Angels in Their Presence S2 #09 – A Special Home for a Special Woman

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So we've spoken about the possibility of a person whose status is unknown, to be visited by the likes of Djibouti Raya Hassan and of course for us as believers when little other comes around right and as the Roman Attica tomorrow he has to have the descent of Djibouti it has phenom is very special. But what about a woman whose status is known by everyone and that is a digital the law of tide on her status is well established amongst the people of the earth and amongst the inhabitants of the heavens.

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This is the woman that aside from just being the first Muslim, the first believer in the prophets lie Selim, she's someone who is the comfort of the Prophet slice and then she finances the data of the prophets lie Selim, she sells everything that she has right and lived a very comfortable life prior to Islam. She gives that all up for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And of course, you know, we have to note that the Prophet slicin The mentions that people have good qualities, their good qualities were only polished and further shines with Islam. So even before the Tao of the Prophet slice and um, she used to spend on the poor she used to spend on the orphans but she was still

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always comfortable, and wealthy until the Tao of the Prophet sighs I'm starts. Now the data of the prophets lie some goes on. And the boycott happens, and these are all the Alana technically could have excused herself from the boycott. Right, she could have stayed back and had the protection of her tribe and her status would have guaranteed that she would be okay. But she chooses to be there with the profit slice and with the Muslims literally as they are starving to death. And she uses her position to try to sneak food into the camp pack even though his arm while the a lot of times I know who was the nephew of Khadija or the Allahu taala. Anna would bring food to her and she would

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distribute that to the poor Muslims and she would continue to abstain from food herself. So she suffers voluntarily, but so graciously, right. throughout the life of the prophet saw Selim as a prophet, and she never wants complaints. And there are narrations in the Sierra. You know, there's a narration from the Madonna Sunil Rahim Allah that Djibouti it Islam once met her in the street in the form of a man to ask her about the Prophet slice Allah. And she did nothing but say wonderful things about Him and praise Him and thank Allah subhanaw taala. For him, she didn't complain about her situation. So when she is tested in ways that we know, and in ways that we don't know, because

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we'll never truly know the extent of that suffering and that hardship and that hurt, especially since much of the Meccan. Sila is not known to us. Allah Subhana Allah sees it all. And Allah elevates her. Now she has a very unique incidence with the angels, and that is that Djibouti naughty Saddam does not just come to her in any way. Right? But he comes to her with specific Salam, and specific glad tidings. This is the famous Hadith where Djibouti and on Eastern Time comes to the Prophet slice Allah and this is close to the end, where these are all the Allah Allah has now suffered in every way and she's barely hanging on right it would it would eventually be the

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hardships born through the boycotts that would lead to her demise. So to breed on a snom comes to the Prophet slice on him, and he says he out of sort of lucha de Khadija, O Messenger of Allah Khadija is about to come to you.

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She's coming to you right now. Maha inna fee Darman. Oltre Armand Oh, shut up. And she has a platter in that platter. There is something to eat or something to drink some soup, something to eat something to drink something very simple for either here at Tesco. When she comes to you, * it has Salam and what be her. First and foremost tell her that Allah sends her salaam her Lord sends her salaam women ni es Salaam and give her salam for me from Djibouti Radha his Salam so Allah Azza salaam to her and please tell her that I say salaam to her as well. Well the should have be baked in fill Jana min Kasab la Sahaba fee while anisul So this here now she comes he says Eolis Allah, this

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is Khadija coming to you with this dish. It has some soup, some food, something to drink, when she reaches you. Give her a Salam on behalf of her Lord, and give her Salaam for me and give her the glad tidings of a palace and Paradise. It's made of possib a very specific type of jewel, it's made of these jewels, and there will be no noise and no stress in that palace and Paradise. Now I'm gonna break down some of the wisdom of this because I know this hadith is common, but some of the ways that their ultimate extracted blessings and benefits from this very particular Bushrod this very particular glad tiding is special to us. But first of all, look at the wisdom

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And the foot the understanding of Cathedral, the Allah and, and her natural guidance. She says As for Allah in the law who has set up Allah Himself as the source of peace. So I can't say why they could salaam to Allah. And that is of course, truly the way some of the Sahaba would say a Salam Allah Allah and it was changed to know you know, it's here to dilla you read Allah subhanaw taala but you can't say salam upon a Salam. He is a Salam. He's the source of peace. So she says As for Allah who was salam, WA Allah wa salam, and he also Allah tell Gibreel that I sent Salam. Wa la que ya rasool Allah a Salam rahmatullahi wa wabarakatuh and upon you, O Messenger of Allah is a Salam is

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the peace and the mercy and the blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, this is, of course, the beauty of Cathedral, the Allah and her wisdom, her natural grace that even shows in the story. But the amount of Sohini Rahimullah talks about the bush law, the glad tidings, the word pus up, actually refers to the finish line in a race. Okay, so the way that they used to race back in the in the days of ignorance is that they used to put us up, they used to put a particular prize in the front. And basically, the race would be to that price. And when you get to that price, you get to take it home. So he says the wisdom of that is that Khadija will be alone, and he was the first to

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get to the prize, meaning the prize of Islam, the first to embrace Islam, and so she's the first that gets to keep the reward. Right. So she got the puzzle of Imam first apostle, the faith first, and therefore she has a home in paradise that's unique. Some of the scholars also say, these are the Allahu on his home. Before Islam was a distinguished house, it had a very particular decoration to it. So Gibreel Adi Salam is telling her ingen now you have this distinct home that no one else has. So Haley also says, a bait she's being given the glad tidings of a home in particular, because her bait Her home was the first home of Islam. The first house of Islam and this OMA was the house of

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cathedral the Allahu anha. And then lastly, last Safa, Buffy, Willa Nossal there will be no noise, no stress. So at Rahim Allah says that she never raised her voice at the prophets lie, some are cost him stress. Rather, she was the source of stress relief, when others gave the Prophets lie some noise. And so yeah, do you have a home in paradise? No more noise, no more exhaustion, no more persecution. You'll never be tired again. Subhan Allah and the scholars say look at the blessing to Khadija will be allowed Santa Ana here with this coming of Djibouti Djibouti Isilon is coming just for this to for deja right to interact just for this purpose, no other purpose. They say that this

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is the combination of the blessing of mme it has Salam who Allah Azza wa salam to and the combination of ASEA it has Suriname the wife of Pharaoh, who is given the glad tidings of a home in paradise that Allah sends Gibreel it has salaam specifically to her to give her Salaam and the glad tidings of a special palace in Paradise.