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We can live a day or two without water. We can't live a day or two without air.

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And I tell you, and this is an important fact. But Allah the need for Eman is far more than the need for air. Because what Allah you don't know where you would be in an instant death could come to you and but Allah, in an instant death will come to you and you could end up in an eternity of hellfire. You see in the hereafter after death, it's only to two places either general Johanna, that's it. That's it. It's either you're going to paradise or you're going to hell. There's no middle path. There is no way you can just end up on planet earth again.

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You wish there was real reincarnation, it's not going to happen. It's not happening. You're not going to come back as a rat, you're not going to come back as an insect. You're going to be a human being for the rest of eternity, either in the depths of jahannam, or in the highest of

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the highest of paradise. So you have only one life. And this meager life for 50 years or 70 years will decide your eternity.

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This is where you are judging your eternity This is the life by which you are buying eternity. And so you have only one one choice and only one chance. So my brothers and sisters Islam, this Eman that we have is really worth what saving

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for more reasons than than one

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for more reasons than one. Because you see we all have pure hearts. That's true. But we also have hearts that are made of glass and fragile and they turn the move. As the statement of the other of the poet's they cease to say the airpoints they say masumi insan lol in se What else? Illa Allah, Allah. Mankind was not called mankind insane in Arabic, except because he is someone who forgets this mission in Arabic. So that's where

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and the heart has not been called the heart except

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it turns in waivers and Arabic word called the condom.

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And so from the color or the color comes a word heart

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because the heart is something that turns in and out today believes tomorrow doesn't today. It feels good tomorrow it doesn't. Today likes Islam tomorrow it doesn't. Today believes a lot more doesn't. Today, it's doing good deeds tomorrow. It's not just now you went and prayed but now you're singing for example. And that's how the heart is very, very weak. So it is for this reason why it's really important to preserve your heart. It's also important to preserve your heart because Rasulullah says and even he was warned by Allah subhanho wa Taala that if he did not stabilize his own heart and we did not stabilize his own Eman And if he did not protect his own Eman from being blemish that even

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he would not find any safety from Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Allah says in the Quran, Walla Walla and subbotnik Allah God kita Turkana, la him Shay and karela even as a Kanaka their full hierarchy with their fellow Mama T Suma letter G de la cubby Elena sila. Allah says in the beautiful Quran, he says all Mohammed Salim if we did not give you steadfastness in your email, if we did not give you heart steadfast as well as the Botanica, if he did not give you a heart steadfastness laqad, kita Turkana, la him Shea and canina, you would have tended to turn towards the disbelievers and towards their path and towards the desires of the heart, even a little bit. And even if that was to happen, even as a Kanaka different if you were to do that, if you were

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to not protect your Eman And this is Allah telling your solar system if you didn't do that if you didn't protect your image and didn't safeguard your image and you tended to wherever your heart towards desires I would have made you taste double life and double the punishment is

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deaf and hard. I would have made your taste life twice what their format and death twice film Malacca Geeta, Lockerbie, Elena zero, you would not have found anyone to save you from me this is a lot le Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam if this is Allah telling Rasulullah system to be wary of protecting his Eman? What about people like us? What are people like us but Allah, Allah of assurity ones as well. But if we fail to protect our Eman, Allah will have assurity take us to account and cause us to be of those people who have lost a lot of good in this life and in the Hereafter.

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Also, my friends another reason why we should be concerned about protecting a man is because by Allah, not a single day comes except that the day

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is has far more easily

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than the day before it.

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This is why Rasulullah sysm said that the last hour will not come until every single day, the evil in it is far more than the evil in the day before it. So today, which is Friday, the fifth of November, in the year 2010 of the Christian calendar, this day has far more evil

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that Allah has allowed on this earth than yesterday, Thursday, fourth of november of 2010. This is a fact by which there is simply no doubt about it is for this reason why the scholars even said that even though our Abdul Aziz Ronaldo, who was the fifth Khalifa came later, but just before him was kingship, at the time of yazeed, where there was a lot of killing and fighting in the Muslim world, that even though he would have done Aziz his time, was a time of great blessings and mercy of Allah azza wa jal on this earth, even then, his time had far more evil than the time before it, and the time of Mr. had far more evil in that time than the time aboubaker.

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This is only because my friends, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has decreed that ultimately By Allah, we will all the last hour will not come until this world is engulfed in evil.

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And this for this reason why Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said in Bella yetta, Issa, feta nunca coupon Laila Muslim, use we have radula fee Mina? Yuck, Farah while you see UMC Catherine while you speak Amina, what did he say? He said very early in between the last hour between the coming of the last hour is fitna is evil, like the blackness of the mighty darkness of the mic. It engulfs you and you don't even realize in that time.

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battery's gone.

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fitna evil,

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All right. In that time, Rasulullah system said.

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He said, verily, indeed, in that time, a man will go to sleep in the morning a Muslim, and will wake up a disbeliever. And he will, he will go to sleep a disbeliever. And we will wake up a believer. And but isn't that happening now? that is happening right now.

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That's precisely happening now.

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Do you know for example, September 11, when that fitna happened of September 11.

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How many newspaper reports did I find of people, for example, just on the day of September 11.

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On the day of September 11, how many people Muslims in America actually disbelieve in Allah? Because they said, You know what, oh my god, Muslims have done it. So therefore, how can I be a Muslim? How many people do I know of myself? That went out, they left Islam and they put up the American flag on their on the houses and said, No, I'm an American, before I'm a Muslim. How many people actually, these sort of events Allah azza wa jal makes them as a full con as a division. Those people who disbelieve and those who believe. So my friends, this is a fitna. And how many families do I know of Muslim families where their children have become disbelievers?

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Don't you know have families like that? I'm sure if I'm sure that you know of that.

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Do you know when I was in South Africa, we know I love South Africa, Muslims over there strong, great community, strong community, very good community Mashallah. But in South Africa, I remember that there is a drug facility drug rehabilitation facility, not for just any Muslim, but for Muslims who are affected, of course.

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But then they became addicted to drugs.

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We live in a time when this is happening. We live in a time when fitna is all around us.

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We live in a time when people leave the beam. And then they come back and they go and they come back. And it's amazing the level of fitness.

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It's amazing what our kids are being taught at school. It's amazing. And possibly no one amongst us except that one of our children or one of our people in our lives are going to be touched by this fitna or the other.

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So it is absolutely critical to preserve our Eman and not just for this reason as well because of fitness so strong, but also because the challenges that we face as a community is so strong. I remember landing on the in Heathrow once and I picked up a newspaper and it said all

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In the headlines, it says 74% of British kids, British kids in schools think Muslims are dirty people.

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You know, kids, kids don't think of the word terrorists. They don't know what terrorist is. But they know what ugly and beautiful is and don't know what dirty and clean is. Right? So they said that they did a poll, a polling, and they found 74% of British kids think Muslims are dirty people. How are you going to change that? Imagine your kid going going the same school that the 74% What are they going to think? What are they going to say?

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So imagine they're struggling against their own imagine that they will face in this 21st century.

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Also, I remember being on a panel on ABC Radio. I remember, one of the professors of media from from Sydney University called it and he said that he had done a research on the number of media articles regarding Muslims in Australia. And he found 1997 Did he say or 96? I forgotten the number, but it was in the high 90s. He said 96 and 97% of the media reports regarding Muslims in Australia are always negative.

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We are creating a community that doesn't like Muslims. There is a community outside there that thinks we are I don't know what,

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perhaps we're not human.

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Perhaps they're from Mars, Venus, Jupiter.

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Perhaps they think we are I don't know what they think we are. But somehow they think we are not. We are less than Australian.

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And so my friends, this is a challenge. If the fitna of sex, drugs and rock and roll is not enough. If the fitna of the desires of this dunya and wealth is not enough. If the fitna that Allah has already decreed on this earth is not enough. Then on top of that we have these challenges that have been put upon us. Yet as a community, we are far more concerned about building our own homes, and far less concerned about everything else surrounding it. You might actually be building your homes might By the way, my friends, but your children may be living as disbelievers in those homes. That is not a successful plan. That is not a great plan, there has to be a better plan that you can come

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up with. So in the 21st century, we must come up with a better plan to lead our life.

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I have a few points of advice before my uncle takes the phone away from me the microphone away from me. couple of points of advice. So

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you Okay.

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Did you have some tea? Would you like some tea?

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There's some desserts as well.

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Okay, there is a few points of advice that I have for a community to preserve, preserve the Eman And for an individual to preserve their Eman

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for the community, my friends, I would love for you all to focus to focus on education. But Allah when education comes into the heart, and when the young ones learn and learn about the deen, it stays in their hearts. young minds are like sponges, they will take it and it will stay with them in an authentic narration Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said when a young child memorizes the Quran, Allah causes the Quran to be molded into his flesh and blood. Amazing Heidi's will live in Toronto he said authentic hadith he said what

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a young child who memorize the Quran, Allah causes the Quran to be molded into his flesh and blood meaning what meaning is part of his soul part of his body, he is from the part of Allah, Allah will take care of him, even when you can't. And when you are down in the belly of the grave. At that point, someone will look after your kid and that is a lasagna. And so focus on making your children learn the dean wants to still young, not when they become old. Don't say that. Okay, I will focus them on on maths and science now and forget about Islam. One of the things that I did, and I'm a living example, you can excel in both Islam and both secular sciences, you can, you can and you

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will. And you must make your children excel in both of them. Yes, they can be a doctor. They can be a lawyer and they can be a chef as well. They can learn Islam, and they can learn. Other than that as well. You don't have to choose this one way you can do both. It is possible and you can make them do it. And this is critical that you do. That's number one.

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I would love for this community to not focus on mustards anymore, but to focus on schools, focus on schools. You know, if I fundraise for a machine, I could probably raise half a million dollars right now.

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But if I fundraise for a school or a dow organization or alcohol for whatever else, possibly not even $10,000 would come from me. And this is the mentality of people that they think this machine is going to give them gender, but schools won't. But really, it is knowledge that stays with us. We live in a time where information age where knowledge is far more powerful than anything else. So focus on schools in 1960s. In the 1970s, I remember reading a statistics about the number of machines in UK, they had you know, how many machines there was in UK in 19 6019 7030? Must it's only 30 machines in all of UK? In 1990. Do you know how many machines there were? Please give me a

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in UK? Any number

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300. Anything else?

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Okay, what do you think? I'm trying to engage uncle here? Uncle? What do you think he was a number on 1000 3000 3000 from 30 to 3000.

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Can you see how the community has been focusing on machines? And this is precisely what's happening here as well. Much it much as much as much as much It's

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fine, great. It's good. But you can build a school and inside it could be a mustard as well, couldn't you? Yeah. At the end of the day, I would love for this community to focus on schools. And this is my message wherever I go school schools, schools, and not just build a school and then let your kids go there and let non Muslim teachers teach there. No, I by school, I mean, the whole the whole nine yards, a school plus quality Starbuck education, let's quality secular education, quality Muslim teachers teaching quality adab and o'clock and teaching quality Islamic Islamic knowledge. Does that make sense? This is what I mean by my schools. So as a community, please focus on

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knowledge. Please focus on schools. Please focus on bringing your kids back to the deen

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as an individual, and this is my last part. And as a family.

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What is my advice? My advice is to the elders, not to the kids. I'm not going to talk to the kids because I'm going to talk to the elders. You see, at the end of the day, the kids are going to look at the Father. If the father is great, the kid will say I want to be like him. If the father is not great, then he's gonna say Oh Allah Don't make me like my father.

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You want kids to say I want to be like my dad, I want to be that man. And that is and you want your children to say I'm proud of him. Not just that you want Allah to preserve your children. And the best way that Allah will preserve your children is if you are righteous and pious.

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In the authentic narration, in the in the Quran, we know there is a there is a verse, Allah subhana wa tada says that

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Allah Sato Salam was a prophet of God. He did a few things.

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There was a prophet of God when musasa salaam went with together. This is Surah calf. when Moosa went to wicker and sued a calf, he did three things, the first thing that the creditor did was, there was a, a boat, upon which moose and feather was and then he broke the boat. And so Moosa said, Why did you break the boat that belonged to poor people? For the sake keep quiet? I'll tell you later. Then second thing you did was there was a man who was walking past and could have killed a man. Why did you kill the man? He was an innocent man could have said keep quiet. I'll tell you later. Then the third thing the third and last thing that they did was that they went to a town in

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which there was a wall that belonged to orphans in that village, and the wall was about to fall down. And so Heather, fix the wall. And so Melissa said, Elisa Lam said, Why did you fix the wall? Why don't you ask for money for it? As a kid, I said, that's it. I've lost my patience. I'm going to tell you now what happened. So he told him regarding the reason why he fixed the wall without actually asking for for compensation is that the wall belong to two orphans in the village, this is important. Listen to this, attentively. He said the wall belonged to two orphans in the village, and their father was a righteous man. So Allah wanted to preserve the gold that was that was there

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underneath the wall, because if the wall fell, they would fall on the gold and the gold would be hidden forever. Allah wanted to preserve the gold of the orphans. So so he told me to to rectify the foundation of the wall. And then when the orphans had become older, Allah will cause the gold to come out of the earth and then the orphans will take that gold. You can read this in Surah Kahf. When you go back the chapter of the cave in, in in the Quran.

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Even the best said Allah wanted her

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to fix the wall. Allah wanted good for the orphans because of the father, who was a righteous man. How many orphans

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ones that are out there, that Allah subhanho wa Taala is not caring that much about, about their goodness and kindness, right? How many orphans Do we know of that there are sometimes do not have this same mercy that these two orphans in this poor and this person could earn, are actually getting. Why? Because their father was a righteous man. It is for this reason why it is for this reason why my friends,

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one of the scholars Islam by the name of citing the Messiah, his Look at his son, and he used to say, my son, I am going to pray more to alarm when you pray more, and I'm going to fast more for your sake.

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Meaning what? Meaning the when I become a better person, and I become more righteous and more pious, that Allah will look after you. Just like Allah looked after those two orphans, because of the righteousness of their father. So the fathers and the mothers in the audience, if you want your children and by Allah, I know you are a group and a community that loves to look after your children, you want good for it. I know. You want your children to be better than you. I know. You want your children to be the best out there I know. But Allah, there's only one way.

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And that is only by you becoming better yourself. If you become better yourself, if you become more knowledgeable, more righteous, more pious, then your son will say I want to be like him. And Allah will look after your children when you die. And Allah will look after children when you're in the belly of the grave, when the angels are coming and telling you about what is happening to your child. And you have no ability, no power to say anything else to them. zafarullah Thank you for attending. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you to all my uncles and Auntie's who have helped arrange this. I know all of them have been working very hard. It's very easy for me. I just came

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from the hospital and said, let's go let's go Brisbane. Why are you know, let's go have a nice time. It's very easy for me to come here and just talk. But we're lucky my uncle my Montes, my uncle over here and so many other uncles have been working for the last few months actually very hard for this. It's the first time they organize something and I'm thinking Mashallah, they've done an excellent job. Excellent, excellent stuff and Zakouma located to everybody. My father, my mother, Mashallah, they've been so involved and done so much work, and to my brother and Abele as well. Mashallah, is that so much? Please don't leave today without thanking them. So make sure all those people who are

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walking around, they're the ones who have funded everything. They're the ones who have done all the food they've done all the marketing that and everything. I've done nothing, I'm just talking. It's easy to talk to him. All right, everyone, thank you inshallah, we'll see you all again. So before I finish, if you want alcocer to come to Brisbane, to benefit you all to start a knowledge revolution inshallah. Then please join us at the elco The storm is just outside over there where it says nine the inside out nine over there. When I'm pointing, come over there inshallah, register your name, join the alcova team. You'll be joining 1000s of team members worldwide insha Allah and help bring

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this this this concept to Brisbane inshallah sokola head. Thank you once again. Thank you, uncle.