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One third of Ramadan passed already

June 17, 2016

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The speaker discusses the upcoming weekend and the importance of recognizing the blessed nights of the week. They encourage people to think about the nights they are experiencing and to practice being mindful of their behavior. They also encourage people to write down their own names and actions for the weekend.

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Who knows what night

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Thursday night.

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Today is the tonight is the 12th night of Ramadan. We are effectively in the Ramadan dip, we are effectively in the middle of the middle 10 days where people stop paying attention to Ramadan. And they slack off until the last 10 nights. This is it right now. So how quickly did the first third of Ramadan pass, and we're already talking about the second third and before you know it, it's already eighth. And I want you to, to really think about this deeply. Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed the greatest reward for people in the times when most people will not be paying attention to seeking His pleasure. So for example, the most blessed part of the date is after Feds it. And then right before

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motive after Feds it when most people go back to sleep, or most people are getting prepared for the rest of their workday. After also until mclubbe, when most people are getting home from work and they're tired and they're getting ready for muscle up and whatever comes with slots in the muscle. And then of course the most blessed part of the night is what part of the night, what's the most busted part of the night, the last third of the night where most people are sleeping. These are the times where Allah subhanho wa Taala sees you distinguish yourself, meaning the last 10 nights of Ramadan, all of the massages will be full, people will come back out and gross. And they will show a

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loss of hundreds out of that they're pursuing one of those nights to be later to the other and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow all of us to catch later to catalana I mean, but there's going to be some people that will seek a lot of pleasure On nights that most people are slacking off. And those are the favorite people of Allah subhanaw taala those are the ones who are most likely to gain his pleasure. And I want you to think about it that when you when you when you meet a loss of hundreds out on the Day of Judgment. It could be that Allah made your most blessed night of Ramadan, the 12th night not the 27th night not the 25th night, but the 12th night or the 13th night or the

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14th night or so on so forth. Why? Because that was the night that Allah looked at your fasting and a loss of Hannah hood to Allah saw that your day did not contain backbiting your day had Vicar, your day That day you prayed all of your Salawat on time. On that day you did the things that you were supposed to do you fulfill the obligations that Allah subhanaw taala placed upon you. And because of that Allah subhanho wa Taala enters you into genda Allah writes you down from there, it's a call from those who are redeemed. The reason why this becomes so crucial should I use that microphone, okay.

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The reason why that becomes do any both of them are just as the reason why that becomes so crucial dear brothers and sisters.

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The other one was better. I'm just gonna stick to this one inshallah,

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is because tonight is a night of Friday. You're in the most blessed night of the week later tomorrow. The most blessed day of the week is the day of Friday. And a lot of times due to some of the narrations that we hear. So for example, it's not a hadith it's a narration that's very famous, but it's not a hadith that the first 10 days of Ramadan are mercy the second 10 days are forgiveness. The third the last 10 days are freedom from hellfire. We purposely dove ourselves and we purposely make ourselves lazy, and we just assume Let's wait for the last 10 nights. The fact of the matter is that every night in Ramadan is mercy, and every night and Ramadan is forgiveness, and

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every night and Ramadan is a chance to be freed from hellfire. And the prophets lie Selim said that Allah subhanaw taala decorates genda every single day, a lot decorates agenda more he customizes it for each and every single one of us every day in Ramadan. There's nothing in the Hadith that suggests that Jana is more decorated in the last 10 nights than it is every single night of Ramadan. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that every single night of Ramadan Allah writes down a group of people from their otakar from those those who are redeemed and freed from hellfire. That's not particularly for the last 10 nights that's every single night and the more that you can make

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yourself appear to Allah subhanho wa Taala when most people are not the more you distinguish yourselves and the greater chance you have of being written from amongst those are it's a cop. So I want you to think and do more hassle but really keep hold yourself accountable. Every single day of Ramadan. Look back at your day. Say did I back by today that I like today? How much did I do today? Did I keep up with my core and regimen today? Did I pray my soul to the issue that I pray my budget and just

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Did I pray tonight? Tonight Did I make is too far because the profits nice and I'm sad every single night at the at the time of the floor Allah subhanho wa Taala writes down in accepted darat for you. So if every single night at the time of the thought you say to Allah subhanho wa Taala alarm and john Lehman Taka, Allah write me down from those who are redeemed from Hellfire, because that's the end result of othmar Mk Fira leads to being from illiterates aka mercy forgiveness leads to the unresolved, being freed from punishment and entered into paradise. Every single night of Ramadan, you should be making dua distinguish yourself at the athoc when people are quiet or when people are

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not talking or when people are talking about things that aren't beneficial. distinguish yourself with Vica. distinguish yourself with remembrance. But the point is when people are not accustomed to seeking Allah at those times, that's when you need to accustom yourself to seeking the last monetized pleasure. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah that tonight, the 12th night of Ramadan, be the most blessed night of Ramadan for us and that Allah subhanaw taala frees us from Hellfire tonight and Allah writers down from the people of Paradise tonight. And Allah subhanaw taala writes down his mercy for us tonight we ask a lot to accept our Friday to accept our our eba that's been done so far

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in Ramadan, to accept everything that comes after it. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to purify our hearts and to cleanse our souls for what lies in the last two nights and we ask a lot to write down for us later to the other. llama means rockmelon Federalists and I want to come home to America.