Kamal El-Mekki – Are We in the End of Days

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and potential of the end of times, including the use of signs and the chronic chronological order of the sides. The speakers discuss the use of argues and evidence to guide actions, the potential for technology to create artificial intelligence, and the potential for war and the return of the beast. They also mention political and cultural changes occurring in the United States, including the rise of Islam, the military, and the return of the glory of Islam. The segment concludes with a discussion of the potential for drastic shutdowns and catastrophic events.
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hill. I mean, what are the early wasabia, Jemaine and Mbak? So the question is, are we, in the end of times, and we have a lot to cover as far as the timeline, and I'm trying to be brief. And also I have a lot of,

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like, foundational rules to lay. All right. First of all, one of the, one of the things that every era is guilty of, is that they interpret their signs to fit their current world. I guarantee you, when it was World War Two, many Muslims thought this is it, these are the mullah him, these are this is the end of times, I guarantee you when the Spanish Flu hit in 1919, or 1918, whatever it was, people felt like you know, this is it, these are the End of Times, and when Coronavirus, hit what happened. People kept saying these are the end of times, they I mean, this is just not unique to us. Every generation or time period, they will interpret the signs. According to that present world, for

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there was one of the scholars andalas, which is about 800 years ago, and he was so certain that the mat is going to emerge in his lifetime. And he felt that if the money doesn't emerge in his lifetime, he's just gonna miss him face to toe the students. When you see them, it gives them set up for me. He was certain we look at the Hadith of the man's the tip of his whip speaking to him, and his shoe speaking to him and his thigh speaking to him, and what do you say immediately to cell phone. Because we are we're susceptible to

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interpreting the signs according to our world, his thigh speaking to him, that's the cell phone.

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It's but that's not his thigh speaking to him. And the Hadith says his spy will speak to him and inform him of what his family did in his absence. When you pick up your phone from your pocket, which is resting on your thigh, you speak to your family, and they tell you what happened in your absence, not your thigh telling you. And then what about the sandal speaking to them? An apple still hasn't made a shoe, the IE shoe coming in three years.

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So it's but we're always guilty of that. Okay, so we've got a couple of things. Number one, the signs don't always have to be in this current world, too. You have to stick to the chronic chronological order of the sides. And I don't want to mention any names because they might be fans. But there was a there was a speaker who was popular for talking about the signs before the end, he messes up the timeline timeline like crazy. He actually has photos of the dam, the barrier of your union module, his photos is that it's broken 12 years ago, and they came out

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that the John, that's the British, okay? Look, I can't stand the British just like the next person. But I'm not gonna, I'm just kidding. I'm not gonna go as far and say, to say they're the gym doesn't even fit at the gels a human being the problem. He's a human in the process, Elon, when he described it to John, he said, I'll tell you who looks like him if no cotton looks kind of like him.

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You see. So that's not a system. That's not a new world order. You have to stick with the order of things, the chronology, the chronological timetable, you can't just change it around. Yeah. And because we're dealing with the unseen, one of the biggest red flags is when somebody is certain about something, and they give you dates, and times and locations. But how is it the unseen a few how they're like, you know, it's so well, how is that possible? That's one of the red flags you ever need to listen, if you're listening to anybody who's doing a series on the end of times, and they're speaking very precisely, they're giving you dates. They're saying there's no other interpretation,

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no room for any other explanation. Don't listen to that person anymore. Not even a little bit.

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Yeah, because how would you know? And there's so many things that are open to many plausible explanations. All right. So before that, the gel emerges. There is a thought that the gel came out. So the Prophet SAW Selim says the Muslims will send 10 Scouts to check if this news is true or not. Then the prophets of salaam swears by Allah. He says I know their names, and the names of their fathers and the colors of their horses. This is later on. Oh, horses will have two cars, motorcycles, airplanes, no more. Tesla doesn't succeed into the next.

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That's it. Not even electric cars are

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Right, cross LM mentions arrows he says that a group will go and conquer Constantinople which is Istanbul and they're not going to fire a single arrow. So got arrows, spears, horses, by wars, everything else. What do you think what would happen when people will have to use arrows and spears?

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Or do you have an explanation for that? I'm asking you really?

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this computer systems get jammed. Okay.

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So looks like some nerves are gonna jam it will. Yeah, we hope.

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Okay, fine. All right. Hmm.

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Advanced arrows. So they're not really just Wooden Arrows. They're like Rambo exploding DIP switch.

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Okay, anything else? Any other explanation?

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So, so why did the person say arrow then? If it's a bullet?

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Okay, good luck, Allah. And that's it. So everything you said, is plausible. Like everything that was said, now makes sense. It's plausible. But for me to insist on one of these three statements, how would I know it's the unseen, that people always like, interpreted like as if your grill told them yesterday. So you just said that it could be that the prophets of Allah is just speaking to them in terms they understand you. And he didn't say they will con conquer Constantinople without firing a single RPG called a woman RPG rasool Allah

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He would use a language that they can understand. That's one. So when he says horses, he doesn't want to say motorcycles and have to explain the internal combustion engine and all that stuff. Confusing. That's one or two. There could be technology, they can still be on horses. So the Scott has actually mentioned this example. They said, If you ever watched the videos of the jihad in Afghanistan, of course, when we said you had enough of understand, we mean against the Russians.

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That was a joke against America loves Oh, but against the Russians, that was jihad. So anyways, you watch these old videos, you know, 8070, and you'll see the Russians on their helicopters and tanks, and the Afghans were on horseback. Why? Because the terrain allowed them to be on horseback actually even give them an advantage to be on horseback, even though they were fighting an enemy that was on tanks, and other kinds of machinery. So the fact that the person mentions horses, we don't have to necessarily assume that technology will be Dino done. And but could it also be that there's no more technology?

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Could it be possible by what what could cause no technology? Because like, I guarantee that even if there's a nuclear bomb, and the whole world's finished, there is going to be a gun and some bullets in Texas, I guarantee. I know it just open any random house here the only survivor on Earth, you're gonna find guns and bullets, so I don't have to go to arrows.

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Alright, what so what would you think? What could cause no more technology?

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No internet. Ha.

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But what's funny is usually there always means right? And like, we all wake up and find our phones missing. Our children go into depression and stuff. There's always something like,

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World war three. So sometimes people say that so there's going to be like, if there's a world war three, or four or five, whichever, however you count, it doesn't matter. And then there's the end of technology and the end of civilization and people kind of start over. Okay, and then maybe you can fill in the blanks like, why did they start over? Like, there's some adults alive? Why why do you start with bows again, then you know how things work anyways, possible. Some people say there's certain catastrophic events that could yield change the world, like if there's a solar flare from the sun, which they say there's only a 10% chance of that ever happening, but that would knock off

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every electrical equipment, piece of equipment on the planet. All right, are they saved with oil runs out if oil runs out? Like what is it a huge percent of the world population will just die if oil runs out

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if the dollar collapses, so what I'm trying to say let me see I kind of jumped ahead here. So there's the world we live in right now. Look anything close to the world where the MADI emerges.

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The job comes soon or shortly thereafter? The answer is no. Absolutely not. And I'm going to give you the arguments or the evidence, but there is no way you look at it. And you say, Yeah, we're in that world. No way. I'll give you the evidence Charla. But even though I'm saying that we are not in the world where the magic comes out, we're not in that world. This is the description of how the world is right now. That is not the description of the world where the MACD emerges or the things that are supposed to happen, doesn't look anything like it. But with even with saying and believing that, I'll tell you that, if certain catastrophic events happen in 10 years, the whole world will

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look just like that world in just 10 years. So that's why when you're dealing with the unseen, you don't know how much it can change. And if, for example, I was watching a documentary on the

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obviously made by non Muslims, who was about when the dollar collapses, right. And they, in many, in the many points they mentioned, they said that if the dollar collapses, the the places on earth that will be most immediately and severely affected by the collapse of the dollar are the ones that have the strongest link to the dollar. So specifically, they mentioned Britain.

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And they mentioned Israel.

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And they said, the dollar collapses, those two places will feel it the most, or they're all knee subsequently collapse as well. So if the dollar collapses tomorrow, what would the world look like in 10 years?

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If China doesn't step up their game,

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it would look really bad. And it could look very much like the world before when all that turmoil happens. Okay, now, we've got a couple of things. So so so I'm saying we're not in that world, but I'm also saying, we're dealing with the unseen. It can change in five years and 10 and 15 years, it could completely change and look like this dystopian you know, post apocalyptic war, a world where the jungle and Maddy and all these things that emerge. Now another thing is

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that you will have things like for example, people will say that MIT will free beta Democritus then Matt is going to free philosophy. There is not a single Hadith that says In Module free philosophy not even a fabricated Hadith

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that says the man is going to free flow state but you hear it all the time and Maddie Yep. That when you say the mighty will free flow state. Well why I don't know about you, but it takes hope away from me.

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Sahara. Who else is with me? I have to take hope away from it. You're telling me the people of Gaza and Philistine they have to sit through this until the MADI comes

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and everything we do is useless

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yeah and they are da won't help and nothing will help we just have to Hamas just watch Netflix when it comes to his it's his job yeah, now I'm gonna do his job

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well i takes hope away from you now

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he says that he's gonna be rolling coal.

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Yes and the Hadith actually a hadith mentions it casually mentions the hill he'll be in make better marketers doesn't talk about freeing it. So the scholar said the fact that he's gonna go to bid and mark this indicates that it's already free.

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It's a Muslim law location that he just goes to. And he rules from there or he settles there. Yeah, because it's already free. Not a single 100 mentions that he frees it. That gives you more hope that says yeah, you can do things boycotting laughter Wait till the MADI companies getting a resisting Musharraf Atlanta just you can't do anything till the night becomes No, that's not true.

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So then there are other indications also Yanni the jet when he comes, he will have 70,000 from the Jews of his Farhan coming with him, where are they coming towards, towards zero slip? So the scholars said, So what are these Jews not in Jerusalem?

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Will Inteva

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you know? Right. So and by the way,

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I need one of the dumbest things ever is if the when someone tells you Oh, you said the Jews will follow the John and that's anti semitic. Okay. Stop with the nonsense. All right. First of all, the Jews will follow the jar and guess why they have him. The Christians who have ordered the jar, the atheists will follow that journey and the Muslims will follow that journey. MashAllah in droves. President said that man will chain his wife to the pillars of the home so she doesn't go and join the jar. And he says you break free and jointed the job. So yeah, don't worry. We didn't say just the Jews Muslims but yeah, anyways, bye.

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So we've got a number of

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things and really the only Hadith that I'm going to go into details is just one Hadith that mentions three feet and trials that come one after the other. But we've got a number of things that would you would you can argue need to happen before the madness shows up. So are we in the world where the MADI emerges? First of all, the Euphrates River dries up. And it's a hadith Sahih Muslim and it uncovers a mountain of gold. And then people will rush to go get that gold and the problem said from every 199 People will die trying to get the gold. And then one narration of raw Selim says, each person will tell himself perhaps I'm the one who's going to make it. And he told him, how do we

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there is a 99% chance you will be killed? He's like, yes, but there's that one.

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Don't do it. Don't go. Now why the person tell us about this hottie or this incident. The scholars said the president tells you these things so you know how to act when they happen. So when the Euphrates dries, and by the way, the Euphrates is drying, right? You see in video pictures, it's insane. There's some area that just looks like desert you don't even know that there was a river there. It is drying up. But when it dries up, and then you hear on Al Jazeera that there's a mountain of gold discovered don't buy your plane ticket. That's exactly why the porcelain told you so you know how to act when it happens. So the Euphrates River dries up in a mountain of gold and a

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lot of killing happens that happens before the MADI Arabia turns into rivers and greenery. But I know we were all on these WhatsApp groups you have seen some insane videos true or false, some crazy videos of and before and after where it was completely desert and now it's just green luscious greenery everywhere. But what I love love love love about this hadith is the porcelain says that the our will not be established until Arabia returns to greenery.

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That's, that's a genuine Prophet returns to greenery. If you were living 1400 years ago, and you're standing next to the pro seller, and he says returns to being green, you tell him Elsa, this used to be green. And it is now that you've seen it. You've been to Mecca. It's rough terrain, not even just rocks and rough, nothing green whatsoever. So would you have believed that this place used to be green? And I don't have time to go into all the evidence and all that. But that is a lot mean is the evidence that you can't refute that. Arabia used to be green and nice to have animals and greenery and plants? What's the easiest evidence? The easiest one? There is archaeological evidence they

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found elephant tusks in the desert.

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Oil heavy oil but gold. What was oil and like carbon based organisms that used to live a long time ago and then brush your Omashu it melt and what happened? It became oil. So let's prove we know that but how did Muslim know it? If he wasn't a genuine prophets of Allah Sedna? So that is happening? But it's not done yet. It just started happening. Euphrates River is drying up. It's happening. But it's not in the mountain didn't show up yet.

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Then we have well, okay, so it gets tricky. I'm gonna this is the one Hadith that we're going to focus on for tonight in sha Allah. This is

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a Hadith Narrated by Abu Dhabi with an Imam Muhammad. And Hakim said it is so here

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and the heavy all sorts of hand on Allah. This is Abdullah Omar, the son of Rando hooked up, he says couldn't corrode and in the rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi salam, we were sitting with the prophets and I'll send them for the current fit and so, he started to mention the different trials and the different trials and tribulations the tests that are going to happen towards the end of times

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which let me stop for a second. Now.

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If if you want to get technical we are in the End of Times meaning if you consider the age of the Earth, right. Where are we? And if this is the beginning of the earth, and this is the end of the earth, where do you imagine we we would be here in the very beginning, the halfway point the ending, right?

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So if you want to get any sometimes people may want to just argue with you right now we are in there. Okay, fine. In that sense, we're in the end of times, but are we at the events of the end of times, that's what we're saying. Because the Brazilian said boy to another soccer team, I in the hour sent like these to some scholars said meaning I'm a little bit ahead of it. It's right behind me. Now the said meaning just like there is nothing between this finger and this finger. There's nothing between my sending and the out. So we are towards the end if you look at the span of the earth

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We're too we're here at the end. Yeah.

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Okay. Does that make sense to everybody?

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Because I have a great analogy, but I don't want to spend time if it makes sense. We'll move on. So the process, so Abdullah Ahmed says and we saw Salam, he was mentioning, the Phaeton

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the trials, the different tests, the extra T the Korea so he, he spoke a lot about that he, he went too deep into it, like he kept talking for a long time, which shows you process them spent time with this. And he didn't. That's not the only thing he taught them. But he did speak about this a lot. Then he says, had the CARA fitna last until he mentioned the fifth novel Hala. So these are three feet and in this hadith, that follow one after the other, and we're going to look at them because they describe the world where the melody emerges.

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And let's see, are we there? Did any of these three happen yet? fit into law Hallas for Karla Elune ya rasool Allah Wilma fitna tool analysts said oh prophet of Allah, what is the fifth of Allah halus Carla here Hora Boon were Hara are born out Wahab there are different ways of reading it. Okay, through MMA, I guess we'll come you know, let me explain it as we go. So the problem said fitness Alice and Alice is plural of an Hills hills. Hence is this cloth that you put on the back of the camel, before you put the saddle or the Holdrege the sedan or whatever else you put, you usually put a cloth on the back of the camera and that's between its skin and whatever, within saddle or

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anything else you put there. So what it was called the fifth novel Atlas, because anytime you look at a camera with a saddle on there's a hills there for you Munna. Zima Jonnie, it's always there. And it's continuous. So from the name of the fitna, you get a clue as to the the nature of the fitna. That is a fitna that is continuous and health is always on the back of the camel. If there's a saddle, there's a heads. It's never gone. So it's continuous. It's always there. So

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they said what is fitness? Last, he said, it is going to be hard on one Wahab, out Wahab. So Harab basically, people will just like an Hooroo people run away from one another. There is so much killing that people when you see a person you run away, you don't want to encounter them, because they will probably kill you a lot of killing for whatever reason. Are we at that stage yet? And I bet it's not talking about. Yeah, but that's what's happening right now and method in this country. Now it's talking about something on a bigger scale. So and then the how

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they basically that? Well, the two explanations. One is that the hobbit family will add that people will lose their families and their wealth. So that's one explanation. People will lose their family and their wealth. The other that

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is that basically it will be wars and a lot of killing. There'll be a lot of killing, and people will stay away from each other and people will be robbing and looting each other. So this is fifth net, and hulless. Five, let's get them all together so we can get a good picture. Then the problem says, Thelma, so after it, and the scholar said Thelma and Thelma, you see that it's happening one after the other. It's not like a century later or something like that. Through fitna to fitna to Sahra

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it then the problem says the Hano ha mentality Academy Euro Julian mean 180 years Romo, a novel mini when a 70 were in nama Olia e Takuan. So he says, then there's going to be a fitna and the person called it fitness as Sabra because a trial and a test can be if there is, it can be bad, or you can be tested through good which is like our case in America. And you're tested to see if a viewer thankful to Allah, everything and 100 as available, electricity, running water, whatever you want, you get it not a problem. So this is another fitness so there's some scholar said fitted to Sarah because everything there's a lot of ease and good. And that's the naming. The other scholars said

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it's so raw and the soul allowed who the enemy is pleased with this fitna that's afflicting the Muslims, so it's making them happy. That's why Allah called it the fifth Novus promiseland. Call it fitna with sarva. But it will be due to a man who was from my family. Yanni. his lineage traces back to the prophets of Allah who said no. And and but then the Prophet said LEM distances himself from him.

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He says but he's not from me. So he is from me but he's not from me, meaning he is from me but because of his behavior and his lack of righteousness. I am distinct distancing myself from him. So he's not from me. And and he says that in my Olia in my close friends are Moutoku in the people who have Taqwa. filma then

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yeah, suddenly you're studying for nurse then people will unite under allah Raju Lin under a man can we reckon? Calvary kin Allah Bella, kawaii King Abdullah, this is an expression to show lack of stability. Alaric Ash is the thigh, the thigh muscle, and the doula the ribs. So if you get a rib bone, which is small and thin, like this, and it's curved, and then you put the big thigh on top of it, what's gonna happen is going to rock. So that's the visual you need. It's just an expression that means unstable. So people are going to then unite under a man, but he's going to be like, a thigh bone on a rib bot. Yeah. And he's going to be unstable. Through MMA fitness to do Hey, Matt,

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then the fitnah overdue Hamer do Hamer to severely dama Adama means a black soda. So in Arabic sometimes in English books you will find this translated as then this little black fitna, but in Arabic sometimes you use the diminutive form to show that it's big. So do Hamer here doesn't mean the little black fitna. It means the big black fitna ladder or a hidden minha the hill Ummah, in La Palma Coolock Martin, it does not leave anyone from this OMA except that it afflicted.

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Now when people said it's COVID What was wrong with that? Mm one COVID came out he was oh, this is fitna to do Aima. labia heavy. When Allah Allah sweat, what about the ones before it? What about the ones before it? Muscadelle? Yeah, we just pick one. Hello. So this is it. What about the ones before? There were two before it. Okay. And yes, it's true. But that's why we said we didn't say bye. We're gonna say when a description matches an event, a description that we have of one of the signs matches an event in our lifetime. All the other descriptions have to meet it as well. I know I've said this many times before. There is a very famous speaker, I'm not going to mention his name.

00:27:34 --> 00:27:39

Okay. But he says the John is the television screen.

00:27:40 --> 00:27:45

The gel is the TV and he gives good arguments. He says the TV.

00:27:46 --> 00:27:50

The agenda is one night, the TV is one screen

00:27:51 --> 00:28:16

by I'm going to get rid of my brain and say Okay, I agree with you. I is a screen now of how Okay, he said why is he called it the gel because he lies all the time. Okay, so what do you see from TV lies all the time. Everything lies, news, lies, commercial lies. The sandwich in the commercial.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:29

The thing is holding slow motion. The lettuce is sweating the tomatoes kitten and it's spinning when you buy it's like the guys stepped on it with his foot and give it to like when the big one and the lettuces why no

00:28:31 --> 00:29:14

lie is everywhere. Okay, so he said and then the Hadith says that the jewel enters every household and the TVs in every household sounds good far. And if that's all I knew about that the John Colet, the guy makes sense by but what's our rule all the signs have to fit okay? The Hadith also says that the judge has a right eye and describes a well describes the other bad eye and it's a Muslim admissions is the right eye and it's protruding like a grape. It Hadith says that on his forehead. It says Kaffir not Sony.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:28

The hadith says that the gel cannot enter Mecca and Medina is there to desert or their TV sets and Mecca and Medina. Yeah, that the Hadith mentions that the gel will cut a young man in half.

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Alright, and do they make a DVD that does that? If they do don't buy it. Why would you buy it? So does it match now? It doesn't. So yeah, it sounds like it's COVID fitna to do haoma sounds like it's COVID and it will not leave anyone from the Ummah except that it touched them. Okay, put your hand up if COVID didn't affect you. Yeah, no way. No way didn't affect your job. didn't affect you going out didn't affect you're hanging out with friends and coming to the Miss No way.

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and probably nobody in the Obama elements, there's a guy who has been living in the desert, he's 100 miles away in every direction from everybody. He didn't feel it.

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You know, he didn't social distance while he was social distancing. He pushed it. So you understand. So he's saying that no one from the UMA is unaffected by it. So you could say until here, how was it? COVID? Yeah, but first of all, you just ignored the order of things the first two, then,

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was it here?

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Yeah. And then it sounds like COVID Right. It says, say the Thielen covet tema, that Yanni every time you think it's over, it comes back again. Remember COVID They said it's over. And now I forgot all the different names, who was version one and then there was a 2.0? Misha right remember every time different names every time. Every time we think it's over? Oh, there's another outbreak. There's another variant.

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Use here we go is this COVID Use Bihar Raju Luffy ha Mina williamsii cafetera a man who will wake up a Muslim and by evening will be a Kaffir did that happen with COVID No humbler had you'll see it a NAS Isla for style by unit until the people of the old Maya noob Ahmed Mohamed salah, Salah will split into two camps for spotty Eman in learn if apathy a camp of Eman in which there is no hypocrisy and the camp of hypocrisy in which there is no EMA. Does it sound like COVID now

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oh the rules have to apply all the descriptions have to apply. So it's not COVID at all. Now nobody wakes up a believer and then you know at night is a disbeliever or wakes up a disbeliever at night is a believer why is that happening anyways? Because of the trials and if someone would leave his religion from all the pressures and tests but the person doesn't specify what is happening to people here. He doesn't specify but clearly it's not COVID Because we're not even done.

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Okay we said a camp of a man no hypocrisy in it cap of hypocrisy no Eman in it. Then it says for either Canada come from totally rude that Jurmala min. Yo me he Oh minha de when that happens, expect that the John that day or the next.

00:32:30 --> 00:33:05

So now where does this fall in our timeline? Could it be like today? We're far from it. We got to go through a law class first Ben we got the guy who's our codec and Arabella that unstable God. All right. And then we have to have this other fitna do Hey Ma, and then the Ummah splits into two camps. And when that happens, expected the judge to come right that day or the next day, not enough is also lump. Possibly there's hyperbole there to say how close it would be. But where do you think which camp is the Mojave and

00:33:08 --> 00:33:54

the man camp right? And so fitten do something amazing. They knew in Arabic USA for 10 to the hub Wellford that like when you want to purify the gold, how do you purify it, you put it over the fire. And so I've met these different ores melt at different temperatures. And then after this fire, you get the pure gold. And that's exactly what fit and do to the ummah. Because everybody's a great believer when the sun is out and the birds are singing. But then once there's a test, then you see the gold from the the other. So basically, now this fitna, what it does is it splits everyone, clearly we see who the hypocrites are, and who are the people of EMA. So now in a way, it's like it

00:33:54 --> 00:34:26

gets things ready for the madness on the mighty comes. He knows his people, and there's no hypocrisy in the camp. And he doesn't have to think is this guy as spies is what is working for this group or that group he knows is with the believers. And then what is a salad or not? I mean, the man himself he does he has when ACRM said I said I'm comes down. The Mighty is already organized them. They're already an army and he they're already the righteous people. And so it's like everyone does the work that falls into place. So

00:34:28 --> 00:34:32

yeah, I do it. I think I discover everything you want to hear.

00:34:34 --> 00:34:55

Yeah. So when you see then this gives you the timeline of when that's going to happen. So we've got the Euphrates drying up. We've got Arabia turning into rivers and greenery. And we've got these three fit and one after the other. Before the match, the other things happen before the mighty comes out.

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

There is a Khalifa

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

And when if some if anyone tells you today

00:35:04 --> 00:35:43

the mind is out. Tell him you're wrong. I met them out yesterday. You didn't. But basically how can you refute me before even here? What my argument is that I want you to meet him and sit down I don't have to he's not the money How can you judge like this? Because there's going to be a Khilafah before the MACD comes out, then the Khalifa dies. Now, you know use your political science and what could possibly happen that will cause the Khilafah to come back and what where's the West? They're gonna sit there and wait for the Khilafah what's happening? Allah Allah is from the unseen. When does this happen? Allahu wa Tada Allah. But there's a Khalifa the Muslims unite under a belief, then

00:35:43 --> 00:36:30

the Khalifa dies, then the three sons of this Khalifa, they fight over the treasures of the Kaaba. So the Hadith says three sons of a Khalifa fight over the treasures of the Kaaba. And some scholars said, there might be actual treasure buried at that point under the Kaaba that they're fighting over, or it could just indicate, and symbolically, whoever is the Khalifa owns all the treasures and he's in charge of the Kaaba, and he owns all the treasures of the wealthy and of the OMA. So that could be what it means. You are over though a man seeks refuge with a bait Yanni, a man seeks refuge at the Kaaba, and he goes there and he comes fleeing. He flees from Medina and goes to Mecca. Now

00:36:30 --> 00:37:11

the Hadith are specifically vague and purposely Oxford, me specifically, they're purposely vague, because Russell, I'm not trying to tell you everything that will happen. And he's just telling you that he is going to leave Medina flee Medina, going to Mecca, seeking refuge there at the Kaaba. Now that means a sculptor said that he's probably some people had their eye on him or someone thought he was special or something, but people were after him, but we don't have any of the details. And then when he goes to Mecca, then an army is sent to basically to attack him. And then the earth swallows up that army when the earth soil is up the army

00:37:12 --> 00:37:43

the muddy first of all, almost overnight, becomes a righteous person. So if you're sitting in your Quran class and the guy next to you says By the way, I'm the bad eat tell them No you're not. How do you not worry because the Maddie some scholars said is not some scholar said he is just not religious at all. He doesn't even pray other cities just a look a baseline Muslim. Then Hadith says you sweat her lofi Leila Allah rectifies him in one night becomes the most righteous, religious person.

00:37:45 --> 00:38:03

So the guy who memorize 16 Joseph sitting next to you in the field, it can't be him. So anyways, I didn't like I didn't really want to get into the meat of it before the mighty there's the Khilafah then there is the Civil War. So that means before the Khilafah things have to happen, like does it look like today? There could be a Khilafah?

00:38:04 --> 00:38:15

Yeah, do you think a cc will step down or push out of SMB will MB initiative mean? Everyone's going to step down here let's have a Khalifa for the sake of unity.

00:38:16 --> 00:38:54

That means we're not even close to that world. But we could be close to that world if something major happens. You see, you can't with with the science, you can't pinpoint it you can't. People have always been trying this for some of our classical scholars tried to estimate the day of judgment by calculating backwards from the day of judgment to the time we live today. Yanni, if I can estimate and count from the major signs. But the Hadith that says there's 50 years between each major sign is a weak Hadith. You can't you can't if Allah wants to hide something from you, you're not going to cleverly figure it out.

00:38:55 --> 00:38:55


00:38:57 --> 00:39:08

I wish people would remember that. If Allah wants to hide something from you. You're not going to cleverly figure it out. People are saying nonsense over the Internet all the time. And I'm at the end here. This one guy, he said

00:39:10 --> 00:39:17

he said that the jet isn't here. And you're doing in Module John here she is because we haven't found them. We have Google Earth.

00:39:18 --> 00:39:47

Today, what did you expect into that man, the Google car model and drove by the Japanese like stunning and I'm coming? What did you expect? Exactly? Or you expect it to see the barrier of your Judean? jooge It's 1000s of years old you just a big door method. No mud moss trees grow over it or no rocks on top of it. So you just want to cruise the earth with your mouse at home and there it is. I found that

00:39:48 --> 00:39:59

you don't want Allah doesn't want you to find them doesn't want us meaning like our world today. Everyone loves Mr. Nam to find the union by George. What do you think if we if we found the barrier today? What do you think will happen?

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

Tell me

00:40:02 --> 00:40:03

Yeah, I need the minute

00:40:06 --> 00:40:19

first of anthropologists are gonna come and then we have to examine these people and make contact with the natives who shot if America will find out they have oil immediately. And all we gotta give them democracy or Machado introduce them to the iPhone, and

00:40:20 --> 00:40:38

we're not going to leave them alone. That's why he lost Hodeida doesn't allow us to find them. So, so what Allah hides something, you're not going to find it. So how can we get find it? The jack, I'll tell you why you're having because Allah, Allah doesn't want you to find it. Does that make sense to how can we get invited the job?

00:40:39 --> 00:40:42

It does. So what do you want from him? You want to find him?

00:40:44 --> 00:40:45

You don't want to find him?

00:40:46 --> 00:40:46


00:40:48 --> 00:41:32

that was my point. It was kind of brief. But my point was that, let me repeat it one more time. Because I feel free to have opinions and I don't have any issue and because I'm not saying I'm right, I'm saying it's the unseen. So bas relax decotiis I told you something you say possibly you told me something. That doesn't make sense. I say possibly, then I go home. I love you. But not in front of you. Because you can't tell me it's the unseen you can't tell me what's happening. Exactly. So in conclusion, the world we're in today doesn't look anything like the world where the mid emerges work with MIT, by the way is one of the it's the last thing that happens before the major

00:41:32 --> 00:42:07

sign it's in his time the first major sign occurs and once the major signs occur, problem described, they come one after the other and he gave a very nice Tish B Yanni visual here, said when you have beads in a string kid or necklace, when you cut it, what happens the beads are going to fall that they're going to fall immediately one after the other in a pattern is not going to be one bead falls if I hold the necklace upside down, cut it at one bead will fall. Booker another bead will fall to get a full one after the other in with the rhythm.

00:42:08 --> 00:42:17

Like that. He said, the first one happens, the rest are gonna follow like that, like beads from a necklace. Right? So we're saying that

00:42:18 --> 00:43:05

the world would be for that the Maddie forget that the Jen comes out looks nothing like our world today. So it's very hard to try to say no, the mod is going to be out in a year or two or three. And even after we said that, we said that there could be certain catastrophic events on a global level or even economically catastrophic. That will change the entire world within the span of 10 to 15 years possibly matter. or 50 years is world be completely different or 30 years or 15. So, but when it happens, and if any of these fit in that we mentioned happen, it has to match all the signs in the Hadith, all the descriptions, not just one or two, when you say aha, that's it. Just like we saw

00:43:05 --> 00:43:24

in the beginning. A do Hey, Matt look like COVID but when you continue reading doesn't look like COVID at all. And now COVID is gone. When the guys were saying it was COVID It's embarrassing now, right? You're so wrong. It's embarrassing. I was embarrassed for you. You know what? I'm like that. Anyways,

00:43:26 --> 00:43:39

I did I've got let me just end up with this hadith we're done. I'm not even gonna explain. I'm just going to read it to Hadith from Surah Buddhahood it says when beta matar This is taken, and I just want you to see the chronology here the timeline, when Baitul McCurdy says take

00:43:40 --> 00:43:57

Medina will become abandoned. And there are many a hadith about the abandonment of Medina and how the masjid and never we will become completely empty and deserted and two wolves will come and urinate on the member of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is very heartbreaking is a Hadith.

00:43:58 --> 00:44:39

Very heartbreak. Okay? So when baited muchness is taken, Medina will become abandoned. When Medina becomes abandoned, there will be a great battle. And when the great battle occurs, this is the battle between the Muslims and the Europeans. Initially it was the Muslims along with the Europeans as allies fighting a common enemy that hadith says Then once that it's over, the Europeans betray and turn on the Muslims. And then with this is what they call Armageddon, these battles take place, and then Constantinople will be conquered. And the problem says Yanni, which is Istanbul, they say oh, mind blowing, this is Istanbul

00:44:41 --> 00:44:42

is going to be conquered by the Muslims.

00:44:43 --> 00:44:57

So sorry, but I just it's too much juicy stuff. So I said I was it was the envelope but look at his. I mean, we can't go home without talking about this. Istanbul is going to be conquered by the Muslims in the future. So that means we lose a stumble

00:44:58 --> 00:44:59

pipe. So some scholars said

00:45:00 --> 00:45:30

There are two opinions, one group said that something will happen and people will lose is stumbled, meaning it will not be counted like it's under the Muslim lands, whatever it is, they joined the EU. Something happens and then they, the Muslims go back and bring it back to the Muslims. Now another group of scholars, and for the record, I completely don't agree with this opinion. They said no, no, we already lost it.

00:45:31 --> 00:46:00

When they went to Dota, with many of the Ottomans collapse in 1924, and then Kemal Ataturk came and he secularize it we lost it bola that's not fair. The only keep it real, it's not fair. And if you go to Istanbul today, you will hear the event and you will see people memorizing the Quran and you will see five times a day prayers in the massager, there is nothing less Islamic about the Stamboul then pick any other city fill in the blank. And what the point is, let's finish it.

00:46:01 --> 00:46:07

Constantinople will be conquered. And when Constantine Constantinople is conquered, the gel will appear.

00:46:09 --> 00:46:13

Now just from this one howdy. How close is how close is it?

00:46:14 --> 00:46:22

If right now the free bait and muck lists in the next coming months, will hug but then we'll come back and talk again another lecture are we at the end of time.

00:46:24 --> 00:46:25

But Medina being abandoned?

00:46:26 --> 00:46:44

Any that's how do you think who is going to ombre in the next couple of months? You expect that when you will see the crowds in Medina now and make you imagine that in a couple of years nobody will bother to come to this place. We are far from that world far from that world.

00:46:45 --> 00:47:05

But then again, maybe we're not far from that world. Something can happen that is so catastrophic. Everyone abandons Medina immediately. But then there's another Hadith I just want to show you how confusing this is not confusing but how you are helpless the power is with Allah. There is another Hadith that mentions how when they did John appears, did you see the court the order here?

00:47:06 --> 00:47:21

When caught Medina beta Loftis Medina has abandoned a battle Constantinople and then did the job. But then the Hadith doesn't mention that the gel cannot enter Mecca and Medina for was entering Medina if there is nobody in it.

00:47:22 --> 00:47:23

How do we reconcile that?

00:47:25 --> 00:47:25

You see,

00:47:26 --> 00:47:29

but is it saying the time period?

00:47:30 --> 00:47:58

It starts saying how many years? Can people abandon in Medina because of anything? Yeah. Now I don't know maybe creative. I don't know volcano Machado and when and then repopulate it. Do you think it's possible? Yes, it's possible. That's why I said there are many plausible explanations. I hope nobody's confused. And you you got the answer, or at least the idea that McFadden for coming out and for listening attentively. So Lahoma botica Muhammad wa ala

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