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The conversation covers various topics including the history of Islam, the difficulty of showing one's desperation, language in relation to emotions, and the importance of personalizing one's experiences. The speakers emphasize the need to show one's love for someone and not just highlight one's past experiences. They also mention a woman named Yara who has left her job and showed her connection to the Prophet. The community encourages people to stay strong and not give up on good things.

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collab decoda silica Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it was like we were salam to see when cathedra

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Imam been a be hatom Rahim Allah has a very powerful narration about a Ugadi his setup. As I said a few nights ago. Oftentimes when we get the dura of a prophet in the Quran, we're getting the summary of the DUA. And that's why you might find that another snapshot of that occurs in a different sort of the same guy is spoken about and two different ways like Zachary, it has sometimes it can appear slightly different in different sutras and of course they weren't speaking Arabic either. Right. So there's summaries of those drives. It's gonna be hard to him he narrates that a you have already has set up. When are you ready? His Saddam was asking Allah subhanaw taala to lift the hardship that he

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had been under. He said to Allah subhanaw taala Oh, Allah. You gave me a man, you gave me money and you gave me children. You gave me all of these blessings. phelim Yeah, come on Allah, Bobby, your school name, you told me what I'm told.

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And not a single time in my entire life. When I had all of those blessings that I no longer have, did anyone come to my door complaining about a transgression that I committed against them?

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So this was one of the forms of to us. So one of the forms of enhancing dirt that we find from a yovani his Salam in this regard. Yeah, Allah, I understand that people become arrogant by the kingdoms that are given to them. By the goodness that's given to them. Yeah.

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I had it all. And I didn't use it to harm people. So he was asking Allah subhanaw taala to restore a blessing. And part of that restoration was Yeah, Allah I behaved right when I had the blessing in the first place. So when I'm asking you for that way out for that refuge, I'm not asking you on a hypothetical basis that if you give me this, then I'll act this way. Yeah, Allah I was there, and I didn't harm with it. This is also something we take from a very famous Hadith which I have to paraphrase the Hadith of the three men in the cave, where the Prophet salallahu Alaihe, Salam mentioned that three men were stuck in a cave by a huge boulder that had moved and trapped them. And

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so these were three believing men and they spoke to each other and they said, Call upon Allah subhanaw taala be Amylin with an action that you only did the mandala to Allah, that you only did seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So that he may get us out of the situation. So each one of you think of a deed that you can call upon Allah with a time when you knew you did something sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala so that he may get us out of the situation. And of course, all three of them went through a situation the first one had a situation in which he said, Yeah, well, I used to take milk, or, you know, this, this nourishment to my parents every single night, before I went even to my own children. And one night, he found them sleeping, and he waited until they woke up, seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala build on the body during the honoring of the parents, right, even

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in his old age, he waited until they woke up, to give them what he would give them on a regular basis before he would take it to the rest of his family. If you know that I did that for you only Oh Allah, then remove this boulder from us. And Allah subhanaw taala causes it to move. And then the second person, he gave a very, very, very, you know, powerful example where he says that, you know, I had a cousin of mine that I was in love with. And I kept calling her to commit an act of indecency. And she kept on refusing, but then she had a situation when she was desperate, she needed money. And I used her vulnerability to pay off her debt on the condition that she would fall to that

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And she was so desperate that she eventually agreed. And just as he was about to commit that act, and she told him to fear Allah subhanaw taala he left her he left that act that he had are in a vulnerable situation. He said yeah, Allah you know that I did that only for your sake. I didn't fear the consequences in this world. I did that fearing Do y'all I left it for your sake. And if you know that to be the case, yeah, Allah removed this boulder. And the last contact causes it to move into the third person. He said I had an employee. I had someone that I had employed, you know, for something in regards to my crops. And he said we agreed upon a portion. And when I tried to give him

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his portion, he he didn't take it from me. And then I took that share of his and I invested in And subhanAllah through that share of his all types of blessing in his work all types of blessing in his garden, you know, flocks of sheep

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and all types of gardens grew out of it. And then the man came back years later and said, pay me back my share.

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And I told him take everything that came from the share. It's panela look at the honesty, the integrity of this man. He didn't just tell him take the same amount that I promised you back then. He said everything that grew out of that share is yours. I don't want any of it.

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And the man says a tequila fear Allah don't make fun of me so I'm not making fun of you.

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And he said, Yeah, Allah if you know that I gave it away to him purely purely for your sake. Yeah, Allah remove this boulder and Allah's parents. I removed the boulder altogether. This is called a to us with Illallah and I'm an Asana to mention deeds that you did for Allah subhanaw taala in your app. Now, just like every single section we have been covering, it's tricky. It's tricky because there is a line. We talked about how when you show your hand when you mentioned your desperation, you shouldn't do it in a way that you're complaining. Likewise, when you mentioned something you did for Allah, you should not do it in a way as if Allah owes you something No. Yeah, no, no, no, they

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can assemble right like It's like they're boasting like yeah Allah I've been a good Muslim all these years Yeah, Allah I did this I did this. I did that for you as if you're telling Allah subhanaw taala that he was unfair to you? No, no, no. But Allah Yamuna, Ronnie Coleman had recommended EMA Allah subhanaw taala is the one who you know who can who can boast with you because you wouldn't have been able to do that good deed had it not been the last time I enabled you to do that good deeds. So don't sit there and say I was a good Muslim I did this and I'm angry with you. Yeah, Allah, as if Allah is being unfair with you. So just like there is a limit. When you are showing

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your desperation showing you no complaining of poverty or complaining of oppression you're not suggesting that Allah subhanaw taala has been unfair to you. In the same way when you mentioned a good deed in your draft that you did for Allah subhanaw taala you don't do it in the form of men you don't do it in the form of boasting or saying that Allah owes you something you do it in the form of saying yeah, Allah I was in a situation and I could have wronged someone. I could have done this. Yeah, Allah but it was out of my love for you. Yeah, Allah it was out of my principle. Yeah, Allah I left this job. There was something that was there for me. I had a career opportunity. And I left

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that money for your sake. Yeah, Allah so give me this color. That's that's a perfect example of it. I left this haram for your sake. Yeah, Allah. So I'm asking you for halal. And their intimate mentioned here that the connection is not that yeah, Allah I have showed you. Good. So return it to me. It is actually also a form of humility. The form of humility here is Yara Mahama cudham, Tula communal exon, whatever I put forth of an exon of goodness, exon Okay, Ilya ACTA, I know that your axon is always going to be greater than my axon. So it's actually also a form of humility. I know ya Allah that there is no way that I'll ever do something good that won't be repaid by something better

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from you. So I'm only mentioning the good in that regard. Some of the more regular forms of this could be you know, when you finish your fasting for example, and the DUA is weak in terms of the Hadith the Sunnah of the Hadith Allahumma Nila has simply become a mentor I didn't get to this narration is actually not authentic but the concepts are there that you affirm your belief I believe in you yet Allah Ya Allah this fast was for you. Yeah, Allah. I'm giving the sadaqa for your sake Yeah, Allah when we complete the Quran when you do your after you complete the Quran. Yeah, Rob, you know, we read this Quran or I read this Quran seeking your pleasure and then you ask Allah subhanaw

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taala for what you're going to ask him for. You can also you know, if you feel Subhanallah in a moment of intense connection, some of the Sun have they said that if you feel like you are in a deep moment of connection to Allah subhanho wa Taala first Earl, who be who became ill he

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say, Oh Allah, by the love that I have for you. I'm feeling a deep connection or if you're reading about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you feel a moment of connection to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you ask Allah subhanaw taala be hope be Lena Vic salAllahu alayhi wa sallam ya Allah by the love that I have for your prophet. So these are means of intensifying and personalizing the dura so if you go through the different things you always find the counterpart Subhanallah don't mention don't mention your bad moments, your vulnerabilities without first extolling the blessings that He shown to you when we talked about and actually Spela should he acid

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added to this. This idea of if the car and Kisa mania de la to be broken in the in front of Allah subhanaw taala don't neglect the blessings that He has shown you the

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Good things that he has given you before you complain about some of the hardships that you're going through. And don't mention the things that you have done for his sake without first thanking him for the things that he has done for you.

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That's how you bounce it up. Okay. And so yeah, Allah, anytime I have done something, I couldn't be there, I could not be so clear. You've never let me down before right? That's sort of the the way that you phase into this part. You've never let me down before Ya Allah.

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And yeah, Allah, this is the viewers, this grateful slave of yours who's so grateful that you enabled them to do one good thing. Yeah, Allah. Here's this one humble, good thing that I did for your sake. Yeah, Rob, I know that you will do more for me. That is a form of humility. And so it's in the tone. And it's also in the implication, what is being implied on the substance. Lastly, from the Hadith of the three men in the cave, they pointed to something that was very tangible, something that they were very sure of, and not something that they had brought up before. You can't say that I did it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala if you told everybody else about it.

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So these three men are hearing this from each other for the very first time. That's also the implication. It's not like, you know, hey, I think I'm going to tell a lot about that time that I did this. Remember, I told you about this 2030 times already? You know, so it's not like, yeah, I live in serving this community for 10 years. You've already told the community you've served that for 10 years.

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Don't do that. Right. It's deep secrets. Yeah.

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I'm standing up in Korea Malaysia. Yeah, Allah I forsaken my bed and you are worth it. And you deserve more. But yeah, Allah just as I forsaken my sleep for these two doctors. Yeah, Allah provide me with this. This This and that. Y'all I asked you for Jana. Yeah, Allah, I forsake the comfort of my bed, y'all. I ask you for the luxury of agenda. Not Yet Allah, I have forsaken the comfort of my bed. I hope you appreciate it. No, no, no.

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No, absolutely not. Because who woke you up? Allah

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Who brought you into existence Allah? In fact, you started off by 100 Allah Allah the piano, right? You praise Allah subhanaw taala for giving you life after you had been done. So yeah, Allah. This is a small thing that I put forward. And yeah Allah, because of my husband in London, you my good expectation of you. I asked you for more. And Allah subhanaw taala is a Lord who loves to be asked Allah is a Lord who love to be asked, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our fasting, to accept our mutual accept our sadaqa to accept our Salah to make it more sincerely for his sake and to overwhelm us with his reward. Allah means

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that if I may ask you this to stay for a few 30 More seconds, I want to request something from you inshallah quickly with the last version.

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so our dear brother, our actually, youth director, brother uses the care, he is not feeling well. He has actually the stomach virus that unfortunately is led him to go to the emergency room. And he's asking if we were driving Charlotte about to go down. I just checked with him Hamdulillah I mean, he's in a better position right now. I had requests from all of you in the last minute and she failed. And I mean, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant him full Shiva but Allah mean and quick recovery or Allah and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. For all those are elder ALLAH SubhanA give them the Shiva and the recovery of a Brahmin. Ask Allah Subhan to protect you all and keep you all safe.

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If you don't mind, I want to say I want to actually to record say 10 seconds from you. I'm going to ask you when I say 123 to say to him, Tahoe in sha Allah Kanika say that Kenitra correct practices. I want you to say 123

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Zigler, I'm gonna record this on video and send it to him. So Bismillah let's get ready inshallah.

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So now what is going on with Allah shad Yusuf May Allah subhanho wa Taala give you full sciatica without a banana mean that community here is making dua for you

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the way wherever we're

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so eager mashallah

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so I'm on a conscious use of here's the community is making dua for you and shout out for your recovery ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, curiam Allah give you a full Shiva and for recovery. So on behalf of the community would like to say 123

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