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The speakers discuss various aspects of the meaning of "hamGeneration," including the concept of "will" in various cultures, the importance of voluntary actions in shaping behavior, and the use of "will" in context of political gain. They also explore the history of Islam and its implications for the culture of the United States, as well as the use of Facebook and YouTube promoting Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding evil and not being evil, and stress the need for the return of the child.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are in the world. hamdulillah is another His Majesty public session, I'm very happy to be with you all, on this beautiful Sunday, May Allah subhana, Allah bless you all, and graduates have faith and respect Iman and health.

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So we're live on Facebook, we're live on YouTube. And this is a, a session that is in partnership with plebian shrimps, the London in a market of students and what we'll be doing, so the series the public sessions have been a a series where we go, that I do not go over in the His Majesty course. And so as many names as we are able to go over, unfortunately, we're not able to go over all of the names that we would like to simply because of time,

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you know, you you either have to really kind of just breeze over the names if you wanted to cover 99 In this in 16 hours or in a single weekend. Or you have to choose particular names that you can then delve into in a deeper fashion. And I want to

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and the route that we took was to, you know, choose a specific amount of names that handle us on the course we go over around 40 names, but we have sessions like these to go over some of the names that we wouldn't otherwise be able to go over. And so the name that we'll be going over today in sha Allah is a powerful and beautiful name of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is and when he actually it's translated as the protector, it's or the protector or the friend or the ally. And we'll go over what this name means. But firstly, one of the concepts that we learned in His Majesty is that the names of Allah subhanaw taala are Toki via it must be from Revelation, we can't invent Names of

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Allah, I can't sit here and say, Well, this is one of the names of Allah or I want to I want to come up with the name of Allah, You can't do that it has to be source in the Revelation it has to come from the Quran or from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and so when it is source in the Quran, and the Sunnah, even then we have to look at a particular format, whether it comes as a name in the Arabic language as a noun, and Arabic language. And so we talk about all of this in a little bit more detail in the class for our purposes. Now I want to go over where does elevate actually for our purposes, where does it really show up in the Quran? Where Where do we see

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that this is the name of Allah subhana data in the Quran, and Allah when he comes in the Quran, and in 15 places, Psalm 50, in places in the Quran of them isn't a sort of a Bacala verse 257, which may sound very familiar to you because it is a verse or two verses after I have come to see Allah subhanho data says Allahu Allah you will lead in

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Allah Who Allahu Allah, you live in Amman, you heard your home in a romantic, Eleanor, Allah is the wedding, the protector, the ally, the friend of

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a Latina among those who believe. And what does he do you heard you're coming up automatic Illinois. He brings them from darkness to light. He brings them out of darkness is to light and also Allah subhana Daya says and sort of thing is that verse 45, Waka Fabula, he when he and ALLAH SubhanA, Allah is enough as a Wally and Allah Subhana Allah says in surah, the shorter verse 28 Well, who will let you in as you later mean by the man cannot talk went through the matter who will well you'd have it. Allah Subhana Allah says He is the one who brings down the rain after they have disparate and he is a lowly and he is their protector and he is at Hamid the Praiseworthy, and Allah Subhana

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Allah says and sort of ID and driver, a 68 Wallah, whoever you need, and Allah is the willie of the believers. And he doesn't sort of use the first one on one ever start. We'll get back to later until I leave it dunya well,

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you are my wedding use of IDs. He says you are my Willie in the dunya and in the hereafter. Okay. And Allah subhana VAs has some sort of a shorter verse night I'm the woman doing here earlier from Allah who will well he I had they take it other than Allah Olia, have they taken protectors other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah isn't really Allah is that we do so we see for sure that this is a name of Allah Subhana Allah. It comes with the Elif lamp form in the Quran. It comes as strongly as the name can be presented in the Quran, Allah who who actually right, Allah is actually okay. So what does this word mean? What does this word mean in the language? Well, of course, you

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know, with all of these names that are layers, and there are there's a multiplicity of meaning because of the richness of the language so Allah subhanho wa Taala being already of the

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meanings of actually is a curb

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the closeness or the meaning of closeness and proximity and so the province that a lot is in them. For example, He tells the boy in the famous Hadith he says, Semilla What could it be? I mean, we're cool man Mima Yelich, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he told me this boy, he was kind of just, you know, eating from all over the place. And, you know, he was teaching him the etiquettes of how to eat. And so he said, say Bismillah, number one, and number two, eat with your right hand. And number three kool aid from Ma Jelle. That which is close to you, that which is close to you. And so of the meanings of allele is the one who is close to in proximity, eating from what is close to you,

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meaning that you're not eating from like, people are sitting around at on a plate, they're sitting around together, and they're all eating and so you don't want to be jumping over to the section that is closest to somebody else, or what have you. Also, a meaning of a valley is available, but I do know the valley is the opposite of your enemy. And the more I looked at him, I die. And so being a, a Willie of someone is the opposite of of it is the opposite of an idea. It is the opposite of being an enemy of a person. And so what does that show you? The opposite of being the enemy of a person is not someone who is neutral.

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The enemy of someone is not somebody who isn't a neutral. It is somebody who, when you know you've got a lot of friends who are like that you've got a lot of friends that when you go through incredible, you know, pain and suffering and loss and stuff like that they're neutral, or someone abuses you and they don't side with you. They don't defend you. They're just neutral. Oh, well, you're both my friends. Okay, that's not a Willie. A word is the person who stands against your enemy. Am I machetes so they couldn't Lacey and Pharaoh yo mobile sin array would mean I do in Philippi acid. He says a friend that does not benefit on a day of difficulty is closer to an enemy

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when compared. Right and as the statement goes, being neutral in times of oppression is to take the side of the oppressor right and so and why that look that my that my that your your Willie is the opposite of those who show you enmity and also have the meanings of allele is everybody who is in control or who takes control of an affair. Everyone who takes control of our fair and so or everyone who is responsible for an affair, so we like to learn more the people who are the ruler, the people who are the ones who are in custody, the custodians of children, for example. They are their wellies, your parents are the parents are the lady of the child. Also the the Welly of the bride,

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the guardian of the bride, okay, that's another good word guardianship, right? The person who is entrusted the guardian of the bride. Also another meaning of Willie, we lie is authority. And so the when you have a country or a city, or what have you, the wily the worry of a city or a country, that that is the person who is the governor, the person who has the authority over that place.

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Also, you have the meaning of molar, and molar is the it goes to the slave and it goes to the owner of the slave. So the slave owner is called the motor and the slave is called Moa. And both of those two meanings The reason is because both of them, it comes from the term of proximity and closeness, that there is no one who is closer to the slave than his master, there is no one if the slave is injured or the slave is harmed or the slave is, whoever it is, there is no one right? Who would defend them and protect them and seek retribution for them, like their owner. Similarly, when the master would be harmed or injured or what have you, there would be no one who would rush to help

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them and assist them more than their slave. We're not talking about the Western experience of slavery obviously, that was a completely different experience.

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Okay, now we come to what are the types of reliable what are the types of without when we talk about Allah subhanaw taala being al Mohler and actually

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when we when we study these names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. We learned that there are general manifestations and there are specific manifestations.

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General manifestation is how Allah subhanho data may be, for example, the rub of everyone and everything. Allah is rumbled Alameen everybody experiences Allah's lordship. He is the Lord of the Worlds. He is the rub of the most wicked individual

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On this earth just like he's gonna have the most righteous individual on this earth everybody has their share of Allah there will be a lot of gives them health and Allah gives them wealth and Allah takes care of them right alarming gains them. So you have that general rule will be.

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But then you also have a specific manifestation of, of the name and the attributes and that specific manifestation is a experience that a person has a that is dependent on their own righteousness and their own taqwa and their own worship of Allah subhanaw taala the more they ascend in their Iman and good deeds, the more share of the attributes of Allah subhana data they experience. So everyone experiences men, everyone experiences a little by men, and everyone experiences but when Musa he said is being chased by filter own and with him has been in us about eight and there at the water and they are about to be mudra code, they're about to be caught up to the scale that in the modern

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era BCIT My Lord is with me. He will guide me right but Allah is the rubber around just like his little boy Musa Musa is talking about a specific relationship that he has with it. Right He is my Lord in a way that he is not vulnerable filled out. There is a type of Ruby that Musa is experiencing that surrounds us, right because of Moses righteousness and His worship and his obedience to Allah subhanaw taala similarly a man or Rahim on your hand homearama hammelmann Fill out the Himachal Memphis and the province cellulitis and it says the belief that the merciful will experience mercy from our man. I mean, everything experiences mercy from a horrible man. And that's

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why you'll find quick tangent here, but of the differences between man and literal him that we talked about in the class is the man is talking about Allah subhanho to Allah in His essence, and that is why you will find that Allah describes himself as a man when he is in verses where it is not talking about in a way that is independent of His creation.

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Right Man who allows you stone or man rose above the throne, right. So it is not talking about Rama in action, but it is talking about himself. Whereas when it is, when it is talking about the application of mercy, you will find that Allah Subhana Allah mentions his name, Rahim, what can be the meaning in our Hema, Allah is Rahim for the believers, right? It is talking about the application of mercy on his creation.

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In any case, you have a right man, have mercy on those on earth. The one who is in the heavens will have mercy on you. This is a specific mercy that people will experience based on the mercy that they share with other people. Also, now when we talk about everybody, ALLAH SubhanA died is the willie of everyone and everything. But there is a specific we lie of Allah Subhana Allah, that only the believers experience and only the people of Taqwa experience.

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Allah subhanho data says, for example, sort of Mohamed verse 11, that he can be an Allah Mola Levine and when and livina cuando, Castilian and Amala, that he can be an Allah mobile Alladhina amanu who Annelle caffeine Allah Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is the willie of those who believe. But those who disbelief they have no molar, they have no money, they do not experience that specific molar from Allah Subhana Allah and Allah says, My Allah whom in doing him in when He,

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Allah says that they have no Willie other than Allah Subhana Allah that there is no molar other than Allah.

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Okay, now,

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who is the wedding of Allah? This is a question that has captured the imagination of the Muslim ummah for centuries, the wedding of Allah based on this concept, right? And it's called different things in different regions of the world. Period, right? But the idea is, is that a wealth of Allah is someone who God loves, and has given certain access to, right he has given certain access to and there's a lot of deviation with regards to this concept as well. So what is a Willie of Allah, this notion that a person who is a friend of God, a person whom ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has given access to or a person who Allah subhanaw taala loves? Who are the only of Allah and how can you be a friend of

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Allah? How can you be someone who has an enjoys that incredible proximity to Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah in Allah, Allah Allah Hafiz, I left him without him. Yes.

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Allah says very early, the earlier of Allah, there is no fear for them and they shall not experience grief. They will not fear and they will not have grief. I Levine what can we attack when those who believe and have to? That's it. That's how Allah defines them. Those who believe and those who have Taqwa meaning, the more Eman a person has, and the more

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accord they have of Allah subhanaw taala the more they increase in these two things, the more they increase in their reliance to Allah. It's as simple as that. And this, this will disqualify for you. This will allow you to qualify people and will allow you to disqualify people based on these two things. A lot of places in the Muslim world you will find a person who is, you know, some sort of Wally, right. And yet when you actually see their submission to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, you find it wanting, you will find it lacking incredibly and you know, people consider these persons to be a wedding, but when you look at their prayer on time, when you

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look at their avoidance of haram, when you look at their the Sunnah in them

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the obligations even you don't find them to be better than anybody.

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So this shows us, this shows us that these people are actually disqualified from this concept. And they are and if they claim that of themselves, and if they're making money off of it, obviously, and all of these types of things, then they're no, they're, they're the jazz, they are liars, they're charlatans, okay. And so it's something very easy for you to be able to measure you see their submission to the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet several minus 11. Hence the mama Shafi says if I saw a man flying in the sky, but if I saw person floating on air, that wouldn't impressed me until I'm able to look and see where they stand from the Quran. And sunnah of the Prophet subtle body.

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It's not about and people get, people deviate, and people get confused, and people become taken by these quote unquote, miracles that they're able to perform. Right, and so they whatever, and a lot of it is just hearsay. But even then, if they're able to perform these types of supernatural tricks and effects, people think that that is proof that they are

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that they are friends of Allah subhana data, and maybe we'll be going to speak a little bit about the kilometer of the Oh, yeah. And a little bit in Charlotte to hide it. But so number one, we said that the number one way for a person to be able to recognize whether someone is from

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but even before recognizing anybody that you answer that question for yourself.

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My Eman and my Taqwa becomes a way for me to gauge whether I am a worthy of Allah subhanho data. The more Eman I have, the more Taqwa I have, the better off I am, number one, number two. The second is your original mineral pool of Mati that ALLAH SubhanA died so so far, who would you let in?

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Allah is the wedding of those who believe he emerges he removes them from follow Matt from darkness to light.

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And Allah subhana darkness there's a sort of that and verse 153, when it comes to payment for Debreu Well, at the time, it was so good, that Africa Command severe, something profound ALLAH SubhanA data uses the plural when it talks about darknesses. So he says vumat and Allah Subhana Allah says, say this is my path, it's singular. So follow it and do not follow a simple struggle is plural of paths. Both in falsehood is a dime a dozen 1000s or hundreds of 1000s Millions of versions the falsehood they're all

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but the truth is singular. It is one

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light is 100 mil automatic. Elon nor he doesn't say men are problematic. And what he says from dark from the darkness is too light. Okay, number How does a person become a winning Reason number one is Eman. Number two is taqwa. Number three is that a person guards the obligations that a person guards the obligations.

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The Allah subhanaw taala actually in Hadith puts the says monad illegally and for them to have been held that whoever

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shows enmity to a wellI of mine, someone who's under my protection, my guardianship, someone who I love, then I have declared war on them. Okay. And this gives us also again, this notion of your well he is not someone who is neutral when you are being harmed. Your Willie is someone who, when you are being harmed, that they will ride for you, they will ride with you. Okay.

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So Allah subhanaw taala he says, Men either li Walia, whoever. So what does Allah Subhana Allah do when there is only our heart? Allah says I declare war on those who show enmity to lie Allah Allah Allah, those who show enmity towards a Willie of his I declare war on them. Men are the only way we are able

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to corroborate our division and how Boolean math and my servant does not come closer to me. Then with action

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So that are more beloved to me than what I have made obligatory. So the actions that are most beloved to Allah are the obligations, praying, praying, Lord, praying, praying. malata praying Isha. These are the actions that are most beloved to Allah subhanaw taala the person fast the month of Ramadan, that a person show kindness to their parents. These are the actions that are most beloved what Allah has made obligatory. Why is it we had to caribou Leah didn't know if it had that way but and my servants will continue to come close to me with voluntary actions until I love them. And so this brings us to the, to the fourth level. So you have a man you have Taqwa you have obligations,

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and then you have a voluntary actions, until I love them. And so the question then becomes, as you know, why does voluntary actions inspire? Or why does voluntary actions lead to the level of ALLAH SubhanA data until I love them? We mentioned that we mentioned in the class that a person when they are doing obligations, the motivations can be very so a person can do an obligation simply out of begrudge Ignis because of their fear of the hellfire and their fear of punishment. And so they wait for the last minute and since the allotted officer is almost over, and then they pray outside, waited upon with a solid cider, right that laziness of coming to the prayer or coming to any

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obligation, right? They fasten on my bond again, because they absolutely have to and they don't do a single facet. They don't have to, they are but then you have people who do voluntary actions. Now the people who are fasting Mondays and Thursdays the people who are praying, they're you know, a lot of Baja and then clear AMOLED and for rocket as we were Lauren, these actions are they being done? Because of fear? Is that the motive? Is that the motivation when a person is doing that, or is it love? And because there's no fear of the Hellfire when a person prays will have a right or a person appraisal tool like as a fidget whether they do it or they don't, it's up to them. Right? There's no

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threat there. There's no punishment there. However, what is motivating them in that moment is love of Allah subhanaw taala wanting nearness? Why did elektrobit Stop, but I am hastening you to view my Lord that you may be pleased wanting that closeness to him wanting to ascend higher, wanting more wanting more access, wanting, and when they are propelled by love, the result of that is that they receive the love of Allah subhanho data. And so they will continue to come closer to Allah, they'll continue to come closer to Allah with voluntary actions, until Allah Subhana Allah loves them. May Allah subhana data make us of those who he loves, and grant us His love and grant us the actions of

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and grant us the love of actions that we're going to receive His love along with me. So now we come to what are the ways that we can interact with this name? What are into it? So these are the ways that we can receive the will of Allah subhanaw taala. But how am I supposed to interact with the same with regards to my share of this name? What lessons do I derive in my own interactions with regards to this Nate? Number one is that I'd be wary of the believers.

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I'd be a willy of the believers. And now we've defined when he has someone who's not neutral, someone who is engaged and so I become a Welly of the believers. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says As reported by both white and Muslim in relation will be only he says that the family of my father are not my only in them our Liam wali Allah beside me in KODACHI, la Mora Haman

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abou lupa Bella, he says

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they are my willy is Allah subhanaw taala and the believers and the believers, but I have rhyme with my family that I negotiate as I need to negotiate, right that I interact with and I fulfill its right as I need to fulfill it, right? And so the prophets of Allah is sending them and saying that, that protection that that, that loyalty, that friendship, all of that he says it's not based on my lineage, but it is based on the believers and Eman and that is why we have all experienced this you may have a person who is your blood relative, but the people who are closest to you are the people who are closest to Allah subhana wa Tada know you might have a brother in Islam who is closer to you

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than your blood or from your veins right your blood are from a blood

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and this is all from this aspect. The closer a person is to Allah subhana data the closer they are to you. But this also should teach us an incredible lesson as well as that we be very wary that we have this ally ship with the believers and that we do not have enmity towards the believers. Because again, Allah subhanho data system and either you will you have what I've been told that how

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With that whoever shows enmity to a wealth of mine, I will declare war on them. Can you imagine a person decent was maybe, you know, maybe practicing for 10 years or 20 years and has their share of that one has their share of this and as their share of that, right, maybe they might even think of themselves as pretty, pretty legit. They see themselves as pretty solid. They see themselves as pretty righteous, but they have this incredible hatred and enmity towards another person.

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And they don't know what this person who this person is in the sight of Allah, you have no idea

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and that's terrifying because that person might be someone who Allah Subhana Allah loves very, very much. And there's no one particular for there's no one particular like uniform for allele of Allah there's no one particular look kind of scholar VOD of Allah. Yes. Can a farmer beauty of a lot? Yes. Can a bus driver be oh and do have a lot? Yes. Can a teacher be aware of Elias? Can a mom VOD of Allah? Yes. Can

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anybody right and so let us not assume that there is one particular look or that there is one. And that's why a person should be very cautious that they do not harm me believing Muslim, that they do not have envy towards a believing Muslim imagine and that's one of the reasons why envy is such a horrible evil sin because it has a determinism at a NEMA. It is that a person intends evil for a person that does not intense evil that a person in that a person wishes that a person's blessing be removed from them.

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Too many so and so I I hate that that the best translation that I know for this to be a hater. You just hate that that person has something you hate that they have that money you hate that they have that house that you hate that they write you hate all of these things, but a lot and so that enmity that is being directed towards that individual, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gave it to them.

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And Allah subhana died, me love that individual.

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And all of that animosity that you're directing Allah subhanaw taala, may, it may cause a lot to declare war on you.

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And the idea is that you don't know who that person is. She'll say, they'll come in, he tells a story of, of being on a flight one time. And he said the the,

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the flight attendant, you know, was serving him, what have you. And he said, I didn't think much of him I didn't. He said, You know, the guy was shaved clean. And it was just a random person. And he said, I didn't think much of him. And, you know,

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he said, the guy next to him kind of told him and he said, Do you know do you know this flight attendant? He said, No. He said, You don't know. He said, No. He said, Do you know what this man does? He says no, I have no idea.

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And so he said, This man.

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And he's Moroccan Of course, said this man.

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Every day off that he has whenever he has the day off.

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He goes to sheep farms. He goes to sheep farms. And he you know, there's this process that they go through the underbelly of sheep's the underbelly of sheep's when they're laying down that flat and that flat and wool. They take that he says they go and they shave it. And they they they have some sort of process, where eventually it turns into ink. And he takes that ink and this man goes through all of this process. He goes and he takes that ink. And then he distributes it and Quran schools and his region and Morocco. Like in that world, this is what this person does. Somehow he's able to connect this, you know, going and he's consistently been doing it for such this incredible amount of

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time. And she'll say that he was shocked and stunned. And he's like this, this person who I didn't think anything off, you know, he's like, I barely thought he was even a practicing Muslim because the guy was beardless. Right. And in that region in that place, he was like, you know, they didn't really, you know, people who didn't have beards, who was like they didn't really expect, you know, that level of religiosity from them, and definitely not that level of commitment and that level of service to the Quran. And to the people of the Quran. You're talking about hundreds of children, who will who are memorizing the Quran, and who knows who they will be in the future, this incredible

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investment that this man is making in the home of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and I wouldn't even have given them a second thought.

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So you don't know who these people are. You have no idea. We have no idea of what people are doing out of sight out everybody is on Facebook and YouTube and doing all of these things. The vast majority of the head of home is not coming through these channels.

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It's not coming through these channels. Right. And so how do you even read this already have ALLAH SubhanA data on the battlefield?

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The modern museum it is a way of Allah subhana wa Tada in teaching and working on our idea of Allah subhanaw taala in and politics and administration and in leadership and you have a dramatic mirror of being aware of Allah subhanaw taala in the marketplace as a buyer and seller and as a trader, we all have

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access to this beautiful attribute of Allah subhanaw taala right in the different realms that we all exist in.

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Number two is that a person does not take the disbelievers as early as that a person does not a person takes the believers does oh yeah and they show their we lie to the believers and they do not take the disbelievers as oh yeah Allah subhanho data he says yeah you had at the end of the year who don't know saw that oh yeah, but album Oh yeah. Oba oh my god, alarming company, no minimum in Allah. Allah has in common volume and ALLAH SubhanA data says, Oh, you believe do not take the Jews and the Christians that's Oh, Leah, Baba him earlier about they are aware of each other, that close, intimate protector ship, that close intimate protector ship, at the expense of the believers, Allah

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subhana died says we are yet to allow Minko for a Norman and whoever it takes them as earlier than they are from them than they are from them. And Allah subhana diatas has been doing it we need an adult Imran Allah says at the expense of two believers at the expense of the believers or other than the believers.

00:31:25--> 00:31:27

Number three, is to

00:31:28--> 00:32:07

a year to Allah more on us than a person takes guardianship takes authority over the affairs of people, that a person is engaged with the affairs of people, you know, when you have a person who's coming to you for a need a person who has a need, and you might have a person who needs help with regards to anything, whether it's something as simple as you know, needing help with regards to schoolwork. They need your help on a project you have people they need of help with regards to a myriad of things, so many different things that people need help with. And you might have the energy or you might have the skills or you might have the resources or you might have the connections to be

00:32:07--> 00:32:19

able to help this person with this thing. If you are in their service, Allah subhanaw taala will be in your service for sort of loss of aliveness and it says in Lafayette own an Optima kind of Abdul.

00:32:20--> 00:32:59

Allah is in your assistance as long as you are in the assistance of your brother. And in no time he talks about shifting Islam He's certainly been to me and he says that kind of yes if you how are you not set the agenda that he used to strive incredibly in serving people with regards to helping them fulfill whatever it is that they're, they're helping they're they're asking him to for assistance, and he would try as best as he could. Because you recognize how great Allah subhanaw taala would then assist him. He recognized that in serving of other people that he would be assisted by ALLAH SubhanA wa at that and be granted incredible Sophia and Baraka in his time. And so he will strive

00:32:59--> 00:33:18

greatly, and the prophets of Allah Allah has sent me he says in Hadith as reported by Muslim, he says Mammon Emilian yearly Imran muslimin, there is no emir, there is no leader who takes control or takes responsibility over the affairs of themselves, full Mullah age had lung cancer, and then he does not strive on their behalf.

00:33:19--> 00:34:00

And is not sincere to them. Can imagine a person takes any position, right? And that's why taking the position of is such responsibility. And that's why I've always wondered why people congratulate someone who becomes, you know, the Emir of RBL, or something like that. It's like, I would rather make dua that Allah Subhana datrix makes their their feet steadfast and allows them to carry the burden of that responsibility. But as far as just hey, congratulations. I mean, this is a responsibility on the Day of Judgment, what do you congratulating them for? What are you congratulating for? Obviously, there's an incredible source of goodness for them, if they give it

00:34:00--> 00:34:17

it's right, and what is this right the province of light. So listen to the Hadith, he says, There is no person who takes authority over the Muslims, and then he does not strive on their behalf and is not sincere, a la mia Calma homogenic except that he will not entertain no with them.

00:34:18--> 00:34:44

When when those poor and broken and abused and, and oppressed communities enter into Jannah because of their patients, and because of the righteous and because of that test, or what have you, that person who did not fulfill their trust, that person will not enter denona with them. And the last thing that I'll mention a sha Allah and then we'll take whatever questions if anybody has any questions, is Tina Sakina is

00:34:45--> 00:34:46

a tranquility of the heart.

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

tranquility of the heart, this name inspires incredible tranquility of the heart because of who Allah Subhana Allah is. I mean, who

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Who's taking care of your affairs? It's the loss of Hannah data. And if it's a lot, then we're good to go. It's a love and we're good to go.

00:35:08--> 00:35:27

If Allah is the one who's in control of my days and my nights and my weeks and my months, then who is a better Willie than Allah subhanaw taala it gives you tranquility and Ramadan Abdul Aziz lobby Allah, I know how profound you know, he himself had a profound experience with this name and use of ideas and I wanted to get back to that, versus what?

00:35:31--> 00:35:33

Let's go with you. So first because

00:35:34--> 00:36:23

the I use of that verse, verse 101, of Surah Yusuf, which is the last verse that in his entire story is told through those 100 verses, and it culminates with use of it. He said, I'm saying, fought that of Samaritan up until I leave it didn't, fella, Oh Allah, you are my wedding in the dunya. And then thereafter. And this statement that he is making is so profound, because he has experienced this statement his entire life. Your Welly is your protector, right? And you are being protected from danger. And there is no danger closer than danger that it is at home. There's no danger closer than danger. When it's when it's at home. You can you can be in danger in school, you know, you've got

00:36:23--> 00:36:36

some kids outside of school who are waiting to beat you up, for example, you can take another out, you can. But what do you do? When the kids who are wanting to beat you up? Are your own brothers who you live with? Who you sleep?

00:36:37--> 00:36:40

Next to? What do you do that?

00:36:41--> 00:36:49

What do you do when the ones who want to kill you? Are your own brothers? What do you do that? Where do you go then use of Ida Sinha

00:36:51--> 00:36:51


00:36:53--> 00:36:59

being threatened by the people who every other kid goes to for protection.

00:37:00--> 00:37:17

You go to your older brothers to be protected. And his older brothers are the ones who want to kill them. And so where does he go? Where who will protect you when you have no protector. And so they take him and now he's completely at their mercy, and they're planning to kill him. And

00:37:19--> 00:37:21

their plants are diverted.

00:37:23--> 00:37:26

Do not kill him, throw him into the wild.

00:37:27--> 00:37:29

He had a bullet aimed at his head.

00:37:31--> 00:37:33

And it misses. He misses

00:37:35--> 00:37:40

point blank range, he missed his use of AI they said I was thrown into the well and Allah Subhana Allah Ticsa

00:37:42--> 00:37:46

the danger that was to his physical body is protected by God.

00:37:47--> 00:38:21

But then there's also more danger coming along the way. And that danger is not a physical danger, but it is a spiritual danger. He's grown up now. And he's living in the house of a woman who wants to seduce him. And so now the danger is spiritual. And also he has no place to go. If you have somebody who's trying to tempt you at school, you can go somewhere else you ask someone who was trying to tempt you at work, you can switch jobs. There's a lot of things that you can do. But what do you do when it's not at work, but it's at home and she is not just your boss, but she is your owner?

00:38:22--> 00:38:23

What do you do that? Where do you go.

00:38:25--> 00:38:37

And so again, it's a head shot, point blank range, there's nowhere for you to go. And she messes up the indecision indecision I have a my own any day, my lord.

00:38:38--> 00:38:45

The prison is more beloved to me, I haven't been I am in my own and it is more beloved to me than what they are calling me to.

00:38:48--> 00:39:35

And so use of it, Sam is protected again. And so when he's living this life, and then all of a sudden everything is brought back together all together at the end. He says Antonia if it's in your law, Oh Allah, you are my way into union. You are my God. He recognizes having grown up alone, having lived alone, being protected on his own, by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. He recognizes that Allah is his worry in the dunya. And often it's all too often names name and what happened beside him, or Allah allow me to die as a muslim and allow me to be resurrected with the righteous. Okay? Remember, even Abdul Aziz is the Khalifa. And when he is dying, he's dying young, 3839 years old. And he's got

00:39:35--> 00:39:55

a lot of young children. And so one of his family members, he says, I made him a meanie, you're leaving these children, these children are orphans. They're going to be orphans, at least right? You know, that entrust them to us and trust us to your family that we take care of them and spend on them and things like that. Don't leave them like this. And then he says to him,

00:39:56--> 00:40:00

he says my children are one of two people my children want

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

are two people, either they are righteous Wallace kind of dad a third Lasallian Allah Who will protect the righteous, if they're righteous Allah will, Allah will be their guardian, Allah will be their guardian.

00:40:12--> 00:40:22

And if they are not, then I will not assist them in disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala not going to bequeath them with, I'm going to leave them alone.

00:40:23--> 00:40:38

And then he called up his children. He called up his children and had them stand in front of him. And he said, Oh, my children, he said, your father had a choice, whether to leave you wealthy and to enter the Hellfire or to leave you like this and for him to enter Jannah

00:40:39--> 00:40:42

and you will not meet anybody in your life.

00:40:43--> 00:41:05

Except that people will say, this is the child of American Abdulaziz. And they will respect you, and they will love you because of that, like I didn't leave them with nothing. I left them with an incredible legacy of their father that they will inherit as well, incredible goodwill, incredible love from people because of the righteousness that he exhibited and the justice that he established in that short period of time as his.

00:41:07--> 00:41:30

In any case, so Allah subhanho data is the study of the believers. What kind of data is the release of the believers? We ask Allah Subhana Allah for his lair. The course is called His Majesty, unlocking the names of Allah. For those of you who are interested, go on to another chapter online in sha Allah will be closing registration for it in a couple of days this week. Baraka Allah frequent Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.