Key Figures In The Life Of Salman Alfarsi

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What happened to the key figures in the early life of Salman Alfarsi explained by Omar Suleiman

From the series “Through The Fire – The Journey Of Salman The Persian”

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What happened to some of the key figures in the story of Southern mountain fantasy? The Muslim Institute presents QA with almost Solomon. First and foremost, we have to ask ourselves, what's the benefit of knowing what happened to the key figures in the story. So not only a lot of time, I know a lot of times we get caught into the details. However, in the case of sentimental, the lavonne home because there are so many fingers, it becomes very interesting. So for example, with his father, did he ever see his father again? Did Solomon ever go back to Persia after becoming Muslim? What happened to the Christians that cemented the lowdown on who was worshipping alongside? throughout

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throughout his journey? Did that church survive after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam? In any way? What happens to the slave owner, the one who owns a model of the longtime home? Did he eventually become Muslim? Or did he you know, remain in his cohort. This is a very interesting piece of the story, because there are so many of these figures and you need to sort of consolidate it all. And I think that what this gives us the opportunity to do is to continue to fill in the story because the story of submodel the law was so awesome. It combined so many different elements. That by looking at what happened to all of these people, it's sort of like the ending of a movie almost

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where you get to see you know, what, what happened with this person where this person ended up. And you continue to see how the quest of truth of sentimental the a lot of time on that journey was so sincere, that he probably had more obstacles than anyone else, but he still found it regardless of everything that was taking place.