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Chateau La ilaha illallah wa hola Shree Cara Nicola Hammond you're here with me to how you know you're motivated to heal hi Rahul aqualisa in pudiera shadow Anna Mohammed Abu rasuluh wasafi you who were Halle, Adele Amana toda la hora de Salud. Manasa had an Alma Akasha Thelma, what's that? I can add an adjective a lot later. How can I Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Toma tasneem. While early he was like me he was understandably suniti here Yama de la Medina. wamena Latina Ave why middle sliney hearty autobill happy what's also the sub? I mean, lb datamine will also Ico and FCB tuck Allahu

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Allah Allah, Allah Deena Amano topo la Hakka Ducati e La Tomatina 11 to mazoon your Natsu taco Rebecca melody holla Hakuna nevsun wa Haider wahala caminhadas jaha Baba mean humare john and Kathy around one Isa what's up Hello howdy Tessa. I want to be here in the LA can it come Rocky? Yeah, you already know I'm gonna talk Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. De the US come out another con. Way of La comes the new backhoe woman rasulillah who forgot the furs are frozen or Lima thumb aberrant. We begin by praising Allah and bearing witness that man has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is his final messenger We ask

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Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him. All of the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in their blessings path until the day of judgment. And we ask a lot to make us amongst them. Allah amin, dear brothers and sisters, this Monday is literally the best day of the year. A time that if Allah gives us the ability to see it may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to live to see it and allow us to be accepted on that day may never come back to us. And it's the date that the prophets lie Selim described as hydro Yeoman planner at Fie. He shrimps young out of the best day that the sun has risen upon is the

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day of out of the day that you come to know your Lord, every single year. The prophets lie Selim said how you to do your art we only offer that the best supplication is the supplication on that day of our offer. Well, hello my call to annona be human probably and the best of what I and the prophets before me have said, meaning all of the prophets were guided to this day. They set on that de la ilaha illallah wa The whole nursery color level moon color and wahoo and equally shading for the there is only one God what the hula sharika alone with no partners. Now who in Monaco allowed him to Him belongs all praise To Him belongs all blessings. Well, who I'm actually shading coded

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unto Him belongs power over all things. This is what all of the prophets would say on this day. The day that marks yo Mashhad Hamada unfussy him allow us to be Rob become carlu benatia hidden the day that marks the moment that we all stood in front of Allah. And just as you look around, then you see all of these people spread out today. All of us stood before Allah on that day. And it was upon us that an oath was taken. Allah asked each and every single one of us Am I not your Lord, and all of us say Bella shahina Yes, we bear witness, we bear witness, that you

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are that oath that the Prophet slice Allah mentions that Allah refers to in the Quran, when he says, Sha he didn't want to shoot the Prophet slice and I'm sending an authentic narration that leiomyoma rude the promised the day is the day of judgment, the showerhead, the witness, is saying to a young young Juma, the best of all days of the week, which is the day of Friday, and mesh hood, the day of the witnessed is the day of alpha, where Allah calls the angels and says, look at all of these people around the world, calling upon me, invoking me in their languages, coming to the place of alpha, which we'll talk about in a moment covered in dust exhausted their sleep schedules off each

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one of them with their own unique your eyes, each one of them with their own hopes, calling upon one God. The day that the angels witnessed that Allah has forgiven all of us may Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst those that are forgiven Allah I mean, the day that represents one of the five pillars of Islam, this is very interesting, that of the five pillars of Islam. The first pillar, which we will witness today in Chatelet Tana is when someone testifies to the oneness of God for the very first time. A shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah shadow ana Muhammadan rasul Allah, one pillar of Islam fulfilled by one statements, one testimony

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In which you turn the page with your Lord. Everything that has been done before is forgotten. You come back to your origin and enter into that fifth line. That's the first pillar of Islam. And the last pillar of Islam is hedge, where you go back to your Lord in an enactment of death, wearing the clothes of death, once again testifying, la, lala la bakerella home and a bake. Here I am, Oh Allah, responding to your call, affirming your oneness, uncorrupted and undistracted by everything that the world has thrown at me, recognizing my purpose in life is to worship you.

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But head you out. And hedge is out of that moment where once again you stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala saying throughout the day, La ilaha illa Allah, you are only one and I'm coming to you fully acknowledging that on my terms, responding to you, Oh Allah.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is teaching us that throughout the day of our offer, the best thing that you can do is renew that covenant over and over and over again before you think about your wish list. Before you think about all the things you want to ask your Lord throughout the day la isla de la la la ilaha illa Allah allow us to become better you are my Lord what is the hula sherita continuously renewing your covenant with Allah subhana wa tada throughout the day. And the word out of a means to come to know to come to know who to come to know your Lord woman out of out of the home out of inner circle and if you know your Lord then you know yourself woman out of enough

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so who and if you know yourself and tell off that'd be them be one Nazi Hema, Allah xojo then once you know your Lord and then you know yourself, then you will naturally know your own shortcomings in regards to your Lord, the blessings that he has bestowed upon you are a prerequisite to you understanding the deficiency with which you have responded, which then leads you to the most sincere version of your supplication. Realize that the giraffe that we say throughout that day, does not just have an acknowledgment of Allah is oneness but appraised for all of the blessings that he showers upon us throughout the year.

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And the prophets lie some tada say that it's defined the chief of seeking forgiveness. Allah Antara de la ilaha illa and Halekulani.

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dkms Tata to, to become in Xiaomi masala to Abu laka, bean aromatic LA, Abu Dhabi thembi for clearly fitna, hula furuno, Bella, and Oh Allah, you are my Lord, You created me, and I am your slave. And I am upon the promise, the oath, the covenant that I have taken with you, I will perform to the best of my ability. I seek refuge in You from what I have done. And I admit to you, all of your Nerem, all of the blessings that you have descended upon me What about will be them be and how I have responded in a way in which shortcoming is inevitable due to the magnificence of you and the blessings that you have descended upon me. And so Pamela throughout the day on the day of alpha, you

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are acknowledging that as well because you can't know your own deficiency unless you acknowledge his blessings upon you the same way that you can't know that you are his slave if you don't acknowledge Him as your master. The same way that you can't negate all of the other gods unless you acknowledge and affirm the oneness of God, the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, the God of Jesus, the God of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his peace and blessings be upon all of his prophets. You cannot do one without the other and look at the similarity of those two as as they come together. Now, here's the thing.

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A lot of times, when you think of alpha, you think of a place

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you think of the place of alpha. Out of that is so much more spectacular. When you're actually there in the Macan, in the place and you see the pilgrims covered in dust. You can envision what the Hadith is telling you about the humility of the people that are coming before their Lord, leaving everything behind, acknowledging his oneness, sleep deprived, but hopeful in his mercy. You can see it when you're there and out of them.

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But as even Raja Rahim Allah to Allah He said out of his McCann, and Xena, it's a place and a time woman walk off of your alpha Gemma alpha McCann was a man and if a person is blessed to stand in the place of alpha, may Allah Subhana Allah allow us all another opportunity to stand in alpha. Then he combines or she combines the blessing of the time and the place. But you have to remember that they're a bad of Allah for the worship of Allah for the Prophet slicin them for seven years.

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Before Hajj was fasting,

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it was fasting the day of out often Medina, longing for the opportunity to stand and alpha just like we longed for it. It was a remarkable day, a special day to the Prophet slice on him and the Muslims every single year without Hajj. And we have to renew that in our hearts that this is the best day of the year. You know, you think about what you would do. Sometimes it just takes our own drive to then dictate the way that we achieve our goals. You think about what you would do if you had the most important day of your life.

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Right, which we'll just say for the sake of it, your wedding. The day that you have a child or your spouse gives birth to a child the day of your child's graduation. That day is a momentous day on that year's calendar. You're looking forward to it you are longing for it. And as even Raja Rahim Allah Allah points out how amazing is it that like Allah subhana wa tada and Ramadan, we don't know which of the last 10 nights is the last 10 nights so the best night of the year is concealed. So we strive for all 10 nights right. But we know exactly when office.

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We know exactly when our office, we know the day. We know the time, we can plan for it. We have no doubt that this is the best day of the year. We have no doubt that everything the profit slice that I'm said is happening is happening in those moments where Allah is boasting to the angels and forgiving his creation. As Ibn Rajab Rahim Allah to Allah said la mina now alerts me to not the prize of being forgiven. On that day. I am an engineer and muslimeen.

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That is for everyone that is observing this and none of that day, the time of that day that is not just for the people standing in the Macan, in the place of offer, the forgiveness from a lot that comes on that day covers everyone.

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That is renewing that covenant with Allah subhanaw taala on that day, so what do we do on that day? Well, first and foremost, the intention comes back to the intention from now. Yeah, Allah, I'm going to worship you on that day. Yeah, I'm going to fast that day. And you know, what, if you can't fast for any reason, the profit slice, I'm assured you that the reward is there any way because you had the intention. And if you were prohibited, by means or by circumstances that are out of your hands, then Allah has written down for you the full reward. So I'm going to fast that day. I'm going to observe that day, I'm going to look forward to that day, everything before that day, as I plan for

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that day, as everybody is an act of worship. You know, when rather than Jabba Rahim, Allah to Allah or the Allahu taala. And he says, In the test, he will know that he can act as he will call it, that I seek the reward for my sleep the same way I seek the reward for being awake. Why? Because I sleep so that I can be more energetic in the worship of Allah, and in the performance of charity and all good deeds in the service of Allah and His creation. The sleep is with the intention of energizing myself. So you know what, you're sleeping early on Sunday nights,

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is a form of anybody. It's an act of worship, go to sleep early on Sunday night. Get yourself ready on Sunday night. This who would have that you wake up for the profit slice on said the angels send their prayers upon the people as they're doing the support start off your day, with the support on that day in some kind of life. You think about hedge because there is a parallel yo metalia the day before alpha, the profit slice on him would take the Sahaba to Mina and what would they do nothing rest. Rest. I'm going to rest. I'm going to nourish myself that in and of itself as part of the worship of the Day of Atonement. I'm going to think about my day. On that day. I'm going to prepare

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with Allah subhanaw taala You know, you're renewing your covenant with Allah. So here's a challenge for you one major change that you're going to make in life on the best day of the year, it's worth it.

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What are you signing the contract with this Monday? What's the change you're making this Monday? And if you can't think of a change, we have a bigger problem. What's the change you're making on Monday? What are you signing that contract with a loss of hundreds out of that covenant that you are renewing on Monday, it's a day of Covenant, not just the day of supplication a day that brings us back to y'all Allah, I am going to live my life the way that you have commanded me to live my life in hopes for what you have promised me in the next. What's the covenants what's the contract that you're signing on Monday as you come to Allah subhanho wa Taala starting off the day with fudger in

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jamara. In congregation this Masjid better be as full on Monday at budget as it is right now for Juma and to make it easy for you we'll have a halaqa after February talking about the virtues of 911 Allahu la sharika hambo who Allah Cody Shane Kadir so that when you repeat it throughout the day, you'll remember it and you stay till sunrise you have had written down for you on the day of alpha

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So make sure you're here on Monday morning in sha Allah tada if you're in the community live stream is not allowed for you find a way to cut it off for Dallas you need to be here, the melodica the hedge is here in sha Allah tada you start off your day with legit in gemera start off your day with the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala start off your day with the two kinds of sunrise with Allah subhanaw taala and then spend the day in Daraa and be certain in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Buddha Allah unto mukhi notability Java call upon your Lord, while you are certain in the answer. Don't say Allah on the 30 inch as the profit slice I'm saying Oh Allah, forgive me if you want to,

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or if you will, no, call upon Allah with complete certainty in his answer. On that day the prophets lie some spent that whole day and

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if you can't think of what you're going to say, for the hours of that day, start getting your list together. But let the top of that list be what? The Vicar that the Prophet slicin taught us and then forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala the greatest thing that you can ask from him on that day, and then what's your contract? So Pamela, I want you to think about this, all the drops. All the Hadith about being accepted from Allah, all the verses in the Quran. Allah buku Maloney yesterday blacken your Lord said call upon me and I will answer you what he does, like everybody underneath any corrib when my sermon asks about me than I am, close all of that,

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how much is it multiplied by on the best day of the year when the data is more accepted on that day than any other time of the year? How close are you to Allah, on that day, when you make your day?

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And yes, certainty in Allah's mercy is not complacency with your own sinfulness.

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What are you signing the contract with? What's the change you're making on Monday? And I want to end and shout out to Anna with this beautiful earth of this beautiful narration

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which Subhanallah I want you to put yourself in the scene the Macan of Otto famila take us back to the place of artifact of the loving and robotic rahimullah out of the great scholar, great ascetic, great sage. He sauce of Yana thodi Rahim Allah to Allah who he gave several of us about this scholar and sage and teacher of sincerity. He said I came up to Sufyan authority on the day of alpha Hua jathan. Allah Rockabye taking the scene by the way, he was on his knees, and it was towards the end of the day of alpha. And he was on his knees, crying in front of Allah subhanaw taala His eyes were flowing with tears, His hands were raised, his knees were on the ground. This is cynthiana folio

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handle not out of the School of sincerity the teacher of how to be an ascetic and other love MOBOTIX Rahim Allah, he sees him and I'm about to use the alternate one year in hedge one year he'd go out and battle. It's panela always be submitted Allah said I walked up to him on the day of alpha. And I said to him, oh Sophia, as the sun was about to set on the day of alpha men. So I had the Gemini Hana

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who is the worst person or who is in the worst state amongst all of those that are amongst us today.

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as well. Hi there Gemini Hello. The worst person in this gathering on this day as the mercy of Allah is descending. And he responds alethea will know and Allah Allah, Allah, the person who thinks that Allah will not forgive him.

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That's the worst person on the day of alpha is the person that thinks that Allah will not forgive them. Subhana Allah the mercy of Allah is that the Macan of out of the place of out of a person showed up right before the 10th day, then they are counted amongst those that observed the alpha, one of the person who spends their entire day on this amount on the time period of alpha, making your schedule it from now, place your day is there from now start the day, right? And the day right? And the day right, because the best part of alpha, by the way, is the time between Austin and the last hour of alpha, just like if you were there in alpha, and the sun is setting and you're trying

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to catch those last few hours that you suddenly remembered as the sun is setting, the day of alpha special especially in its last moments, may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to observe it and count us amongst the forgiven. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be sincere in our do and our supplications and answered in everything that we come to him with May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our shortcomings on that day and always allow them I mean, a colocado stuff will it will accompany certain Muslim infested in a hole for him.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while he was human, Allah Allah

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filament mininova units well mostly mean almost Siemens, Martina Casimir and curry when we do a lot. A lot of our hammer wire for anovulatory libnah robina columna and fuson our thumbs up for lonato cabinet and akuna Minal ha serene La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Kinokuniya minnowboard I mean, La Ilaha lanta subhanak. In economical binding, La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in the Quran immunoblot amin Allah Hama, Feb Dena Avraham I came out a bonus the lava Robin I have a dynamic as well as you know the reality in our portfolio which are not in what Sakina imama Allah is the one if one admin kobina frequently McCann, Allah and killed Vitamina with Vitamina affinage now I find them and beating him

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so the mean rebel the lion, the lion, nobody would ever sign what he titled corba wion honey fascia he will moon carry well Does he ever come nanocomposite Coronavirus Coronavirus kuroko mascaro Harlan erema is it lecan what are the Corolla Corolla Haryana montross neroon Welcome