Nadim Bashir – Dangerous Greed! – Signs of Weak Faith

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The concept of greediness is a result of people causing others to commit bloodshed towards them. The impact of travel and traveling through the desert on people's behavior is discussed. The importance of removing greediness from one's heart is emphasized, and the concept of "has been there" is discussed. The importance of showing one's love for others is also emphasized. The conversation ends with a mention of NASS protection from internal evil and the need to clean one's hearts.
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Today inshallah I want to talk about, we have been talking about the signs of or the signs of a weak faith weak Iman, today inshallah I want to talk about a sin that perhaps many orlimar they are in agreement that this is the foundation of all the other sins, or this is perhaps the foundation of many other sins. And we find that in the Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions this and he mentioned many other variations of the sickness, and that sickness is called greed. In the Quran, we find the word born, or even when you see a person who is extremely stingy, we say that he's a baleen, or we find also in the Quran, the word shore, which also means Greed, greediness and

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stinginess. The question is, what is the difference between the two? First of all is that bull is you're stingy about something that you have, you have money, Allah Subhan Allah has given you money. There's a call that gives some sadaqa give some zakat give some donations, and so forth. A person withhold and says I'm not going to give anything because I want to keep that to myself. That's called bull. Well, we're talking about today is sure that a person does not have, but you want it so bad, that whatever it takes, you will try to get that, you know, there's a concept in our society, especially in this country, that no matter what it is, the ends justify the means. You probably have

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heard this concept, the ends justify the means no matter how I get to my destination, how I do it, how I go about it halal way, the Haram way, I'm going to get what I want. Once again, in our deen, this does not exist. Because if that means that you have to take away other people's rights, if you do upon others, just because you can get to your just because you get what you want. This does not exist in our game, because that means that you're doing something that is wrong, thinking in mind that I'm doing something that is right overall. And so once again, the ends do not justify the means. But today I want to talk about, you know, first of all this greed how dangerous it is and

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what the Prophet saw someone has said about it. What are the cures of it? And not only that, but what causes this greed? First of all, is that let's talk about how does it harm a person first of all, Rasulullah sallallahu it was some he talks about his greed. And he says he he associates that greed with volume in a hadith Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he says in a hadith it lol for enough volume of Guna maltron Yama, Yama that stay away from oppressing others and taking away other people's rights. Because this one and this oppression will be a means of darkness on the day a judgment and darkness could be here literally darkness, like when people are crossing over Jahannam

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or it could mean a metaphorical darkness that just like in darkness, you have no idea what's going to happen. Likewise, this one is going to be a means of darkness for a person on the day of judgment. And then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says it was sure to stay away from greediness. And it makes you wonder, why would the province Allah mentioned greed and violence in the same Hadith? Because this show is what needs to learn when a person is consumed with greediness, that no matter what I need to have this and whatever way I have to go about to get this than a person in many cases would come in volume. And that is why Ross was salam. In the same Hadith he

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mentioned that what has shown this greediness how how much has it affected other people he says number one is a halacha mankind of Kabbalah calm comm it has destroyed people. It has destroyed societies before you and as destroyed nations before you not only that, but it has led other people to commit bloodshed towards others. And the number three is what's the Hulu Mahadeva home and it has caused people to make Allah when Allah subhanho wa Taala has made haram because a lot of times when a person wants to do something that is wrong, they have to have some kind of validation in their heart. So they think that because this is what Allah has made haram, but they will create a

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justification in their heart and they'll try to make it halal so that they will not feel guilty over the sin that they have committed. So this is Ross was telling us that how greediness does show how it destroys people and other Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he tells us that if a person says that they have Iman in a person's has sure these two things cannot coexist in one heart of a person Rasul Allah says I'm says that when a person goes in the path of Allah, just like in the time of the prophets of Salaam, when these people they will go in this in the path of Allah when they will go for Jihad and so forth. When they will go they will travel through the desert, the Prophet alayhi

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salam says that the dust that gets on to the clothes of the person, the body of the person does

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Moak of Jahannam cannot come close to that, just like the smoke of jahannam. And the dust that has come on the body cannot come close to each other. Likewise, in the heart of a believer, Iman and greed and sugar cannot coexist, you are either going to have eemaan Oh, you're going to have sure if a person has shot, then they will not have Eman or they probably have, of course, Assam, but they do not have a very strong level of faith. And that is why once again, we remind ourselves that no matter what we have to remove this greediness from our heart. Now, you may even ask that don't we all have greed? Okay, yes. Do we want the dunya? Yes, we all want dunya. If I see someone that they

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have something, of course in our heart, we're gonna want that there's nothing wrong in wanting that. But we have to understand that that show has to be if a person has the desire and that greediness in their heart, there's nothing wrong with that as long as we go about it the right way. But most of the times people will not go about it the right way. And that is why we find in the hadith of Rasulullah Sonam, another Hadith that there are three things that are destructive to every single person. And one of those things is showing Muhtar and Ross was just a show. But he says show matar on a show a greediness that is obeyed meaning that whatever comes to your heart, and you say I have

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to do this, or I want this, the fact that these desires are obeyed, and you give into these desires, this is destructive to our person. And that is why we also find that there was a time period one time he was his name was Abu al he had a sad he was doing tawaf around the Kaaba, and he came across a man and this man he was making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala saying, Allah Who McKee McKinney, sure enough, see, Oh Allah protect me from the greediness of my heart. Now this man, he went to this other man who's making dua, and he says, that you are here doing for Worf people make all types of doulas. But I've heard you in a while that you've been making this one constant dua for such a long

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time. Why this one? And this person, he says that this if I am protected from the greediness of my heart, if I'm protected from the shock of my heart, then I will be protected from major sins, and I'll be protected from many other sins as Subhan Allah Who was this person who was saying this, this person was none other than Abdul Rahman even out of the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is a man who was amongst the ashram and Bashara. And here he is making this dua constantly in the muck off Allah Who mfine Shahana see, oh, Allah protect me from the from the from the shore, and the greediness of my heart. And not only that, but as I mentioned earlier, that how

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does it destroy people? First of all, it destroys the emotion of a person. Because when a person says, I need to have whatever I want, and whatever greed I have, in my heart, it disconnects a person from Allah subhanho wa taala, because a person never stops wanting more and more, that there comes a point that you begin to realize that what's the limit to all these kinds of things. So that is why the Olamide they say that when a person has an extreme high level of shock, then their hearts are disconnected and severed from Allah subhanho wa taala. And not only that, but we see in the Quran, how sure has led to other crimes we've seen from the story of use of it. He said, This fact

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the fact that they had this jealousy, they did not have this, they had this jealousy that Yakov shows use of more love, and they were looking for that love and that muhabba and that caused them to create a plan to de to to take care of their brother and to destroy their brother and so forth. This is what this is what she does. We also find that socially, how does it affect other people Subhan Allah in the Quran, there's an ayah and it's so remarkable if you think about it, that Allah says ensuited Paluch woman you can show her enough CV for Hola, Iike homophone, whoever is protected from the greed of their heart. These people are successful. You know what's remarkable about this idea?

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What's remarkable about this about this idea is that this idea is mentioned were in sort of Pollock, you know, as an imam who deals with many divorces. Okay, I deal with this daily okay? If not daily, very often, I get calls nearly every on a weekly basis three to four or five calls I'll get about divorces. Okay? You know Subhanallah often divorces the Quran says even if their appeal to people cannot get along with each other, you resolve the issue and you depart and you apart from each other in a miserable way Allah subhana wa Tada says in the Quran for him cycle me my roofing out Asli homie our son walk away. Peace

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fully rewarded with respect of each other. Today is interesting. In the same surah Allah is talking about Tala in the same surah. Allah is talking about greediness, which happens so often today that when there are divorces, husband and wife are willing to rip each other apart, destroy the kids lives, it does not matter. The kids do not matter, slanders and so forth and destroy each other financially and so forth. This is not from the Quran, and it's not from the Sunnah of Rasulullah salah, interesting, the same show that Allah is referring to, that destroys communities that destroys families. Allah has mentioned that and sorta luck. You know, if you think about it, it's

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truly remarkable. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that we have to stay away from these things. Now, the question is what causes this greed? Number one is discontentment of other. When you feel like that. There's a part that of course, there's nothing wrong in going and doing wanting more and more as long as we do it the right way, the halal way. But a person gets to the point that they are not content with what Allah has decreed for them, which caused them to have this greed. Another thing that causes this greed is enmity, you hate someone you despise someone. And this is one thing, by the way, another definition of the short is that if you see someone with someone with something

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that is good, and what happens that you want that sure is sure is that you want that person to be deprived from it deprived from it, whether you get that or not. See, you see a person who has some good characteristic or they have something that is good to make dua to Allah, Oh Allah, they have it, oh Allah grant me the same thing and give them more there's nothing wrong in making that dua. There's nothing wrong and making dua Allah grant me the same thing, but to but to work hard and make dua to Allah, and to work in a certain way that they are deprived from that whether you get it or not. That is what Sure is. And this is once again, it destroys friendships, it destroys societies

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and communities. Another thing is arrogance, that once again, you feel that they are not they're not entitled to it, I should be entitled to it. And once again, you work hard to take everything away. Last thing is what are some of the cures of this short number one is, as we see from the from the author of Dr. Hyman Ultra, the Allah who can make this dua even if it's small, Allah Who McKinney Shahana, FC Allahu Makini, Shahin FC, or one thing that I always urge parents to do, especially that how many times you post things on social media, about your children, your children's accomplishments, and so forth, how many times you go to a Dawa, to go here and there, and you start

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talking about your children. Of course, I understand it's natural. Parents love to talk about the accomplishments of their children, it makes them feel proud of who they are, and so forth. But at the same time, if you're someone who does this, often, then making sure that you always recite certain follow up in certain notes on your children. So the follow up is protection from external external evils. And so the NASS is protection from internal evil, when there are people who have hustled and they have greed and so forth. This is what causes even a lot of if you see a lot of times people who come in black magic towards others and safeguard it, this is the reason behind all

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this. So this is why it is always very important. You recite it, of course you on your children. So to follow up in certain NAS on your children, it is absolutely important. Another thing that we can do in order to get rid of this, this greediness and so forth, is making a habit of giving a person who is greed, they always want to take take and take and take. But in order to change that, you got to learn how to start little giving, start giving a little a little a little a little. And not only that, but when you start helping other people that starts to change a person's heart. And not only that, but the last thing is always think about this, imagine you're doing something, something haram

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to someone else, you're doing volume towards someone else and you're taking away their rights and so forth. You're harming them. Ask yourself this one simple question. Imagine if you were on the receiving end. Imagine if you were on the receiving end of that harm. Imagine someone is coming to you and they're harming you and your family and so forth. You know how it feels when you do the same thing to other people. The same thing happens to them to their heart is broken just like your heart can break. Their hearts are also broken. If we keep that in mind. Hopefully that will protect us from having greed towards the wrong things. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect our hearts may

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Allah subhanaw taala clean our hearts I mean no but Allah mean is not going to Allah Hi, Salaam Alaikum I have to log

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