Allah’s Favor On Us

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You should rush towards Jana and you should race towards Jana.

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Allah says rush to Jana and he says race to Jana. Then he says How big is Jana? He says out Aloha a summer words when it's ska its size. Its volume is the skies in the earth. Jana is the size of the skies and the earth. In the next example He says I'll do ha ha ha out of this summer II will it size is something like the size of whatever lies above and the earth in other words, the second one's actually bigger.

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The second Jana that's being described as actually bigger, you see some art and some there's a difference.

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Some are what actually means seven skies. Some doesn't mean one sky some might actually means whatever is above. Now you think about this logically, when you say seven skies, you're talking about seven floors.

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When you say everything above is that more

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technically summer is more than summer life.

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The word summer is actually bigger than the word salad.

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And this is unless you study Arabic linguistics, you wouldn't know you would think sama is singular and somewhat is plural. So the plural should be more than the singular. It's the other way around summer is actually more summer what is less, unless you qualify summer, if you just say summer then actually means everything above. Everything above. So the one I'm trying to say is the second one. There's a race instead of rushing so it's more intense than the sky itself is described as everything above, it's bigger.

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The first one Allah says I have prepared this Jana for people who have Taqwa who are at that level. But the team the agenda has been prepared for the people of Taqwa is every Muslim. Someone who has Taqwa

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or only some Muslims have Taqwa.

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Unfortunately, the reality is not every Muslim is at the core is something we should try to get. But not everybody has it. Right?

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Allah and the next is says this Jana is not just for people who have Taqwa and Butina la vida Yun fake una fissara Evil Dora. These are the people who have Taqwa who at the same time, spend money when it's easy, and when it's difficult, is that a bigger group of people or a smaller group of people? It's a smaller group of people. And we'll cover them and by the way, these are also the people who swallow their anger will candy mean Ohio. They swallow their anger. So not only are they have taqwa, they also spend when it's easy when it's hard, and they swallow their anger is that a larger group of people or even a smaller group of people now? It keeps getting smaller? Well, Rafina

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and Innes not only do they swallow their anger, they also pardon people, they forgive people all the time. Oh, is that a huge group of people or a very small group of people? The group of people described in the first set of ayat gets smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller.

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And the group of people in the next I look at it. Allah says that Lavina Amanu Billahi while roeselii He, it has been prepared for those who believe in Allah and His messengers.

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Is that all of us?

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Do we believe Do we believe in Allah and His messengers? Yep.

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And as a matter of fact, when you say messengers in you didn't say Rasool Rasool E is messenger one. When you say lucidly he then you didn't just include the people right now. The believers from the time of Musa the time of Isa the time of new the time of any profit. All of them are included, so long as you believed in Allah and any of his messengers at their time and even now is their doors to invitation open wider in the second aisle.

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It seems as though Allah is not just entering into Jana, just the people of Taqwa. He's actually opening the door to anyone who believes in Allah and His Messenger is why don't you rush towards the Jana, everybody.

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Everybody and now you ask you tell me if there's an invitation into Jana, but it's very exclusive.

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And there's another invitation into Jana. It's open to everybody.

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Which one is a bigger favor from Allah?

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You tell me the Jannah that is exclusive is a favor from Allah or the open invitation is an extra favor from Allah. So open invitation. open invitation is a huge favor from Allah because I started thinking the only people who will make it into general very exclusive people who can control their anger and forgive people and only spend and not say agenda is for them. Me. I don't do that. I have anger problems and I got you know,

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my Taqwa goes up and down and you know, I don't have I don't have a lot of money and when I do I like to buy chocolate and

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I cannot always spending for the sake of Allah. So am I am I even making an agenda? In the first one you might say there's a there

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It's tougher.

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And the second one

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really? I can get to Jenna.

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Is Allah sure about this? Even me?

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And so what does he do? He tells me something so perfect. In the second one when he opened the gates wide open, he said Talica for moolah, He that is Allah's favor.

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He didn't say that is Allah's favor in the first one he said that was Allah's favor in the second one and Hadith. Why? Because he opened the gates wider and that's the favor from Allah. He didn't have to open it wider. He could have made Janna exclusive. He could have repeated what he said another Emraan for the exclusive group. But he said no the exclusive agenda ashore, but I want to give this huge and now it's going to be lonely in there for you people. Let's let everybody give them all an invitation. That is a favor of Allah He gives it to whoever you want Subhan Allah with the perfection of speech.

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