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Loving The Ansar – The Firsts

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Omar Suleiman

Channel: Omar Suleiman

Episode Notes


Episode Transcript

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When you love someone deeply, then you do the unexpected you go above and beyond you even do things for them that they would never ask. And so the unsought start to do what they start to take note of and huddle Rahim Allah points us out started to follow the prophets license habits to see what type of food he liked.

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So they could give him that food. So if they saw the profit slice and like the particular type of date, they made sure to save their roadmap from their farms and to give it to the profit slice um if they saw the profit slice I'm like the particular type of cloth they gave the profit slice I'm that type of cloth for themselves. The profit slice I'm likes this type of Honey, let's give the profit slice on this type of honey. They even to the point of what they knew that the Prophet slice alum, loved being in the house of Israel of the Allahu Taala and so they would wait to send their gifts to the Prophet slice them to when he was in the house of it. So the Elana that's the extent of detail

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that they were paying attention to, with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to shower the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with their love