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Juz’ 30 with Sh. Yaser Birjas

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He was alone. on early he will still be here or send them to see him in cathedra panel Ah, it is our final session of an 3430 and I know that we've enjoyed him that Allah, our online gatherings over the last month and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala allow us to have developed a deeper connection to the poor and insha Allah and allow us to, to really carry on this connection with the poor and beyond Ramadan. So before I get to our amazing guests inshallah, tada there's a survey that I want you all to fill out in sha Allah and I have some good news for you which is that after Ramadan and sha Allah will take a few days off and your pain is going to be having a special connect with the

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Quran stay connected with the Quran month long in sha Allah tala of programming that's going to start so we'll get back to it and sha Allah not to the same level but will continue to stay up to date and Charlottetown is to continue to stay connected in the nighttime with the poor and so after eat will take a few days off inshallah tada and there'll be more information on that but for now we'd love to hear back from you in Charlottetown survey

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to remind everyone in sha Allah tala to please keep us near there and keep the entire European team and your that did really a lot behind the scenes to put on all of this programming and have that inaudible I mean, so May Allah reward them also please keep them and your and their families in your eyes and keep each other in your eyes inshallah Tada. And make sure that you stay connected beyond the month now we still have one more session.

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And we have the one and only chef and chef. Yes, yes.

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Chef. Yes.

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My dear colleague, brother, someone that represents so much of Ramadan to me because every Ramadan over the last almost over the last decade, we've been holed up together in a Masjid so this is one of the one of the biggest voices that personally the salon is not having the the personal companionship of she she asked her throughout the month May Allah reward him. He's been doing a lot here at hamdulillah and throughout to guide to guide our community on how to worship and how to cook him dinner. So shaky acid. Welcome, welcome to our last episode, Quito misc, the final episode of 3430 I'm the loving

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Allah give me the opportunity to be part of this beautiful experience and beautiful project and a lot of guy. I mean, there's no doubt there's nothing better than reading the book of our last panel. So let's say I give you great pleasure to be with both of you over here. And it's interesting because we're all neighbors right now. We're speaking virtually right now. Yes, as they said. They said we are fundraisers remember they said Shabaab Boko Haram.

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Yeah, so for the benefit of the audience, all three of us live within 10 minutes of each other. But somehow the law social distancing, along with

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Shaykh Abdullah, I think before we continue also, Zack alafaya for being such a refreshing and knowledgeable and wise presence of him that every night

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everyone has enjoyed your insights every night we have so many lies within rewards you and bless your family and give you the best of this life in the next I mean any example. So inshallah tada tonight, we got we've got just I'm not and this is obviously the most familiar just to everyone. And we're going to summarize and reflect but I'm going to make my summary a little short, shorter inshallah time so that we can have some time to reflect together, while shifty acid and Chef Abdullah will go into some very specific portions and shallow but we'll have some time to discuss and to reflect together a bit in the night on one of the things that I was thinking about when I was

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looking at this job. And how we can sort of give an overview of it is that it's really beautiful that all of the elements of design are found in sutra, another. So suta never gives us sort of the overview. It starts off with letting you know that this is important news, I may have to start alone and another Elohim that this is important news. And it's important news, both in terms of its gravity and in terms of its consequences, right the consequences of accepting or rejecting this news is severe. And that's why you start to see that those consequences play out in some of the stories that will find in in this just the very next one the consequences to fit our own. What would fit our

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own do when he heard the news a lot as a joke gives us the imagery and certain nausea out to fit our own, you know, pacing and losing his mind because of the potential of losing his power or his false sense of power. As the news has come to him now has been delivered to him. And then you have the story of those that have been oppressed. Like us habit. Oh dude, the people of the ditch that

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were slaughtered And Pharaoh like manner for embracing this news and refusing to relinquish their commitment to this news. And so you have, you know, the stories of people in how they react to this news. And then Allah subhana wa tada tells us that the great news is the Day of Resurrection. And the fact that a lot of focuses on Yom Okayama as being the focal point is that everything that we read in the Koran, whether it is the stories of people, or it is the stories of prophets, specifically or nations that have been destroyed or preserved, or, you know, the laws of inheritance or the laws of contracts or laws of family, all of it is to be oriented towards the mafia, the mafia

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is the ultimate recourse. It is the ultimate day of reckoning. It's the day that Eliza just sets everything right, that we did wrong, or that we did right in this life. So a lot of frames the entirety of it and yomo piano and of course, that is a core trait of a sort of muscle as a whole. But here in sort of the number in particular, really framing it from the perspective of in The Omen fosse right, the day of decision, the day that everything will be sorted out. So the pharaohs will be sorted out, the oppressors will be sorted out the oppressed will be sorted out the believers, the disbelievers.

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The rewards that a loss of hindsight of promises, and this sutra and this journey that are, you know, so profound amongst them later to cover from a loss of heritage and make us amongst those that observed it alone. I mean, so the rewards are lost power promises, the punishments that allow promises. So Eliza Jen calls it Yeoman FOSS the day of decision the day that everything will be sorted out. And then how does the loss of habitat appoint to the sorting out on the day of judgment? Allah subhanaw taala starts to talk about the order of the universe, how everything is so properly sorted out, whether it is night and day, or the stars and the moon and the sun, everything is so

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perfectly sorted out. And so do you really think that a loss of habitat will not bring us back on the day of judgment and sort things out in that regard. And of course, the ultimate sorting is the people of Paradise and the people of Hellfire, which sort of the number ends with a loss of habitat to make us amongst the people of Paradise alone, I mean, and make us amongst those righteous alone, I mean, so then it goes to certain nuzhat the story of their own and Musa alayhis salaam, the sorting out their pseudo cabassa the profits of the lie, some of them being admonished to not ignore a man like our beloved, no Maktoum, the blind man in favor of people that have Pharaoh light

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qualities, right? The elites of Mecca, if they reject this news, and they reject this message, then they will be rejected and humiliated. If you accept this message and react properly to this news, the way that our beloved look to Him, it'll be a lot of time and who does, then that will increase you. And so focusing on the Abdullah MK tombs of the world and, and not paying heed to the oppressors, and the arrogance and the elites of this world. Allies are talks about sorts of infield law, which is again about the sorting out of creation, sort of then we'll pop the theme, which is that we keep our contracts properly, in place, that we don't cheat with the weights when we go into

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our business contracts that we are righteous in our business dealings as well. And why would people cheat in their contracts, because they think that it will give them some sort of worthwhile benefits, and some how to load the next pseudo sorted into pop, which is talking about the world being torn up. So if you were trying to cheat with your contract, so that you could gain some sort of benefit in this life, well, that will be torn up as well, this world literally and she popped, it will be torn up the loss of how to protect this alone mentioned sort of broach the persecution of the believers and the Shahada from the believers, and allow mentions and sort of the thought of the

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very next surah in the homea key doing a Qaeda was a key indicator from a hidden calf feeding. I'm here from Rwanda, they plan and I plan, and so allies, which reminds us that his plan is greater than the plan of the disbelievers and the oppressors. Next, and Alaska to suit does that talk about the preference of the hereafter to this world, which ironically, we would recite on the day of or eat, to remind ourselves when it asks you not to hide on nucca you know, una, that the Hereafter is better than the life of this world. And Allah subhanho wa Taala reminding us of the different ways that people will look at Akasha a lot so that brings us to sort of budget that a person comes to the

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final reward and punishment that takes place in the hereafter. And a lot of talks about the soothing death of the believer, as they are coming out enough so multiple in them a lot make us amongst them, a lot goes to serve the chumps and then later on

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Again, the sorting out of the sun, and the moon, the day and the night. And of course, I'm skipping through very quickly here, sort of the loha a message of hope and daylight which he also will talk about sort of shadow allies and expanding the chest to ease our difficulties, whether that is in this life or in the next and it continues and continues and continues and spamela you know, as you go through the sewer, there are mentions of the proof of Allah mentions of death mentions of life. And I'll just end with with the very last part of this, which is the type of tea the ordering of the last few sources of the Quran. From polio, even calf Iran onwards. polio even carried on is the

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negation part of La, la, la, la la la la la is negation and then affirmation. La Ilaha refers to the what is referred to inserted copied on that we do matter we're doing in Lola, which is the affirmation is called Hola, okay. And that's why there's, there's something so profound about reading these two sutras together. And what's situated in between these two schools that we read together, are sort of the muscles where Allah subhanaw taala talks about the improbable victory of those who were oppressed and persecuted and downtrodden, the improbable victory, according to the sight of people, those that upheld that Allah, Allah, Allah, against all odds, and Allah honored

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them. And the very next sutra is through the lab, where a lot of talks about the humiliation of the one who initially stood up and said, what should we make all of our alpha all of our gods one God, and he said Tibet nucca to the prophets of lysozyme, they you perish to the profits of a lottery. Some so law talks about his humiliation so so Pamela, what is between negation and affirmation? And those that upheld that Isla halala is the affirmation of the home of Mohammed Sai Salaam, and the ultimate negation and degradation of the Abdullah hubs of this world. Finally, Allah gives us the tumor we that that we seek refuge in Allah from being led by the worst of his creation, to the worst

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of ourselves, where we could end up in a situation where we end up being the Abdullah hubs in Abuja hubs in the Faroe Islands of the world are the bystanders that did not do right because they let the whispers of shavon or the soothsayers Take them away from the inevitable reality of the Day of Judgment, and this irresistible faith. So it's important for us as we read this, do not always assume that you are the hero in the story, aspire to be the hero in the story, but also seek refuge in Allah from the qualities of the villains in these stories as well may loss of habitat and make us among those that are protected from the evils of the whispers of shape on and protected from the

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evils that come our way. Source of whether the sources other people, or whatever it may be, and May Allah allow us to remain focused on him protected from anything that takes us away from him, and to elevate ourselves to reach that ultimate. I mean, Charlottetown I'll hand it off to chef

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is that gonna love him? This man oh salatu salam ala rasulillah. While he was here, Manuela arbitrarily Sunday, we are silly me, Washington, naka de melissani, EF or who Ali yellow banana mean. What I want to talk about is the chapter of a shrimps. But it's just a couple of ads in the shrimps. It's actually the first, the last two verses of the first 10 being at the first 10 primarily talk about a particular subject matter, but I want to capitalize on the last two roughly. And it's a general theme being that Allah subhanaw taala has created us in a fashion that is upon law unlike any other Rather, he is a creator of everything other than himself. So with that being

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the case, we understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala is a Holic or Isaac and moudaber. He is the Creator, the Sustainer. And the one that has control over all affairs. He has control over every single thing because he created it when one thinks of that they understand their responsibility because their responsibility is how you respond to something. So that's your responsibility. How do you respond to knowing that Ally's ohana, that he's the one that brought you from nothing, and he has a Razzak, he is the one that provides you after he brought you from nothing, and he hasn't moved up better he is the one that has ultimate authority and monitorship over all of your affairs. So

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when looking at this beautiful chapter of a chef's we see the last month Alice swears by a number of his creation, a number of items of his creation

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and when a lot swears by his creation, firstly, he has the authority to do so because he is the one that created it. And secondly, we cannot make an analogy by saying that we as human beings, we swear by Allah, therefore a lot of swearing does not have that right? No, we say

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Luck and do what He wills when he wills how he wills. And the reason he swears by creation is to show you that it is something that is important firstly that He is the creator of it, and him swearing by it is to show you that what comes after it from whatever he is speaking about is important. So here's a loss of kind of what Allah says in the chapter with chumps. After it's been launched on a gene between him was Shamsi what Haha, what a comedy that Allah firstly says by the sun and its brightness and by the moon and what and when it follows so first mentioning two opposite things, the sun and the moon. The moon when it follows follows in its orbit when it's you know, day

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and night, and that's where he follows up and says, when the hottie Elijah Lucha will lay me in a yellow shirt. And by the day when it displays it either jelly jelly is something to be apparent or to be clear when layli it al chahat and by the night when it covers it by covering it with overlap or with darkness to cover up that sunlight. What's somebody want my banana will only one mouthful, haha, and then the last one Don says and the earth or excuse me and the sky and what he has constructed the sky and what he has constructed within it. When will they will melt oh haha, and by the earth who has spread it for highs like to spread it out. So all of these forms the creation of

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last month that is even he's actually explaining to you the elements of the ecosystem when we see the sun, the moon, and then we see what even mentioning what comes from it from light and then also the darkness when it is covered. And then mentioning the earth and what is provided from that which the sun and its light and its heat can affect that of the earth. And last month Allah was saying was some that was chumps was some you know all of these. He's swearing by them in the Arabic When you use the word wealth of meanings. And one of the meanings is a possum which is swearing if you ever hear many of us have heard well law he right that is by Allah, I swear by a law that whatever I'm

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about to see is the truth. So you're saying that whatever you're about to talk about is major It is important, you should be taken seriously when he left his method and as a as a much greater example when seeing here. A lot of swearing by these articles would lead the listener or the reader to say what is he going to talk about? So next Allah subhanaw taala continues on it says

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when I've seen one master what half a hammer half from Judo how it took a while ha then Allah says and by the soul, whom he has proportioned it for him a half of judo half it took a while

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and inspired it with discernment of its wickedness and righteousness. And hammer has an homage to have a feeling but in here it's kind of like an inspiration that has been inspired to do something lesser than a revelation but it's an inspiration to do something. But here the law says for Alabama have sakawa had basically I lemme Her hair was shorter. Yeah, and he has taught it that which is for Georgia and Tacoma and for Georgia that we know is disobedience. What's up wha ha is the mindfulness which leads to God fearing in many tributes and actions of the heart. So in other words, he has given the knifes dare we even say the fitrah the natural element that he's placed within every human

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being, that is universal, such as guilt, such as love, such as the feeling of wanting respect, all of those are characteristics of the natural ingrained characteristics of what is called the fitrah. And Allah subhanaw taala has also guided it to to, to to you know, firstly ingrained within it, that which is good, and that which is not that which is righteous and that which is not every human being has that natural element within themselves. But what happens after that Allah has placed that wiring if you will, within the man, woman and child even then a loss of kind of Allah mentions the job, or the job of the person mentioning basically what all of what he's swearing by. Why is he swearing by

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it? What subject matter is he talking about? It's none other than than us and that's where a lawsuit kinda without it continues to say, but the FL Hammonds aka, aka the hub amandus and that's we want to talk about a law says he has succeeded who purifies it, and he or she has failed, who instills it in the Sangha. So here just to touch on two minutes, roughly, Allah subhanaw taala swore by all of these forms of creation, to tell you that you have a responsibility and if you fulfill that responsibility to the best of your ability, you will be successful. So in looking at the one that says a lot says called the F RA, and here with the present tense, present tense form, it is surety,

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those individuals are definitely successful if they have what is the

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right or the one that purifies the soul, as we know is the cat is a new moon. It is to grow.

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Row. So when one has the cats enough, it is a purification of the soul, which further allows you to grow in BA in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala but then allow mentions the opposite and start over now short mentions in his tafsir. You notice how the articles that Allah swears by are the opposites, so here he's talking about the opposite characteristics with the knifes. So the one that tries their best to purify it by doing actions of obedience, primarily the actions that are obligatory that is what purifies the soul. But the one Allah says after that we'll call the hobbit hobbit Casa de the one that has lost is the one that what the Sangha is the one that instills it

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with corruption that continues to hide or cover the pristine nature of the knifes with sin. It is not just one time, we will all commit mistakes, we'll all make mistakes. But what happens when you recognize a mistake? What are you doing to rectify it? What are you doing to try to change it? That is the small window and I say small window of responsibility. Allah has given you the guidance, you make an effort to change your alarm clock one day, then the next day to wake up, or to close your mouth and say or say in the sign or to say, you know what, I don't want to talk about that. And then the last month, Allah will guide you because you made the small effort and when he guides you, it's

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the repeating, it repeats. And that is the process of guidance. You make the effort. Allah will bless you, whether in this life or in the next but do we believe in that promise? So when this beautiful, beautiful beginning first verses of the chapter was chumps a lot swears by all of these objects to let you know that we have a responsibility for ourselves. Because the worst enemy of yourself is yourself a lossy panel with Allah make us of those that fight the art the cell that the elements of ourselves that can be our own destruction, and make us of those that concentrate on purification of that does not look at the salon when it

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was Panama so you're going from you know that to seeking care again, at the end of the just from the evil of the shape on the whiskers and ourselves. May Allah reward you for that beautiful reflection.

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I mean, sort of level Salaam baalak I mean, 100 ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira.

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scholarship, when you spoke to former when you spoke about the summary of design, what I was going through my mind really is a message of design that is basically Yes, indeed, has everything that you was already been covered in the Quran itself. But just I'm not every single surah have its own, it has its own theme as well, too. And each one of them focus is one of those elements to like, focus for people who are looking for summary of one of those major principles of our Deen. Like the people came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they would say, you're sort of like in a shy shout out to Seneca throttling, like the rights of Islam is becoming too many for me, tell me how to understand

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this country. One thing I should ask you and ask and ask nobody after you. And the prophets Allah said, instead of telling him, Well, you need to do this, you introduce you to this, you say just pull them into the Latin, most of them say I believe, and then prove it. Prove with your actions when a man came and has a purpose as well. So let him do something, you know, something I can do regularly. Carla salasar. As long as you keep you up to your tongue, most will remember Cipolla phenomenon. So the idea is that sometimes, you know, we need this kind of like condensed amount of knowledge, within few words, and very profound that can truly benefit with the heart and the mind

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immediately. So each neuron sort of the unmanage ama, will have that kind of messaging. And one of them is sort of one of my favorites, really, in JAMA because one of the messages in surgical Doha is very unique. And specifically, it's something that we need in this time, or quarantine, freaking out because of the COVID-19 and the virus and so on, sort of

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gives hope for those who lost all hope.

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And the message of sort of handy is a message of hope. What does that mean? A lot of kind of beginning the sort of saying what do

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I swear to you like chef Abdullah was talking about custom What do you have? So I swear to you by Aloha, and what is the hello hi is the bright time of the morning. And that's when the sun is that basically the best, and the day is the brightest. So lots of Canada's worrying but to us by this special time I swear to you when time becomes so bright when things become so bright in your life, like it is so bright during the daytime. Allah says one lady that said yeah, the night is gonna take over and cover.

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So that tells us exactly in our life, this is how it's going to be. We're never going to have a straight line on opening is gonna be awesome and good until we die. And nothing is going to be worse and bad all the time.

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It's gonna be alternating things. Last by saying that there will be time when you see bright and clear. And then when time will decide to start seeing some highs getting dark and you can even see through. So just like a warning, and I hope at the same time, although I sweat about that the night will come and me the darkness will come after that. And just like the darkness is coming to take over Allah kind of in a subtle way. He says, Well, I'll go how's it going to come afterwards?

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To understand the sort of better it we thought we should talk about it also the context of a tribulation. In so far Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he fell ill for a couple of nights and couple of days, he was unable to wake up for the head. And obviously when he's not waking up for 200 the people of Mecca will always want to sneak a peek and try to listen is dropping. The prophet SAW some as he was he was reciting and he was praying. They haven't heard them for about for the past two nights. So for them it is like what's going on so much. I mean, the mother the wife will have his uncle. She came to me she was one of those archenemy that was mentioned so that the bachata

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will have no water. So Allah subhana wa tada I mean the lady on my Jimmy she came to the Prophet so awesome, she goes in the other Nana Taka, Taka, Allah. It seems like your devil is abandon you

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because it wasn't a setup for the past two nights, for sure. Coronavirus de la Sam the proper field so hard that you know, it was enabled, you know to do that and now the people saying that as long as the forsaken and that's one of the narrations obviously so Allah Subhana Allah is answering on behalf of the profits of a lesson to give them hope. And make these people you know, kinda like completely close the master but arguing about the discrediting the profits of lesson Um, so Allah says, I swear to you when things are bright darkness will come. However, Allah says now a dagger of buco nothing, even during the time the dark times, your Lord has not forsaken you. He has not left

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you has not been left behind. So that's a message to me and to you and everybody else really, when things get really hard and get really dark that we are unable to see through Unfortunately, because of darkness of the fitna, and the trials are less than that. Just because you're alone, it doesn't mean you're lonely. Just because things are difficult doesn't mean I hate you. Just because you're unable to overcome that doesn't mean there is nothing better is gonna come afterwards. And the last panel does message right after that. He says, Well after two hydralic emmanuella well after which means the hereafter or it could mean actually what is coming next. There's two meanings, what Allah

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subhanaw taala speaking here about what it means whatever you you leave behind in this dunya what you're going to get in the after I still kinda like me better than what you leaving behind in this dunya that's one meaning there's another meeting whatever you missed, what's coming is still even better.

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So it's giving people hope like hey, if it's done difficult in a day what's coming next is going to be better inshallah like tomorrow's a better than tomorrow's a better day tomorrow's a better day given people also what's coming next is better inshallah Baraka and Allah said was his promise what to sell for your ticker Bhagavata. I promise you. Now I shall give you and shall give me until you're satisfied. Now I want to stop on this i a little bit here cotulla data went to Sofia got a book a total loss of current asset to the process of a loss, and the Lord shall give you and then which VCs are giving you more and keep giving you because sofa to mustafabad was really something

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that future is going to continue to be there until your Lord is going to continue to give you until you're pleased until you're satisfied. He didn't say until you're happy.

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What does that exactly mean? You see, Allah will give you that's a given thing. You've been pleased at your business.

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You've been pleased with what Allah Subhana Allah has given you that your business

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alone will give you to be pleased. That's a good blessings, which is why a lot of people don't have happiness in their lives and they feel depressed and an anxiety and so on. They're never really satisfied. They're never pleased with the last panel with Allah what he's given them, meaning they will never content with Allah azza wa jal is risk and provision and decree and color, whether it's testing them with something hard and difficult or something good than a love less than one. When people are not pleased with that loss judgment allows others to pan or Donna, they're not going to be happy.

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Happiness is not a goal to achieve. It's actually it's a reward you receive and you receive it when you acquire and achieve this quality, a real contentment. A low all good. You want to be pleased handler you're going to be happy. You're not going to be if you're not going to be the last judgement. You're going to always be tired. And then here's a loss of Hannah Montana next reminding the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about what I love to call bright spots and the darkness of the night. You see when things go bad and difficult and I keep telling people when people when things when things go south and stuff

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things getting really difficult for many people we go through grieving moments and so on. Do people grieve over bad memories or good memories? Now what really gives over bad memories we grieve over good memories and even the bad memories after we're happy and satisfied and content they become actually a reflection of good memories like wow panel we used to be before and how we are today. And you know, lots of handsome man and the prophet SAW some with bright spots in the difficult time. He says, lm aged care team and forever, weren't you an orphan, and I'll give you shelter. Like he took care of you, as an offer. You can just go lost in the street but Allah Subhana capture shielding you

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and protecting you all the way until you become an adult. What was your darlin Sahaja you are lost, they give you guidance, you will look for answers you go up to the mountains and they give you answers you gave you guidance. When

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you are poor and you give you give you wealth and money and riches of the world come to hand. So what allow us that our money so Allah has reminded us whenever you go into difficult time and difficult moment, be grateful. Go into this you know, sugar mode, this gratitude mode. When things go difficult, be hopeful because Allah subhanho wa Taala before you go into this difficulty, he gave me all these good things. And then he reminded us so all of us when things go difficult instead of sad whining about what we lose and because of the COVID-19 and and the quarantine, we need to think about what do we have 100 a lot of activity grateful for a loss of power than the reminder towards

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the end on what you should be doing in this time. He said to pan out of animalia tema filata Cup, what a masala for Latina as for the orphans, don't you ever overpower one masala turn her under one the beggar? Don't you ever scold him away? Why is it reminding us with this panel, Donna because he's teaching us a lesson over here. You want to be happy. You want to find purpose. You want to understand what's going on in the world. Allah saying when things go difficult in your life. Think about other people.

00:32:06--> 00:32:14

completely the opposite of our culture. We had a culture of radical individualism, that CFC, everybody says no students in this world.

00:32:15--> 00:32:54

And Alaska has the opposite. When things go difficult in your life, think about other people take care of the orphans. What about the beggars and those who don't have much Panama? And that's what he ended up saying what what am I been a matter of because I've had, as for the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is bestowed upon you and mentioned speak about it, preach about it, basically as fast as be grateful. So sort of Doha really is just giving people hope, when hope is completely lost. And in the darkness of the darkness of our moments, we should always think and remember the bright the bright spots, and those beautiful memories, help other people and be

00:32:54--> 00:32:55

grateful, Balaban

00:32:58--> 00:33:01

if not the hope element is strong and just

00:33:02--> 00:33:43

for everything from martyrdom, in the case of this habit of dude, like if there's hope even after being thrown into a fire and being brutalized in that way, from everything from them to the hope that's required from clarity to the Prophet, slice them as he received clarity, the message after going to head off to the hope of the community and Mecca that was run out and probably if you told them that one day as you had, you know, but sort of Nasir, in particular, some kind of law gives me goosebumps because I think of the fact that like if I was below the allot of time and home in Makkah, with a stone over me about to die being whipped and lashed.

00:33:44--> 00:34:00

Who would Who would think you know that one day, I would be standing on top of the Kava saying, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Right. So the hope really comes and it transforms the lives of these people. So it's really remarkable because in many situations,

00:34:01--> 00:34:19

people don't get to see the story unfold. Right, so they die in the midst of persecution. But for the Muslims upon whom this was revealed in Mecca, they got to see the breadth of this right, a loss plan unfolding with them from Mecca to Medina, back to Mecca, Panama.

00:34:20--> 00:34:59

This is very, very, very refreshing. A lot of people that are new, we would love to see when we watch you know, stories and so on employees, we always look for these beautiful happy, you know, ends a moment in which you know, everybody reconciles and things becomes beautiful and so on, which is somehow one one thing about surah Yusuf Allah subhana wa Tada. One was one very unique about us really is that everybody who was mentioned sort of came out as a winner. Like, even the villains that came on when the wife of Aziz she came and Anna has Hasselhoff you know, I admit it's my fault. I just want you to know that he's honest is this and that, so polished

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

You can also true she became she reflected and she herself you know became so Yanni honorable in this moment, something just brothers were to the last minute they also came after him and they said, Yes, I forgot Casa de la como COVID. If he did that, he had a brother before he also used to steal so good about him and his face somehow. He just got acquitted handed, he goes on to Sharon McCann, you are the worst people visit but then towards the end, pharmacologically valid you no harm, nothing done. It's a straight on that causes this problem to all of us upon So indeed, when we see the poor answer, again, so the sewers and sort of,

00:35:41--> 00:36:18

yeah, just ama. The last panel data is combining obviously between the threats and sort of party on sort of an idea. And also obviously giving people hope and specifically like the sexual assault, and Nasir, it just like a reminder, the beautiful procession, you know, the Quran, like a beautiful, beautiful procession. And towards the end, we come to the final facility and final statement either just remember, when the victory for my life comes from what I've done as a foreigner who did allow for it and you see people come into the last pattern surgeon wins. He didn't say when they come, Nuff said. And you will see them coming course in surgeon waves are so badly handled and because of

00:36:18--> 00:36:31

the time to glorify your Lord and prisms upon our data, in order to well so that now for us to see forgiveness that last panel time Allah forgive us, and except for myself, and no other creature from Lola

00:36:32--> 00:37:12

know, I was just when you're setting sort of Doha, it was interesting how last month Allah reminded him that he was an orphan. But then what did he tell him to do? camellia tema took off. And you remember where you were, and give back just as you mentioned, kinetica Come to me, comfortable, you know, you were like this before and Allah has bestowed upon you a blessing. So make it clear to the people. So when you see your state's laws, reminding you of who you were, and then reminding you to give back, but it uses the same, you know, upon a lot of types of people, you or your team, give back to the team you were I you know, a messiah that's on her

00:37:13--> 00:37:36

mind knew what the what's going through in our culture today, a lot of people how they tend to forget their roots, and and the humble beginnings that they started with their lives and Subhan Allah, and he wants to reach that level of prestige, whether it's a theme or a name, or wealth, or whatever that is, we tend to be blinded by that on here, last pantry minding the profits of our salon, listen, you are orphans, so take care of the orphans.

00:37:37--> 00:38:13

And you were poor and we recovered recovered you need so take care of the other people's needs, which is again, if anyone is looking for hope, if anyone's looking for purpose, if anyone's really looking to fight or to find you know, peace and tranquility, I always recommend for people to go and help the needy until I get the pleasure of reading, working with humanitarian agencies and serving in Bosnia for four years online. These are the most I would say the most prominent and most important four years of my life. Because that experience working in humanitarian work in the field on regular basis until you become a member of the community is not just you're not just there as a

00:38:14--> 00:38:41

any aid worker or relief worker. Now you've become a member of that committee is upon you live their life, you eat their food, you will just be part of the community. an unbelievable experience for those who would like me to find this kind of peace and tranquility, I highly recommend for them to volunteer and help the needy help the poor and be there for the people because the Prophet says and after all, it was a people's person, but a lot of it was a lot. Exactly.

00:38:42--> 00:38:53

So just because we want to end on a lighthearted note, Chef. Yes. And what's your recipe yet? Like? Somehow you made ice cream made shakes? And I don't know how you did that.

00:38:54--> 00:38:57

We set up a modern twist we set

00:39:01--> 00:39:07

the record was here at the recipe show what we're doing. What are we doing for it? Yeah, what are we doing we live down the street shaker

00:39:09--> 00:39:11

neighbors we haven't even tasted it yet.

00:39:14--> 00:39:15

Sheldon jello Good to see

00:39:17--> 00:39:21

you know what I was thinking of doing that the date cake. And

00:39:22--> 00:39:33

but yeah, this cake it's it's awesome with coffee. Marsh seven we're like it's amazing. It's a special recipe. My wife gave me the recipe finally. So maybe I could do that.

00:39:35--> 00:39:36

Is that good luck Good

00:39:37--> 00:39:49

luck and luck at Chicago Law again, Zack I really enjoyed the poll and 3430 doing co hosting alongside you and hum vanilla sorry for all the face bombs. Can you get one more facepalm

00:39:50--> 00:40:00

There you go. Yeah, just making you do that so many times but I pray that realizes that except from your your beautiful insights or your service to the community has been

00:40:00--> 00:40:26

Absolutely inspiring May Allah bless you for setting an example of leadership handed out for the rest of us to really observe and follow along and everybody out there keep working until the very last moment of Ramadan inshallah tada tonight, we'll have the rebel Dullahan session our last session at about 2am Eastern in sha Allah. And as we get ready for the last moments of Ramadan and make your app

00:40:27--> 00:41:05

we were here for you as you have been before Ramadan happens and when COVID started. And we tried to be here for you as much as we could see a pain throughout Ramadan and hum did Allah and we will be for here for you in sha Allah tada after Ramadan as well. So we're still going to be here. And we're still going to have a lot of live programming after a few days taking a break and sha Allah Tada, refreshing and coming back stronger than the night on us. So very excited to launch the program of connecting with the poor and throughout June which is going to have multiple live sessions. And other means to connect in Charlottetown throughout the week, with the plan to stay connected to the

00:41:05--> 00:41:43

plan so we don't lose the sweetness that we got in the cinema long from the dinner. I mean, and by the way, last thing I have to share this, I gave Shahada to the 10th person over zoom shift from delegation how the two that came through crown 3430 so we've had people tuning in from other faiths May Allah reward reward Yusef Abdullah and all the team because we actually had people that accepted us and embraced Islam 10 peoples panela must embrace Islam through zoom over the course of this month when that happens. And so for all of you that have been watching, that aren't Muslim, you know, please do feel free to reach out to you and we appreciate your attending on a nightly basis,

00:41:44--> 00:41:56

as well. And that's just a wonderful piece of news. So Zach from Lafayette and to all of you in sha Allah. And see it's night for you by the man and everyone else in Charlotte. I will see you later and earlier even robotics now. are

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