Ramadan 2016 – Tafsir Surah Maryam – Day 11

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Allah’s challenge to disbelievers

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Brothers and sisters Welcome to off to the money and welcome to the domains the last

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stages of pseudo money and in shantala domains is one of the most beautiful,

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eloquent sections of the soul of what Allah subhana wa Taala challenges the disbelievers and the disbelief challenges them on why they say their son challenges them that they think that they will get to wealth and children. Why do you think that

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when they come

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and so extremely poetic and extremely beautiful session hamdulillah I remember learning this when I was a very young person and really touched my heart let's take this shot and see what Allah has to say to us today.

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sledgehammer hey this is verse number 77 persona Maria now for I tell that the crap out of the area Tina, what

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have you seen under the the one will cover up who displease they are Tina with our signs, what call and call? He says lapu lapu? Diana, I would be most definitely given Okay, most definitely.

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Hit me the most definitely surely given my

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So here, Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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that the believers over here,

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in these disbelievers, those who do not have faith, they think that Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen them somehow. Or there's some sort of special relationship or some sort of special arrangement for which the law will give them, give them children and this is, you know, totally wrong, totally wrong.

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For them to actually expect wealth from Allah and children from Alaska without deserving It makes no sense with all due respect.

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Rather, they should they should treat the situation with a situation of fear, relevance, tuition. And here, the secret of this verse really is that the reason why I was getting angry with them is that they are, they are at a point when they shouldn't worship, worshiping Allah through fear, they worship a lot of hope. And that is the problem we have one and this is what what a lot of us have been have fallen into. Today we worship Allah azza wa jal to help them and due to fear, when we have no difficulty in our life, rather, at those points in time we should be worshipping Allah to fear and more than hope. So when we worship Allah mortal fear that when we have a lot of fair blessings

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or healthy, wealthy, when we are young, when we have

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a lot of fear, because we should be afraid of what changes will take us to account for our sins allow will cause our founders to die for our wealth to go away. And because you know, we just

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reset because we continue on sitting with us provisions that He has given us. That is not the time to have hope the time to have hope is in times of distress and difficulty and to have hope and alas mercy knowing that I was eligible to change tuition have difficulty to eat at home. So the reason why I was angry with them is because they have changed the situation here into wonderful color I don't have a has the seen the unseen meaning is he able to achieve the fair for himself as he seen the unseen tougher than the recommended but hasn't taken a promise from other than the one who is the Most Merciful as it taken a promise that this will not happen that alone won't take into account

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that allows you to definitely give him that mercy as he got a contract with them as you can tell about this winery through Boo. Boo. Boo. tiene la sala says Kenya, I jumped on grace. So Canada, verse number 17, I can rather name off assurity he has no so no guarantee of My Mercy. He has not taken a contract from me I have not given the contract and agreement to anybody can submit to guma all right now what we said which is the angels recommendable the SEC will now move to the home in an IRA. And that's why when Allah says Allah to not know and we will do it, sometimes Allah refers to himself and sometimes refers to he and his angels sometimes refers to Allah as angels doing it

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right. So how do you know which one well the anointed for the context selectable mountain that means unless angels were writing down, that is from the context understood selectable Marco what he has said one hour ago and we will increase the minimum

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increase in from the other a tremendous increase one or the fu Maya

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Hello, and we will give him what he has what he has earned

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my wife, Tina, and we will definitely, we will come on the Day of Judgment for the meaning you come alone, and you will have to bear witness his wealth and his children that he had inherited in this dunya will never benefit him

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what Taha Domingo de la liga, and he persists beyond this by actually taking a god other than Allah, Leah poo Ali Hindi akula Marisa so that it is an honor for them. And that's why,

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you know, the, the mushrikeen of Makkah, they used to have a lot of A's through these false gods. And these gods were large and big, and they would dismiss them to idols. And then they said, Yeah, by law by law, that we're going to do this, you know, and, and they had these false deities that they had the true wisdom that they drew, Arizona from and, you know, this is a false because at the SEC,

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as someone who likes to praise for something he has not earned someone who feels something that he does not have. And this is the same thing about these people, they claim it's an honor, for false gods when these false gods have not increased them in anything at all except lack of

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rather than a setup for

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And you look up waiting for

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an Arabic really just blows my mind.

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Rather than a sign up.

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They will meet these islands yet for who will this will this belief in their? in their worship of them? Why are una led him? They will be against the ones who worship them. Can you imagine only Allah will be for the ones who worship him. But all other devils and idols and all other people on the Day of Judgment, will say no, I don't want to worship you worship. I was not worthy of it. And I am against you. I hate you go away from the law. Where is that? Is that on a cul de sac furuno the data that he hit?

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on some shout out Lena, I don't care for you the data as soon as sir. Have you not seen how we have sent the shell team, the evil ones the evil demos, I don't care need to the disbelievers as soon as putting them fear in their hearts and pushing them onwards for

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him. So do not be in a hurry over them. And

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in a

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very, we are preparing for them a severe preparation, a tremendous coverages like you know what guys, prepare for your enemies, they're coming for you, oh, the 19 has an agenda, prepare yourself, sharpen your swords, prepare your various forms of punishment, they are going to enter your agenda just in a little while.

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Anyone who reads this, anyone who reads this knows that these words cannot be for anyone other than the law. You know, I remember there was this new Muslim, a man who was a professor of antiquities and was a professor of archaeological,

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I believe of some some very high level archaeological discoveries that he made in Egypt. And he was a professor of of manuscripts read of all Egyptian manuscripts. So what did he do? He became Muslim. And I remember him speaking to us. And he was saying that, you know, he's listened to a lot of books, and he's seen a lot of books. And, you know, he's developed this on the sixth sense about books. You know, when he reads it, he gets this impression about, he said, When I opened the book, and I started reading from it, the second set I couldn't hold myself is I have to turn my head away. And it was this light emanating from the book. There was something about this book telling me this

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is just different. This is not any manuscript written by any, you know, dumb Pharaoh or some silly court Court Justice somewhere or some court writer somewhere in some some courts, no, rather, this is this is different, this is different. He's and he said that I could not put the book down and I was so attracted to it. So much so that I, that I truly accepted Islam at that point, you know, just the fact that he saw the book. And he started reading some of the verses, the verses Emily to it, you know, I feel the same way. We're like, you know, I don't I don't see a light coming from it because perhaps I'm blind.

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And perhaps you know it's because it's not in

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our saw when it began on Kubernetes it is not the eyes that are applying the law says it is the hearts in the chest that applied and so perhaps we have to open our hearts a lot more we have to polish our chest our hearts a lot more. So we feel like but there's new coming out of these verses that show that will likely not be for anyone but Allah azza wa jal led him so do not be in a hurry over them in

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agda we are preparing for them a severe preparation Yo man actual Athena Illa

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was on the day when the when the believers will be gathered together Illa man to the to the to the Most Merciful was the as a beautiful, beautiful congregation, right? And all gathered together looked at at least

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the ones who feared you What are so called moogerah Nina Isla Johanna with the admiral who will

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take the machete mean, which will be the wrongdoers Illa. Johanna to the disbelievers in dragged in chains on their feet and on their on their faces will the only lie on the corner shafa they will not be able to speak and ask for any any safety or any intercession on that day in

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the right manner, except for the one who Ally's already promised for him, who are the ones that are less promised the prophets of God, the martyrs, the angels, those who are at the top angels are the angels in general.

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A family that that goes to the genda for the people agenda. And these are some of the people who are not as taken aback, a promise that they will allow listen to that, but they will not be able to speak at any time only when allow us to be able to speak for anyone that they want they will be only able to speak for what Allah is happy for them to speak about work on.

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And they said Allah has indeed taken one of the Sun lafonda Jeep Tom Shea and it's very common with an evil say it doesn't mean very filthy, very evil, very pungent saying that for the Jeep to shape and it also it also means something which is very tremendous, something very magnanimous in itself that God

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and the heavens and the earth is about to the company about to assemble what the heavens in the photon I mean who it is about to be torn apart. What 10 shockula or what and sharpen up the earth is about to be ripped. What the hell will Japan have done the mountains about to fall down to ruin, you look at the power of these verses who speaks like that. Who speaks like that? Except rapida. Takada sobre la

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Shaku Aldo, Waterfield filled roll g burners

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and Russian money that they should say Allah has a word that they should say Allah has a son, one my young

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It does not perfect, the Most Merciful to take a son in coloman fish somehow it barely every single thing in the heavens, one or the other in the earth. Illa will not

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will not accept come to Allah, the Most Merciful

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as a slave.

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And we're all set to allow promises instead of a law degree instead. Everything said we're all his slaves. We do not call ourselves as children. We do not glorify ourselves, we cannot even think like that. We are all his slaves. Yes. But a master can be merciful to states master can love the state master can chaussure slaves and want to be with the slaves? Yes. That's entirely possible. You're still asleep? You're still asleep. And the fact that last fall asleep is an honor for us. Because we are we attribute it to him. Unless I'm saying Oh, you're the slave of you know, any, any other Master? No unless attribute is the master that that slavery to this master. So that is our slavery

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to him. Law saw them at the very least counted them and he has counted each one of them specifically, well pull home, the old one.

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And every single person will come on the day of judgment on the young father or as a person who is coming one by one. He will come on the Day of Judgment one by one meaning no one else was there. No one else will answer for him. Everyone will answer to all separately. They will all have to stand up to their own needs. No one can answer

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We have others, and everyone will have to answer what they did on their own. So yelman PRP for the, you know what? This is just amazing versus a lie. I mean, not much I can say, well, we have to seal except to tell you that anyone who understands these words and the power these words in Arabic will understand how beautiful these words are, in terms of

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the the poetic nature of the words, of how much Bulava there is in it, of how its knows of verses of the words of poetry that could not have come from man. It indeed is heavenly. It was comfortable Allah subhanho wa Taala but couldn't do it deal with the fact that everyone called the Day of Judgment, one by one in Allah the

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heart very those who believe that do righteous deeds, say that you are you love more mana with the very last panel that Allah will put for every one of those people who do righteous deeds, and those who believe and do righteous deeds will tell what is good.

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What means our love, you know, what is you know, from the day comes the name Allah to Allah, Allahu Allah means, the one who loves his creation loving God. So, very those who believe and those righteous deeds

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for them, Allah will put with that which means a cause of love, what is that what it could be germline itself, it could be a session of the profit center, but all of this is earned because of them believing first and that is why

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it included when the number of people that said that we love to live increase the loss of Hannah Montana may a challenge to them. And the challenge that he put for them was that he asked them to do something to prove the love that they profess from their tongues and they say they have the hearts and that is follow the soul. Now the prophecies are put into law for today only say if you need you know a lot of Follow me.

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So, the wood that is therefore Allah will give us a beat for which allows us to what is that the shuttle that is following the Sunnah of the Prophet system or something else that is similar to it. And of course, the the fall in the Sunnah of the Prophet system who else taught us that except the prophets of the lies and so those who do righteous deeds and those who believe alone will give them a wisdom a deep but which allow them they will dabble in Santa Monica, Verily, We have made this easy. Yes, sir. Now, we make this easy. We decided upon your tongue wanting to Bashir have been willing to question it and so that you can give glad tidings to those who

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want to be looked at. And so that you may warn the people that are astray and forgetful and kick us from a loop that we the people who are good at these people are careless and they are in ignorance. They are being careless and they're being led astray. Welcome in our popular home. And how many have we destroyed? many popular before that many of them from generations had to have so many movies?

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Can you? Have you heard anything? So many you sense anything about them? Maybe you know anything about the movies? read about them and you see their dwellings or their children? Are they still alive? Is there any more that you know about them to what we've told you how to so many women are hiding out a smuggler?

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Or do you even hear about that a tale or a fable about them?

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And it's amazing. I wanted

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to read this to you in Arabic. And then I want you to see how powerful these words are and how it feels in your heart. So I will

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tell the

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pina colada

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da da

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da da da

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da da da da

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da da da

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uno, tiene

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una de

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una mirada. That means meanwhile

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with the

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shadow clean

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At NASA ozone as

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in na na na

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na na

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na na na na na na, na, na

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na na na

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Money I walk on

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Tony Shea and the DA DA DA

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DA belly. Mommy, I wanna

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kiss you one on one on the

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to wealthy mockito in

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in Santa Monica

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30 vetova Sheila

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Welcome. Latina Kamala

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Harris has so many moments I had a smile

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Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses from this beautiful and because for love for this for me because I believe for this for Ravana in Nana Nana flowerfield una mattina da da

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me until tomorrow, so don't miss it. Insha Allah, the surah of the love of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for moussaka, the Sunnah amazing surah amazing to see is definitely a pet salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah