Friday Jumuah Khutbah – July 17, 2020

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Whenever without

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we'll see

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more than

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person sisters, as we approach the first 10 days, it is important that we learn what is required of us, our team. And before I even discuss the first 10 days

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for next week, even though the 10 days will begin before next Friday, we'll leave that topic for next week, because there's a topic it's important for us to understand and plan for, and that is the

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money, the sacrifice that you make this country people.

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And so in the few that I have, we've been given only 10 minutes. And

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in the few minutes that I have, I will try to address and answer some of the questions that many community members have related to

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the sacrifice.

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Now, with the current climate of COVID-19, and this pandemic, a lot of things that were easy in the past became difficult for us. And one of the things that was already becoming more difficult was the ability

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on our own and

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animated such that we have the capacity to empower others to take it upon themselves to offer the sacrifice on our behalf. So the first thing that we look at our brothers and sisters is that this is

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the sacrifice decentral symbol. It is a symbol

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of the province of a woman it was something

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that they considered something that obligation, right. It's an obligation for scholars, our majority of the scholars say that it is the tsunami

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of profits in the long run.

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And we know that

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most of the data shows us

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pika one

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of only four

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Last for too long, but offering the sacrifice for the sake of a loss of

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as it

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tells us

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he says in the long run, it was

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10 years

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and offered the sacrifice every single year.

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We also see that family with some of them says worker offers a sacrifice, after the prayer, as after the prayer has completed his rituals, as it has completed, what is needed from us or even.

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And it says he has followed

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the Muslims. So it's something that we are supposed to do. And we offered sacrifice on either the 10th into the first day

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or the 11th. Even the 13th

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will perhaps have the ability to stay until that 13th day of

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performance before the sun settled before moving on.

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We all know the sacrifice now

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is not evil, or we are not able to sacrifice an animal now we're here

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Can we be an organization

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offer that sacrifice on average?

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Yes, that is something that is

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that is permissible, especially if it is for other cities, other towns other.

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There are people that are more

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Thank you, and they don't have as much food as we have, they don't have as much

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resources as we have. And therefore

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nobody animal that we saw.

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She could be a goat.

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You can also share

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or as you share my

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family's real hearts in sharing an animal

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or animals, for example, the cow or animal

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sharing in that all together. And this is why you

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ask the question that some charity organizations have

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dollars for the formatting in some countries

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50 to $400 Why is there a difference?

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In Canada, looking at it

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a sheep or a goat for family

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purchasing an animal in another country where the price be a lot cheaper. What we should do with brothers and sisters is get our current situation of our current area and try to get an amount that is equal to what we have to pay here.

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Someone else for 350 a year in Canada

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country and that's okay. The point is that he fulfilled the sacrifice of the animal.

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So, the animal is sacrificed for the entire family wants the father, one for the mother and one for every one of the children. One sufficient for the household and that is if a person has surplus wealth, a person has 400 or 200 $300 extra that they can use towards it. Well that person is going to their family in a position that they are starving in order to sacrifice that

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person does not have to offer

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but I think for the most part for us to know English.

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Very quickly my brothers and sisters two last points. Firstly, I include my parents for someone else that I have to sacrifice and the answer to that

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is yes.

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One of the times when he was sacrificing an animal for his self, his family included his attention.

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And another question that many people ask is, do I have to refrain from cutting my hair or trimming my hair, I'm going to be offering the sacrifice. And that is according to the view that if someone intends to often sacrifice and

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refrain from trimming their hair and trimming their nails,

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the animal is sacrificed. But this specifically applies to those who are going to be sacrificing their own. So as someone else in the second half, you can still observe the listener and refrain from putting your nails and your hair or

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your hair and

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are sending me some lessons on radical solar

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philosophy last, practice health and safety.

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So forgive our sins and make it easy for us to reach the coming days.

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try to ask as much as we can throughout those days.

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He's trying to exit.

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All right.

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Okay. What

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did I teach you the whole purpose of delivering a football last semester.

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Okay, so we can do a course on that

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to actually do like a crash course online training.

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Very simple, very easy. Give you the Arabic part which is super easy to memorize fits, we've heard it 1000 times we know it. And then it's really basic. You just put one, I have one pedis. And that's really all you need.

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So we'll do it. We'll do we can do a training.

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Just reach out to me, I think on Instagram or something. Great. And then we'll set something up.

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Yeah, so there's

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the scholars differ on the on

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Western countries and the timing of Asia based on calculations on the sunset and sunrise. Because the days are so long, they allow for some flexibility.

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this is something I've brought up with the management I think it should be later.

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It can be a little bit earlier than timing, but we're like half an hour.

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my mother in law's

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home they wait.

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But see there is

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the actual timing for fish begins when the sky has no more redness or poverty.

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So when you see that the sky has gone black and the stars are visible, then that's the beginning time. So many of the scholars will say over here we do see the sky is black and the redness of the sky is gone. It's a very fine line. However it is it is preferred for us to delay.

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But there is the permissibility to pray a little bit earlier because the days in this part of the world are so long.

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To be honest, if you can follow if you follow the timing of your local Masjid

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then that is okay. All right, that's okay because that's the time that was set by the local Masjid for the community. So if you follow the 1030

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For the home with your dog, but your dog on

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the other

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is okay I guess better to be

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