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Habiba Malik from India. Can you list the name of reliable scholars, who you turn to for fake issues, so that we also turn to them for our fictitious?

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This is a very big question

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and answer can go on for us together, I will try and answer in short, because which callers do I

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do for my fix issues?

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You know, scholars are divided into classical scholars, the medieval scholars, the contemporary, the pre modern, the modern, you know,

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as far as the beloved Peninsula, Salam said, we look our Sharia is based on the Quran and say, Hadith on Allah and the guidance of the provinces and a prophet said the best generation is my generation, then the next generation, then the next generation. So, after the prophet the best other Sahabas then other turbines then other Tabatabai So, when you look for any delille number one is Quran in the life of the prophet after that the Saba then turbine the turbine, so, but Nash is the best scholars of his other Sahaba philosophy, the Saba then will be debate then.

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So, when we look at what what was their opinion when they and there were differences or opinion among the sabas and then we see the Saba then we see with some some other specialized more in the Quran, some in other aspects some some Emirati different different so based on that number one

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the Safa Rashid in the Saba after Atlanta the fool with the refashion in the new disarmer Then debate debate Amin then you have the classical scholars that are there.

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You have the 40 months

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the Imam Abu Hanifa Imam Malik Imam Shafi Imam humble

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me the number humble. May Allah have mercy on all of them. There were many Imams 50 Hundreds of Imam were there at that time, but the four day they were the students mashallah were, were, were able to spread the teachings more. The for mother Toby mums, there were other topics also, but maybe the student didn't from promote the teaching so much. So these were the top 40 mums that we have and all of them mashallah which I love them, I respect them, I refer to them

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then then we have to

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come up with a million humble was about this Malik was there, but then we have an Imam, Imam Bukhari

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Muslim then then upload into the middIe the naszej image all these are scholars and I look up to them and then I check

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then we have the facility bibliography then we have 30 Then we have good to be on the list is long. Therefore, if the Danford very can give a short answer. So the then we have the classic is linear Saba then as a classical scholars we have their level is different than webmanager Who who wrote the Shara of the Buhari? Many then we have the I mean we can keep on naming but the the the one that I can recollect now, then we then we have the medieval scholars you know a few centuries later than when we Tamia Oh, earlier we

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then we have a mama now we

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then we have after a few 100 years

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we have Jamia mashallah a great scholar, then Imam

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Edna Josie

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Then coming down the line, we have the Asian scholars, you call them contemporary scholars, they call them the modern scholars. I've divided this into two levels in two parts one which was a few decades earlier and I'm not living any longer and when which are living

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in between there are many other scholar that did not name but what I could recollect

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in those scholars in the recent few decades but are not living.

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I would the really that that appreciate and I look forward is the Shakib North Amy check NASA galbani Shake been buzz.

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And unfortunately, these three great scholars of our time, you know when I mean the when we started doing Dow earlier they they expired within a few years span a few years we in the late 90s or the early 2000s.

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And after that, at that time that I believe the best call of live in the time was the legendary shake up the legendary again, he from Rio then I met him several times and whenever any problems I have to go to him and look forward to his reply. At that time you are one of the best living scholars and Allah also my lifted Mashallah. And may Allah grant Jana to all the scholars were mentioned. May Allah

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on all of them, remember, now that we have

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among the scholars really frankly now, we have very few handful of scholars who we can really call them scholars, scholars, many. But do we really can, you know, the, the level of

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level of fiction, and the level of intelligence and the way to reply and to analyze. According to me, one of the best callers to the living or to best callers, one would be shake mama doesn't have to do. He's a Mauritania, person the past few years living in Turkey, in Istanbul, and I've been meeting him for several years. Uh, Hamdulillah, the last time I met him was at the care summit. And before that, when I was in Turkey, he is one of the best

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living Islamic scholars in the world, as well as shake up the roses for Fe

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and the other one that I can think of an ugly myth, check masala, Majid and all these scholars every year, mashallah meet them many times, for the last several years, I've been meeting them, except, you know, now some of them are in custody. So since the last couple of years that there have been custody economics, some of them so these that I can think of today are the top scholars and we refer to, but you have to realize that there are different specialties.

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For example, the the speciality of Islamic finance,

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and Islamic finance. Previously, I know I used to discuss with Dr. Murcia Chopra is Indian then became a Saudi and

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Dr. Sidiki, he's from India again. And they were very well learned Islam finance. And the one that again, the maximum knowledge as far as finances concerned, is his doctor comm

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he's an Egyptian. He did a live but very old man like him health. And later on, he spent many years in Pakistan, and he was the founder of the Islam guru. So D in Islam about in Pakistan.

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And he was the one who made the university years director for many years. I think he spent 19 years there, if I'm not mistaken, then he shifted to Dubai. And he is mashallah for it. To me, the father of Islamic banking. You're the chairman of more than 20 Islamic banks, yes, converted many conventional bank, Islamic Bank and the maximum knowledge that I gained when I sat with him for us together. We also invited him to Bombay, for the Islamic peace conference, I think in 2007, or 2009. I don't remember. So in terms of Islamic finance knowledge, one of the largest one of the best colors today living if Dr. Hamid Hassan, Hassan and the other one is

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Mufti Taqi, Usmani Masha Allah Maulana moved into Guzman is also a great scholar. These two scholars are one of the highest in the field of Islamic finance. He from Pakistan and I met him a couple of times when he came to Malaysia mashallah, he has great knowledge and what we find that in finance, the Hanafi fuqaha Hanafi scholars have done more advanced research on Islamic finance as compared to others. So, each one has its speciality. So in finance but natural I would believe more in

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movies that lose money or Dr. Amelia Sanderson, then check the duplicate that in the speciality, each field like in Loga according to me, one of the best person of mine to me is Dr. Farber, Dr. Farber, him, originally Indian then shifted to Saudi Arabia and he was the head of the local department in the starting in local department for non Arab started in the summer ministry Medina and when I tried to find which is the best teacher I can learn with I, someone told me it is from the method how will this person give me time so I went there, and I was shocked. He didn't know I was there. The lecture gave a few weeks back in Medina was there in the city in the first row. So

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mashallah, he agreed to give me five hours every day and we were supposed to spend six months so that that I might have heard Mahama, my my, my Saudi resident permit in the 1987. And unfortunately, I could spend hardly about three, three and a half weeks with him. There was an important issue in India to go back. So for three weeks Marshall, I sat with him five other day, immediately after the Zohar Salah up to the end of malaria, just before Maghreb spend about four or five hours every day and there were learned he was one of my first few teachers, Mashallah. And the knowledge he has he has he knows about 70 roadie languages, the fluency has Marshall.

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And then the other person I studied was also great in the hadith is Dr. Dre man asked me, not his era man asked me again, the Indian will be shocked to know you are the Hindu. Then he migrated to Saudi Arabia. He did his master the bachelor masters PhD became the head. He became the dean of the Hadith department in Islamic University of Medina and I used to sit with them twice a week.

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And my basis of Hadith, I learned from him mashallah, he's a great scholar. And he has compiled after he retired in the past, he spent about 918 years in compiling all the SE Hadith in one volume.

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And that was my desire when I used to speak in lecture the Quran and say, I didn't know whether this ad Bukhari Muslim, but that's not all. So what he did, he spent about 15 to 20 years and compiled all this in one volume and called it Jammie camel.

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And that's, that's printed in 12 volumes, there the Muktsar version of it within five volume and we are translating into English and you know, when I say foreign, all even if not 100%, you need to reclaim that more than 95% of the sadita there and then this hadith is also then Bukhari chapter number one Number one, so, also the Muslim also the number doubt. So, all they say I did you can find in that he failed there are other scholars in the field of science is there like Dr. Moseley who specialized in science, then you observe it as a nanny in science. So there were in terms of faith issues.

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As I told you that there are many scholars there are other scholars also. There are there many like shake sad NASA shadetree he's also great scholar

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but the one that I really appreciate amongst all of them is shake mama the son of the dough shake up below the trophy and and shake masala and magic and worship whoo masala Mooji done that Masha Allah, he has his own own website is some training, which is the most popular Islamic website in the world and most popular sites for if you have any questions. The best answer you can get is go to Islam q&a. It's in 14 languages. I hope this unfilled in short, it's a very short answer. You can elaborate for us together on this