Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Lecture – January 1, 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The importance of thanking individuals for small acts like forgiving one of their parents and being thankful to Islam's rewarding individuals. The speakers emphasize the importance of rewarding and thanking people for their good deeds, including forgiving one of their parents and sharing rewards for people who are related to the mustard in the Day of Judgment. The success of online live streaming and donating to the foundation is also highlighted. The importance of protecting oneself and others from the COVID-19 pandemic is emphasized, and the segment ends with a reminder to be thankful and not hesitant to ask for donations.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in Alhamdulillah monastery you know who want us to feel when our rules will be low human should already unforeseen a woman CEO at era Marina. Miyagi Hello fellow mobiler woman your belief will further hurt Deanna. When

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you know in the long way the hula Sheree Keller when I showed you under Mohammed and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala the he was happy he was sending to Sleeman kathira

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rebel de la

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will sleep on one FCB taco lahia azzawajal come up on a bottle Subhana water Allah by the rules will be learning Amina Shea Barnard rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman and Rahim Yeah, are you a nurse? It took Taurus kumala the Hanako coming up soon wahida will finally come in has jaha well Beth them in Houma region and caphyon on one is a what token la la de casa Luna be he will or ham in a la her carnaroli con rocky Eva, my brothers and my sisters today being the first of January 2021 and also being our first Friday back in lockdown once again. We feel the distance from the mustard. We feel the distance from each other we feel that disconnect. And we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala has dealt

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the year 2020 to us. And now that we've entered into 2021 we see that this year is beginning similar to the year that just passed. As in we are still ongoing in this pandemic still trying to get through it still going through hurdles and hardships and difficulty and struggles. While at the same time my brothers and sisters we have to understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala is a shekou and he is a Shakir. What does this mean? So we continue along in our journey of the names of Allah for those of you who were attending the Juma in person here or online, you'll notice that in the last couple of months, we've been studying the names of Allah Subhana, WA to Allah. And today I thought

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it would be perfect or important for us to learn more about the name of Allah, a Shaku and a Shakir who is a show called who is a sharecare. Allah Subhana Allah is the one who appreciates our actions. So the little actions that we do Allah Subhana Allah appreciates them. So he's the one who appreciates acknowledges the actions that we do, especially as worshipers, but then Allah, some kind of went to Allah Shaku, he multiplies the rewards, or he gives back to us for the little that we do. And he gives as much as he wishes or as much as He wills, and he appreciates those who appreciate him. Now, there's an importance as to why I'm mentioning this today, we big we begin this pandemic,

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talking about the importance of being thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala for what we had, now that we've gone through approximately almost a whole year, right, what we've seen, you know, happening in the beginning of January 20. And you know, then slowly creeping into Canada in February, and now is this pandemic ongoing for almost about a year, we see that many of us have been rolling into the new year, or thinking, Hey, you know what, there's a new year that's coming, there's something new that's coming for us. And really, when you think of it, there isn't so much that was different from last year that we see or, yeah, different from last year, but different from yesterday, as we see

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being different from today. What applied yesterday applies today. And that's important for us to look at the macro and the micro as well.

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Now before going into that and actually want to conclude with that in sha Allah to Allah. So before getting into that, let's look at some examples. Allah Subhana Allah mentions in the Quran that he is a shocker, right and he says in sort of Fatah, verse number 30, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions he says, so that he will reward them in full and increase them out of His grace. He is truly all forgiving, most appreciative, so Allah subhana wa tada Shaku is the one who appreciates everything that we do. All that we say is rewarded, all that we do is rewarded, all that we don't do and refrain from doing is rewarded so long as it is done within what Allah Subhana Allah has allowed for

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us. So for example, if somebody

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is going to swear and use their tongue in the wrong way and use bad words, then of course, that's not going to be rewarded. And if someone is going to say good things or say some sort of decode or of code, then that could be rewarded. You look at the example of one good deed, how the Prophet sallallahu Allah usnm teaches us that one good deed is multiplied by 10 times. And so the good deed that we do, we get 10 rewards for doing it. Therefore our good deeds are multiplied by a shellcode. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is the one who appreciates, but not only does he appreciate, he returns more goodness to us for the little amount that we gave to him. So you pronounced one word of

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forgiveness, for example, or you did one kind of thing to someone else. Or you said Bismillah.

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Before taking a sip of water, and for those of you that are going to message me and say I'm drinking with my left hand, I'm drinking with my right hand. It might just be mirrored on your end, but I'm drinking with my right hand. And so, when we do one good deed Allah Subhana Allah Shaku multiplies it and gives us even more because he appreciates and he's thankful for what we have done towards him. a shekel will also increase us with every single verse of the Quran that we recite. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Alif Lam Meem health. He says, I don't see I don't mean NF lamb meme is like one set or one word right. Rather Elif is a health it's a letter and lamb is a letter

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and meme is a letter. And for every single one of the letters that we pronounce, while we are reciting the Quran, we get a multiplication of 10 for each letter. And so therefore, if you say Alhamdulillah, here have been learn me and I forgot to count how many letters are in that, but you do the math count how many letters multiply every single letter by 10. And that is the reward that Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses us with a Shaku he gives us more, he is teaching us how to be thankful. A shock or a shaker is the one who gives more, and appreciates what we give to him even though it's a little we know of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if you come

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closer to Allah by a little bit, he comes closer to you by a little bit more. So you come closer to him by let's say the hand spin, right the size of the hand just a little bit closer you come closer to Allah. And it doesn't mean physically coming closer doesn't mean getting on a plane and flying to Mecca. What Allah Subhana Allah wants from us is that we submit to Him. And so when you do something kind, like be super small. Allah subhanaw taala appreciates, and starts to open your heart and make you come closer to him even quicker and quicker.

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For example, if a person fast during the month of Ramadan, and then they follow it up by six days, six days of fasting during the month of chawan what is the reward for for it?

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You get the reward of having fasted the entire year for fasting six days. That's an example of a record. We gave a little bit to Allah and he appreciates it so He rewards it in abundance. Another example is fasting on the day of alpha. You fast one day and Allah subhana wa Tana rewards you in return because he appreciates that he multiplies it and allows us to receive the reward from him of an entire year's forgiveness. how merciful is a shellcode how merciful is Eliza gel? How much blessing comes from Allah subhana wa to Allah every single day that we really don't appreciate and we don't take a moment to even stop and think he Alor a shocker. appreciates those who even

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disbelieve in this life, but they do good deeds. And what we mean by this people might say How is that even possible? Well, how is it that someone who's a non believer is still living this life and having things that are good and nice and luxurious and fruitful and beneficial? And they enjoy it in this life? How is that even possible? Because a Shaku gives to even the non believers? We mentioned that a loss of haddaway Diana is an alcoholic, right? He created every single one of us and he is a rub he gives to every single one of us because he is our Lord as well. Now we see this example of a law a shekel The one who appreciates and returns in abundance. What does he return? What does Allah

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Subhana Allah give to the non believer? Well, you'll notice their good deeds don't go unnoticed by a law. Someone may disobey a law and he still gives them a car. He still gives them a home. He still gives

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have children, he still allows them to have joy and happiness, he still allows them to go on vacation, they still get to, you know, go and buy their groceries and enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the winter and enjoy all the luxuries of this life. But their luxuries are here in this life. And so Allah Subhana, WA tada still gives to those who disbelief, he still grants goodness, to those who disbelief, but their goodness is restricted to this world. The believer gets the goodness of the hereafter More importantly, than the goodness of this world. And this is where a law a shekou really is testing us as believers in him. Sometimes you do something good, and you say, but I didn't get

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any anything in return. And you continuously work to help others and to build society and to, you know, get things that are good for other people. But you don't get anything in return. And you think to yourself, why am I doing all of this, you're doing it because a Shoku is giving you those rewards in the hereafter that you will have the shade on the Day of Judgment. For the person who was who was connected to the mustard, they don't get paid for being connected to the mustard for the person who is you know, going to leave off major sins at a time when they can indulge, they are shaded on the Day of Judgment. They didn't get paid for doing that the person who you know is giving sadaqa

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constantly, yes, Allah Subhana Allah multiplies, and he doesn't let the wealth diminish because of our setup costs because of our charity, but still the reward that the believer is looking for, we don't think oh, if I give 100 Allah is gonna give me 700 back. Or if I give 1000 Allah is going to give me 700,000 back, right? what we think is if I give to Allah, Allah will give me something later, Allah will shade me on the Day of Judgment, right shade, not shame, shade, I will be under the shade on the Day of Judgment, right? And Allah subhanho wa Taala Shaku will give me the highest levels of Paradise, and we will aim for the highest levels of paradise. And so the believer when

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they do these good deeds in this life, they don't specifically or shouldn't specifically expect to return in this world. Expect your return in the hereafter for this world is an example of a shocker. What I mean by this is, this world is so short and temporary, a person can live

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20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years. And in that time, one third of that is spent sleeping. So if you live for 60 years, 20 of those years, we were sleeping. So how long do you think of it that day? That way? That's really weird, right? You live for 60 years, right? 20 years were spent sleeping, because the average person sleeps about eight hours a day, even though most of us probably don't sleep eight hours a day, those who sleep more than eight, they compensate for us. So you could say that the average person is sleeping one third of their day, right eight hours of the day, which means one third of our life we spend sleeping. Okay? If that's the case, then for eight

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hours of the day, we're gone to work, therefore, another third of our day is gone. So another 20 years is spent working. In fact, probably even more than that, right? And then we have education, and then we have free time. And then we have family time. And then we have groceries and then we have you know people who are chilling in front of the TV and doing all these things in their life. How much time are we dedicating to Riba? How much time are we dedicating to worshiping Allah subhana wa to add a sugar. And when you think of it, in the entire day, if we were to break down the five daily prayers, it would take us probably, what, 25 minutes, 30 minutes half an hour in the whole day

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to pray Our prayers, if we're just going to focus on the compulsory prayers. So let's just say on average, a person spends 30 to 45 minutes in the day, praying 30 minutes 30 minutes

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is nothing really when we think of it, right? It's a small percentage, yet the reward is great. And this is where we have to continuously give to a shocker, the little deeds here and there in between. So you're going to work for the eight hours you're at work, you're going to be kind to people, you're going to talk to people nicely, you're going to share with others, you're going to smile at others, right because smiling is a sadhaka you're going to say good morning and say good afternoon and give them to your Muslim brothers and sisters. You're going to give sadaqa and charity you're going to be kind to others let them pass before you instead of you going ahead of them. All of these

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little things that we do as we're doing other things, even the sleep that we are sleeping throughout the entire day or our entire life. Those 20 years of sleep can be considered a bad if we are considering it sleep that we need to regain the

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energy to continue on in worshipping Allah, and we make booboo before going to sleep, and we follow the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in sleep, and we sleep on our right side, and we say, our car, and so on and so forth. And we go to sleep, that sleep becomes worshipped as well. And the beautiful thing about all of this is that the small price that we pay, even if a person spent 16 years of their 16, year lifespan in, in worship, and May Allah Subhana, which Allah grant and grant us much longer lives in good health, and good wealth, and aemon, and strength, and happiness, and joy. But if we were to spend, let's say, 100 years living on this earth, and 50 to 100 of those

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years, completely dedicated in ariba, Allah subhana wa, Han is multiplying that a shackle is giving us paradise that is eternal and forever and will never end. But even if the person is spending a small amount of time,

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even the person who had 99 scrolls of sins, 99 scrolls, each one rolled out, unrolled until the end of the horizon, all of them filled with sins, and they brought the beat off the card that was written on it La ilaha illAllah. Now, that doesn't mean that you get to take a card out of your pocket, right? Take a card out of your pocket and right let the law Keep it with you, you'll go to Paradise. No, what it means is on the Day of Judgment, because the person had belief in a law solely and purely submitted to a loss of how to handle it, even though they committed so many sins, the angels will bring the one good deed that they had. And that was EULA in the law, their belief in a

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law and it will be placed on the scale. And it will be heavier than all of the 99 scrolls of sins or 99, hard disks, right of sins that that person had committed in their life. That is an example of a Shaku, he gives even more for the little that we have given to him. Now we look at an example of the prostitute or the woman who was you know, disobeying Allah Subhana. Allah during her life, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who brought, you know, she came home, and in the middle of the night, she sees this dog, right? She sees a dog who is extremely, extremely thirsty. And she goes down, lowering hurts, she doesn't go down, but she takes her scarf off, and, you know,

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her shoe and lowers it down into the well pulls out some water and gives it to that dog to drink because the dog was thirsty. Now, if any one of us was to sit here and judge that woman, or that woman came in, and you know started to talk to you and says, I do this at night, and I do that and I do this I do that you'd be like I always will be loved. You know, you're filled with sin. May Allah help you and guide you, I have no help that I can give to you. What does Allah Subhana Allah do for this woman? Because of her kind act, that little good deed, Allah subhana wa Jalla grants her forgiveness for the sins that she committed, she will be forgiven on the Day of Judgment. Why?

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Because a shekel pairs up with Allah for Allah Subhana Allah is the one who is not only appreciative of our good deeds, but he is also going to forgive

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for the goodness that we do towards him. The goodness that we do in submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore a Shaku will also grant us forgiveness for what we do. So you get rewards, you get paradise, you get forgiveness, you get joys of this life, you get shade, on the day of judgment, you have ease into paradise, you have a great time in the grave, you have all of these amazing things and you think to yourself, what did I do to deserve this? What you did was, you were sincere in submitting to a loss of Hannah boy.

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You were sincere in the way that you gave to Allah in the littlest smallest, tiniest of things you submitted to Allah subhanho wa Taala in the best of ways.

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Another example before we conclude my brothers and sisters,

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Yusuf, Allah has sent him the Prophet Yusuf, who went to prison who was imprisoned for a number of years, he was in prison and he was thankful to Allah.

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He was thankful to Allah. He was being a thankful worshiper to Allah because he felt you know what, I'm locked in prison, but at least I'm here and I'm protected from the shame and from the sin and from the evil that people are doing and trying to do with him.

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of prison. And so he felt protected by a law being in prison was a means of him protecting himself and he was thankful to Allah Subhana which Allah for protecting and preserving his Eman and his faith and not letting it go to spare by committing sin and doing evil outside. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala shows us the importance of being thankful. Now, how does this relate to you and I?

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I said at the beginning that we would talk about 2021 right. And 2021 I know a lot of people have been thinking to themselves well wait a second 2020 has been a difficult year, the year 2020 has been a year filled with, you know, protests and demonstrations and a year filled with murder and a year filled with hardship and a year filled with pandemic and a year filled with loss of lives and a year filled with loneliness and loss of job and loss of wealth and loss of family and loss of joy and loss of happiness and loss of vacation and loss of trips, loss of worship, going for hygiene, Ramadan, so many losses in 2020.

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But what did we gain?

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Should we be the ungrateful worshiper

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to Allah subhana wa tada what Kali luminary Dahlia Shaku

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Are we going to be from the masses who do not think a loss of habitat, and we're going to be from the few who are thankful to a lot. Many people have been waiting and saying, and posting messages and things online, you see it people like 2021 is bringing, you know, happiness and you see, like, you know, 2020, you have the two and the zero, which is like that COVID you know, what I'm gonna call it right, that little symbol of you know, the germ, the COVID germ, and then you have the two and the one which is a vaccine, and everyone's like, okay, 2021 is bringing the vaccine for the germ. But the reality is my brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala could bring more hardship

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in 2021 la casa de la, we ask Allah not to do this for us. We ask a lot to protect us. We ask a lot to bring about the best to us. But we should be believers who look back and say, What did I learn in 2020? What did I learn throughout this year that was beneficial to me? Have I connected more with my children? Probably hamdulillah have I have I now understood the importance of going to the masjid now that it's been taken away from me? Yes. Alhamdulillah have I now understood the importance of the community now that it's been taken away from us? Yes. And hamdulillah right. Have I now understood the importance of my job now that I may have lost it? Yes. Alhamdulillah I've, I now

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understood the importance of, you know, helping others at a time when people need help. Now I'm helping them or they're helping me and hamdulillah right. I saw this message earlier this morning from the Mother of one of my friends. Right? One of my friends I saw him who lives in Seattle, his mother.

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What's up May Allah subhana wa tada helper and graduate ease and safety and protection and health and have an shower His mercy down upon her and her entire family. This sister in 2007, was diagnosed and went through some serious health issues. And since then, she's been in a wheelchair. She's been going through so much hardship, health wise, she's not able to walk, she's not able to, you know, to do so many things on her own. You know, she messaged me earlier today, not too long ago, a couple of hours ago, she said Alhamdulillah COVID. And these online live streaming of Juma has been the best moments of my life for Joomla. Since 2007, as in since 2007, she hasn't really enjoyed Joomla. Until

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now, why? Because you have the live streaming of Joomla from so many different imams online, and you have so many lectures that are taking place online, and you have so much family that is now with you and not out and about and traveling in a way and not able to spend time with you. And so the blessing that she's highlighting is the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala Hannah has taken away some other things that were luxuries and joys to us. But for someone who's in a wheelchair who's unable to come to the masjid easily, who's unable to do so many things, like like many others may be able to do. She's seeing and recognizing the blessings in this and highlighting it for all of us so that

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we can recognize, hey, a law has brought so much goodness to us. a show called has been showering his blessings down upon us. And the patience that we endured through 2020 will not go unnoticed by a shocker. And the southern call that we've given will not go unnoticed by a shocker. And the you know, the goodness that we've done, will not go unnoticed by a shocker and all of the higher end Baraka that Allah subhana wa tada is giving us in

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continues to give us is what we should strive for. So my brothers and sisters, remember, the little donation that we do now can go a long, long way, with a shocker, right? The little sacrifices that we've been enduring and continue to endure, will go a long, long way with a show called the hardships that we've been facing the ease that we've been searching for, but patiently waiting for it, the extra door that we've been making, the health that we've been looking after, right, the food that we've been eating, appreciating even the toilet paper, even the toilet paper that people have been taken for granted their entire life. Now they see the value of even toilet paper when it runs

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out in the stores. A shockula will give us more and more and more. But we need to be thankful to Allah, a shekou a shacket, who will continue to give to us, my brothers and sisters, don't don't forget the year 2024 it may have been the best blessing that ever came to us in our entire lives. Don't ever downplay the patience that you endured throughout this entire year. For it may be the rewards that take you into paradise. Don't even belittle the sadaqa, or the plate of food or the small thing that you gave to someone else or the painting that you drew or the post that you put online, or the smile that you shared with another person, even from behind your mask, or even

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putting on a mask to simply protect yourself from someone else or to protect them from you. A loss of hanaway to add doesn't let these things go unnoticed, for he is a shortcode and he multiplies everything. And so my brothers and sisters, I asked from every single one of you, like we did earlier this year. You know when the masjid is closed and Juma doesn't happen, donations drop. And the masjid continues to pay for it, you know pay for itself, there are expenses that are continuously ongoing. And so I encourage every single one of us, I don't want to be asking for donations every Friday. I'm doing it today because it's the first Friday that we're live streaming.

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But I expect that every single Friday we will do this. And so I'm encouraging everyone to go to our mustard website, which is www dot qcnet milton.com. And I'm going to ask anyone in Instagram to just type it in the chat there so that others can see it. I've already put it up on Facebook and YouTube in front of you.

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www dot akena milton.com I see namilton.com and donate, donate whatever you can. And remember, a simple, humble request, automate your donation from now. And in sha Allah to Allah every Friday, you can donate what you want. And you'll notice that you give every Friday and you won't even recognize that you're giving and then every Friday will come and you'll probably give a little more and a little more and do more subtle. And for those that want to do an E transfer or live outside of Canada or internationally and find it difficult to do it through the website even though it shouldn't be difficult. But those who want to simply send an E transfer, you can do so by sending an

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email to ICC m

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dot [email protected] ICC m

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dot [email protected] my brothers and sisters, a chef who is waiting to give us what we deserve. From his blessings and his mercy and his armor. Don't let the opportunity go. Don't think that Allah will not bless you. And remember it's with the small good deeds that we do. And if each one of us takes care of our own little you know bubble that we live in that bubble that we spoke about earlier this year that all governments have been saying stick to your bubble. If we all look after our bubble, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the La La you Hi You must be comin Had you ever you may be unfussy him. So Look after yourselves. Look after your family who enforcer, como Li come now save

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yourself save your family from the fire, but look after your bubble. And when you look after your bubble and I look after my bubble and everyone else is looking after their bubbles. We have a big bubble bath, right? That is awesome. There's suds and foam everywhere and it looks so cool and amazing. And that's the beauty of it is that every single one of us will get through this hard time that we're going through and we will share in the beauty and the joy of life once again very soon as long as we continue in our dorm. So my brothers and sisters I conclude with this. Be thankful to a shampoo a lot. Be thankful to a Shakeel online, the one who has

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giving us more for the little that we give to him, the one who appreciates what we give to him. But remember, my brothers and sisters, appreciate what Allah has given to you and appreciate what Allah has not given to you. For if a lot of saving it for another time or protecting you from it, then it is better for us. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless us with the best of this world, the best of the time in the grave, the best on the day of judgment and the best in the hereafter and for those who are either in Yoruba land, I mean, on one last Sunday we're selling more Bertie Ganassi, Dino and abena, Mohammed

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Salim a lot more Filipino we're having our sock now we're happy now. But mama Taco Bell Mina, Elena asylee here are hammer locking in on that and to sell them wanting to sell them hey you know better this sell them we asked you or a lot or a synonym a sugar low and chronic to shower your blessings and mercy down upon us to remove this pandemic from upon us to allow us to come back to the massage it to make us be from amongst those who stand shoulder to shoulder side by side not judging one another regardless of race, regardless of language regardless of culture, regardless of strengths, regardless of weaknesses. Regardless of of food and ethnicity. Regardless of anything that defines

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us that makes us beautiful in who we are. Yeah Allah allow us to come together once again, allow us to stand side by side, allow us to submit to you allow us to see the doors of the massage it open once again, allow us to benefit from the height and the Baraka and the goodness that you bring to us in this life, allow us to, to be a part of the change in the world of law, allow us to enjoy from the luxuries of this life and the luxuries of the hereafter. We asked you all love to grant ease to all those that are suffering and struggling in different parts of the world. For there are many who are sick with COVID and many who are sick with other illnesses and hardships and disease. There are

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many who are going through difficulty because they are oppressed we ask you a lot please remove the the oppression from upon them and remove the hardship that they're going through and allow them to feel that ease and the happiness that we feel every single day but we take for granted or love Don't let us take this for granted. All Please allow us to recognize your mercy and your blessings that you've placed upon us that you continue to shower upon us all love, please allow us to take advantage of every single opportunity of height and goodness that you placed before us and allow us to be patient with every single hurdle and hardship that you also deal towards us. mean you have a

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bill and I mean, in the movie largely you will so anyway either way and here and in fact 3131 buddy

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cut on my brothers and sisters. Remember, this is not a hotel for you to now pray Juma at home. We encourage once again that when the massage is closed or are closed, that you pray Salah to vote, this is how it is within our Deen. If there's no ability to pray Juma, then we pray so lots of love. So get your family together and pray vote a prayer for an aka reciting silently like you typically would pray for him yesterday or tomorrow on a Thursday or Saturday or any other day. And remember my brothers and sisters

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that there are many who are going through hardships and it could even be your neighbor. So if you know someone who's going through a hard time, then be the support that they need. For you never know whether a believer or an unbeliever, their gratitude for your good deed could be our means of entering into paradise. For if Allah can take this woman who's committing sin upon sin, whose humility allows her to feed this dog some water, Allah subhana wa tada can take us into the highest levels of paradise for the simplicity that we share and do towards others. My brothers and sisters Joseph Campbell level heighten for your patience and your time and your understanding. Forgive me

00:34:05 --> 00:34:47

for any mistakes that I have said or may have done for Allah subhanho wa Taala is always and we are weak in front of him alone, please forgive us an email and I mean, we look forward to seeing you again next Friday at 1230 in sha Allah Tada. And please do remember Friday nights at 8pm we continue to have our family halaqa like we always did. So tonight at 8pm. I will be live streaming once again, as we learn some of the etiquettes and morals that we are taught in Islam and Sunday nights we have our thick class right essential thick. We were we are going through the chapter of marriage, right we're currently still ongoing through the chapter of marriage, and we're learning you know the

00:34:47 --> 00:35:00

principles of our Deen as in, you know, the fic rulings and the different things that we're supposed to do and not supposed to do. So please do join us in sha Allah to add next Friday at 1230 tonight and every Friday at eight

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

pm and Sunday nights at 8pm as well as Akuma located on robotica lo fi comm or some a lot of southern Alberta, Canada, Vina, Mohammed do Allah and your sofiero sell them or sell them are aleikum wa rahmatullah wa he will

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