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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of good deeds and personal growth is emphasized in these segments, with the Prophet Sallal alayshi wa Sallam and the Global women's health campaign as key themes. The need to reach a point of comfort and gradually adapt to new environments is emphasized, along with the importance of setting long-term goals and building deeds to achieve success. The speaker emphasizes the need to strive for one's long-term goals and read the Koran, avoiding giving up on one's progress.
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So now Mike McIntyre, crickets everyone. Welcome back to the faith revival. So we've really spoken about the impact of sin on faith, the impact of the pursuit of wealth and envy and stinginess, and we've spoken about a lot of things. But what about good deeds that actually can hurt your eemaan? What does that mean? The prophets lie Selim says language shadow Dini, I had no one overburdens themselves with the religion no one exaggerates or goes to extremes with the religion in lasala, except that the religion defeats him. That's powerful. The religion defeats you the religion actually crushes your email. What is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talking about he says,

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I said the Dubois party will welcome Whoo hoo. He said so be moderate and proceed gradually, what will do what or who and worship Allah subhanaw taala in the morning, and between us and Muslim, Washington mina dolger will cost the cost taboo and a little bit in the last part of the night and proceed moderately moderately and you will reach your goal. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling us that sometime sometimes the most detrimental thing to your EMA is when you set unreasonable expectations for it. When you have this sudden burst that catalyst that we spoke about a few episodes ago, you have that sudden burst and this want to just take it all on at once I've

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been so far away from Allah subhanaw taala. Now I need to grab everything. So I need to go from being this wicked transgressor this sinner to being a companion of the Prophet slice and I'm like, I need to get to that level tomorrow. Because I've done so much bad in my life. I need to jump into this. The prophets lie Selim witnessed that in his life and he warned people from going to extremes with good deeds because it will crush your eemaan when you can't maintain that output. And there are many examples of that you know, every fundraiser in in Ramadan Of course it is the main fundraiser so please donate to clean every fundraiser in Ramadan, you'll see people quote, our bucket list of

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the holiday allowed Thailand and they'll say that Abu Bakr gave all of his wealth for the sake of Allah. And Allah gave half of his wealth for the sake of Allah. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam praised double Beckett and Alma. However, what they won't tell you is that the prophets lie Selim actually stopped other people from giving all of their wealth why because he recognized that that was unreasonable. So when people came to the Prophet, slice them and said, I want to give it all for Allah. He said I'm sick I think you should hold some of it for your family. You should not give it all up. They said the ATO sola I want to give it all up. The very famous story in early Enron

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lantana barrel had 20 local minima to hipbone you will not achieve gender or righteousness until you give that what you love about on how it comes to the profit slice me so I want to give my most beloved garden the profits licenses out onto the Caribbean, it's better if you leave it for your family, or donate it to your to your relatives, because he understood so I tell him that these people might be depressed afterwards because they'd recognize that they went too far above the law and on the other hand, his emotion was secured. Likewise, the prophets lie some allowed some people to fast more than others there are companions that fasted every day. There are companions that

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fasted every single day, except for the tour eats he didn't allow that for other people because he knew that it was unreasonable that the expectation was too much. So he tells I'm loving them and also the alongside I know that the best fasting is the fasting of that water is set up if you really want to fast and he took him through the the equation. First try Mondays and Thursdays try three days of the month. Okay, you want more than don't go beyond fasting alternate days because he recognized, Abdullah Ahmed was too overzealous, and he was too young. And he was trying to do it all at once. Trying to pray all night he might want to pray all night long. Yes, little I don't want to

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wait till the last third of the night to start praying. And what did the prophets lie? Some tell him? He said, Yeah, I'm the law. He said, Listen to me. Oh, I'm the law. Lotta coin. carajo can I accumulate photopic Don't be that guy that comes later on in life and says I remember when I used to play piano live, and then he just abandoned it altogether. Because it became too burdensome because the bar he set was way too high. And so people need to understand that I need to set short term goals and long term goals. Long term we all have something to strive for. We will never surpass the profit slice I'm in his companion. So long term I want to get here short term. I can't go from not

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reading on at all to reading the Quran three times a month. I need to start somewhere I can't go from not praying my five prayers on time to praying all night long or to saying that I'm going to pray pm and then every night. Start with your five prayers. I can't go from barely fasting in Ramadan to trying to fast every other

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Day going straight to the fast thing of that we're gonna set up. If you set unrealistic goals for your faith, you will feel defeated when you're unable to meet those goals. So what do you have to do? You have to set goals that you can achieve in sha Allah. Once you achieve these goals and baby steps, then you build on them in Charlottetown, you don't start with with these lofty goals you build on them. And there's a methodology that Nima goes out to him. Allah says, with our faith, that's very profound. He says that you leave sin immediately, you don't gradually get off of a sin. Once you recognize your sending, you immediately cut it out of your life, because if you leave it in

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any capacity or any proportion, it's only a matter of time before you dive into it altogether. But you build good deeds gradually, so rapidly detached from sin, slowly and gradually attached to good habits and good practices to build your email. Otherwise you will fall short because you're going to feel like you you know you're not sufficient. And if you set a goal for yourself, and you're not able to meet that goal, then readjust the expectation and readjust the goal. Don't give it up altogether. So if you say from now on I'm going to break the lid two times a week and you're finding it too difficult don't say well, I tried doing Fiamma it didn't work. The new one time a week in

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Charlottetown. If you said from now on I'm going to read this many pages of Koran and it didn't work cut it in half inshallah, but keep on going don't detach from it all together. Otherwise, again, it will be a depression of faith. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to proceed with moderation towards them and not be overburdened by a religion that is meant to provide ease and tranquility to our hearts allama mean See you all next time inshallah. So I want to come up with a lot of accounting

Unreasonable Goals…

Episode 23: Sometimes the most detrimental thing to your Iman is setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. Set reasonable, achievable goals to avoid crushing your faith.

2017-06-18 – Ramadan 2017

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