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The Benefits of La Howla Walaa Quwwata Ila Billah

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All right everyone.

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I mean whatever you want to learn a lot I mean what happy but a lot more slowly with selama data karandi Kala silica Mohamad and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on early he was talking to he was a limb to steam and concealer. I want to welcome you all back. This is of course, so penalised as the weeks have gone by. Some people have been able to get back to their massages and some people have not. But I do want to start off before I get into the subject, which is actually a very dear subject considering the circumstances. Some of you saw the posting about brother Omari

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gray Few days ago. And Pamela, the outpouring of love and support for him after his tragic accident has been really beautiful. And I think a testimony to his character, and the way that he treated people and the way that he has always shown such a beautiful spirit to his community and to everyone around him. So I want to encourage everyone to continue praying for Shiva, ask Allah to heal him fully, to return him back to his family to restore his full health a lot is the worker of all miracles, you never know if subpanel was the worker of all miracles in the last minutes and has all power in his hands and I want to encourage everyone to continue donating to the launch good campaign

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that's been set up for his family for his wife and nine kids. Please do keep him in your garage, keep them beautiful family in your job, and continue to support them in any way that you can be in the nighttime. So let's begin in Charlottetown as it ties into the subject today. You know, there are so many there are so many remembrances that we say either too hastily or we limit ourselves to the translation and so if I was to pull up the hola What are poets I love this word of the how low on the court to 11 love this phrase. Typically most people will say it when they see something tragic happening and so it's a you know, it's a means of expressing you know frustration sometimes

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it's a means of saying that maybe a lot can change the situation.

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And also the translation of it tends to be there is no power or might accept by Allah and so there's almost no distinction between hold and pull with the hola wala quwata illa Billah and so I think it's important to really step back and to and to immerse ourselves in this and a few weeks ago maybe a few months ago now time is time is really hard to keep up with these days you know we talked about your how you you're a young Informatica still leave us literally shut Nicola Well, that's a kidney donor she thought for time.

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You know, that, that you're out from the profits line Salaam yahaya for young or ever living over sustaining you know,

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rectify all of my affairs did not leave me to myself even for the blink of an eye. We talked about what that means in terms of gaining a sense of strength in Allah. But this phrase, this particular treasure is is one that I hope inshallah tada we're going to gain an entirely new appreciation of by the end of this virtual football from Sharla Tyler these reflections that we'll share today, but Moosa will be a lot of time he narrates that the Prophet slicin I'm heard him saying that Hola, will APU illa Billah there is no power of strength except with Allah. And he said to a mimosa Shall I not telling you of a word, which is one of the treasures of Paradise can zoom in canoes in general, a

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treasure of the treasures of paradise? And I said yes to the Messenger of Allah. And he said, say the holder will elaborate. Another narration from a little a little, the little town which is also authentic. The prophets lie, some of them said, active in Polina Hello, and Dakota and labella continue to, you know, be plentiful in your recitation and your repetition of this phrase that Hoda went up over to 11 law. And he said, some alarming someone For verily it is in a pendulum inclusive agenda, the same thing he told Moosa Verily, it is a treasure from the treasures of paradise. When you think of the earth God, the the remembrances of a love that we repeat on a frequent basis. So

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how to LA attended Illa Allah and Allah Allahu Akbar, those are more common, but in the hotel upwards

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to actually engage yourself, immerse yourself in its repetition, as you are about to engage in a task.

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In which you will inevitably and always need a last pan of what's on it and need the power of a loss of hundreds on on your side. As you are in the midst of feeling vulnerable and feeling weak and in recognition of your incapacity, recognizing the full capacity of a love that you don't have.

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After something has happened, when something happens in front of you, that reminds you of the powerlessness of men. And the power of the last panel, it's out of the overwhelming the overbearing, the compelling power of a loss of hundreds out of all of these things are moments for us to reflect in the entire COVID-19 era, right? everything that's happening around us that hola wa quwata illa Billah and so inshallah Tata will spend some time with this. Number one, if you remember in the angel series, as you're leaving your house, the prophet SAW a lot more and he was talking, I mentioned that a person says, Bismillah, to kill to Allah with a hotel, a hotel in London love that

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they say Bismillah In the name of Allah, I put my trust in Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, and there is no power or mites except with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the Prophet peace be upon him said that the angels will, will accompany you in that process. And you know, who the typical fetal teacher that you have been guided, your steps are been guided, you will be guided for the day, you will be sufficed, meaning defended against anyone that comes your way, but will teach them protected from any type of harm. So sufficed and all of your affairs defended from any one of your enemies guided and all of your actions. And we said that this is what the angels say in response as they

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accompany you, at the command and the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So it's something that we do say, as we're leaving our home, every single day, or we should be saying, as we're leaving our home every single day, and particularly as it relates to the angels, these are the words that the angels say upon their creation, or upon their coming into existence, as in the narration of the fundamental surname, that every Angel rises from the earth saying hello and afford to live in LA meaning as they are being created as they're being brought into existence, what they say as they're coming into existence, is that how La quwata illa Billah. And that's very powerful because these are creatures

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that don't disobey Allah now you're gonna love him I'm on a home with I don't know, they don't disobey Allah. They don't have to worry about the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala in the sense of course, Allah has power over all things, but in the sense that they are not subject to he saw the way that we are subject to herself, they're not subject to accountability because they don't have choices. They don't have freewill, they don't have those things that would put them in the in the process of accountability in the first place. They will only do what Allah commands them to do, but there's a recognition as they're coming into existence, that holder will uphold what's in the law,

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even as they're coming into existence. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, shall I not inform you of a statement that is under the throne of a loss of hundreds on paradise, so it is a high place in Paradise, and it is of the treasures of agenda. So, you know, this gives you an even greater appreciation and reverence for the statement that it is not just one of the treasures of Paradise, but it is in a high place in Paradise, floating under the throne of a loss of habitat and paradise. And the prophets lie. Some said that Hola, hola. Poets love LA. And not just that, but every time you say it, and this should inshallah tayana hopefully make this one of your go to if God

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your favorite clock. Every time you say it, a lot responds in a certain way. A lot responds in a certain way. Now before I say what a law responds with, let me remind you that in certain thoughts you have you enter into a dialogue with your Lord, right? Because the prophets I send them said when you say an hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah response my servant has praised me when you say, Well, hey, Maddie, Chioma Dini, I cannot do what ya can sustain throughout that the very famous Hadith about sort of the Fatiha ally response to each ayah and sort of Fatiha as you recite it. Likewise, the hola quwata illa Billah which is this complete affirmation of faith in Allah subhana wa tada in

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the power of Allah in our powerlessness the Prophet slicin m says that when you say it, Allah subhana wa tada responds, SLM, it was

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a slum It was teslin Subhana Allah, that my servant has completely submitted in all of their affairs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. They have completely submitted in regards to anything that falls within the realm of their doing that the ultimate doing and the ultimate power

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refers to Allah subhanaw taala they have submitted themselves in recognition of a loss of hundreds as power and strength and hence, they will find what they are seeking in Allah subhanho wa Taala Islam it was to handle lots of beautiful idea that every time we said and I want everyone to actually say the hell out what a cool What's a labella Hola, hola forwards I live in LA. And to just realize the beauty and the wonder of the fact that as you utter that word from your heart bitten and nahi tada it reaches the highest levels of Paradise immediately. And so what does this mean? I mean, what why is this such a blessing? and virtue is saying what is the meaning of how and what is the

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meaning of POA? How do we differentiate between the two to not just make them interchangeable statements and really just reduce it to an affirmation of a lost power in an abstract sense? How do we get the depth of these words I'm loving Mr. level the A lot of times

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he spoke about this this the same in the following way. He said that hola means that hola and mousy? Attila illa beersmith. That, because Holden needs to change a condition so there's no turning, there's no change of condition. Okay, cool refers to strength, the ability to carry out that change held refers to the change itself. There's no changing of condition. There's no held there's no changing of condition nor strength, except for that, which is with the loss of 100 times. So is that the holder and mousy? Attila lavera Smitty when a full one, Allah, Allah, Allah Almighty, that there is no turning away from the disobedience of Allah subhana wa tan, except with Allah subhana wa tada

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is refuge and protection, and there is no strength to carry out the, the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala except with the last divine aid in doing so. And so I can't turn away from those things except with a lot of help and a loss of hands on accepting me and turning the back to him. Now Allah will never turn away a person who turns towards him sincerely, but that turning I am completely in need of Allah subhanaw taala to turn me back to him as I make the as I make the attempt as I express my desire as I take the steps to turn back to him. And I am completely dependent upon Allah subhanaw taala accepting my repentance and his forgiveness and his mercy in turning me back in a sincere form

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of repentance, and I cannot make the changes in my life in the sense that there is no way that I will be able to find the strength to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and to be steadfast in the worship of Allah, except with Allah subhanaw taala is aiding me in doing so. And so the Sahaba spoke about this and so I cannot turn from sin to repentance except by Allah as hell and pullbacks by the last changing the condition. And unless power I cannot change from a place of sickness to health except by Allah, I cannot go from weakness to strength except by Allah. I cannot go from sorrow to joy except by Allah. I can't even turn my heart towards Allah subhanaw taala except that a lot turns

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my heart Yeah, we'll call the bell polu sub it's called reality MC Oh Turner of hearts. You know, keep my heart firm on your path. Keep my heart steadfast keep my heart firm, young will probably be a complete Ola You are the Turner of hearts. Now, again, it starts with a place of of desire, a place of looking for that strength from Allah subhanaw taala does not turn away to sincere seeker.

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But there's something so powerful and beneficial about this that even my heart in my chest I don't own panela I don't even own this heart of mine. I don't even own this heart of mine. And if you think about it in the physical sense, imagine if a lot entrusted us to ourselves with keeping our hearts beating. And so our spiritual hearts now for them as Apple as Apple okuma home those who turned away a lot turned away their hearts a lot turned away their heart so when we express that repentance to a lot, we're returning back to you a lot. Yeah will help us turn back to you. Young will help us turn back to you. Then Allah subhanaw taala turns that heart and that's why the most

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frequent darat of the Prophet sly Sutherland was young kalibo kulu sub it's called the Anna Lena which heart Love the love the loss of hundreds out of more than the heart of the prophets license. But still, oh you Oh Allah oh you Turner of hearts. Oh you Turner of hearts make my heart steadfast on your path on your way. Even the Prophet slice on whose heart was full of love of Allah subhanaw taala was was that bow Turner of hearts make my heart firm on your path.

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So again, I can't switch from a place of sin to repentance except by loss power. I can't switch from a place of sickness to health, except by Allah's help. I can't go from weakness to strength, except by Allah's help. I can't go from sorrow to joy, except by laws help. And, you know, this is really encapsulated in other forms of code as well. So as we said, the most famous form of remembrance Yeah, more palatable pub sub, it's called biala denecke. Also, what the prophets lysozyme told more either the long time as he was sending him to Yemen that oh my god I love you and do not forget to say at the end of every prayer Allah any victory count will surely get worse and every bad the tick

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Oh Allah enable me Oh Allah enable me or any enable me alone or any other the clicker Oh Allah enable me to remember you helped me remember you better Oh, Allah helped me to remember you better along there, Indiana victory Cup was shocked he can help me to show gratitude to you properly enabled me to have a greater recognition of your blessings upon me and enabled me to have a greater form of gratitude for those blessings that you've bestowed upon me, was snippy, bother to enable me to worship you properly? Well, I can't stand for prayer without you helping me stand I need you Oh Allah, I need you to gift me with the ability to worship you. And then I need you to help me worship

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you properly, oh, Allah. And I'll always fall short because of who I am. But Allah helped me Help me to worship you properly helped me to pray, Fiamma Lin Allah helped me to wake up. Some of someone might think, you know, isn't this a,

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you know, a negation of our own?

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devices here? And the answer to that is absolutely no, it's not a negation of our own efforts. It is an affirmation of a lot of strength and a lot of power and a loss of Hannah Montana being the one that turns us when we seek that from him. being the one that that accepts us when we turn towards him being the one that enables us when we seek Him enabling us that's why you know, remembering to meet him Allah to Allah talks about this new app, La Mer, anything out of the Kiko show could go a hysteria about it as being a dude. That is of the greatest forms of their I mean, the profits I sell, I'm telling ya, I'd say this at the end of every one of your prayers. And there's a difference

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of opinion, by the way amongst the scholars, whether you say this before you do test clean before you finish your prayer, or after your prayer. And Allah knows best but, you know, as some of the scholars have mentioned, that the that the the, the drawers that are in the prayer, that it fits the drop in the prayer before the end of esteem, it fits with the other types of supplication without going into too much detail, the drought, the nature of the supplication after the prayer is different from the nature of the supplication within the prayer. But either way, it's fine and shall let's have that a person say aloha many out of the kosher curricula fascinating about the tick at

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the end of their prayer, but the idea here is that you are completely completely completely at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and the prophets lie, some of them taught us to recognize in that, that our efforts should be as maxed out as possible on our end, while our recognition of a loss to Alice, Alice has limitless power, and our and our complete dependence upon him and so when the profits license that no one enters genda, except by the mercy of a loss of hundreds, that was the profit slice I'm also matching that with standing up at night until speak with swell seeking that Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So let's let's think about this a little bit deeper, going even

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further. When Allah says hey, when Ivan says hey Allah Salah Hey Allah for that come to the prayer come to success. And the response that we have in our God, the hola towards Alabama, The Hollywood Reporter. Write that I cannot even be brought to the prayer I cannot be brought to to success except by a once upon a time. Every time you ask Allah subhanaw taala for that turning Allah subhanaw taala grants it to you. Every time you ask Allah Subhana Allah for that forgiveness, last concept forgives you, so long as you're sincere. Every time you ask a lot to assist you in your good deeds, there's going to be a trance, a translation of that into the strength to perform those good deeds and to

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stay consistent and persistent. You will not seek these things from Allah, except that you will find the effect of it in your own life. And that's actually the powerful part of this and the most beautiful way that this translates in our lives. But in order to get there, there has to be a negation prior to the affirmation. And so if you think about the negation in La ilaha illAllah there is no god La ilaha illAllah affirmation

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Except for Allah La Ilaha is negation there is no God in the law, except for Allah La hola hola como there is no changing of condition and there is no power negation in Binda except with Allah except in Allah, which is the affirmation part of this and so your strength will not till 5011 there is no success that I find in life except from a loss of power, I completely turned back to him, I completely turned back to him. And in order to turn back to him, I have to really turn away from the things that distract me from him, I have to lose hope and other things. Even if I take them as means even if I take them as means I have to lose hope in the power of those things, even if I take them

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as means to turn back to a loss of hunting what's on okay. So, this is a you know, the way that we find this for example, when the last contest is entered to win football in a lot, you are all in need, you are all desperate destitute in need of your Lord will law who will honey and Hamid and Allah subhanaw taala is self sufficient and always praised praiseworthy, whether you praise him or not, that doesn't mean you stop earning money. That means that you become more responsible and how you earn it and more ambitious and how you spend it right and in the sense of sabacc on charity and spending upon good things. That doesn't mean well if I'm ill a lot and the money comes you know,

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from a less hands on I have no power that means that I'm not going to do anything that means that I'm going to use my best efforts to seek true wealth to seek true purpose to seek true fulfillment and a loss of kind of what's right who is self sufficient. So I'm going to do more and activate myself even more towards Allah subhanaw taala in recognition of that, and you know tonight in sha Allah to Allah when when we do for Anna Keeling doctors here and myself, we're going to be talking about this concept of redemption inshallah tada tonight and it does tie into this because a lot of times people feel stuck in their sin.

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Because, you know, they feel like a lost parents I would not forgive them. And Allah subhanaw taala would not have mercy on them when they feel a little bit in the love but who forgives except the last I don't I'm not talking about woman Rahmatullah don't despair, in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala in the law hospital guba Jamia because Allah forgives all sins not because your sin is not that big of a deal, not because you shouldn't. No, because the you know what's going to cause your repentance, to be accepted or not, is not the gravity of the sin. It's the sincerity of your repentance because Allah has mercy overwhelms that sin, no matter how grave it was. And when it

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comes to your good deeds, when it comes to your good deeds, you know, you will find strength in Allah subhana wa tada in ways that, you know, that that you would not have expected of yourself, you would not have asked of yourself, you would not have thought was even in the realm of possibility that I could have never got to this point, I could have never been able to prove I could have never been able to push myself this way. And it's only by the aid of a loss of Hannah Montana that I lost contact turns you on to that good deed, and supports you upon that good deed and strengthens you and enables you as you as you seek to perform that good deed, and it's all been up it is in Allah

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subhana wa Tada. Now, what does this mean in regards to our day to day outside of our realm of worship, it's the same mentality, the same mindset. It is a complete affirmation of the power of Allah subhanaw taala while completely exhausting our own efforts to do what's most pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I know that Allah subhanaw taala knows best and I know that Allah has power is overwhelming. And somehow we see that so many times in our lives where you know, where the best human effort falls short, and where the sloppiest human effort seems to find massive success. And the reality is that the success was always with a loss of contact, and the strength was always with

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a loss of time. And so just as every treasure of Paradise leads to paradise in the hearts in the form of tranquility, in the form of certainty, that hola La quwata illa Billah which is this treasure in Paradise, this negation of everything, you know, everything else having true strength or true power, except Allah subhanaw taala the affirmation of Allah subhanaw taala allows us to have tempered hopes, allowed us to have allows us to have tempered fears, you know, allows us to be more measured in how we approach things allows us to not become so volatile and vulnerable in regards to everything else shifting around us because what we find strengthen is so stable and immovable right

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That even when the world seems to be shifting in ways that we cannot comprehend, we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala never is is shifted or moved by what happens in this world, and the things that seem to be out of place or out of order in our lives. Everything is contained with the loss of Hannah Montana, in his divine wisdom and his divine power. And so it's affirmation, constant affirmation in love and law has to be alone, located a lot sufficient for me my successes in Allah subhanaw taala when I repent, I feel confident in my repentance, not because it comes from a place of arrogance, or because I feel like I deserve to be forgiven, but because a lot so merciful and so

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has not been and a lot my good expectation of the last time when I repent is that he will forgive me. The prophets. I said, Don't say in *hole if you want to forgive me, no, he will forgive me. If I'm sincere in seeking His forgiveness, because it's allows mercy. I'm putting my trust in not my own self. And when I, you know, seek Allah subhanaw taala as help to, to be able to enter into good deeds, to be able to be steadfast with my good deeds. It's from this recognition that good deeds are the greatest gift of good that Allah Subhana time can bestow on a person. The greatest thing that Allah could give you as a path back to him, the greatest blessings that Allah could give you are

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about piatto slaley hat are these everlasting forms of remembrance and good deeds that will last you for eternity, the greatest thing that a lot can bestow upon you SPM and let you know a lot letting giving you the blessing of waking you up at night, allowing you to wake up at night, and to worship Him in seclusion. What a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that it gives you that path that it gives you that access, and then the last pass that enables you to do that the very famous thing of hustle and bustle he mahalo. And he was asked, how come we cannot we find ourselves unable to wake up and to pray at night. He said, That's obviously he's in the hall, you'll people come in late,

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don't disobey Him in the day, he will wake you up at night, a lot will wake you up at night. It's kind of law. So it's not, it's not escaping our own responsibility to set our alarm clocks and to be responsible with our sleep habits and things of that sort. And then when you know we sleep through, we say, Well, a lot could have woken us up, it is a recognition that the am is a gift that the night prayer is a gift. And that if I want to be given that gift, then I need to express my desire to be woken up at night, to be amongst those that are aware at night seeking a lot of pleasure and forgiveness by staying away from the things during the day that would compromise that would

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compromise that access that path back to a loss penalty. And that would compromise being amongst those who are favored by a loss.

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And so we turned back to a loss of Hannah Montana and we asked the loss of Hannah Montana, the holdover while affirming the whole of the law, that there is no change of condition and no power except for that which is with him. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to change our condition for the better in this life. And in the next We ask Allah subhanaw taala to change our condition, from being amongst those that are persistence and their disobedience of him to those that are persistent in their pursuit of his pleasure. And in asking the last panel to Allah for his power, to to to enable us to be amongst those that find strength in him subhanho wa Taala when everything else around us

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seems to weaken us, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those that are sufficed, by his remembrance that are sufficed by his praise that are sufficed, by his way, as manifested in the way of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Yes, the lust pans out for forgiveness for our own shortcomings. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada for his entire mercy to embrace us in this life and in the next allotment. I mean, there's a lot of hate on We ask Allah subhanaw taala to have mercy and to to heal our brother Amari and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make it easy for all of those that are suffering around the world. And we ask Allah subhanho to add to change our conditioning to

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change the condition of our own the home of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam wherever it is, we pray that Allah subhanaw taala does not allow us to lose sight of them and loss of contact forgive us and that loss enable us to break the amulet and let's please and tell us how to keep the oma in our eyes keep the people in our house at night keep each other in neurons at night. Should have lost parents gift us with the ability to wake up and to pray does not come off it said I'm ready to lie he will go to council