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AI: Summary © A woman named ZOSEN claims to have been sexually assaulted by a neighbor and wants to seek refuge. She describes her hair being white and her desire to have a child. She describes a situation where a man hit her and killed her, where many people complain about their children not listening to their dad's statements, and where Leila is considered the most beloved waif to Jesus.
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I'm going to be very honest with you.

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First time I ever heard this

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and Allahu Akbar, I immediately started memorizing it. And I said, I have to share it with my beloved brothers and sisters.

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Rasulillah Salam asked us in this to, to seek refuge from five things, and Allah He just one of them in our life will give us sleepless nights

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Allahumma as usual, I will say in Arabic and then I will explain Allahumma inni obika Minja is soup. Woman ZOSEN to che Eboni Kabul machine.

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Women wala din yaku Allah Yarrabah women Malin yaku Alia are there other women Helene Mack hidden? I know who terroni were called boo hoo Irani either Hassan Aton de fauna were either say yeah, 10 other.

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Allahu Akbar

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wa salatu salam told us to seek refuge from five things. Yeah, Allah, I seek refuge from an evil neighbor.

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And from a spouse and specifically a wife, that makes my hair gray before the time of the hair to become gray.

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And from a child who is acting as my Lord,

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and from money that caused me torture, and from a deceitful friend, that his eye is watching me and his heart is mindful of me waiting for me if I did something good, he conceals it. And if I did something evil, he broadcasts it. Allahu Akbar.

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First time I hear this, And subhanAllah that's why we are always called Students of knowledge.

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Even neighbor

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Subhanallah that's why in Arabic, they say ajar couple of data. When you want to buy a house, check the neighbor first then buy the house. Because no matter how beautiful and How gorgeous is the house, if you have an evil neighbor, who's gonna disturb you day and night. He has a dog barking he's gonna come drunk every single night. He yells and fights with his wife every single day his kids are causing so much trouble Subhanallah what's the what's the benefit of that beautiful house? So number one, Ya Allah protect me from an evil neighbor. Number two ya Allah protect me from a spouse

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that caused my hair to become white.

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Before the time to come, it becomes white.

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See a lot of brothers shaking their heads

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I need to start

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like Rasulullah say sallam said, a righteous woman is the best thing in dunya and I'm sure every single man agrees Subhanallah Hey, you rheumatoid dunya Alma Salia. This woman that Rasulillah Salam has told telling us to seek refuge keep her away from us is the woman that's nagging day and night. A woman that asked me for things that I cannot afford a woman that I do not look forward to come home and see a woman that is constantly backbiting look at this look at that comparing look at what my neighbor God look at my cousin have look what they did their party always constantly making me worried. I don't feel secure. I don't feel at peace in the company of that woman. And also, it's

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also because of the Hadith said Xiao Qian. So it also could be a man who's giving also a very hard time to his wife, making her hair can get sweaty get twice before the time it gets right. Usually, it gets right at 4050 I'm in my 30s I became white early, but this woman makes it come to light that 2025 It becomes white. So this is a second third which is Subhanallah many many brothers and sisters are complaining about when you Hakuna Allah Europe than

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LA Akbar. A child that he is my Arab usually the father in Arabic they call him Rob Bula Illa he is the rub of the Illa he's the one in charge of the family. Now ya Allah do not make my child, my Rob. He's the one who tells me what to do. He's the one who raises his voice. He's the one who slams the

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got in my face. He's the master and I am the slave. Ya Allah protect me from such a child, a boy or a girl, a son or a daughter keep them away from me I don't want such a child the Allah Ya Allah bless me with the righteous child that will be the coolness of my eyes. You know how many people complain that their kids are not listening the kids are fighting the kids or are cursing a brother came his son hit him the Son hit the father

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people my age know that in our days if your father passes by you law you lower your gaze and you start shaking.

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You will not dare to raise your voice for an entire

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you only speak when you're told to speak Subhan Allah when a DIN yaku Allah you're robbing Wow, that's from us I sent them set this 1400 something years ago and we are witnessing it unfortunately.

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The fourth one woman man in your corner Alia urban and ya Allah protect me from wealth that will become punishment for me. This one is constantly occupying my mind that I start neglecting my salad. How many people who the the job or the businesses have told that have made them miss their salad Mr. Juma? Your Allah I want an income that is halal. Because the Haram income it will be other for me in the dunya and akhira.

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A punishment for me in this dunya and akhira and the last one Subhan Allah from a Helene, listen to this, because we all know that our souls are Solomon he says a word he does not say Sadiq. He did not say Sahib. He did not say Rafik, he said Helene and others Khalil mean, very close friend, very close friend. But he said makaira Macker is deceitful. This friend. He's pretending to be a friend. He's deceitful. I know who Tom he's watching me all the time. And his heart is Irani. He's always mindful of me. He's waiting, you know that that friend that is just waiting for you to make a mistake. That's waiting for you to do something wrong. He, of course has continued and said if I do

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something good defend from Devon, you know, when we go to the graveyard we do different, right? He

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bury it. He doesn't mention it to anyone. But if I do something evil, look unknown, or do you use the word either is

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When you have a station that broadcasts something, let's use the word broadcast. Not like he knew. He tells everybody WhatsApp Yola to everyone. I saw him today. You know, she was there with my own eyes. And he tells everybody when he sees a say Yeah, and if you see something good, he never mentions it, Allahu Akbar, five things that are soulless, I seldom taught us to seek refuge from

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who's going to help me.

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Even neighbor,

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a beautiful wife.

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A spouse that cause I keep using the word spouse because I don't want to hear it from the sisters, a spouse that cause Whitehair. A child that is acting as if he's the father, and I'm the child.

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Money that is caused for my destruction. And a friend that is deceitful. That does not really praise me when I do something good and does not warn me when I do something evil. May Allah protect us all from these five and from any evil. May Allah make our last these are besties and our last words Leila illAllah. Tomorrow's pleasure. is the most beloved Salah to Allah.

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Rasool Allah say salam said Salah to Joomla the pleasure of Joomla in Joomla is the most beloved Salah to Allah. See you all at 530 in sha Allah semicolon Allah in

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who use one

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WADA he wants to label this nema.

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In Medina yo Luna Allah wants to

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do Nia

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ma mother mui in

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what Lavina you do? Many know what it means to be a while at MCC DESA

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have more than

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movie in