How will you spend the last hours of Ramadan

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The speaker discusses the importance of following the last hour of the day to achieve forgiveness and achieve love. They encourage people to commit themselves to following the last hour of the day to achieve their goals and encourage others to join them. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of following the post appointed to them and their desire to achieve their goals.

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So he says that at that hour at the end of the night that bless the time there is the is the father of those who prayed and equals God him and he is the father of those who pray did not pray. Be the newbie humbly is the father of those who prayed and equal sodium meaning for their shortcoming. And the is too far for those who did not pray the newbie him for their sins. So if you're looking at them, they look indistinguishable, because at the end of the day, at that moment, they're in a place of Estefan. And the sentence that he says that I just, I just find so beautiful and profound, he says, so if you can't join the lovers join the rip enters. If you can't join the lovers join the

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repentance. What does he mean by that the more had been those that are in love with their Lord that have gotten to a point in their spirituality, a point in their spirituality, where they feel a connection, and they have become regular, extending up for long periods into the night, seeking a loss, forgiveness and seeking His pleasure. And even multiple hemolysis. If you can't join, the more have been than joining the most fitting, if you can't join the lovers join the repentance, at least make sure that that last portion of the night that you get up and you seek forgiveness from a loss of Hannah Montana, four out of a sense of shortcoming out of a sense of not feeling like you did

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enough out of a sense of wanting to do more, for the sake of a loss of Hannah Motown. This is such a beautiful analogy to the last hour of Ramadan as well.

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As long as one is about to pass from us, there are going to be those that will be able to look back on this Ramadan and say that I really felt closer to a lot of this normal love that I have in previous years. I pushed myself I read more than I usually read, I was able to pray more at night than I usually prayed. I was able to put something behind me I was able to make a significant strive in my spirituality, or by by starting to fulfill one of the obligations of a loss of hundreds and this month or one of the no often one of the blessings of voluntary practices, I was able to make a stride in this month, I feel closer, I feel like I must have caught later than others. I felt it on

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this night. And that night, there are those that will look back on this Ramadan very favorably. And they will feel like this was a beautiful Ramadan, in which they got ahead.

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And for them that last hour of Ramadan is an hour of asking Allah for forgiveness for the inevitable shortcomings within those deeds. And the inevitable shortcomings that are to be anticipated after Ramadan, the post Ramadan dip. So for them, that's what there is default is in that last part of the night. For the others, there are those that are going to feel like I set goals for myself the similan I didn't meet those goals. I wanted to read this much portion of report and I didn't finish reading that portion of the there were nights that I set my alarm and I wanted to wake up and pray. I didn't pray those those late nights. I didn't get to I didn't get the assure the humility the all

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in my supplication, the way that I wanted to get that all in my supplication. I don't feel like this was my most productive time alone. And my answer to those people

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is if you can't join the lovers join the mentors. At that moment in the last hour of Ramadan when we're asking Allah subhana wa tada for forgiveness, all of us, all of us. May Allah make us from the mentors and the lovers along with me. May Allah make us from the most tough city and the more have been alone. I mean, the pastors and the lovers at that moment,

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gathering together or rather connecting to a loss of hundreds are together shutting everything off and just saying, Yeah, Allah forgive me. Yeah, a lot except the similan. Yeah, a lot except later some other. Yeah. Except all of my all of my repentance. Yeah, a lot except my intentions to the best of them all the good that I intended to do, that I wasn't actually able to do. Yeah, a lot. Just as when a person accidentally eats in the day of Ramadan, you give them the full reward of that fast and the food is Subbu. And just as a person sleep sometimes at night, though, they intended to wake up and break the AMA lid, and you give them that sleep as a charity and you write down the full

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night of the hour live. Yeah, a lot as we turn to you in these last moments of Ramadan. Yeah, Allah reward us to the best of the intentions that we have for the summer bond for every minute of it. And forgive us for the times that we fell short, either in the performance of good or the performance of that, or a moment of heedlessness that could have been used for good

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Use this last hour use these last moments to just say a little, a little, a little love. And this is a challenge that I want to give to everyone that the last hour of Ramadan and I save the last hour. I'm not just talking about the last hour of the night of Ramadan the last hour between Asa and mother of the last day of Ramadan. Most people would have already shifted to eighth mode. They're already thinking about what they're going to do for Ethan it might be an unusual eight but it's still eight right people are trying to adjust to their eat celebrations. Most people have moved on from Ramadan, the last night is gone.

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If you can commit yourself to just that last hour that you're going to sit there and you're going to isolate yourself and supplication and drop in prayer and ask Allah to forgive you in that last hour of normal London do so make the most of the last night of Ramadan which is tonight in sha Allah to honor and make the most of the last day of Ramadan as well. ask Allah subhana wa tada to count you amongst the counters and to join you with the lovers.