Omar Suleiman – “Life is Just a Dream”

Omar Suleiman
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So now money come from celebrity cattle once again it's not him the last a lot are similar so no and he will sadly he will Manuela. So before I start tonight inshallah Tana actually wanted to let everyone know that inshallah Tada This next Monday been lucky Tyler, we're going to be releasing a new series that we just put together in the last couple of weeks called for those left behind. And this is going to be a series

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primarily for communities and families of those that have recently passed away and they're asking a lot of questions questions about why questions about how do we connect questions about whether or not the deceased hear us? Do they know when we visit? Do they? Do they receive the good deeds that we do on their behalf? What good deeds Should we do on their behalf? What do I should we make for them? All of these different questions that constantly come up about depth and then some of the practical things so some of the questions that arise about about as the waiting period about the condolences, some of the spiritual dimensions of the janazah the barrier what are the sunon that we

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should practice in these times, and so many other different things in Solitaire that come up so it's going to be a 15 episode series in sha Allah We just finished recording it and inshallah Tata will start releasing it hopefully but in the nighttime it's Monday and it will be released daily inshallah tada until we complete all 15 episodes, so that we can reach those who who need it and chill on time. So please be on the lookout for that and so will actually pause the Monday night reminder and continue to pause the first until that is completed, and then we'll restart the first inshallah Tyler in February. With that in Charlottetown. I wanted to talk today about a very special

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saying and concept of how we approach life. And some of you saw the posting about brother Ehab Rahim, Allah Tada. And I know that people are dying in different communities. And I just want to tell everyone by the way, make it a habit that as it comes across your your screen, that this person passed away, my uncle passed away, my mother passed away whatever it is that you make throughout for people that you pray for people, because we're seeing those messages pop up on our Twitter feeds on our WhatsApp groups, wherever they are. We're constantly seeing those things pop up. So make do out for people here in Dallas we had for Genesis just today, just today, brother, he have him a lot. It

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was his friendly, sweet face that you would see every time he went to brighter horizons Academy. And he always had a joke. He always had warmth that He gave His wife was a teacher, beautiful family and just beautiful person. And my last memory of him. So Pamela is janazah that we prayed for half of the Brahim just a few weeks ago, who was a young half of that passed away due to cancer. And whether he was directing the traffic and some panela might literally remember the image of the hearse going in front of me and him directing the hearse, and directing me behind the hearse and waving Salaam to me and then tapanuli here he is now in the hearse and someone else is directing traffic. So it's

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really surreal the way these things proceed, we lost pantah mercy on him and all those that are passed away and comfort their families a lot. I mean, so the

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the same is the same for Mr. Hassan Rossi to him all the time. Now Hassan Busey Rahim, Allah to Allah wrote a letter to

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him a whole lot who asked him to describe the situation of life and death to him. Give him a few words that would help him understand the reality of life. And he responded and he said in them and dounia Holman will ask you not to jacoba Well, no to most of us, it will not unlock the alarm. He said that life is but a dream. the Hereafter is where we are awake, and death is the transition between them. And so life is the dream. the Hereafter is where we truly live where we truly are awake, and death is a transition between them. And we are in a deep sleep. We are in a deep sleep. So Pamela, there's something very profound about describing life as a dream. And it's something that

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it's not just from your own past and mostly to him a lot. He did say. In other places. He said that he likens, dunia like a man who takes a nap. He sees in his dream, what pleases Him and what displeases him, and then he wakes up from his nap. So it's like you're taking a nap right now. You're seeing in your dream. As you are awake, something that makes you happy, something that makes you sad, it's a good dream. It's a bad dream. But you wake up from that nap and then that's where you really are awake and of course the prophets license of the lama nerissa Lytle after all law there is no life except for the life of the hereafter.

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So many different sayings to the effect that life is a mirage, life is a dream, and true life begins.

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After we leave this dunya after we leave this world, I want you to actually think about what the consequences of that are, if you approach life in that way, Allah subhanaw taala in certain molk Allah The Kala Kala Mota will hire lost parents, Allah mentions the one who created death and life and he begins from the point of death, because not existing in this dunya is the default, it's actually the default, the majority of our individual and collective existence is not in this world. It's not in this world. And so you start from the point of I existed prior to this dunya, I took shape in this dunya, and I will exist after this dunya. Right, I will move on after this world, you

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start from that default, you start from that place of transition of a dream, and of real life, beginning after this life. And that does a few things to you. Now, first of all, it's important to mention that this dunya, this dream has consequences, it's a test the blue icon, or you can accent lamina. It's so that we can be tested. Right? And we have to do in this life, what will lead to an eternal life of happiness and eternal existence of happiness? And so you only have one shot in this life? To do what will what will foster better circumstances for you in the next life, which is true life, right? That's something that is very important to understand. So it's not a dream, in that we

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don't take it seriously. It's a dream in regards to its temporary nature. Now, why is that so significant? Have you ever actually been in a dream, and known that you were in a dream? You know, I can relate to a few of those experiences. Or I can I can remember a few of those times where I was in a dream. And in the midst of that dream, I realized I was dreaming, right? When you know that you are dreaming. In the midst of your dream, what happens, right? You're not as saddened by the things that happened to you, then you're not as as excited about certain things that are happening because you realize it's a dream. And so you are tempered in that regard. And in this dunya once we realize

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it is a dream, it's a mirage, it passes by so quickly, and we will see in it what pleases us and what displeases us, but you know that it is going to come to an end and you know that eventually you're going to wake up, then that allows you to always keep things in perspective to always keep things in perspective. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what would he say to the companions, when he would tell the companions that you're going to see very difficult days, he would tell them, be patient until you meet me, be patient until you meet me, right? So, look, if you're going to wake up, you're going to come out of this dream. And this dream has consequences. So make

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sure that you do what you need to do in this dream in the short time that you are here. And also don't become a nightmare to someone else. That's not what you want, because in a volmer, oppression is literal mat is darkness upon darkness upon darkness, on the day of judgment. So if you become someone else's nightmare in this life, then you will live a true nightmare, on the day of judgment in the hereafter may last pants out, protect us from from that fate alum I mean, so do in this dream, what will cause you to enjoy your true wakefulness in the Hereafter, and do not become a nightmare to anyone else in the short dream that you have in the short period that you have on this

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earth. But approach life that way. approach it that way. So that you are not too attached to what comes in this life. Not because a last panel is added does not want you to be happy. No, you find moments of joy and happiness in this life. And that's okay. The prophets lie some found moments of joy and happiness in this life. But he was never diluted, right? He never was diluted by that happiness. And it's not that you don't find sadness, no empathy comes from a place of or empathy is related to sadness, right? When we see hurt, we feel sad. We we see things that causes sadness, but not to become so disappointed not to. Not to despair, because it's a dream. So some handle I mean,

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this was just something that I was thinking about. You know, this this powerful thing for him has some will say to him all the time, that in the madonia home and will RTI tool jacoba will moto moto also it's one of the unlikely I love that Verily, life has been a dream

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the Hereafter is where we are awake. And death is just the transition in between. and we are in a deep sleep May Allah subhanaw taala wake us up and allow us to use that wakefulness and that awareness to do good to do good, so that we could truly live in peace and happiness and in tranquility in the next life and so that we could do what is beneficial to us inshallah, to Allah and beneficial to others in the short time that we have in this life together along I mean, once again, just a reminder, when you see people's names popping up across your screen, that this person passed away and that person passed away, make dua for them. Take a moment to pray for them to make

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your offer them and

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and to be sincere in your job for them in your supplication and prayer for them. So don't just scroll through and say it's just become too many names now No, take a moment to do so. And inshallah Tada. I hope the night tag the series that will start releasing next week will be a benefit to everyone in sha Allah to add to Zack mylol Hayden was sent on my

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