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The segment discusses various prophets and their marks, including the loss of thirteenth century Islam, the loss of leadership, and the need for trustworthiness in leadership. It also touches on the importance of finding a person who is dependable and trustworthy, the use of language during the pandemic, and the pros and cons of Islam-related topics. The segment emphasizes the importance of protecting people, finding a trustworthy person, and staying true to promises. The speakers also touch on the importance of having a strong sense of one's own rights and being aware of one's obligations.

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Not about not locking in the country that

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would open up when I talk and running. Lean in and shooting and pushing out to Molina and yesterday loud Tyler phenomenal woman you fell into these 11 women and Murshida shadow Allah, Allah White Devil lash Ranger cola and haven't UTA we need to hide your name wants to be able to find one who I know could be shaking. Or santa ana Muhammadan Avenue who also was suffering you were Khalil Amanat have a lot of resellers also had a Luma a woman what's a rock in Ireland are headed by a lady who had kind of had in her legacy of or unhappy in her family. He also was followed through at some What's this mean? While earning he was certainly a woman a seminary student Natalie younger Dean,

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Allah Jana Minghui women Alladhina another one I'm even slightly happy with the last one we'll have to also the sub Amin Amin will see come when I've seen the truffle Allah azza wa jal are coming on up and we'll call it a China you will Adina Chappell law has gone to court to hear whether tomorrow tune in now and Tuesday morning. Yeah, you've announced except for when the the photocopy of an Epson working well hello caminhadas Oh Jaha Well, that's the minimum Alija limited to one Isa, what's up Allah and that HSR I don't have anyone have hand in Allah. Hi, can I had a camera fever? Yeah, you have an inhabitant supple life or who covenants So did your mother Commonwealth lessons

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and overcome woman you are a law however, also that will call the person fills in their own Lima from my marriage, we begin by freezing the loss of Hannah Montana, very witnessed that none has the right to be worshipped except for him and not has the right to be unconditionally obeyed except for him. Subhanallah it's Adam. And we bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu it who was some of them is his final messenger who was sent as a mercy to all of the worlds and a dog for mankind. And he asked Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to send his peace and blessings upon his family, his companions and those that follow until the day of judgment and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to make us

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amongst them, Allah, Allah mean, the brothers and sisters, the prophets lie sometimes many times was asked this question not to say, When is the hour when is the hour when is the hour? And it's interesting because the prophets of Allah when he was Sunday, wouldn't be asked the same question by many different people. And it wasn't necessarily just this question, just generally speaking, as no one has asked various questions the prophets lie some of them gives a different answer to the same question, depending on who the person asking is. And so when it comes to this question of Montesa, O Messenger of Allah, what is the hour the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can tell by looking at

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a person? If that person was a procrastinators? That person was someone that was trying to learn the signs so that you know as long as the signs are not taking place, yet I can do whatever I want. So sometimes the prophets lie some of them pointed one time he pointed to a young boy, and he said the hour or he said, You will meet OSI you will meet your hour when that young boys hair turns gray by the time that young boy's hair turns gray meaning what death is European, but anyway, that is your judgment Anyway, another time the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and this happens multiple times while still loves ice on them would respond to the one who asked Monica and that's

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about what did you prefer? What did you prepare for it? Okay addendum to that Oh, and then Tula, what did you put forth or what did you prepare for that hour? And in this situation, this is the hadith of Abu that when the Allah Allah animal and so he has provided the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was giving a hotspot and a man walked in and he said to the prophets, Allah Allah audio, Salah Mehta, Sara, while the prophets like someone was speaking he asked him when is the hour and also last night Salam ignored that man's question obviously, because he was in the middle of of a sermon, Salah it was sunnah. And then the prophets lie Selim asked a messiah. Where's the one that

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asked about the hour? And he looked at him and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, either we'll hear it's an Amana until the rasa. One trust when Amana is lost. When it's lost the proper placement of you use the word bullying Aaron's Okay, either we'll hear it too the amount of composite aside, whenever trust is lost, people cannot be trusted anymore. Then know that the hour is near and the man responded to the messenger SallAllahu it was sentiment he said, What does that even mean? How will we know when trust is lost and the prophets lie sometimes he gave the greatest example of a loss of trust, when he mentioned that those who would be placed in authority of you

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would be people have known

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Trust would be people who don't deserve to be there, they would betray their people, they would harm their people. So in essence, the loss of righteous leaders the loss of righteous authority, because the greatest form of trust is authority, when a person is entrusted to be in the leadership of any human being, and in the in the Zoa, then the extensions of this narration, the narration of Batman, the prophets lie, someone mentioned that all the way from the leader to the person in his own home being an unjust authority, okay, so the concept of a good of a good leader, the concept of a leader that can be trusted, that is the greatest form of amount. And obviously, what that means is when you

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look at the time of the Buddha five was the dean of the righteous for the thought of this ummah, we find that they were concerned about those that were under them. They felt a sense of trust to Allah subhana wa Tada that Allah had entrusted them with this group of people. Therefore you find the narration is a moment of Allah will the allowance animal crying, and saying, I fear that on the Day of Judgment, the donkey and ever will testify against me because its owner is overburdening. That sense of feeling that Ananda from Allah subhanaw taala that Allah has put these people has put this creation in my trust. And there's something very significant about that, because this quote was not

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about leadership. Because we know that it is a principle come out to coolants. From that, as you are, you will have placed on top of you, when the people become corrupt, their leaders become corrupt, as well, as Pamela, just think about what we see going on in the Muslim world today. You know, the Arab Spring or the river, you know, this, this revival, if you will, this concept, this notion of having freedom and justice in the Middle East, let's face it, even if the leaders were to be placed upon them, and were to be trustworthy. If you go to the majority of the Muslim world, you have to worry more about being pickpocketed than any non Muslim country, you have to worry about

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being robbed, you have to be worried, you have to worry about being cheated in every single aspect of your life. So we cannot demand a change at the top per se not that we don't strive for justice at the leadership level we do. But at the same time, we cannot expect we can demand when we cannot fully expect a change at the top until there's a change in the way that we deal with one another. And it is already hard enough to find someone that you can trust with the most basic things. So then how can we expect the last panel it's added to give us trustworthy and righteous leaders when we deal with each other? You know, with no sense of trust and with no sense of a man with no sense of

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loyalty, and the prophets lie Selim. It's interesting because also last night, I'm certain that hadith Narrated by Abu right on the Allah article in Al Bukhari, and he's speaking about his time so nice. We can even he said, people are like cabinets. He said, we couldn't leave me out with every 109 Touching the Latina you want find, you'll barely find the one that is suitable for writing. Meaning what it's very hard to find a person that you can depend on. Even the prophets like some of the same in his time, it's hard to find someone that you can really depend on. That's a very rare individual, one out of 100 and the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what about an

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hour times? Okay, so finding someone that's dependable, finding someone that's trustworthy. And there's a direct connection to Iman, there's a direct connection to faith. Because when the people lose trust in Allah subhana, what's added, they can no longer be trusted, they start to cheat with their money because they think the risk they think their sustenance is in their hands. They don't feel accountable to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, whenever someone entrust them with something, so the minute that they have an opportunity to take advantage of someone, they take advantage of that person, because Allah, they don't believe that Allah is watching them, and that Allah will hold them

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accountable. So there is no doubt that there's a direct connection between faith or the lack of faith and hypocrisy. And the Prophet sallallahu it was salam. When he mentioned that in the famous hadith of Ebola right along the alignment. Also, it showed me a lot of times, that the signs of the hypocrite are three and then one narration also was by some set forth. He that had the one he speaks candidly, he lives meaning what, as long as I can deceive the person in front of me, I don't care that Allah subhanaw taala is there and watching as long as I can deceive the person in front of me and convince him that what I'm saying is right, they know what I'm gonna say. So when he speaks he

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lies because he doesn't feel accountable to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah with his words, and apartments, it sounds like we're in a way that

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when he makes you a promise, he will break that promise. You know what's going to hold that person to his promise if he doesn't feel accountable to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and there are no consequences. How many times do you find an individual who refuses to fulfill his promise until you threaten him? Once he feels threatened, once he feels like there is some worldly circumstances. Then he responds that he will fulfill that trust.

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Then you'll say okay, okay, fine, I'll do it. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, well either Tonina Han. Whenever he is given a trust, he betrays that trust. Why? Because again, he doesn't feel accountable to Allah subhanaw taala. So you can trust him with whatever you want. You can tell him whatever secrets you want. But you know what, you can't trust that person and the prophets why some sudden mother narration will either cost them 100. When he argues he transgresses he goes overboard. He doesn't maintain the proper balance when he's arguing he's not mild in his argumentation. Notice that all four of the signs of a hypocrite of what will not * with Allah

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subhanaw taala mentioned some form of interaction with people. So the prophets like some of them said about who I won't happen, and I will read all of the Allahu Taala I'm on his narration also must also understand why in Salah was sama was no man no Muslim, even if he prays and fast and insist that he's a Muslim. And I'm loving home about the alone time and who said if you look at this hadith, whatever share you have these traits is your share of hypocrisy. So if you have one of these traits that you have 25% of me found inside of you hypocrisy inside of you. If you have all of them, then you are a total hypocrite. Whatever portion you have is your share of hypocrisy on the sight of

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Allah subhanaw taala. So it's a very dangerous Hadith. And we find that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam embody the exact opposite of these who these negative traits the prophets lie something before Islam was known as what a sadaqa name is Pamela. So the Prophet Weissman was the opposite of a hypocrite, even before revelation came to him. And we find that those those people around him Salah whiting yourself, they embody these values of trust, of being dependable, of being loyal, because they feared Allah Subhana Allah to Allah subhanaw taala we will find that these people would refuse to lie even in times when it was permissible. And I'm not talking about Allah to

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Allah. He said no than Kevin Hart. He said, even if Kenneth was not haram, he's I'm sorry if he said that. He said, even if it was halal, even if it was not haram, and it was to be held up. Yeah, imagine if line was halal. He said, I still would not tell a lie.

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And this was before the fitna Kington and before he would be tortured. And the other scholars when talking about Ebola, just lie about your beliefs. She's he went, he went under seven foot about being tortured under seven leaders consecutively, because he refused to say a statement that they wanted him to say that would pollute our creek. And that is that the Quran is created and it is not the words of Allah Subhana Allah to have an underwriter that told you what to do and fullcycle Don't you know, don't kill yourselves. Allah says don't kill yourself. Go ahead, protect yourself. It's Khaled for you to do so now. And he said no. So even if it's Khaled I still wouldn't do it. He's so

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disturbed by this entire concept, this notion of lying, that even when it became Khaled from him, he still didn't lie. And we find that this was the case of the Sahaba and the seller, that they still would not lie, even whatever it was. So last Friday, Saddam had made it permissible for them to do so. They still wouldn't lie. This was their fitrah This was their natural This was their natural inclination towards the loss.

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And all of that was good and the prophets lie some stuff but either way

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when he makes a promise, he breaks that promise. As Pamela we find our nuclear bomb will be alongside it was very interesting narration because this is authentic and I'm going to the allot of time I'm obviously you know, maintain a very prominent role in world politics in his time as Khalifa. I mean, the entire world knew who on earth a bumblebee Allahu Taala was. They all knew his justice. They all admired him, right? Oh my God, Allah, Allah Hanuman maintains a position of prominence in the sight of any human being that lived at his time. And subhanAllah, we find that particularly even when he was at war, with Houghton was on the Persians, the Battle of God to see

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him put him was on who was the leader of the persons as he was brought to me.

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He said, I want to see a meet and what we need is a pub and he was expecting to see this very pompous human being was very pompous individual, what is all about look like we've heard about how big is and how great he is, he must be a very pompous individual. And they said, you'll either find them in the masjid or in his house. So he went to the restaurant he didn't find he went to the house, he didn't find him. Then they walked out they saw on the roof above with the Allah and Amira put money in the Khalifa of the Muslim sleeping under a tree on his shoes, with no bodyguards. You know, not worried because Omar will be Allah, who did not do anything to violate anyone else. Subhan

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Allah imagine the most powerful man in the world, sleeping without bodyguards, taking a nap in the middle of the day, in the middle, you know, in the middle of it

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Anyone under a tree and Horton was on who's used to a very pompous lifestyle having all these bodyguards. He says to a model he says about amaro the multifamily said some very beautiful words. He said I can't. I mean, it's an inter

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said you rules and you ruled with justice. So Allah gave you security. So you were given security. And so you were able to to sleep out in the open this way. Now what was on note was captured, and almost all the alarms I was going to execute on was that because of the wars that he waged against the Muslims, even if he authored beautiful words of poetry that doesn't get you off the hook. And when Roseanne was a very intelligent man, and he admired the law and when so much after meeting with him, so what it was on as he's about to be killed, he says, the owner of a bumblebee, Allah, and he says, Can I have a glass of water? Just before I die? I want to drink some water. So I'm gonna be

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alone. And he said, of course, you can have a glass of water. So he gave him a glass of water, he held the glass of water. He said, Am I safe? Do you promise me that I am safe until I finished drinking this once? He said, Yeah, sure you're safe until you finish drinking this last button was on through the glass on the ground and broke it. And he looked at all around the bubble the law and said You made a promise.

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You know, are you going to honor your promise or not? Now any other leader would say nice try and just whatever, you know, it's not going to work. A person who's killed many Muslims, a person who was a transgressor, a person who was an oppressor. It's not going to work. You're not going to weasel your way out of this, but I'm one of the one who feared ALLAH. So he calls it the Allah Allah. And he calls upon obey the law of the Allah. And he calls the leaders of the Oman, he takes Shura from them, what do I do? Am I allowed to kill them anyway, despite what he says. So some of them said, You know what, you know, in this situation, you can because of because weighing the pros

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and the cons, some of them said, No, you made a promise, you have to hold your promise. I mean, would this even be a conversation for anyone else? Armand will be alongside anvil, decided after consulting with his shoulder, he said, You know what? I have to honor my promises. He went back to Amazon. He said, You can go free. So the Untied boom was at an Amazon did something that was totally unexpected for them was answered. I said, Well, La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Houghton was on Rahim Allah is a tad very people don't know that you read the first part of history the battle on the seeing those types of things he became a dad maybe he became one of the second

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generation after the Sahaba and although the Allah Allah was shocked, he said, Why didn't you just say that in the first place you would have saved us from this entire episode? Right? You know, we wouldn't have to have had to go through any of this if you were to just become Muslim or Muslim said no, he said I didn't want people to say that I became Muslim just because I was scared

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but what what put that inside of them you know what is it that made him want to be Muslim anyway? It was the Promise of Allah Maha probably Allah and with the justice of Alma Mater, Nana Ahmed will be alone time that shocked him. Right that completely baffled him. What is it with these people this quality of people? So when either why the US law, the hypocrite has no sense the hypocrite will make promises right you look he doesn't care. As long as he gets a chance to break those promises he'll he'll break them. Then also loss is I'm struggling to meet a hug when he's given a man and he breaks that trust and also loss of Allah. It was an understanding that hadith and Bhupati and until

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medieval Sula spice and I'm starting either hundreds of ones with Hadith, when a person says something to you, so many templates, and then he turns away from you for who a man. It's a trust. It's a trust. When someone tells you a secret, and they clearly don't want anyone else to know about it. It is an Amana if you break it, then you are a hypocrite. That's a sign of hypocrisy inside of you. When someone tells you something when someone sends you an email and they don't expect you to forward it to anyone or to BCC or to show their text message to someone that's an Amana. That's a trust from ALLAH SubhanA one time that person didn't know that they were talking to more than you to

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trust. So this is something that's very significant. And Missoula Salah Allah Allah into Asana, he was Amin, he was a solid Public Enemy. Well, who will Amin Kubla will soon he was the truthful one before he became a prophet, and he was the trustworthy one, even before he became a messenger. And you know, spying on the Arabic language is something that's very important. You cannot reach a level of being a mean, until you have a level of self. You cannot become trustworthy. Unless you are truthful. People have to believe that you are a truthful person before they start trusting you in the first place. And that's exactly what the messengers achieved to the point that even when they

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wanted to kill the prophets lies on them. I mean, put yourself in the shoes of the prophets why summon their plotting to kill him, and they boycotted the messengers, lie salah.

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and his family and his family some of his most his closest family members been cathedral Viola and when Ebola died as a result of that boycott,

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and they still knew that they couldn't find anyone else to trust with their belongings, greater than the prophets of Allah. It was. The prophets lie Selim, even on the day he made his run, the day he ran away, he escaped from their persecution and from their plots and killed him. Even on that day, the problems lie Saddam still had some of their trusts. He still had some of the things that were entrusted to him by his greatest enemies, and he was concerned and he sends out you know, the Allahu taala. Andrea pointed out he will be allowed to discharge them. I mean, a guy is trying to kill me and I got his watch. I'm going to keep his watch. The prophets like cinema is not like that. The

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prophets like Selim made sure each and every single Amana each and every single trust, return to its owner, returned to its owner. And so the prophets lie, some established a reputation first of being Sadhak. Being a truthful man, therefore, people knew that we could depend on him salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, and if you lose that sense of, of truthfulness, you lose that sense of trustworthiness as well. And that's why the prophets I said that he said hadn't been thrown I mentioned

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the you know who the most evil of you are, the worst of you are. They said, Who are they? Allahu Allah. They said, Allah will also know Allah, Allah and His messenger, Allah wa rasuluh, and of Allah and His Messenger know best, so some must lie some sociological who hate the worst amongst you are people with two faces. And let me add to that you weren't wahala if he comes to this group of people with a face and that group of people with a face, and it's very easy to be two faced in this world, because you have your online face and you have your on site face, you have your text messaging face and you have your email face, you have so many different faces and if there is a lack

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of consistency in those faces, and what you showed to people, then know that that is a sign of hypocrisy and the prophets why some certain authentic hadith from the Allahu Taala Angela and Bernini will watch Haney and your corner Hamina. There is no way a person who is two faced can be a trustworthy individual. It is absolutely impossible for someone who is used to being two faced, who was used to saying one thing to one group of people and another to another thing to another group of people who sits with someone who sits in their house, enjoys their food, sits with someone and enjoys conversation smiles. salam Wa alaykum peace beyond to you. And then when they're with another

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person, they completely betrayed the individual that they were sitting with because they attack his honor. And his honor is more precious than his money, and you attack them because he's not there to watch you. And subhanAllah when you become completely desensitized to them, where you will come back and you'll see that person the next day and you won't even feel guilt because it's a part of character. And it's a very, very bad habit that we really need to do away with an awesome allah sallallahu it was an Imam Hassan Al Bashir Akima luck, you know, combining these two traits, my personal Abbas to suddenly not collect the data, Hadith farlam and Neville, young guru, Vivek, a

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hadith. You know a person who comes to you and says, Hey, you know what that person said? Meaning he betrays the trust of other people. And you know what he said, You know what she said? No, that he carries your words to other than you. He carries someone else's words to you, he carries your words to other than you, if he betrays other people's trust, then he will betray yours as well. It also lost my son I'm sad and a Hadith from Iran and her saying, well, the Allahu Taala I know that Iran even for saying, he says that I was with the messenger Salah and he was telling and he said the Prophet twice and I'm stood up and the Prophet twice and I'm said honey to Almighty and God will

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lead the horse to feed him. Another narration currently right the best Amma, the best generation from my Allah is the one in which I was sent. And the reason why this narration the prophets Wiseman particularly mentioned the one in which I was sent is to show his effect on them in regard to their trustworthiness and their honesty. Then he said to Medina, your Luna home and Iran and his narration He only says one time that the generation after me another narration was so lost like some system and the data you know, those that came after the meeting the first three generations then the prophets lice, and I'm sad, some of the young one one yes Hadoop and then there will be a people

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that will testify they'll give oats even when they're not asked to do so. They're not asked to do so you know, people will say well, lucky, well, lucky. Well, lucky. Well lucky. Take the name of Allah subhanaw taala in vain without even caring about what they're saying. They say it's so much you know, Subhan Allah it's not as if it was about fasting three days or feeding time for people are closing on for people. But you know, we'd be broke because of how much we serve. We swear by the name of Allah. No, I promise. I testified what law he Why did they say that? Because they don't take it seriously.

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They've become accustomed to not fulfilling their promises and their trust. So the prophets like Selim said there would be people who would testify even when they're not asked to testify why or who Nona what time alone and they would betray other people and then they would not be trustworthy people. The province liaison was talking towards the end of time. And the prophets like Selim said, we're actually dealing with someone, and then obesity would be spread amongst them. And this hadith isn't isn't sooner, Timothy, it's an authentic hadith. And the written that say that what the prophets is meant by that last statement is that people become absolutely careless. And it's all

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about filling your own pocket and filling your own stomach. It's no longer about anyone else. So that's what the prophets was meant when he said, way of shipping was someone that people would become accustomed to that people don't care about anyone else anymore. It's all about me, me, me, me. The more I can fill my pockets, the more I can fill my stomach. I don't care about any one of your brothers and sisters. I want to

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leave you with this story. Before I sit in in Chatelet tight afterwards, we'll do the do app because this is a very beautiful story. And it's something that's very significant. I will read all the Allahu Taala annually. He says that the prophets I send them said in this hadith is a medical hottie. It's a very beautiful story. It also last by someone who said that in the time of Benny Swahili, there were two men.

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And the prophets lie sometimes said, one asked the other for a loan of 1000 dinars. One of them is asking the other for a loan of 1000 units. And the second man responded and said, Who is our witness? And the other man responded saying Kefauver. Luffy Shahida. Allah is enough of a witness. He said, You know what your rights? Then? The man said, Well, I want some sort of guarantee. Right? I want some What if you can't pay the 1000 dinars. And the man responded to him kept? I've been lucky Kavita, Allah subhanaw taala is enough, as the guarantor Allah subhanaw, taala, will take care of you. And he said, You know what your rights, then the prophets way someone said, so that man took

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that money, he worked with it. And then when he finished his job, and he had the money, luck, he lives in another land. So he tried to look for a boat, he tried to look for someone to sell them across the seas, so that he could go back to that man and give him his money at the date that was agreed upon. And he was unable to do so he couldn't find any Monica. He couldn't find anyone. So as soon as I saw him said, The man took a piece of wood. And he saw the piece of wood, he opened it, and he put the 1000 dinars inside of it, and he put a letter inside of it, explain to whom it belongs, and also an explanation as to why he was sending it in this manner. And he closed it and he

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taped it shut and he looked up to the skies and was so lost. My son said he made a very beautiful drought was lost. I said I'm sad and he said Allah, Anglicans and Mo. Agni continue to send love to Fudan and Alfa dinar. He said, Oh Allah, I know that, you know, you know that. I took 1000 dinars from this person. He said for alanine, caffeine, and he asked me for again to try putting together a villa interferer. And I said, Allah is enough of a guarantee. And he said, for a while the avec Subhan Allah, He said, so he was pleased with you. He said, my Saturday Shahidan and he asked me for witness by going to that who Kapha villa in Shahida. I said to him, Allah is enough witness for all

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the Arabic. So he was pleased with you, oh, Allah. And he said, a new No Oh ALLAH that I'm looking for some form of way to deliver the money to him, but I can't find it. And I'm up there. And he said, so I'm trusting you with this money. He put that word into the waters. And at the same time, he made sure that it would reach them and at the same time, he continued to look for a way to get across to him. And he took another 1000 dinars with him for Sula, Sai salaam, sir, that one day that min you know, he didn't worry about it. He was he was generous with his lending, he didn't worry about it. And this is something that the Prophet twice on praise the person who gives the debt. And

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he's lenient with asking for it to be repaid. So he didn't worry about it too much. And he said one day that man came out of his house to see whether a ship had arrived bringing anything, and he said that he didn't see a ship. So the day that the ship was supposed to come with that man, he didn't see a ship, he said, but instead he saw this piece of wood and

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

the man thought to himself, let me take this piece of wood home so I can make a fire out of it so that it will cool us for the night. So last night, some said he took this piece of wood home and cut the wood in half. And he found the 1000 denounced and he found the letter and Subhanallah he was pleased with that. He praised ALLAH SubhanA wits out of it Allah returned it to him. In the meantime, the man is still trying to make his way over to him to pay him back his 1,000th of the amounts. And the man comes to him after a few days. And he has another 1000 dinars and he apologized.

00:30:00--> 00:30:22

Hello, he doesn't even mentioned so that I put anything in the waters. He doesn't even mention that to him. He apologized that he was leaving, and he explained his excuses, but I couldn't find a way to get across. And then he handed the man another 1000 The knobs, and the man said to him, don't worry, a loss of 100 Watts Alan has already delivered your 1,000th Allah has already delivered

00:30:23--> 00:30:47

this hadith and I'm behind he shows us the amount of the lender and the amount the amount of the one who had the money London's in him. It shows you what Eman and faith can do to a person and faith and Iman faith and trust go hand in hand we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us an email we'll Anana what are the hurdles to overcome when he started listening first off through Tina boo boo

00:30:57--> 00:31:05

Have you learned you're gonna gain whatever you want to get out a lot. I mean, when I ask people to do something a lot more fun he was telling me about Mohamed Salah I'm the son of mine it added

00:31:07--> 00:31:20

a lot more meaning when not when he was singing or when was three months. Even when I'm watching the custom recovery bujuku There was a lot more fear than our 101 one what I tried to run into so now we're in

00:31:21--> 00:31:50

another corner in the middle Pasadena along the freeway Nina proper humble man cannot alone se la OpenNebula as well as you know we're going to be out in October to argue for journalism with Sakina Imana a lot more political still baffling that the majority of them have already have a lockmaster halfword it's wining and medical Vina with Jackie Dino and will Slovakia frequently mentioned hola Malika be Angelica Erica De La Palma has to be confiding in of employment or footage and I was waiting on and begging suddenly mean pretty bad luck in Allah.

00:31:52--> 00:32:03

What Eater is informed by inherent infection? You wouldn't wouldn't tell me whether you're a local banana Councillor Corona, Rolla is washed through wine and they're not using luck. What are the long the long

00:32:04--> 00:32:05

follow up