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Hearing The Qur’an For The First Time

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Umm Jamaal ud-Din

Channel: Umm Jamaal ud-Din

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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on time, I was, you know, in a car with a Muslim family, and we were going somewhere and I remember hearing this, you know, beautiful sound in the car.

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And I was just asking them, what's that sound? And they told me that's the Quran, you know, and I'd only read it in English up until then. But you know, and then the panela to think that that was the sound of the Quran when it's recited in Arabic, like it was just amazing like to think that it had this beautiful, amazing sound, you know, that you listen to, which is so different than, like with the Bible, you just don't this is not incompatible, right? I have to say, to be honest, I have to say this that I actually had a singing background before becoming Muslim. So anyone out there who has come from that kind of musical kind of background or you know, a singing background or something

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like that you understand what I'm talking about, like you have a different sort of sensitivity to the beauty of sound.