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Villa Mina Shavon, rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem while the last visit to all your surely he may need Allah Kindle Buddha patina Yana.

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Once you were Hannah without a hold us in the Quran in surah, good afternoon in the Surah, where he addresses the hypocrites, about their misgivings about the

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one is about what the non Muslims are gonna say and what others are gonna think about us. Allah subhana talks him, and he tells us he's understand that his dignity, honor self respect, belongs to Allah and His messenger and the true believers.

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But the hypocrites do not notice that hypocrites do not understand this surah African chapter 63% Eight. One of the primary goals of Islamic law and fundamentals of our religion that we don't speak about enough in the 21st century, is the concept of Islam, of self respect, of dignity of honor.

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These many people sound like medieval concepts. What do you mean by honor? What do you mean by dignity? We mean by this, the way that a Muslim carries himself or herself in public and how they represent the religion.

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They As believers, we are supposed to be the people of the highest caliber, of character and manners, we are supposed to have a dignified presence wherever we go. And slowly, in the 21st century, and the 20th century, before this, slowly, this dignity has been eroded, it's been going away, it's been disappearing. What, because we don't talk about the subject anymore, because we don't teach it to our children, and to because of the society that we are growing up in, that we live in a community, or in a world that is all about individualism. It's all about me, and what I want and what I want to do and my rights in my freedom, the US is gone. The sense of community is

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born, the sense of family is gone. It's all become about the person, it's all become about the ego. And in that kind of a world. There is no honor, there is no dignity, there is no self respect, because all a person cares about is their own knifes. And so we now face this dangerous situation in which everything that makes a human being dignified, is being stripped away. And everything that makes a human being animalistic, or vile, vulgar, has become normalized. And one of the ways that we can fight this trend is to revive discussions on this topic, for us to talk about it, to teach it to our children, and to once again revive the Sunnah of living a life of dignity. And

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so why is it important? Why is it important for us to live a life of honor and dignity,

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some of the early scholars of

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the listed ism, under the primary goals of the Sharia, that our religion was set to preserve our life, our religion, our families, our our wealth, our intellect, and our dignity. And they give two examples of their preservation of dignity. One is that it is a major sin to slander somebody else, obviously, it is a major is another minus to slander song. Why? Because that directly affects the exam the respect and dignity of the other person.

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And the other example they give you see from division of opposite itself, that when a person commits sinner that ruins their own corner and self respect. And when you send somebody else off, it ruins that person's on and self respect. And so they say that the prohibition of these things is to protect the dignity of the human being.

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But why is it important? Why do we need to look like something?

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Well, number one, we have to understand that as believers, especially as believers living in a non Muslim man, we represent Islam everywhere we go. People around us who are not Muslim, they may never read the Quran. They may never read the Hadith or the serum. Their understanding of Islam and experience of Islam comes entirely from the interactions with us. And if we are undignified people, if we are people a bad character, if we are people who do things that are disastrous, that are evil, that a vulgar that that doesn't just represent

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as it represents our religion, they begin to think that this is what Islam is about. This is what Muslim is about. This is what the religion is about.

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So the first importance of Islam is that we represent Islam. Linked to that the second importance of Islam is that it is itself a form of doubt. For many of the early Muslims, they Tao was not in talking about Islam, they lived Islam, it was over a presence that was Dawa itself. People would look at a man like Omar regular who and be convinced that the religion he is following is the true religion because of the way he transformed him into such an exemplary individual. That the impact of this religion on the character and manners and personality of people was enough to be a downer to others. And we wonder today, that people may interact with us over and over again and never be

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attracted to Islam, maybe we are not representing Islam properly. Now, character matters. A third benefit of Israel living a life of dignity and honor, is that it leads to a peaceful, functional society. A lot of the problems in society today come about because people don't have any dignity anymore.

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Whether it's people cheating on their spouses, whether it's the breaking of homes, whether it's the breaking of family ties, or whether it's people who are out there living, vulgar lifestyle, documenting every kind of decency, if people just had a little bit of Islam, they will not be doing these things. And people have Iza, not only will they not be doing these things, but you will be able to maintain a harmonious relationship with the rest of society. When you do these things, when we commit these kinds of sets, they have a ripple effect in society, that evil and vulgar sins, to not just affect the individual, they affect all of society. And what we see today in the world, of

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the of the rise in divorce, and the decrease in happy marriages, and the amount of children who don't know who their fathers are, and the amount of broken homes caused by people doing things that are haram, all of this is a direct result of a life without dignity.

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Another important reason why we should have dignity is to preserve the unity of

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our unity comes from us being united in the service of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the worship of Allah subhana wa taala. And

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when we are undignified in our hands, this leads, number one to the breaking of homes. And when the broken homes are broken, it leads God for breaking of the Brotherhood of abusers.

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So when we live lives of honor and dignity, we are preserving our families. We are building our homes, we are building a society that is honorable and adjusted, dignified, and we are representing Islam in our actions. But what is how do you live a life of dignity? What are the things that you should do that make you a dignified individual that make you a person of Islam, a person who is honorable in the sight of Allah and in the sight of those who worship Allah and someone who is respected by both the creation around us believers and non believers, like what do you do that makes you a person of honor and dignity, it starts number one with our higher without modesty, that every

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Muslim, male or female must live a life of higher of modesty and dignity, from how we dress to how we interact with the opposite gender, to how we carry ourselves in society, if we must represent the modesty of our religion.

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This is the number one heart of being a dignified person to be involved this person, because the immodest person will never be dignified. So it starts with a higher and we have to teach our children modesty from a very young age, from how they dress to how they talk to people, teaching them to lower their gaze, teaching them to avoid the parts that lead towards enough teaching them not to look at websites they shouldn't be looking at all of this must start young age. Haier begins at a young age. And this is where his approach can lead to this is our philosophy and our other our character and dance. Our dignity and honor come from our character and our manager. What's the

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difference between character analysis of love or character refers to what's inside of us. Our internal characteristics, that in our hearts, we are humble people. In our heart, we are sincere people. In our hearts, there is no jealousy for others. This is a cloud. It is the state of your heart and that state of your heart, it manifests itself in your actions. And those actions are called our adult manners. So someone whose heart is full of humility

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manners will be humble. Someone whose heart has no jealousy, they interactions with others will not have any jealousy in either. So we have to work on our hearts and purify our hearts of anything that is bad or flat and put in our hearts that which is good.

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And we have to build upon that the manners of Islam. And sometimes we forget, we trivialize the matters of Islam. This is a problem today, that when we want to study or teach Islam, we talk about things like I only want to learn fake, or I only want to learn history, why are we learning about you know, shaking hands? Why are we learning about eating with the right hand, while we are learning about saying Bismillah but understand these are the manners. These are the manners of the believers and these manners. They go a very long way to building within us a dignified presence in society. That we build a culture of dignity and honor when we have a culture of good manners. And so a

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believer we need to have the best possible manners and character to understand that this is how we do our this is how we represent our religion. And building upon the concept of manners, a core part of honor and dignity is to watch our tongues. It has become too common for Muslims to use vulgar language.

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Very often we find useful, even Muslims who are seemingly practicing Muslims, you know, he may be a brother with a big beard or sister it was a job, but he used the worst of all the language, the kind you don't want your children to yell. Why are these words coming out of the bulk of

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the same mouth from which the remembrance of Allah is supposed to come out? We must honor our tags and not use vulgar language, that the words we speak should always be dignified. Even when we are angry. Even when we are upset, we should only allow dignified words that come out of our mouth, we should completely completely delete from our vocabulary, any form of vulgar language.

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The next aspect of self respect and honor is cleanliness, cleanliness, that we need to be clean at all times.

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Rasul Allah, Allah you set up you he once saw as a hobby, walking around in dirty and torn clothing. And he asked him Don't you have nice clothes to wear? And he said yes to it, we'll go may change. And he saw another Sir, how you walking and his hair was all untidy. And he asked, don't you have a comb to comb your hair? He said yet?

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Another Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was talking about the importance of

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avoiding arrogance. What are the Sahaba said, I like to dress well, I like to look nice. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that's not arrogance, Allah is beautiful, and he loves beauty. Allah is beautiful, and he loves beauty. So part of our ism is that we dress when we look when we are well groomed, we are clean, we smell good. We don't go around offending other people with bad body odor. We don't go around offending other people because we address shabby. We are dignified in our appearance, we are dignified in the way we carry ourselves in society. People look at us and we say that is a person who is dignified and honorable. And cleanliness is a very important part.

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The next aspect of living in dignified life is that we live a life of

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what does your son his son means that whatever you do, you do the absolute best job possible that you try your best to be the absolute best in the world at what you do. You are parenting, you aim to be the best parent possible. You are in a bad mood, you aim to have the best match possible. If you are giving a speech, you try to give the best speech possible. You are teaching a class to try to teach the best lesson possible. And every day you want to be better than the day before that class you teach tomorrow should be better than what you did yesterday. The way you run your business tomorrow should be better than the way you did it before that you aim to be the absolute best at

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everything you do. Not arrogance, not out of unvetted others, but because this is what is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah loves the four believer in whatever they do. They do it with Islam, they do it to the best of your abilities. And this is one of the reasons that the Muslims tries in the early years, that in the golden age of Islam, the Muslims were just the way they were the best of a pile of pious people the way the best of Cadiz called the way the best fixed calls for the read only that give you the best of doctors and the best of psychiatrist in the best of mathematicians, that the best of every field, because they strive for Assad in everything that they did. And they

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became the global standard by which the rest of the world judge themselves. We have to write out up to become that level of dignity in society again.

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And finally, the final aspect of Islam that I want to mention is that to live a dignified life, we must be responsible. We must be people who take responsibility for our labor. This is a big

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Poverty. Many young people don't want any responsibility. They don't want responsibilities in their life. You know, there are so many young people who speak to the askable Why don't you want to get married? I don't want the responsibility. Why don't you want to have children I do want the responsibility, though. Why decided because I don't want the responsibility. Being a Muslim means embracing responsibility. Allah didn't put us on this earth, just have one. It is put us on this earth to fulfill our desires. We are here for a reason. Embracing the responsibilities of life is part of being a dignified evil. And we all must choose to be responsible for everything Allah has

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put us in charge of whether it is our families, our businesses, whether it is just ourselves but everyone is responsible for something. And when you embrace that responsibility, you become more dignified in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. And in the eyes of society, Allah grant us all ism because we have the spec they make us the people whose actions and deeds are the means of Tao others super Hannah Robin is a

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hungry Latin watch that was so that was salam, ala de ba, ba, ba, ba ba inner circle dystrophy who had you heard the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, mashallah The morning was said to have been polluted at Ebola Wakulla did not one of the most important aspects of maintaining what is and dignity in society is to get married and avoid sinner.

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And both of these are areas where our community is starting to fade. Xena has become normalized for two generations. And we have to speak against we have to turn this tide of need to end this fitna that Muslims should not even be considering such a certain level of normalizing and marriage, we've gone further and further away from the Islamic idea of marriage further and further away. Think about look at each generation and realize how far away we've gone from Islamic ideals of marriage that we you know, 20 years ago, people said, Oh, stop getting married young. Right. And now we have people saying I'm not going to get married ever.

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You're moving further and further away from what Islam has prescribed for us.

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Amongst the Sahaba, there was a three young men who wanted to be very pious. So one of them said that I'm going to preach 100 Every night all night, I'm never going to see. And another one said that I'm going to pass the day of my life. And the third one says I'm never getting married. Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam been angry, he got angry. He said, I am the most pious amongst you. But I sleep and I pray I pass sometimes sometimes I don't pass and I'm married to many woman. So this is my sooner follow my sooner

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manages the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa. So it is the part of dignity and honor that when a man and woman are married to each other from a young age, and they grow together, and they grow to the potential together and help each other for the sake of Allah and grow in the direction of pleasing Allah, and they have raised children for the sake of Allah. This is a blessed and dignified union. Old people are involved with girlfriends and boyfriends, all of this other evil since the dignities. War. And children born out of death face a lot more challenges in life, because they are going to undignified a haram process. It's not the child's fault. But it's the reality of

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the world that went haram needs to something to fix the next generation and the generation after and as well. There are repercussions for living a life of sin. There are repercussions for avoiding what Allah has prescribed and choosing what Allah has prohibited. And we need to revive the sense of honor in our communities. Then when we raise our sons and daughters, we raised him to be dignified individuals. We teach them that in our religion, there is no such thing as good framework. We teach them that you get married at a young age. And yes, you know, we, you know, this is a whole different topic. But a lot of times these days, we have this problem that we want a youngster to get married,

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but we want him to already have a car and already have a house and already have a business. We want him to have the experience of a 40 year old at the age of 20.

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Right we want you to have the experience and the wealth of what to at age of 20. And when you can't do that you say oh, you can't get them. This is a very wrong way of looking at you see what we are doing is we are taking the western standards of marriage that come after 20 years of the law and we applying it on the Islamic concept of value to come to the meaning of a person's life. Islamically you don't get married to settle down after you've done whatever you want to do in this world. Islamically you don't get married only when you're financially secure. Islamically marriages the beginning. You get married to someone based on their potential based on who they are going to be.

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That if you see a young man who is hard working

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Who is pious, who has aspirations wealth goals, who knows what he wants in life who's moving in the right direction, and you get your daughter married to him, and they grow in the right direction together. That is the best thing that you can do. That is the best thing that you can do for them. So when young people want to get married, we need to change the standard back to the sooner. And the sooner is not that there must be wealthy individuals, because understand that anything wild comes and goes, wild comes and goes. If you're only getting married to someone because they are wealthy. What happens if they go bankrupt? What happens if they lose their business? What happens if they

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lose their job? Life is a test, they're going to be test. It's not all about wealth, it's about responsibility. It's about goals, about visions, but being a good person. That's what's going to make America. So when young people want to get married, it shouldn't be about them being at a certain status, it should be about potential. Who is this person growing into, and let them grow together into the person that they grow together? That is the beauty of Islamic magic, we have to revive this concept. A lot of people don't want to hear this. You don't want to hear about young people getting married anymore. But this is the sooner this is what our religion teaches. And this

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is the one thing that is going to change the tide against a wave of sinner that is destroying.

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This is the one thing that's going to change it when we go back to the sooner of saying yes, it's fine for a young person to get married. It's fine. If your finances aren't in or they get you don't know what you're doing. You're moving in the right direction. You have a plan for your life. Okay, do we together work together, put it together. This is something we need to revive.

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Our revival of the Sunnah of getting married young is directly linked to the revival of E, dignity and honor and respect of our families. And we have to embrace this and Inshallah, maybe in the future, we can have a longer discussion about it. I know there are many challenges involved in our community for people who want to get married young. And because we get away with all these challenges, they end up living lives of not instead, and then it gets too late for them to get married. We need to change this we need to go back to the sooner and we need to go back to the proper discussion of what marriage is all about. As we need to give our youth avenues of living a

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dignified lifestyle. We have to open the doors of dignity for him in every way that we can.

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We have asked Allah Samantha to accept from us our efforts and to make us from the righteous and to make us of those whose lives are pleasing to Him. Rob Bernardino Jr. has enough of his husband are working for open a hub let me watch it watching.

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on horombo Amina because the government

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is a massive food for salam ala Nina 100