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The Perfect Fit: Mindset Of A Mu’min – Omar Suleiman

Young Muslim Youth Conference 2016


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The importance of being prepared for anything and a great athlete is discussed, along with the Prophet sallami's ability to handle difficult situations and the importance of knowing one's mindset and the prophets in learning to be patient with people. The success of Islam as a means of elevation in the Hereafter is emphasized, along with the importance of avoiding distraction and not forgetting one's purpose. The importance of having a positive mindset and not just being perfect is also emphasized.

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So I want to come up with Allah.

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Allah hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah, He will suck the heat woman while up.

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The topic that I have is actually my favorite topic that I have out of all of my sessions in economics. And so 20 minutes, you know, whenever I saw that I had 20 minutes, I was like, Alright, this is gonna be an issue. So I have a few hobbies that I hope actually can transform the way that we look at life and Subhanallah that's always been one of my favorite things about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the way the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was able to handle both adversity, and prosperity with grace. And that's something that takes a lot. You know, a great football player, a great athlete, is someone that has the mental strength, to be able to see through

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those difficult moments in the game that doesn't give up and cave in, when things appear to be most difficult. And that's what allows you to be a great athlete. As pantalone we talk about life, you literally have to be prepared for anything that life is going to throw your way, whether it's going to be a form of ease or a form of hardship, brother thought it was talking about the profit slice of them in thought. It takes a lot to be able to recover from something like that What impresses me about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not just the grace he showed in the moment above, it's the fact that his resolve was not in any way affected by what happened to him on the worst day

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of his life. We don't see the Prophet slicin I'm taking a break from the Dharma. He didn't, you know, take six months after to regain himself so that he could be able to handle the rejection once again. He was right back at it. And that's the sign of greatness. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, who was the most amazing in that sense, said that that states is the amazing state of the believer, the amazing mindset of the believer. And so there's this famous narration where So hey, all the Allahu anhu says that we were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then suddenly the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he started to laugh. And we said to the messenger,

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sallAllahu wasallam Why are you laughing? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, I jumped on the Emerald mcminn How amazing is it to be a believer? How amazing is the affair of the believer in Amara who Kula Hale, everything about him is good. Everything that happens to him, all of his affairs are played, there's good in them. And he says, when he said that Kelly I had an enlightening moment. He says, No one has that except for a believer, the mindset that he's going to describe only belongs to a person that really really believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala, in order to savoir Shaco, for Canada halen level, when good things happen to him when when moments of ease and

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happiness come to him. He's grateful, and that's better for him. What in our saw, that's what the prophet sallallaahu, Selim says. And when he struck by something harsh when he struck by a difficult situation, Saba, he's patient, what kind of height and level and that's better for him. And he says, no one is able to face both difficulty and ease with that grace, like a believer is, the believer is always in the zone, no matter what his circumstances are around him. And somehow we get so caught up in this life, trying to control the results that we forget to control what's actually in our control, which is the process, Allah gave you the effort, Allah gave you the control over your

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intention. And Allah subhana wa, tada does not charge you or punish you, for the results of an action a lot charges you for your intention in the middle, beneath your deeds are but by your intention, because that's in your control. When you approach life, recognizing that the results of what happened are not in my control, but the process is fully mine, I own the process altogether, then you're able to handle whatever is going to be thrown at you. And somehow, especially when you're when you're just going when you're embarking on trying to figure out what you're going to do for the rest of your life, what's your career is going to be what's your education is going to be

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who your husband or wife is going to be all that stuff that starts to come in all of that decision making. Then that's when you really need to internalize this entire concept of having that mindset of a believer and the prophets like Selim, he was one sitting and some of the poor companions kept coming to him and asking him for money over and over and over again. And he kept on giving him money. I mean, they were they were poor. They needed it. And he had that control Salalah and he was somewhere

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He could readily direct charity their way. And then the prophets I send him he sits them down one day. And he says, Listen, my your corner and demon higher, there is no good that I'm hiding from you for then at the hero who uncom if I have good, if I have money, if I have anything to give you, I'm going to give it to you, you need to know that I'm not gonna hold back anything from you. When you come to me and ask me for anything, I'll give it to you. But he said to them, woman, your staff, if you ask me how old you are, if a whole lot, whoever seeks to be independent, or whoever seeks forbearance, and to show compassion, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give him that. So if you want to

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be a forbearing person, a compassionate person, Allah is going to give you that, and he says, woman yesterday and you can hit law. He says that whoever seeks help from Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah will help him if he seeks to be independent, Allah is going to eventually make him independent. So if you're trying to gain an internal quality, and learn to be patient with people, a lot is gonna eventually unlock that for you. And if you're trying to be independent, you're taking the steps in life to be financially independent, to be successful in the career sense so that you don't have to depend on anybody else. Allah will give you that. And he says, One man, he tells top Bob, you saw

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beautiful law. And if you're trying to learn how to be patient, be patient with the difficulties that come in your life patient with tragedy and hardship, a loss upon a hotel, Allah will make you patient, he says one or a CLIA had done alcohol and who are higher on well, Osama Saba. This is the key here. The prophets lie Some said there's nothing that Allah will give you. That's a greater gift. That's more encompassing, meaning it'll take care of more aspects of your life than patience. and patience is different from the other things because patience is a sense of perspective. Patience comes from a sense of from a mindset, and the prophets. lysozyme is basically saying a law can give

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you money. And a law can give you financial independence. And a lot can give you the career that you want. And a lot can give you the person that you want. And a lot can make all those lays out for you. But there's nothing that allows going to give you that's greater than patience. If you have the gift of patience, then you will be able to take on anything that comes your way. And that's the way that the believer is nothing can faze him and that's why the profits license that adds up and the Umbrella Movement. How amazing is the affair of the believer, there is nothing you can do to him to make him lose that perspective. And it's been medical, the law and who says I had an uncle. And he

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was the brother of my mother. How long I've been manhandle the brother of his mother, I'm so lame. So it's his maternal uncle. And he said that he belonged to this group of 70 on top of the profit slice on 70 companions in Medina. And these companions, they were known for teaching the people for an during the night. So he says they used to sit in the masjid and they used to teach the people put on and they used to recite it to each other. And they used to contemplate on it and think about it and reflect on it. And this is beautiful. He says during the day, they used to go and collect firewood. And they would sell that firewood and they would give the proceeds and tear in charity.

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And he says that they used to go and they used to collect water and they would fill the pictures of the poor of those who had to suffer those poor people that were living in the mud, and they would hand them their pictures. So literally during the day, they were going out and serving the people during the night they were sitting in the Meza teaching the people that put on and it's a group of about 70 of them, and his uncle is one of them. So these people are the best of the best of that society. And Anasazi, Allah says to a group came to the Prophet sly Salaam, and they said to the Prophet slicin, can you send us back some of these people so that they could teach our tribe about

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Islam? Can you send us back a group of the 70 and they could go to our people and they could teach them about Islam as well. So the prophets lie Selim, he let them go. And how Ramadan bill Han was amongst that group,

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honestly been monocle of the law and he says while they were walking away from Medina, as soon as they got outside of Medina, they were ambushed by that group, and they were killed. And he said how Ramadan Manhattan in particular, he said that a person stabbed him literally in the back. So he stabbed him in the back. And haraam had been minhang said, first to Warrenville, Canada.

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I have succeeded by the Lord of the Kaaba, I've succeeded. Now here's the thing. I dislike that I have succeeded by the Lord of the Kava even while he was killed. Doesn't that sound like we're looking for death and you know, that's

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That's a little too much you're out there looking for death and you're looking for murder so that you could die Shaheed you could die a martyr. So go out there and throw yourself out there and start start messing around so that hopefully you'll die and you'll die Shaheed, there was once a guy, this is a true story, there was once a guy that jumped out of the window from a hotel in Mecca because he thought it was Shahada, right?

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That's not the way this works. How dama de Mille Han was not a person that was looking for death, he was not a person waiting around waiting for the next battle so that he could go to war and he could die a martyr, How long had been mill Han was a contributing member to society, a man that was always in the mindset of giving to people, whether it's spiritually fulfilling them, or providing for them with charity, but somehow look at how he acts when he's when he's killed. Look at the way that he acts when he stopped. He was already in the mindset of seeing success as success in the sight of Allah. This is not a man that pursued death. But the fact of the matter is that the mindset of that

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person was so strong, that even when death came to him, even when his life was taken away from him, he still had that perspective, because he was in the zone, while he was serving the people while he was teaching the people that he was in the zone. And a person that has that mindset, you can't take that away from them, even if you kill them.

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Even if you murdered that person, they still have that mindset. They're still in the zone. They're still tuned in to what Allah Subhana which Allah has promised for them, because they see success and failure entirely, in the hereafter sense in the sense of the hereafter. They're not fatalistic, they don't sit around and not work. They don't sit around and not do anything. These are productive people. But there's nothing you could do to take that away from them. So Pamela, last year, I was talking about our three winners, Leah, this one was on. Look at that mindset. Look at those beautiful people and look at how those legacies lived on and look at their families continue to live

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on, because a believer is in that particular zone is in that particular mindset. And they see everything as a means of elevation in the Hereafter, whether it's bad that comes to you or whether it's good that comes to you. This is a chance. It's an opportunity. It's a way to come close to a loss of Hannah hoods.

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And the prophets, I saw him he was able to put that in his companions put that mindset in his companions. You know, I've been through the law and who says that when the prophets I send them was dying. He had this really, really, really hot fever, this really severe fever. And he said that I put my leg next to the leg of the profit slice on him and he was wrapped up. And he said, it literally burns my leg, feeling the leg of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam with his fever, literally burns my leg. And if it Mr. Trudeau the alarm, who said I was shocked? How can a human being withstand that much pain? How can a human being withstand a fever to that extent, and the

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prophets lie some of them he saw him shocked and just just taken aback by how how severe this fever was. And he says to him, that we the prophets of God, are tested twice as much as any of you. So when we're struck with something, it hurts twice as much. So think of a really severe fever, double it, whatever it is, any pain, any difficulty that a person has. The prophets lie, some said that the prophets get twice of them. So you can imagine how that is. And even though the alarm Who says I said to the Prophet, so I said him that he can he unelected arginine? Is that because you're twice as rewarded?

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Look at the mindset is that because you are twice as rewarded? It wasn't your sort of lot. Why? But you're a good man. This shouldn't be happening to you. Shouldn't the prophets have it easiest? Shouldn't the prophets not have to struggle with anything? I mean, they're the most beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Shouldn't they be okay? But the prophets lie Selim conditioned them to where they saw everything as an opportunity for good deeds, everything even in that severity. So the AutoSum loves that because you get twice as rewarded. The prophets lie. Some said, it's because I get twice as rewarded. And he said, the Muslim, any Muslim is not afflicted with any harm, even if it's the

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prick of a thorn, except that Allah subhanaw taala sheds his sins, the way that a leaf would shut its tree. The way that a tree not a leaf would shut his tree that's counter to the way that a tree would set its leaves. Think of a tree shutting its leaves the prophets license that when any Muslim this isn't just something for me, when any one of you is struck by anything. A lot is literally

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taking away your sins washing away your sins no matter what the extent of it is. So just because I have double the fever, doesn't mean that a lot belittles that prick of a thorn that you have. Because Allah also knows that the mindset of the prophets lie Selim is greater than any mindsets and his Eman his faith is able to extend far more than any of us are able to ascend. The idea here is that Allah knows the type of pressure that you can withstand. And Allah will not put you under a level of pressure or duress that you can't handle. And if you can adjust your mindset to where you see literally everything in your life as an opportunity for goodness in the Hereafter, rather than

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an isolated goodness in this world, then it can't faze you. It can't faze you. And being able to walk unfazed is what success is what bears success in this world. That's exactly where it comes from. You know, a lot of times we wait for the tragedy and we wait for the pain, to have that perspective. Like once it's all taken away from me, let me gain that perspective. Now let me start thinking about it and have patience and inshallah you're gonna get rewarded by Allah, just have patience, have patience, have patience. But that perspective is supposed to be with you. Even when everything's okay. You don't wait to develop that mindset. When you're in a hospital bed. You start

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developing that mindset when everything is okay. When you literally have the world being presented to you, the dunya being presented to you and it's easy and everything seems great. And you're privileged and, and you know, Uranus state where everybody else is looking at you, because you've got it all going for you. Even at those moments, you maintain that perspective. And it's a lot easier to get distracted by ease in this life than it is by hardship. It's a lot easier to get ignorant of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to forget where you are, and forget what your purpose is, when everything is going smooth when you're getting exactly what you want. And Subhanallah There's a

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famous incident and narration that took place where after amount of an hour for the allotted time, this super wealthy Companion of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. I mean, he's got it all this man when he used to come back to Medina, the city literally used to sake because of the amount of camels and the amount of goods that he would bring back from his trade routes. People used to literally think they were being invaded, because of the amount of wealth that he had, like you talk about swag walk in and shake the city to where people think they're being invaded. And no, no, that's just my inventory. Right? That's what it felt like when I've been out came back. And I've been outflows one

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sitting, and he started to eat his food. And he says, quote, Tila musawah hater and Mindy. He said, you know, most of it and omega was better than me and he was killed. I remember when he was murdered when he was killed, even though he's better than me. And I remember when that happened. When we covered his upper body, his lower body was exposed. And when we covered his lower body, his upper body was exposed, meaning all we had was that one sheet to be able to cover him. And he says he was better than me. And he says, Well, katella Hamza wahoo a hydro mini and Hamza was killed, and Hamza so much better than me. And he said, at that point, or a cleaner, I mean, I do need a cleaner. We've

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been given up this world what we've been given. He says wakad Hasina and takuna, Hassan Arjuna are JIRA, Atlanta. And we are afraid that the goodness of this world that all that we've been given, is possibly our house or not being hastened our good deeds being hastin for us, meaning what? We've got all our good now so I wonder if anything's left over for the hereafter. And he started to cry and he actually got up and left. Now that mindset of, you know, the goodness that I have now, I hope, I hope that it's not deluding me, I hope it's not deceiving me. It's not an excuse for me to forget about everyone else in the world. It's not an excuse for me to look to everyone else and think that,

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you know, I'm good. I don't need to worry about anyone else. My mindset mandates that I'm still thinking about what better Can I have from a loss of handouts Allah, what can I get from a loss of hundreds out of that's even better? What can I get from a law that's even better? Because we do not equate goodness in this life to goodness from a loss of Hannah hoods? And a lot of times, seriously, we are so okay with life being unfair, as long as it's unfair against other people. If it's fit, if it's if it's unfair towards us, and you know, where we're getting the bad end of it, then at that point where we're messed up, we're all taken aback by that and we're saying what's going on here?

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But if I

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is good to us, we don't care if the world around us is burning down. Right? As long as it's good to us and that's a problem. The mindset that you need to have is that whatever it is that Allah is giving me is an opportunity. There's a response that this has, there is a response that this dictates from me. And I'm gonna leave you guys with with the same from, not from the prophets lie Selim. But from Maya Angelou and Maya Angelou, the great poet and civil rights activist and I want you guys to seriously memorize this all right, because the the final message because I'm getting all those trolling messages now it says go saints. What else is it gonna say last year, it said, it said

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a bunch of other stuff on that screen as well. The idea here is that you are humbled by your success as well as your failure. You're not just humbled by your failure, you're humbled by your success in life everything that comes your way you realize that a lot one something from you without if Allah gives you good things, that doesn't mean put your guard down, that means Be vigilant and do better. And if Allah gives you what appears to be bad that means a lot wants a response from you have patience, but you're always in that mindset right? So I want you guys to repeat after me All right, this is the same for my Angela and I know that we get weirder every year Aigner right we come up

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with, you know, we're quoting all types of people and we're doing all types of things. But I want you guys to remember this all right. Hope for the best.

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Hopefully, hope for the best.

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prepare for the worst.

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And be unsurprised by anything in between.

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Hope for the best. prepare for the worst. And be unsurprised by anything in between.

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That's the mindset of a believer, you guys remember? You guys memorize it? It's an authentic narration. It's truly life changing if you guys are able to sit so can you guys say it back without me saying it.

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Alright, good luck. My luck. That's not luck.