Ammar Alshukry – How can we earn the support of Allah

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of symbols and words used during the Islamic practice, including a series of symbols for hamsters, women named Heidi, and individuals like Heidi. The importance of the Hadith of the Prophet Sunlessi Sun-rat is discussed, as it is used to protect people from harms and is essential for achieving success. Investing in a relationship with Allah Sub ultrasound is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to be able to overcome obstacles and achieve success without fatigue. The success of successful people is also highlighted, including their intelligence, resource, and personality, and the importance of community-wide support for success and community-led growth.
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And then hamdulillah namah to who Anastasia you know who and I still feel when Allah bIllahi min Shu Lauria fusina We say yeah Medina mejor de la for Ramadan the that were made up for Da da da wash Edwin Nyla in Allahu la sharika wash. I don't know Muhammad Abdullah Surah wasafi Omen filthy. He was a little Bella risotto. I also had uma so like whom I didn't matter to me la Naidu Arcada Heidi

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slaughter abuse, Ramadi, Allah, Allah azza wa jal vikita will carry him by the rules to be law administrator in the regime. Yeah, you ended it I'm gonna topple Allah Hapa to party when it moved to de la and to remote Wakanda Tada you had NASA Topo Rebecca will Lydia Alaba who me Nipsey Wahida Wahaca Minato Jaha whether semi nomadic Jad and get Theodore when he's with double Allah and let the decide who will be will not have in Allah God it community but we'll call it data you enter the Ramana Tapachula guru overland said either use Lego Batman films and overcome with a Yoda Allah or pseudo OVA, devisor fools and Alima and my bad

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appraisers due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires, whom Allah guides no one can misguide. And only allow us to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone, having no partners. And then Mohamed Salah it was said to him as a slave and His messenger and his perfect worshiper, Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, oh believe, fear Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah says, Oh, mankind, Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produced from that soul its mate, and

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made from their combination many men and women, so Fear your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship, verily, Allah is Ever Watchful over you. And Allah says, Oh, you believe, fear Allah and say that which is correct, he will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then they are indeed victorious.

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To proceed, I want to share in this brief kotoba, a hadith that many of us have heard many times over.

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But in this period of current events, as we're rereading through the Quran, we're seeing meanings that we might have never paid attention to before.

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And we are appreciating and analyzing and benefiting from the same verses that we've been reading all of our lives, but we're seeing them in lights that we had never experienced before. And similarly, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah

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the province of Elijah said it says in the Hadith as reported by Timothy, a bit ambassador, the Allah I knew he said, that I was with the province salatu salam. When he said to me, yeah, well, I'm in need or Animoca caravans

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young man, I am teaching you some words.

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And I used to be amazed.

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And we used to be amazed that the province the lady said to them gave this great Hadith that I'm going to share with you to a young man 10 years old or 11 years old. And the scholars would wonder how is it that the province of Allah is setting them these this depth of meaning was given to what we would consider to be a child. But now when you reread this hadith, you would wish the all of the children of Rosa all of the children have full steam that they have this hadith inscribed in their hearts, because it is something that those children need to know. And it is something that our children need to know. And it is something that we need to know so much so that Imam had no we had

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this as the 19th Hadith in his 40 collection.

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Therefore the love for buck, preserve the commandments of Allah, and Allah will preserve you

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preserve the commandments of Allah they did who to Jack, preserve the commandments of Allah, you will find Allah with you.

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Is there any of us who does not want Allah subhana dialer with us in our times of difficulty?

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And yet the problem is still alive you send them says no Allah.

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No Allah subhanho data's commandments. Do what Allah Subhana Allah commands to be done. Follow the commandments of Allah, and you will find Allah Subhana Allah with you. In another version of this hadith is this datum of Gila life it'll hot yeah, if does she know Allah subhanaw taala during the times of comfort, Allah Subhana Allah will know you during the times of difficulty and distress. And so the time to invest in a relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala is not when your world is being turned upside down, even though there will come a time in your life where your world is turned upside down, because that is the nature of the human experience. But the time to invest in a

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relationship with Allah subhanaw taala is when life is good, and the body is healthy and the fun

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Family is well and the bank account is is satisfactory and the community is safe. That is the time to invest in a relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. So in times change ALLAH SubhanA data knows you in that difficulty as well. Well sort of lost a little light as Adam continues and he says he that's out first Lila way the stand for staying biller that when you seek the help of someone, seek the help of Allah. And when you ask, ask Allah

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there is an important equation that appears in the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala tells us that we should all know Allah Subhana Allah simply says el Circo Mala for love it but let them weigh up little confirm that Lillian solocom embody Allah subhanho data says, if Allah subhanaw taala were to support you, then who is going to overpower you? What if and if ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada were for his physique you If Allah were to forsake you, then who is the one who's going to be able to support you after him while you have political infidelity on solocom embody while alive and yet to me No. And upon Allah let the believers rely. And so even as we're mobilizing and even as we're we're trying to

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engage and capture the audience of the entire world for our causes, that a person makes sure that the greatest audience for them to secure is the audience of Allah subhanaw taala that the greatest factor in their equation of success is to secure the support of Allah subhanaw taala beyond the support of any politician, beyond the support of any funds beyond the support of any hashtag beyond the support is the support of Allah. If Allah subhana Medina says yes, then it doesn't matter who says no, and if ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, No, then it doesn't matter who says yes, and then the Prophet sallallahu send them he says widen them an ummah

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lowish terminal Allah and you know for Luca, Vichy, let me have a Luca elaboration for the Kitab a Hula, hula

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and know that if an entire nation were to gather to harm you or the entire world were to gather to benefit you or to harm you, they wouldn't be able to benefit you or harm you, except with something that Allah Subhana Allah has already read for you. To let you see. Ilana Khattab Allahu Allah, say that nothing will afflict us, except what Allah Subhana Allah has written for us who will Mowlana Allah is our protector, that theology that belief that al Qaeda, that what ALLAH SubhanA data wrote, it is going to happen and what Allah Subhana Allah did not write, that I'm not going to actualize that belief that there is no one who can benefit me beyond ALLAH SubhanA data. And there is no one

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who can harm me beyond ALLAH SubhanA dadas allowance. This is something that we carry, know that if the entire world there are going to be times in your life where you feel like the world is against you, there going to be times in your life where you feel like everybody at work is against you. There is going to be a time in your life where you feel like public perception is against you, but that the believer have this resilience. This is this dignity that comes with knowing that if ALLAH SubhanA data is behind me, then there's no one who can overpower me. And if Allah subhanaw taala does not allow it, then there's no one who's going to be able to harm me. But then he says if it

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were just for to sort of the pen has been lifted, and the ink has dried, ie destiny has been written, but there's another version of this hadith as well, where the prophets of Allah they send them add some beautiful meanings. And he says what Adam and the Muslim as sob. He says, A no victory comes with sorrow. And I want to just pause here very briefly, but this is very, very important.

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The province of Elijah Selim says no, that victory comes with Sabra. So but generally 95% of the time we translated as patients, but some of it is such a bigger word than patients sub is resilience. Its endurance, its dedication, its perseverance, its resilience. SUBUD is discipline. Saba is grit. Sobre is being able to overcome obstacles, it is the ability to continue to consistently do something, even when the results don't seem like they're around the quarter. And if you were to look, when the province the light is said it says victory comes with suburb, this word.

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If you were to look at anybody who's successful in any field of human endeavor, whether it's in scholarship, whether it's in athletics, whether it's in business, whether it's in politics, no matter, any interview, you watch, or anybody successful, any biography that you read of anybody successful, you will find that they are different in their intelligence. They're different in their resource resources. They're different in their opportunities, their personality traits, but the one thing that is shared amongst all of them is this attribute of sub.

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Business number one failed business number two failed attempt number one failed attempt number two failed. They continue to show up until they were eventually successful, why them and the muscle mass soccer and why is it so important for us that we realize that we as a community have to have resilience for us to achieve

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Any victory that we are seeking, that we have to be able to meet obstacles that we have to not fatigue after month number one or month number two or day number one or day number two,

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child psychologist I still remember this. During COVID We had a community wide Muslim community wide

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zoom call with famous child psychologist Dr. Leonard Sachs.

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And he said that those psychologists had defined that research had defined that the greatest predictive quality in children as to their success is the discipline that they had developed by the age of 12.

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That subject

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the ability to be consistent the ability to do something even when you don't want to do it. And Allah subhana wa Tada says, Yeah, you ended the bureau wasabi root what are the two what up Allah and I live with different everyone. Oh, you will believe have Subak and out Saba others and have Taqwa of Allah and holdfast and have Taqwa of Allah, that you may be successful. And rasool Allah and Allah Subhana Allah it says in Surah Al Baqarah Yeah, you are living in Amsterdam will be slavery or Salah was telling it will be slavery was the way you mentioned this twice. Seek help in

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prayer that's turning to Allah subhana data making absolutely, but also endurance, resilience. The province the maliit SNF says wylam and the muscle mass sub

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when follow them, I'll come up and know that relief comes with the difficulty when no matter is useful, and that with every hardship is ease, according mathematical Mustafa, the lady with a combustor following Olga for Rahim.

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hamdulillah Lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, Hodeida Cibus, citrusy Mecca, Philip.

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For those of you who are just joining, we simply went over today the Hadith the famous hadith of Ibn Abbas, as reported by Timothy where the province of Elijah said them told they've been our boss and he said,

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protect the commandments of Allah. Allah will protect you protect the commandment of Allah, you will find Allah with you. When you ask ask Allah when you seek the help of anyone seek the help of Allah, and know that an entire nation if they were to gather to harm you, they wouldn't be able to get they wouldn't be able to harm you with anything more than what ALLAH SubhanA dat has written for you. And if they had gathered to benefit you, they will not be able to benefit you except with a loss of Hana data has written for you.

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The pen has been lifted and the ink has dried. So we ask Allah zodia on this blessed day that Allah Subhana Allah accepts from us our actions that he accepts from us. Our prayer that he accepts for us are to us that Allah subhanaw taala relief from us our hardships that ALLAH SubhanA data grants us the resilience that he loves, and the resilience that allows us to overcome any obstacle. Allahu Meganet Luca jenama kurabe Hammond Cody Muhammad when ooo becoming a novel Makarov at home including Muhammad, Allah Houma, attina fusina, taqwa, Zeki, Hunter Hagerman cerca Antonio home Hola. Hola, Maximilian. I'm excited to come out to Hulu BBN and I will be animasi attic. I mean, I think I'm out

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to bet you're gonna be Genetec women area kini motivo will be it and I'm also a bit dunya Amata and Allahumma be a smarty now of sight in our Awatea over the mount of Clayton, which I will wait if I mean, which I thought about that I'm on Vamana or something Allahumma Adam and I Danna without edge animals here about 10 IV D. Nina, when I teach either dunya Cora Amina when I'm a beloved Amina, where that you didn't Nanaimo see Alana wedge Allah Ginetta here Donna beautiful medicale Pamela he mean Bob good humble Maka model Bernie so the era rub your homework Imelda Bernie so the rabbit hole Malcolm out of bounds so there are a lot of mud homophone animals today fina muck will be ready for

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the state alone. Nakula homer in ano McMullen Wayne Lama Kula Nasser ano McMullen masa, Allahu mushiya. Mandala Han what have Mota hum with taka shahada Vera hermetical hamara Hamina la muscle and muscle and Kabira along muscle homeless one Kabira Salalah hide se then Muhammad Baku mela Salah to go hand hump Allah

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