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Episode Notes

This episode is about marvelous exchange of words between Adam AS and Musa AS. As we are aware Musa AS had a difficult life from childhood to death, he asked Allah SWT for a conversation with Adam AS and Adam AS was presented and then starts the conversation. Tune in to learn about this short yet amazing communication.


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The transcript describes Musashi's tragic death and inability to enter Jerusalem, as well as the loss of licenses for hedger and the "has been upon us" policy. The conversation also touches on the lost of women's licenses and the importance of Jesus's teachings, as well as the confusion surrounding the "has been upon us" policy. The segment concludes with a discussion of the message for Musashi's teachings and encourages viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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You know Musashi his Salaam had a had a difficult life Subhanallah he had many things that happened with him he had a difficult childhood. He went through a lot in life and ultimately his oma his nation game gave him a very difficult time. And we know from the prophets lie, some that Musashi Salah also had a tragic death and that he was unable to enter Jerusalem. He was unable to unable to enter and courts because of the disobedience of his people. And he died, you know,

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at the side of a mountain, away from eliquids just a stone's throw away from Jerusalem, because he was forbidden and so Mossad Islam had to deal with many difficulties in life. Of course, he's one of universal he's one of the great messengers. He is a man who achieved much greatness most of you know he's the most frequently mentioned prophet in the Quran. But it was a difficult life for most it his Salah. So the prophets I saw tells us about this really, really interesting conversation that musala his Salaam says to a loss of Hannah Montana, he says yeah, Rob arena Adam and Lydia Harada no enough salmonella gentlemen, Musa Islam says Oh Allah, show me Adam, show me Adam who caused himself and us

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to be expelled from genda meaning I want to I want to have an argument with Adam it is Salaam I want to give Adam or Islam a piece of my mind for causing us all of this. You know that this this hardship that we all had to suffer? Because Adam it he said I'm eight from that tree for our rahula Adam. So Allah subhanaw taala brought Adam and his Salaam before Musashi Salaam, and this is the first time that they're meeting Adam and Moses. Now as my son already had seen the prophets and he saw his descendants when they were taken from his back. But this is the first time that they're having a conversation musala his Salaam sees our demise? He says enter buena Adam, are you our

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father Adam? And Adam or Islam says yes. Now listen to what more sir Islam says to him. He doesn't mention any of the things that Adam or his alarm had gone through. He doesn't ask him any questions that are that are not related to his frustration to situation. He says enter love enough a holla have enough of philosophique Are you the one who Allah subhanaw taala breathed into directly memenuhi from his own from his own spirit last pantai breathe into your spirit Allah subhanaw taala created you why llama kill asthma, Aquila. And Allah taught you the names of all things. What about America? And Alas, pantile commanded the angels for sadza du Lac, and so they all prostrate it

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towards you. So Moosa starts to mention the favors of Allah subhanho to Allah upon the mesa Are you that man that a last panel is added, created with his own hands that are lost prints I breathe into that a lot taught the names that Allah commanded the angels to make? So due to that Allah gave gender and all that stuff. The Mighty Islam says narrow that's me. moosari sam says firmer hammer loca Allah and 100 and a French Tina, one f second minute agenda. So what caused you to ruin yourself to cause yourself to be expelled and all of us from an agenda? You know, why did you How could you possibly have messed it up on a last minute Tara has given you all of those things. So

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Adam is around says woman and and who are you? Was it Sam says anamosa I am musar Islam? Adam says antenna be you running Islam? Are you the prophet of Islam? Allah Avi kalama callaham in what is the job the one who our last panel to add a spoke to from behind the veil lamea and Dana Karabiner, who are sued and unhealthy and a loss of hundreds I did not place a messenger between himself and you meaning in that instance, and most Eisen says yes, now realize here. Adam is one who lost he's one of the few people that have lost pants I spoke to directly right. And it's the greatest favor of the greatest favours of a loss penalty upon a profit. Not all of the prophets had that. Okay, so Adam is

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around knows what that's like. And he knows that favor that Allah has bestowed upon Musa in making him Kalima law and making him as well a prophet and a messenger that Allah spoke to directly and most are in Salaam has a greater father, he's more virtuous than optimize them. He is from Allah as luminosities from the five greatest messengers, so he holds a higher distinction than than otherwise them. So Adam is not being disrespectful. He's saying, aren't you that prophet of Benny is sorry, aren't you the great Musashi his Salaam that Allah spoke to? So Musashi Salaam says yes, Adam it his synopsis of our data and that he can if he Kitab Allah, and Allah, didn't you find that Allah

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Subhana Allah has already decreed all of this, that a lot decreed that I would be created and a lot decreed that I would come to the earth, and a lot decreed that we would be here so

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moosari Islam says now, yes, the money has Sam says for FEMA to lumini fishy in Subbu having a lighter Adolphe Haleakala so how can you possibly blame me for something that Allah Subhana Allah decreed before me? also lost licenses for hedger demo Sahaja demo masa, Adam won the argument Adam won the arguments on argument between the Adam and Musashi Salaam and the Prophet sizes as Adam was right Adam won the argument. Now here's the thing was Adam and Eve and I'm trying to suggest in this argument that it's a loss fault that he committed the sin that he made that mistake Didn't we just learned that other mining is Salaam said well, Bana Bala and fusina were in them tougher lonato

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hamanako nano ha cylinder Allah, we wrong ourselves. So how is it possible now that we have this 360 where the money Salaam is telling? You know, moosari is similar? Or actually to 180? Right? Um, I used to I was telling Musashi, his setup, that it's a loss fault. It doesn't make sense, right? It just doesn't sit well. Here's the thing. The man in his salon was not taking was not deflecting the sin. He was not saying that a lot cost him to sit. But the money is Sam was responding to musante his salaams claim that it's because of that sin, that we all ended up on earth that had you not done that we would have never been on Earth, I would have never had to deal with any slave, I would have

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never had to deal with our own. I mean, that's a pretty serious claim. I would have never had to gone through all of this. We could have all been in genda from the start, had it not been for your sin. And Adam alayhis salam is saying to Masai Salaam, that no matter what I would have done, no matter what choices I would have made a loss of Hannah to Allah already decreed that you and I would be on this earth, we would all end up here. And there is nothing that you could have done about that, because that was the decree of a loss of Hannah Montana. And you can't blame me for that part for hedging the most. And the prophets license says Adam, it is Salam was right, that there is this

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once again goes against the doctrine of original sin, that we are not here because of Adam, it is Salam. We're here because of a Lost Planet, Allah, Allah, as you know, because it would be unfair to suggest that we're being tested in the first place, because even if we're not bearing the sin of Adam, it is salam, which is one aspect of original sin. But it would also be unfair to say that we're here and we're going through this dunya because of the money he's set up, that's also an unfair notion. So instead, we are here because the last panel inside decreed that we would be here, we each have our own relationship, our own unique set of circumstances with the last panel, it's

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Allah. And Allah has certain expectations of each and every single one of us, just as he had a certain set of expectations for them. And Moosa and Mohammed may last panto sent his peace and blessings upon them all. And may Allah subhanaw taala gather us with them in the Happy Days of agenda Lama amin

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