, it affects your a better the next day, find your status yourself next day, unable to pray unable to fast,

00:37:35 --> 00:38:17

then no, that's not the moderation we talked about. So if you find yourself as you're staying at 4pm You're too sleepy to be able to concentrate you're standing in celebratory, you know nodding off, you're reading the Koran but you're falling asleep say take a nap so that you understand what you're saying. So the idea here is not simply just stay up and just force yourself to stay up while you're half asleep stay up to continue to be engaged in a battle knowing what you're saying being involved in that a bother, but you find yourself so panela that you need this half hour or one hour two hours of sleep give your body that so that he can come back to a better awake motivated and your heart is

00:38:17 --> 00:38:23

in it. So it could be an issue of motivation or it could be an issue of body in Sharla so just you can

00:38:25 --> 00:38:27

use caffeine if that helps you without

00:38:29 --> 00:38:57

too much of it in sha Allah some coffee some tea see if that helps. As some type of food could keep you keep keep you awake set some type of food if you eat a lot can make you really sleepy and tired to stay away from that. So experiment with all of this and see inshallah which such thing is work works for you. And if you have to sleep for half an hour or an hour don't feel guilty and shall watch sleep for that time. Then wake up and come back and Sharla motivated to be able to do more inshallah.

00:38:58 --> 00:39:18

Is there a proper to add to help help help us to do it the young lady 200 every day just simply ask Allah suited for it ask Allah Allah help me with my to help me with mighty Bader I think Rico should recover honey named but I think and then do a lot of his default stuff a lot of stuff a lot of stuff.

00:39:19 --> 00:39:59

So Stefan why because if there was a sin that is blocking our way to that a bada it goes away and then asking a lot the Allah assist me by the Allah assists me to remember your Allah system assist me in double skipping give making this up and then keep making it right I don't mean like for men one minute or two, five minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes, maybe you're still feeling that change in you and that will give you insha Allah that energy they say you're the thinker of Allah gives you energy. They could have Allah zertal gives you energy so we know we talked about caffeine before in moderation. Insha Allah don't like don't get a Red Bull and drink it and say

00:40:00 --> 00:40:21

This is for Allah is it it's not really good for your heart and body and you don't need to do this half an hour nap half an hour or an hour is permissible it doesn't hurt your body and inshallah enables you to do a better better and continue to do better the next day so don't harm your body just for the sake of what that extra half hour right low on

00:40:24 --> 00:40:42

time now mid shelf so that for the patients to wear i have i've been in that situation and when I was offered I refused politely and covered my hair as I already was covered my head and finally my hair grew back after one year about the logic for that input to me like if she thought everybody

00:40:43 --> 00:40:56

is it okay if somebody won if someone pays a car throughout the year every month an annual calculation is done in Ramadan that's fine inshallah This is hastens a cat so for instance if you want to hasten use a guy that's allowed

00:40:57 --> 00:41:03

that ginoza so here's a cat comes your salary comes you estimate this is what this guy's gonna be it taken and give it away

00:41:04 --> 00:41:12

and then at the end of the year you just calculate and you see if you've got it right or not, and then you've paid the difference if you did it financial you can do that.

00:41:13 --> 00:41:35

To what extent should accommodation be made for daylight sleeping hours during Ramadan? Especially in the final 10 nights it seems to be common for people to slip excessively and during the day and stay up all night? Is that encouraged or discouraged? You're going to sleep in sha Allah you know that the amount of the body your body needs so obviously right

00:41:38 --> 00:41:45

now so obviously right if you stay the whole night you stay up the whole night you're going to see it have to sleep more during the day.

00:41:46 --> 00:41:51

So for that we say in sha Allah take a portion of that day that obviously that will help you

00:41:52 --> 00:42:14

but it's not a license at the same time to sleep the whole time like intentionally right to sleep the whole time so from federal you know from after federal let's say all the way to go Hold on awesome and so on. So it's not it's not an excuse right? So when we say insha Allah be moderate be moderate in it because we also want to experience the days of Ramadan

00:42:15 --> 00:42:26

the days of Ramadan if your body is a tight it's just typically a type of body that needs to sleep a lot for whatever reason right? And usually for failure to do or at least don't miss a door

00:42:27 --> 00:42:46

and don't miss acid right so insha Allah fix me and he plan ahead so that when every time you're going to use and show a lot of during the day a you're not missing your Salah you're not missing your door and you're not missing your asset and at the same time shall you experiencing some of the days so that you feel

00:42:48 --> 00:43:16

what what Ramadan means when you are fasting it and we don't want to be those people who just simply sleep you know from failure, they you know, they don't sleep right after failure they stay up you know, up till maybe I don't know seven or what have you eight or what have you, they may slip all the way to close to us. So that's most of the day. You want to feel some of the day on lower right but you ultimately insha Allah, you will know the needs of your body just I will say in sha Allah don't miss your bullhorn don't miss you're also on time.

00:43:18 --> 00:44:04

Whatever fast be accepted, if you don't pray that are we and and that 10 night prayer, fasting Ramadan is independent of telawi. So they're not linked, not linked in the sense that your accept the acceptance of the fast is not predicated on praying at night. So yes, you fast off the accepted. But what we're saying in sha Allah is that you will feel it more, you will feel it better, you have more chances of your sins being wiped clean, when you pray at night, so that your nights and your day are both engaged in the battle. Because if you don't do that, during the night, you'll be doing something else, either watching TV, or surfing the net, or going on social media or talking to your

00:44:04 --> 00:44:32

friends or going outside or that's what you'll be doing. So the quality of your fast though is accepted and accepted, but the quality of your fast will not be like someone who worships at night. Because they are at night they are close and trying to be close to Allah they're making a lot of their sins are being forgiven and and there are a lot of blessings that are given to them. So when they start, they start there faster, the second day, their demand is higher.

00:44:34 --> 00:44:59

And they're closer to Allah zildjian and their sins are fewer and fewer. That's what we're seeing that the quality of their fast and the quality of the Ramadan, the chances of them being forgiven, are greater and greater. So that's why we're saying in sha Allah, it's not branded predicated your festival still be accepted. Insha Allah who is saying, Why deprive yourself of the and we said that this could be something that is very simple. A shot

00:45:00 --> 00:45:36

You pray the son of Aisha to rock house and then give Allah zildjian to rock as of piano and then with so three rockets. That's the minimum three rockets up here. What do I do like as we said, Pray I give 10 is here after I Fatiha 10 is here. You want you can almost have that's fine. Or you can read short stories. DNA is here in the first truck as then is in the second Raka Selam Aleykum Selam Aleykum and then which one Raka Salaam Alaikum. So now, that's why deprive yourself of that. Right? Okay.

00:45:37 --> 00:45:51

So I'm saving the activity I do in the day for the night and return during the day. I don't spend much time worshiping Allah, but I'm still worshiping him. Is that okay? Now I'm inshallah what I understand from you, is that

00:45:54 --> 00:46:27

right is that you're, you're, you're sleeping or resting during the day so that you can save up your energy for the night. That's fine. inshallah that makes sense. I understand that. So you're unable to worship Allah as well as much during the day because you're tired, you're sleepy. So you're saving up your energy so that you give it all during the night in sha Allah and that's fine. As long you are doing in sha Allah the minimum that we all know which is praying the photo and it's done. And then you know, you have some worship of Allah which is that Vicar of Allah azza wa jal you're making to

00:46:28 --> 00:46:48

your will do after you will do you're doing this liquid that that's fine insha Allah because you just want to concentrate on the night, especially that needed to cover that's fine insha Allah, Allah Allah, but again, you don't empty that day's of all a better so give the day its portion of a betta the Farida the sooner that the curve Allah soldier

00:46:50 --> 00:46:57

is it better to complete the whole Quran reciting during the whole Ramadan or reading swamp portion by pondering on the words

00:46:59 --> 00:47:31

here's the thing in sha Allah it's a balance it's always a balance we say to a person is that if you can finish the whole course while also pondering what you are reading please do that because then the level you have exposed yourself to the entire corpus of the onto all of the product from A to Z plus thinking about it right? If not you say I'm not a person who can do this it's either this or that then we the next question we ask is what is what is your relation to the Quran after outside of Ramadan? Do you still read

00:47:32 --> 00:47:34

or do you not read at all?

00:47:35 --> 00:47:44

Okay, if you say outside Ramadan May Allah help me I don't have a chance to read the Quran I don't read the Quran I try I'd love to but I don't.

00:47:45 --> 00:47:50

Then we say okay ponder the Khurana number one because what we want is for you to connect with the Quran.

00:47:51 --> 00:48:27

So if outside of Ramadan, okay outside of Ramadan, you don't yet have developed the habit to touch it up online and read it and recite it. When you say in Ramadan, read and ponder that takes precedence. Why? Because I want your heart to connect to the Quran. I want you to learn something from it, hoping that you will like it and you will love it so that outside of Ramadan, you'll start reading and pondering the Quran. you'll develop a connection. If your answer on the other hand is say no, no hamdulillah outside Ramadan, I still read and I still ponder every month and every day I habit of mine.

00:48:29 --> 00:48:57

What do I do in Ramadan, we say in Ramadan, read the whole Koran. So if you have a habit of reading the Quran and pondering it outside the month of Ramadan in Ramadan, read the whole Koran, don't focus focus so much on the pondering part because you're doing this outside of Ramadan. And Ramadan focus on finishing the Koran at least once. Okay, so that's what I'm suggesting in Sharla is it's fine for me to ponder what I read after the prayer by reading that translation and they've said absolutely, and it's something beautiful and

00:48:59 --> 00:49:14

it's something beautiful. So reading the Quran, we don't want to just to simply repeat read things that you don't understand. If you have the space nautical article or if you have this space in sha Allah after your Salah you read something

00:49:15 --> 00:49:54

consultative, see and consult your translation, because the Quran will mean a lot to you when you do this, rather than pages I need to finish and just as that I need to include more than that. What is the foreign mean to you? It's not a book that I just need to finish and have the light just I finished it. But beyond that, what does it mean? And I that made sense to me and I that answered my question. And I have that left a mark in my heart that we want to hold on to need that. So when you're reading the Tafseer and the translation, it will make that difference. So the most beautiful reading of the Quran in the month of Ramadan is not simply one that concludes one customer after the

00:49:54 --> 00:50:00

other one after the other. I finished up on once the second time, third time, the fifth time but I don't know

00:50:00 --> 00:50:41

When I'm reading, it's a hot mess or finishing the Quran a lot of times if you can, but while also thinking about what I'm reading, I read about Hellfire I think about what I'm reading. I read about Jenna I think about her reading and making sure that Allah gives me this saves me from that. I come across an idea, it intrigues me I go to that I've seen it, I go to the translation, I read it, I say, Aha, that makes a lot of sense. That really is deep. This is really beautiful. I take it I take it and I write it in a notebook this I mean, this, this, this this to remember it later. That's an interaction of the Quran that says study without us of the Quran that is beautiful, and resembles

00:50:41 --> 00:50:44

what the prophet sallallahu Sallam used to do with Djibouti. That is

00:50:45 --> 00:51:20

so humbling, it will either mean that we finished answering these questions I asked Allah to make us of those will give generously in the month of Ramadan, you allow us to give and to receive your blessings, to share with people what you have given us and increase the blessings that you give us your hammer Rahimi, makers of those who are generous in and outside the month of Ramadan makers of those who are generous with their money, generous with their gifts, generous, generous with their health and with their knowledge, with their counsel and advice and their time. Whereas you either need to bless us in this life and the hereafter. Whereas here, allow me to make us of those who

00:51:20 --> 00:52:04

believe in your promise, not in the promises of the shaytaan we ask you to make us of those who trust you your hammer heavy rely on you, who are wait relief to come from you, who trust you more than they trust themselves or people around them. We asked Allah Nene allow us to be of those who win later to other unwitnessed witnesses allow us to be of those who worship you read the Quran then pray then and remember you often in it except for myself but I mean and do not deprive us forgive our sins and do not make us of those who are rejected in the month of Ramadan. I mean, yeah, but I mean allow us to worship you accept the little that we do. Look over and forgive our mistakes in the

00:52:04 --> 00:52:44

month of Ramadan and after protect us from our own temptations and weaknesses. Forgive us the major and the minor since Forgive us our false er hammer I mean, and make us of those who are forgiven in the month of Ramadan and include in this forgiveness, our parents, our children, our spouses, our families, our extended families, our neighbors, and though Mohammed sobre la vida you Ernie, we're setting up we'll see you in sha Allah at the same time tomorrow May Allah bless us all and except from us, and keep us safe. So panicle llama will be handing a shadow a 90 day and Mr. Furukawa booboo they would have the day on without me, said armonico Mohammed Allah He water cattle

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