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Juz’ 19 with Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy

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So now I come around to looking at a carton, smearing the shape on

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the label and I mean when I'm lining down the line I mean we're happy but almost nobody was selling a vertical avocado so they can come in and solve a lot while he was so damn it he was like he was suddenly emphysema interferon. Welcome back to core and 3430 We have with us and have the gear chef once again so no one bad

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chef he didn't wear a turban stop that man said turbans from now on. He said I didn't get the memo. You didn't get them.

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We're very happy to have you read a lot of rhyming with us.

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And before we start in Charlotte, I have just two quick things. Number one to remind everyone, this Wednesday is really going to be a special program shout out as we're getting ready for the first of the last 10 nights. We're going to have a finished strong telethon from 3pm. Eastern Charlotte's at 8pm. Eastern with, you know, everyone that you've seen chiming in here and more in Charlotte Tyler giving some you know, advice on how to get us going in the last two nights in Charlottetown. So we want you to tune in and then at the end of that Michelle was out of the last 20 minutes. So approximately 740 Eastern to 8pm Eastern, we'll have a drought inshallah collective darat to really

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get us into the moon in sha Allah wa tada and hopefully on the right foot as we get into the last two nights. And before I start as well in sha Allah time, Chef Hamish. Now he actually wrote a gem of a paper from the law on the Koran, which was the last of the proofs of Prophet series. So those of you that have followed your pain for for the last few years and handed out the proofs of prophethood has been sort of our Hallmark series for the last few years and haven't did not and haven't dropped the last one, and middle Milan. So it could be lost. But it's such a powerful one. And it's about people. And so I just want to give her just maybe 30 seconds a minute, just tell us

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about the last paper and shot what's on and then people can go online and find it

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difficult in 30 seconds. But essentially, it's about the the inevitability of the foreign how the foreign challenges and calls out the world to produce a word like it. And we speak about some of the dimensions that it's a multi dimensional challenge, if you will, in terms of it being a literary masterpiece that could be appreciated. Even if you don't know Arabic as being a historical wonder regarding the lost knowledge that it was able to identify with such perfection, its potency, meaning its effect on the world, and how the most unexpected thing

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about it could be the fact that it was preserved when nothing of those times is preserved.

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That's pretty much the 30 the 32nd elevator pitch

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that's good elevator pitch and shower so you can go to our websites on the front page and sounds like look out for that wonderful paper in one

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place. So we will go ahead and start now with just 19 inshallah tada and we are on suited for a client now. And it starts off this just actually starts off with verse 21 are suited for Panama Carla, Dina already Karina Lola Lindsey rodina. Now I'm gonna, those that that do not wish to meet Allah subhana wa Tada, those that are putting off the inevitable reckoning with their Lord. They challenged the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once again with the same Prophet, they said, If only we would see the angels or the angels would descend upon us, or we would see our Lord. So the same line of questioning to the prophet SAW Allah how it was done as that which came to the prophets

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that came before him, then we get into a really heavy section or certain for con, and that's at verse 27, to verse 30, which is the regrets of the disbelievers and hypocrites on the Day of Judgment, and then the profit slice of them complaining about them on the Day of Judgment. So really, what you start to see here is a scene unfold, verse 21, verse 27, of those that used to mock the profits together and those that reject the truth together, and those that took comfort in their collective. So you know, they all mock the truth. They all you know, sort of rejected it, they mock the caller's the truth, the prophets of Allah. And now they're on the day of judgment and everything

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that they mocked, has come to me the reckoning that they put off that they said, you know, show us God show us the angels, now they're seeing the angels, and they're seeing the reckoning in a way that they did not want to see that come true. And they start to turn on one another. And they start to blame one another and they start to shout out words of regret. And so unless it gives us this powerful, obscene Well, you only I will warn you more I know de PUE Yeah, and he tended to have two marvelous, really severe

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The day that the transgressors would be biting their entire hand. Imagine, imagine an entire fist down your throat, I mean, just to convey the the,

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the deep regret that they have on that day, the remorse. And they're saying, Oh, how I wish I took the path of messenger, how I How I wish I would have listened to my prophet to my messenger. And of course, this is the case for the rejecters of all of the prophets and messengers. I wish I wasn't amongst those that mock them. I wish I would have followed those prophets and those messengers when they came to us with the truth. And then what did they do? Then they start to remember, you know why we didn't do this know why we didn't follow the prophets and messengers, even though we kind of knew on the inside that they were telling the truth was because of that person, it was because of the

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ringleader. Right. So yeah, we let lay 1011 a tough food on and Woe to me, Oh, how I wish I never took that person, as a friend. And so they start to turn on those who turn them away from the truth, let's have a one laniado victory by that journey. What kind of shape on it and Sony cadoola lost parents, Allah says that that person that says, They turned me away from the reminder, after it had come to me, it was there, I was in the vicinity of truth. So how to imagine a person who saw the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam with all of his beautiful Shama and beautiful attributes and his qualities and still rejected him, and took him as an opponent, the mercy to the world. And

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so obviously, they're the primary recipients of this, but everyone that, you know, that turns away from truth by taking comfort in the collective and saying, well, all these people are turning away from the truth. So surely It's okay, and then find themselves amongst those that mock the truth. So that person starts to say, I was right, their truth was right in front of me. And I was turned away because of that person. What kind of shape 170 cadoola. And the devil the shape on certainly always betrays the son of Adam, right. So it's all those calls that we saw on the previous surah where Allah subhanaw taala telling the shape on you have no control, but the shape on is a deceiver.

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Right? He's a deceiver. And so his deception worked. And this is referring to friends that pull you away from the truth. So your friends who pull you into disbelief, think about the previous surah, the slander and how we talked about sort of to note how it just became a collective most people just to know, that opponent will be elsina to him. They just received it with their tongues, and everyone started spreading it around the friends who pulled you into slander your friends who pulled you into Xena, right? How many people end up committing fornication or adultery because they end up in a party scene or they end up amongst people that have normalized those things amongst themselves. Your

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friends who celebrated June, this is something with an office they don't talk about here. And there's some stories that this incident is referring to, but we don't have time to go into. But they say that one of the key audiences here are your friends who celebrated your wrongdoing. And this is a really important one. You know, we talked about the social media age, right? These people would mock the profits licensing made essentially High Five each other, they kick him, they spit on him, they they come up with different ways to reject the truth and persecute the believers. And then they celebrate one another, and Subhanallah right now, you know, we live in a day and age where, you

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know, we put out our worst selves and people celebrate us for it. So the message that we get and what we comfort ourselves with is, you know, I must be doing something right. Okay, it's because I'm finding people to give me that drug. And then the scene of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and it's tied to what chef Mohammed's paper is actually about. The complaints of the messengers of Allah how it was done the complaint of the messenger it his thought was Salam is not that they hurt me. It's not that they, you know, they said these nasty things to me. What color was pseudo? Yeah, it'll be in a cognate. Tough, I will have it for Adam Angela, the messengers complaint, and he his

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salatu salam is that my people did not take the score and seriously, to handle that. I mean, the complaint of the profits I sent him is not even about the insults that were held to him. This was more than him. This wasn't about his personal self. This was about the message that he brought. This is about what a loss parents had

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entrusted him with. So his complaints on the Day of Judgment, and I think of that scene where I'm like, these are the people that insulted him. And his complaint is they didn't take the call and seriously in the comments if I do have an animal and you're on the alarm that make us amongst those who did not take the plan. Seriously, a lot that I mean, go to verse 44, and taxable and that occurred on yes, no, no, yeah. Caitlyn. Last time, Ty says Do you think that the majority of them hear or think the what what are they the part of the problem is not that they can't understand you or it's not about your message or the failure to comprehend. The problem is that there can

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be that they become cattle, and even further led astray, they just go with the flow, so they follow the ringleaders of falsehood and just go with that. And then the last pair of tight ends, the story ends this surah or Allah says put an arrow become Robbie Lola.

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Say what words do you have in the sight of your Lord? If it's not for your worship and do out here supplication is used to refer to worship and the prophets license? What are you gonna do is worshipped almost to say your worth is and how Allah sees you, not how people see you That is the problem here, right that you get caught up in these groups and you end up missing out on the truth and even worse, mocking it and rejecting it. And I'm not going to go into the Bible right now on the qualities of the servants of the Most Merciful because that's our last two nights. In Charlottetown 2am. Every night, we'll be going through one quality, a very bad the right amount of the servants of

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the Most Merciful. However, it's identical to the qualities and certain what we learn are they match up perfectly with the first set of ayaats and certain won't be known about the white man, the servants of the Most Merciful. And I think one thing that's often missed is that,

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you know, the prophets, Allah lahardee was set up as the ultimate. Abdur Rahman is the ultimate servant of the Most Merciful. He's the ultimate example of someone who walks with dignity in the face of great insults, and who maintains his focus and who does not descend into what his enemies try to turn into. I'll go through that next door to shut up.

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The second verse of sorts of Shabbat is a response to the complaint of the prophets lie Selim. Okay, the complaint of the prophets lie some is my people did not take this message seriously. The complaint the second verse of sorts, like a bit

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lower corner, that and look at that here in a second la economy meaning that you are killing yourself or you're hurting your or you are feeling great pain and distress, that they're not becoming believers, that they are continuing to reject you and you're hurting for them because you don't want to see them in great pain, even though they're causing you great pain. Then a lot goes through for their own and more Sadie his setup, this is a makansutra so the Prophet had his own Pharaoh and Abuja for their own time to Mercedes Salaam. And Moshe Islam responded like revival by man, like like the servants of the Most Merciful, so don't try to remind him of things that would

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that would guilt him most at least Salaam maintain his dignity further only assaulted him Mossad, Islam continued to maintain the standard of how he calls them, so for their own tries mocking him and he actually the word is actually used that he said, look at this prophet of yours, and imagine this crazy person, the same insult being hurled at the Prophet sly so that it doesn't work. Then for their own slanders him, then for their own cell, you know, says I'm gonna kill you, right? The point is, most Iceland responds with dignity in the face of all of this. And somehow the law, the magician's of Fidel, the magician's of Fidel and what happens to them, they refuse to be cattle.

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They see the miracles of more Saudis Salaam, and they say we believe we believe in the Lord of morsani. We know our craft, and this is a man who was upon the truth. So this is a message to the Mexicans who feel like they know that this is the truth, but they're still rejecting because they're looking at the group and they're saying we're gonna hold back with everybody else, that break out of being cattle, and have the courage to accept the truth and the consequences of the truth. Finally, eight times of sorts of Sharla and maybe we have a conversation about this at the end, inshallah Tada, what in Arabic Allah who as these are hints of how eight times and sort of the Shahada, this

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verse after a lot describes every nation and the destruction of those nations that rejected in Arabic Allahu Allah sees over him and very your Lord, He is truly the Almighty and the Most Merciful. The scholars say Aziz, when he punishes here is referring to his punishment, he has disease and then Rahim, he is most merciful, when he forgives and overlooks or, or, or extends people delays people and does not punish them and spares people. So basically, as he is when he chooses to punish Rahim, merciful is when he chooses to withhold. And some of the scholars say that the connection between the two here is that when Allah shows lack, that's not because anyone's

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forcing him to show mercy. It's because he is him. And of course, also a message to the to the home of the prophets lie some that Allah has withheld that punishment, the great destruction upon the prophets lie, some are the poem, the people the prophets lie, some of the way we see on previous nations

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are humble enough

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to add it was a human without a MOBA psycho, my guess you didn't get the memo. Those are the verses that I chose.

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I'm sorry. It's all good. It's all good shake. There's, there's I mean, there's so many other messages within that beautiful, beautiful verse, and actually the verse before that as well. These Chapter Chapter surelock, Subhanallah, you know, while reading it, you know, it gives a story of numerous prophets, I think most of them and as you mentioned, the name Allah. These are Rahim is mentioned eight times in this chapter, and it's the veil or it's the tail end of the story. That is the last verse that is mentioned before proceeding on to the next story of the of the following prophet. But he also mentioned the verse before that also in the feed Alec and I attend when that

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kind of extra meaning. So when he mentioned the trial or the story

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I have the particular profit on a Sam he says in the fee that it is very early and that is assigned when that kind of extra money and most of them were not of the people that possessed he meant they were not believers were in Nuttall Becca le who was i xizhou r Rahim so here a loss firstly saying you know firstly the fact that it's there's to car there's there's a repetition of this you know there has to be some message that Allah is repeating this in this way firstly we should all we all we know in our subconscious mind but when we bring it to our conscious mind and ask ourselves why is this being repeated? You know why is this being repeated? As we know from to the board from the from

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the ponder it's over a verse when one wants to ponder not ponder is rising, rising.

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So guys love it. So you must have told a man?

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No, no, no. You did it. Okay. All right. The Pirates have a verse you know when you ponder over a verse, as we talked about before is can is to continually repeat the verse This is one way that one can, if they can think about the verse and go to the deeper meanings to work can permeate the heart to eventually lead to exemplification or to act out the verse at least with your connection with a law in your heart such as to what God and trust in Allah, some kind of without. But now a law is repeating the verse after the story, there has to be some asar there has to be some, some secret gems behind it, in which we will never be able to encounter all of the gems. But just as when you

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resize sort of the Fatiha shell almost every time you recite it or you know at least once a day or something. There's an event in your life that ties to a hungry ledger or Bellamy, or there's an event in your life that ties to ear canal Buddha, what kind of stain are those event in your life that type that ties to what Balint not to you, but maybe someone you know, or to keep away from the misguided ones and accidents guidance, in any case, a loss of printed with Allah saying, firstly, verily, indeed, that is a sign but most of them were not believers. This is firstly, as some of the founders mentioned, Tesla to MBA or to stay tuned into diesel align they were selling, it is a form

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of comfort and encouragement. And lending the promise of the line it was sort of know that most of them will not follow you. And most of them were not believers. So don't feel like shift Omar said I like about him, Do not hold yourself to you know, don't let it stress you out. to that degree. That care that you have is beautiful, that sympathy that you have is beautiful. But at to it to a degree of letting it diverts you from the message or diversity, not the prophet SAW something, but we as human beings, maybe having a second thought about Am I doing this right? What's the message, you know, if we're giving a message on social media, we don't see a lot of likes or a lot of numbers,

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and you're giving a Quranic verse, or you're giving a message, the most important thing is that you're doing the button up, you're giving that message to the people. And it's not upon you, whether people accept or not, the most important thing is you have a class that you have sincerity. And that's what's very, very beautiful about this, because just as we love the message of Islam, and we love the character, the promise of the law, and it will send them the miracles that he's been given by a law that every miracle he says, No need to make him do that. And well that's your quarter as a prophet. So we don't want any reward. And we don't want any even any thanks. Barely we fear our Lord

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subhana wa Tada, we have mindfulness of him, and we're fulfilling our responsibility for you to show gratitude towards your maker. So here, it's important for us to remember that it's not about the quantity rather, it's the quality, the quality of worship, the quality of your connection with your Creator. And what increases that quality. And this is the beauty of, you know, the whole process of guidance or the process of worship, is that when you do an action of worship, a lot increases your demand and makes it stronger, which enables you to do another action of worship, which increases the strength. Within this there will be negligence. This is the son Mattoon silicone, as soon as you

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feel insane. This is how we as human beings were created. There will be mistakes that we will make. But what do we do to rectify that mistake. And that's what's beautiful here. Because you may have been giving a message to a loved one to someone. But you see, they're just not accepting it. They see the man as you You're good, you're good to an enemy, friend or enemy of yours. And some kind of law something that you just want for them guidance. They know they understand the message, but they just don't accept. That is where we ultimately trust in a law you know that Allah is in ultimate control. Something that you would think your mother or father would become, you know, accept the

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message and they don't and you wonder, why is that? Why is that? I know that a lot is ultimately in control. And that's the beauty of this first verse Americana, extra meaning it's about the quality of your work.

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Worship Allah subhanho wa Taala what are the actions that you're doing to strengthen that relationship? And do we hold ourselves accountable? And then after that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we're in Rebecca lahoma xizhou r Rahim. Then he says, And your Lord is the Exalted in Might the Most Merciful. And I think Omar alluded to earlier about these principles and names and attributes like brothers and sisters, I highly advise all of you, I will say, Muslim and non Muslim to even to look at the principles of names and attributes from an Islamic perspective. Well, I this is something that increases my every single time I read about not the names, but the principles

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behind how we understand the names. How is that? So when we see allies, who are Rahim, Allah chose these names for a certain reason. And as we met him I mentioned eight times in this chapter more than any other chapter in total 10 times in the Quran eight times in his chapter, to show Firstly,

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that the power of Allah subhana wa Taala, the names of Allah and its attributes, as a scholar saint les Timothy Noxon, be what you mean with you, it doesn't carry any fathomable form of deficiency in any shape, form or fashion, or anything that we can perceive. And even more than that, what we cannot even fathom Allah subhana wa Taala, there is no possibility for a deficiency within his nature within within him, some Hana and also the attributes are the same way which are more than his names, that they're perfect. By default, it is impossible for them to have any element of imperfection. Human beings are the total opposite. We by default, have imperfections. Therefore, our

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imperfection demands to rely on the perfect one, our uncertainty of what's going to happen with COVID-19 COVID 20, who knows whatever whenever it demands for us to rely on the one that we are searching in. So when the law says Li xizhou, to know that his might is unlike any other mind, and that his power will surpass anything down. When the Muslim has it in their conscious not in their subconscious. They do not fear any except anyone except the loss of kindness. But at the same time is there is that his might, because it is perfect, will never have any tie radical elements within it because we as human beings, if we have mics will fall short, will oppress someone we may say

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something bad about someone if we're someone that has some kind of control. But at the same time, as the scholars mentioned, when it's accompanied with another name for who a higher Allah higher. So here he accompany it with mercy. The rug The is the mic of a loss of $1 is couched within mercy. So when he applies his Iza whether it's destroying a nation, whether it's punishing an individual, it is done with the spirit, if you will of mercy and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is like any other mercy a lot is unlike any other mercy. So when a lot of a man or Rahim we see that they are having the mercy of the scholars that are mentioned that that our aim is for the new owners for the

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Olia of Allah subhana wa tada it's for the people that are voluntarily obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that Rama also has some scholars mentioned that he had Rama and mercy upon those ones that would be lying the prophets that he didn't destroy all of them. And he had mercy because he um Hello, whom he gave them an opportunity to accept the message of Ibrahim accept the message of Noah except the message of Musa alayhis salam, these prophets that were mentioned. So the coupling of these names is so relevant. And of course, it's relevant because who is better than Allah subhana wa Taala, in speech and in relation of the stories. So in this beautiful verses that we see in verse

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number 67, and 68, and seven other places in this chapter, after you read every story of the Prophet, remember, it's not about the quality, quantity, but the quality of the potency of your worship, and then also the names of the mites and mercy accompany together to show might have his power for us to know that there is no extent, but also it is accompanied with mercy, which no human being will be, will ever be able to perfect and to manifest to the best of that which is for other forms of creation. So May Allah subhanaw taala bless us all and make us of those that exemplify mercy and exemplify greatness and might to the best of our ability.

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I think Polly see that from the beginning. It starts off with a story for our own and mostly Islam all the way to the story of little tiny Salaam and you see other with their own, like it's the mannerisms of dalla that they're using just the best, the best words to those that are oppressing them. And they're, they're so gentle and compassionate and one might perceive even that they're weak because of the way that they're talking to their oppressors and to their people. But alas, message does not need us. We need it right.

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

I think that's the theme

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is that the love hate on thank you both ask Allah azza wa jal to bless you chef How about lunch if I'm gonna make you both well poor and right your monkeys select class of servants for for being of the best the people assembled on the teaching the plan to others asked Allah to allow your your children and their children to enjoy the returns on this and your parents and their parents and beyond love mommy

00:25:28--> 00:25:31

Mr. La Silla mozzarella, I actually just wanted to,

00:25:33--> 00:25:50

to mention a story, if you will, that always helps me. Remember the profundity just that the impactful nature of the conclusion of the show. There was a set of verses at the end of the show that whenever I come across them, I do remember this incident from the early Muslims.

00:25:51--> 00:25:55

And maybe I'll just mention incident first and then conclude it with the verses.

00:25:57--> 00:25:59

So maybe one of them is Ron about him a whole lot.

00:26:01--> 00:26:13

He was of the great list of the scholars of the early Muslims and he was the right hand man of the great Caliph, righteous Caliph, Abdulaziz, Allah. When he became very old, he did something incredible.

00:26:15--> 00:27:00

He did something that only someone who knows that it all boils down to the heart and the purity of heart and what Allah knows about the contents of our hearts would do. he undertook a painstaking journey. He traveled literally, to a heart doctor, but not a cardiologist, a spiritual cardiologist. When he became very old, and his vision he actually actually had gotten weak he asked his son may move to Milan asked his son to take him. So it has an adversity about him a whole lot has said was that he was not any ordinary person has elbasy Rahim Allah was raised as an orphan in the house of the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam homeless element, he met over 300 of the

00:27:00--> 00:27:24

companions, though he didn't get to meet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself. And so he told his son, um, take me to a lesson quickly. And so his son narrates this incident, they traveled through many lands. And at times, even when they would get to a stream, they have to carry his father across the stream, because of how old and weak he was, until finally they got to a busser. And they got to the house, it would have been mostly.

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And they knocked on the door and a young girl came out. And she said, Who is it? He said, may motor neuron one neuron, he works for the government. He's a standout scholar, everyone knows who he is. So when he said, Man, one of them head on, she said to him, You miserable soul? What kept you alive until now?

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Meaning like, What sin did you commit that caused you to be punished by seeing this bad age of ours? And so he broke down crying because that was actually the very reason why he was coming. He felt like he may be swerving at the end of his life. He feared that and so from his weeping and has sent himself the man he journeyed out to sea, came outside to the sounds you realize has been wandering around, he embraced him and took him inside the house. He calms him down. And he said to him, what brings you like you should have summoned us we come to you. What brings you and he said, Oh, sorry. I find my heart to be very hard. My heart has really hard to stand in Lee helped me tenderize it

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helped me soften my heart. So moolah who like what's the best thing to do? Like my life could be running out I'm old joy fast that the best thing should I like focus on that over everything else give me something to cling to.

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And so it has been lacking a whole lot he recited to him verses from the end of the show up. Here is he said to him, all he said to him was Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and in for a lot of effort in Medina hussaini this is Allah saying to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the respite right the final delay final chance he's delaying the punishment for X ray. Allah is saying why don't you consider Mohamed Salah to send them if we allow them to enjoy themselves for many years like so? What if they live long, enjoyable lives and they come out on top even in this world? And they abused the believers till their last days? Won't you consider if we allow them to enjoy themselves for

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years? So magetta whom I can assure you I do. But then there comes to them what they were promised, that the great the hereafter man of the now I'm home McCann will you make our own, nothing of what they enjoyed would be of any benefit would be of any remnants of memory even after they come to meet that inevitable appointment the appointment of the hereafter. And of course, this is addressing the deniers the rejecters the disbeliever but also it by extension secondarily, it addresses every single person right who is oblivious to the hereafter

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So my morning, Ron, once again he broke down, he began to cry and he began to cry and he got so fatigued from crying that he fainted. And so it hasn't tried to like move him. And he himself began to weep. And then he left the room. He didn't want anyone to see him in that moment.

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And so he left the room and so on. May one neuron actually became revived the girl she said, you upset this year, the obsession has adversity like you made his sincerity exposed, if you will. And you know, the pious they protect their good deeds more carefully, and they protect their their evil deeds.

00:30:35--> 00:31:10

And so she threw him out the house literally. And so as they were back on their journey, after they walked for a while, the sun was carrying his dad um, he turned to his dad and said that that wasn't hustle and bustle. He said, Yes, he said, Vernon to accubond, amin had thought he was something bigger than that. Like I like we all he just hold us hold on, we all memorize for and we all know, like the back of our head. I thought it was gonna tell me something I never heard before. I thought he was gonna say something profound. And then Hasson was like that. They say that no one's words resembled the words of the prophets like and hesson in his generation. And so he said that I thought

00:31:10--> 00:31:38

he was something like, we traveled the list for this for this. He says, so my father punched me in my chest, he kind of like, pushed me back. And he said to me, and this is the point I want for you to take home, he said, My son, he recited to you versus, that, if you were to reflect on them, with your heart, they would have left marks, like scars they're in.

00:31:40--> 00:32:24

And there's so much to say about this, right? But number one, the verses themselves, like if ever, you know, the onset of another opportunity, another allure of this world, there is some interest in you, just thinking about the aftermath. Not just that, you know, like any little thing, you just look at the back end, and it helps this interest you, the activate that, that, I guess, ensuing obsession that could happen, like the nicest meals in the world. For example, once I feel my stomach, if you paid me I wouldn't eat more, right? But consider something as Allah said, If I allow you to enjoy it till the end of your life, but then it's gonna add, that thought by itself helps

00:32:24--> 00:32:36

like restabilized you recalibrate you about the reality of things, the comparison of this world in the next. So whenever the onset of dunia, there is interest in you about Dhoni, I'm sorry, the material life, this worldly life and

00:32:38--> 00:33:15

allow yourself to fast forward so that you can deactivate or like equalize that interest. So it doesn't swerve you from the past. The second thing, and just in this last minute, I want you to think about that statement of main one and Macron these are verses you memorize my son, but if you would allow your heart to ponder over them, you see people read the Quran, and they have no idea what they're reading, that's a problem of luck in them that all over right, that all they know is recital. But there's a second level of pondering over the Quran which is pondering over the Quran with your mind. And we should never stop there. Like there are people all the time who reflect on

00:33:15--> 00:33:30

the four and sometimes even to debunk it right to refute it by critics of the forum, or other people they reflect on the full NSM intellectual luxury to show off and get get the lights or to refute other people. It's almost like a weapons that they use in their in their political debates.

00:33:31--> 00:34:01

That's not going to change you. But if you give your heart to the core at the heart, will then give you back or the foreign will return to you a better version of yourself that you may never have thought was ever possible. And that is why, you know, how do you actually do that? You just have to keep knocking on the door for it. You just have to keep asking him for its pure Sophia from Allah. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would say and with that I close

00:34:03--> 00:34:25

and he would say it was like a huge introduction, Oh Allah, I asked you by every name that's yours that you've ever that you know, you've named yourself with or told any of your profits or revealed in any of your scriptures are like kept back with you in the knowledge of the unseen that is locked away with you. I asked you by all that, to make the fall and the spring that clenches my heart and the light of my chest and the remover of

00:34:26--> 00:34:51

my sadness and the dispeller of my worries. So you just have to keep knocking May Allah allow us allow us, allow us to give our hearts to the poor and to allow the poor and to give us a new version of ourselves a version that you would be pleased with loving them. Is that lovely and everybody I hope I didn't go over time. Also a lot of Silla water kind of being a man that

00:34:52--> 00:34:58

wants to live somewhere can be minimum, I think so how long cycle affair shift now I would love to having you on this as usual.

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

I think that the point that you just drove home, I think for us to reflect on Allah made the portal accessible to us, right? He didn't make this the book of the elites where you can only access it through a Tafseer session, or through us reflecting on it. But you reciting the core and alone and just pondering and reflecting the plan was always meant for the masses not to unlock the fapy rulings, the jurisprudence or the legal rulings or derive you know, any any sophisticated creed it's for us to ponder and for us to reflect with our hearts and so encouraging those that have been listening every night that as you're tuning in every night, you know, and hamdulillah we've enjoyed

00:35:39--> 00:35:43

forming our little program 3430 community here and we pray that Allah make it so that people

00:35:44--> 00:36:19

that nothing will take away from the responsibility and the beauty of isolating yourself with a call at night especially as we get into the last two nights and just reciting a few verses read the translation if you have to pray with them and reflect upon them. So Exactly. Look out for that beautiful reminder. shuffleboard but shalom. As always, I'm sorry take your verses man. I'm gonna call you out. You sent the verses at like 20 minutes before the halacha I just started I was waiting for the the the aunt that was gonna make Sulaiman smiles that's what I was just like I thought you're gonna talk about that

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Zack more Hello to you both with a beautiful night session. Someone posted chef Mohammed before I left he said he said can you guys go for 60 minutes so you got another Can you pull out Can you almost just do 23 minutes right quick? No No my mom was waiting for me for a lot of us

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that's it we submit so Exactly. everyone for tuning title we'll see you all tomorrow and again Wednesday please join us Wednesday three to eat and shall offer in the finish strong telephone as was the door at the end inshallah Tada. And and every night of the last two nights as well. I'll just be doing 20 minutes on a by the way man shall the servants the Most Merciful at 2am Eastern Sharla. Zack more famous little Amazon by the kind of being a Muhammad right and he was like, listen to something else. But I want to have my

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own ledger Erica Luffy haigler