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Shaykh Assim Al-Hakeem – Lessons in Fiqha – Episode 03

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam wa barakato de

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Lille alameen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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Today we're going to start in a new chapter, which deals with wiping over and over Fein. And the word Hough means anything that you wear on your feet. And this is part of evolution, of course, because the last pillar of evolution is washing the feet. So if you're going to have shoes, socks, or whatever on your feet, you won't be able to wash them. And this chapter deals with wiping over whatever you wearing on your feet.

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The first Hadeeth

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narrated aloe vera in shaba, may Allah be pleased with him. I was with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he performed evolution. And I was then about to remove his shoes, when he said, leave them, for my feet were pure when I put them in. So he rubbed over them.

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Now, this hadith tells us that mahira Sharma was helping the Prophet sallallahu Sallam perform Moodle, which means that it is okay for a search for a person to serve another. So if someone wants to pour water, so you perform modal, it's okay.

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And Marina shaba, one of the companions of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam.

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Once the Prophet finished wiping his head,

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then it's the turn of the feet. So I'm here I went to take the shoes of the professor off, and the Prophet told them, leave them for I have

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put them on on a bahara. And what does that mean? It means that if a person performs verbal evolution,

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and after he washed his feet, he put on his socks, or he put on his shoes.

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He has worn these socks or shoes, while being pure while being tired after performing a dilution. So this entitles him to wipe over the shoes, or the socks once he notifies his evolution, his wardrobe and wants to perform evolution again. And this scenario is very easy. You wake up in the morning and perform evolution. You wash your feet, you put on your socks, you put on your shoes, and you go off to college or to work

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midday, you answer the call of nature. You go to the toilet, go to the bathroom. And then you want to perform or do so you prepare yourself to the app to the noon prayers. But when you perform Moodle, should I take off my shoes? Should I take off my socks and wash my feet? The answer would be no you don't have to do this. Why? Because the Prophet tells us Allah salatu salam, if you have worn your socks or shoes while you are in the state of purity after performing a volution then all you have to do is just wipe over them. And this is the sooner

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but the question would be does anything we were on our feet.

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If we ask for example, Fadi does anything. We were on our feet.

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Apply applies or doesn't have to be shoes.

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Anything you can, it could be shoes or socks. And you can put you can just

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wipe them off.

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So does again The question is to you, does slippers do?

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slippers? countin? Yeah, I think so. Well, it has to be something that covers the whole foot slippers do not cover the whole foot there are

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areas of your feet that are exposed and bare naked so they don't count it they have to cover the whole foot for it to

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be allowed to wipe over the shoes or socks. And this is the sooner as we go on breeding the hadiths Sharla we will learn more and more about the time, about the duration and about the nature of what we are wearing. The following Hadith

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narrated by Ali radi Allahu anhu. If the religion were bested on opinion, it will be more important to what the under part of the shoe than the upper, but I have seen on this messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam weeping offer the upper part of his shoes. Okay, it's wiping that weeping when we weeping. We cry. And I hope we don't cry, but it's wiping okay to wipe over the shoes.

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There is a certain now when we wash. Mustafa, when we wash our feet during evolution,

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what do we wash the upper part or the lower part?

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We wash both parts. Okay, that's good. He's awake. That's great. We wash the whole foot. Now, if I'm wearing my socks, and I want to wipe now one would say okay, this is substituting for washing. So I think I should wipe both sides.

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Now it says

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no, this is not the sooner what's the sooner it? May Allah be pleased with him. It says that the sooner is to wipe over

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the top of the foot or of the socks. And why is that? Because the sooner and he's saying that, if this sooner was by

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logic or reasoning of men, then one would

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wipe the bottom of the foot because this is the part that steps on dirt steps on filled so it should be more claimed more than the surface of the foot. And this is not the case.

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Religion is not my logic, logic or reasoning.

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Though lots of it is. But there are certain areas that Allah azza wa jal has made his own. So Allah does not justify every single thing for you. There are things that it's common sense we can understand that Allah azza wa jal forbids intoxicants, you know, wine, alcohol, drugs, Allah tells you this is haram. Anyone with his sound, mind would say, I agree, it's harmful, it could lead to problems, and it's not healthy. Allah azza wa jal forbids, that

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one steals from the others, or kills, or farney Cates, because these are all part of the 10 commandments that everyone agrees upon.

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Yet there are things in Islam, that we do not know the wisdom behind them. We do not know the logic and reasoning. So, should we do it? Or should we stop until we know the reason? This is the difference between the master and a slave?

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A slave does not question

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he follows a master with pause and say, I'm not convinced, why should I do this? Why should I shouldn't I do that?

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A slave complies with his masters instructions. And this is the case in our in our case. Now Allah says men must not wear gold.

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Whether watches, rings, whatever. The Prophet says these are forbidden for males. And it's permissible for females. When you say why that should be sensitive business tells you do it, you do it.

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So one would say okay, what about diamonds? They say Diamonds Are Forever Can we put on

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Diamonds as male as men.

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What do you think? sambre think not, why?

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There's too many ideals behind it. But I think because diamonds are for like women. And secondly, it's arrogance that shows excessive pride hubris to be like flashing diamonds and gold is basically the same thing. Okay? This is part of the normal reasoning. Yet when we come to Islamic Sharia, we find that Allah azza wa jal allows us to wear silver. And the only thing he tells us through His profit analysis is not to wear his gold. This means that in order for us to make something forbidden, we have to have the justification. Now, for example, intoxicants wine is mentioned that the Holy Quran is forbidden, the reasoning, it makes you unaware of what you do. So whatever makes

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you unaware of what you do, making the wrong decisions, making their own moves. It's considered to be part of intoxicants, which means heroin and cocaine

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are considered to be intoxicants. So it's Haram. Why Why are they haram? Because they share the same reasoning, the same justification. We got come back to golden silver gold allows he did not tell us why it's Haram. We know it's forbidden. Why? We don't know. So you cannot say well, diamonds,

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rubies, whatever, are also share the same verdict that is forbidden No. Everything in this world is permissible for us to use everything. unless Allah specifies that this is haram, then we stop. But if he does not say it's Haram, we cannot say well, it's arrogant. I know a lot of arrogant people

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in their garments, without wearing any gold or silver jewelry, their arrogance. arrogance is in the heart. It's not in what you wear. And you can wear flashy clothes, you can wear designers clothes, you can write the best cars, but you start humble and loving and caring and giving the poor what Allah has instructed you to do. And his has nothing to do with arrogance. Fadi

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won't say for instance, someone has a golden ring. And he didn't know that gold was haram or, like not allowed in Islam. So he took it and he changed the outer surface surface of the golden ring into platinum, for instance. But the core is still like gold. Can you still wear that ring? If it's like a D ring? Or does he still have to take it off? What is the topic?

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wiping over the shoes wiping over the shoes and socks. So it's a bit a little bit far fetched? Nevertheless, it's a legitimate question because it's in the topic we're talking about, which is gold, diamonds, and so on. my cameraman says that we have to pause for a break. Please stay tuned. And I'll answer your question in sha Allah, right after the break.

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Questions that bother you? What about issues of concern to you? Would you like to share things on your mind with us? Are you interested in solutions based on Islamic perspective? Please join me live in meet your advisor every Friday at 9pm Mecca time here.

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aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Brother, Fadi. Before the break, you had a question? Not related topic, but nevertheless, as long as you've said it, we have to answer it if we have the knowledge Sharla to the question again, my question was, I was wondering if someone has a ring like a D ring, yes, made out of gold. And then he had a change like the outer surface of it only into platinum. Is it permitted for him to still to wear it still wearing it or not? I'm not sure

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In physics or chemistry, but I think they have a certain symbol for gold metal, like

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oxygen is Oh, hydrogen is, ah, there's a certain symbol for gold. Now, if any metal contains this core, this metal, gold in it, whether you put a coating,

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outside coating, whether you conceal it in your pocket, it's forbidden for us to use. Now, remember, there's the yellow gold.

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And there is a coating, you put on the gold, just to cover the yellowish part and put a white back whatever. But the core, the metal itself, gold is inside is still

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existing. And there there is a third, a substance that some called platinium, or white gold. And it has nothing to do with yellow gold, except sharing the name like in black gold, that is oil, they call it sometimes black gold. And it's definitely not forbidden for males to use, otherwise wouldn't be able to transport from one place to the other.

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If you have a watch, and the inner parts, the mechanics inside mechanical parts are made of gold, yellow gold, though nobody can see it, yet still is forbidden for you to use is forbidden for you to use a golden pen, or to have a key ring that's made of gold, as it is forbidden for us to use gold period, except in certain cases that were found at the time of the prophet Isaiah Sam such as having a golden tooth,

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then this is okay because it's a necessity, it is a form of medication not a form of showing off. Now, white gold is a different story altogether, because it's a different metal. So it regardless of the name, the name has no consequences. It's like, for example, it's forbidden for men to wear silk. That is natural silk. But

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I don't know what you call this fabric that is not natural silk, but they call it silk, the important to some clothings. And it's not as expensive as natural silk, though it shares the name silk. But because it's not natural, then it's okay for us to use. So we come back to your question. If you have a golden ring, and you coat it with silver, or with what ever substance, as an outside layer, it is still forbidden for you to use. We come back to the hadith of it. Now it may Allah be pleased with him, the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the husband of his daughter, the son in law of the prophets, he was married to Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet that is awesome.

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He is justifying this, the sooner the sooner in wiping over your feet, that is over your shoes or socks, which you're wearing on your feet. The sudden that is twice only the upper part. The lower part is against the center. It says it's not logical. But this is religion. Religion is not my reasoning, or logic because if it were to be by reasoning or logic, then you would pause in so many things to say,

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Gee, I don't believe in this. I don't see what's the reason or wisdom behind this. So I'm not gonna do it. And this is a big problem.

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You may succeed in finding the logic or reasoning behind 95% 98%

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or 99.9%, as in the election, you may find or succeed to find the reasoning behind that. But there is this point 1% that you did not find the reasoning behind it, though it is there in the Quran. Although it's there in the center, what will happen? Satan will come and tell you don't accept this.

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What do you want me to do? reject it? It's in the Quran. Well, even if it's in the Quran, if you don't know the reasoning behind it, don't, don't don't accept it. And that is why as Muslims, we follow the instructions of Allah and we follow the instructions of the Prophet. That is a certain

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without questioning, we may ask, what is the reason behind this? And if we have a reason we tell it to you. If we don't we say,

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Well, I don't know. Allah tells us to do this, we do it. And you then have to comply. You don't have the option of, well, if you don't tell me the reason, I'm not gonna do it. This is unacceptable in Islam. It's exactly like

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driving a car. And then there's this red traffic light. You look left and right. There's no traffic. So why should I stop?

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The cops are on the other side, and the guy is waiting in his car with the pad for writing a ticket and just waiting, make my day making a move. So what do you do? Well, I don't see any reasoning for me to stop. But the police tells me to stop. So what should I do? What do you do? You stop, nobody dares and cross a red traffic light when the police are watching. Why? Simply because you know you're gonna be

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punished for that. And Allah has the higher example. Allah tells you not to do this, you are not in a position to say why.

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Yet, you may ask just to increase your faith and belief. And in this Hadith, the logic is there. Though Allah, may Allah be pleased with him, said that the reasoning or logic is not clear. It's clear to us. Now imagine what happens. If you wipe the bottom of your shoes or socks? with wet hands, what would happen to your hands,

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they will become dirty from the dust from the filth, and what will become your shoes. The minute you stop, out, you step and walk, you're gonna catch more filth and dirt from the floor. So the logic thing is that you wipe the upper part. And this is symbolic. But we have to do it. And Sharia and Islam is filled with similar examples where Allah Xhosa is testing you. He's examining you to see how you comply with what he says. Again, don't mix the role of a servant and the role of a master. We are servants of Allah, we are the slaves of Allah. He tells us to do something we say semana Aparna, we have heard and we comply. And we accept whatever Allah tells us. But the minute you say,

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we have heard, and we disagree, this is the role of the Jews who were commanded to do things, and they did not follow what Allah azza wa jal has ordered them to do.

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The following Hadith

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narrated by safonov na said,

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to commend us when we were traveling, not to take off our shoes for three days and nights, except for sexual impurity, and not to do so on account of eating ourselves, passing water or sleeping. Okay? this hadith

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tells us that if a person is traveling,

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he has the period of three days and three nights, which is equivalent of 72 hours, that he has the option to wipe over his shoes or socks during this period of three days and three nights.

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Whether he

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urinate passes to or falls asleep, he, when he performs a lotion, he all what he has to do is wipe over his socks or over his shoes with the exception of sexual impurity. And why is that because sexual impurity requires that you have a total bath you have awesome and you cannot have a total bath with wiping your socks, you have to take off your socks and shoes, and you have to perform this total bath morsel or an all and if you find this hadith the following Hadith will elaborate a little bit on the period in sha Allah. So Hadith number.

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Yes, Friday. I have a question. So free traveling. So is it better for us to take off the shoes and

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like fiddle performing ablution to wash our feet? Or is it better for us not to do so. Now is that is the question Understood? I'm traveling and I have my shoes. I wore my shoes on at the heart and performed revolution and I'm wearing my shoes. Now it's time for prayer. Should I take off my shoes and wash my feet? Or is it recommendable to wipe off

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The shoes, it depends on what you're doing.

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If you mistake you are in, if I'm in the state on end, I'm having my shoes on, then I wipe on my shoes, or wipe on my socks. If I don't have them, I wash my feet. scholars say that this is made to make your life easier. So it is up to you. It is Does this mean that if I started traveling today,

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and I have three days, which is Saturday, Sunday and Monday that during these three days, I may not take off my shoes? No, it depends on what how you feel. So it's not obligatory that someone Well, I made a mistake. I wore my shoes on Whoo. Now I have to stay three full days three or four nights without taking off my shoes just to comply with the subpoena. And no one no one says this. But is it recommendable? Well, if I'm having my shoes on this show, commendable that you wipe over them and you have no problem in doing this. And this brings us back a little bit

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to the previous Hadith

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where it says may Allah be pleased with him wiping over the

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over the surface of the foot. Now, when you wipe over the foot not underneath the foot, when you wipe over the shoes or the socks, this does not happen we do not put a water in your hands and you soak your shoes or socks. It's called wiping it's not called washing. So all you have to do is just wet your your hands and it's there's no water in it, it's just wet. And you all what you do is once from the

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front to the back of your foot on

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of your foot. Once all what you do is once you don't have to soak it, and a lot of people have this strong idea of doing it they wet their hands really well and put some water in their hands and then put it on the socks or on the feet and this is wrong. You are not supposed to wash it, you're supposed to wipe on it. Again, the Hadith where the prophet SAW Selim

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instructed safarnama Sal, may Allah be pleased with him that you may and this is a permission. This is sooner. You may have three days and three nights to wipe over your socks and shoes when you are traveling. But how long can I do this? When I'm residing? How long can I do this when I'm in my city or in my hometown? This is Sharla we will come to discuss in a little bit you know confusing but not that confusing. Insha Allah next time we meet and until then, Allah wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.