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Indeed, all praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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hence we praise

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not just praise a lot, it's asking a lot for help alone.

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And we believe in Allah.

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But it's not only to place, trust in Allah placing trust in a lot comes with a process. So we say 100 and we praise a lot, but then we realize after I praise a lot, then I need to ask only help from a lot and what is the only help I can ask from a lot on a stellar Pharaoh who and that is the belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala that he alone can forgive me when a co worker and I placed my trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. This trust is a trust that not between me and you, it's a trust between me and Allah. So when I trust a lot, I have patience in my trust. I don't say Allah give me this and then say right now, I say

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when you Allah believing is good for me. It will come to me. And that trust makes us say one hour Oh Billahi min demon surey and fusina. a lot. We seek protection, not from shavonne not from somebody else's whisper I mean, surely an fusina from me from wisa.

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Mr. Moraga he makes from the evil of his his own self what makes us human and will not protect us from that.

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Wanting to say

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our love not only what makes me human humans are lazy. Sometimes we're cheap sometimes. We're coward sometimes. Right? You talk a big talk at home right? When the COP is about to pull you over. You're like a lot.

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And then you're driving and after a little while the car pass you like yeah, taking care of him. I would have told him what's good luck saved me from it makes me inclined as a human. The coward is that that is possibility human protect me from that. Not between human beings. We're always going to yell and scream at each other. When it comes to Allah, Allah make me one face in front of you.

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What made you say, Dr. Medina, but Allah, not only do I have weaknesses, but last Friday, I heard these words. And this Wednesday, I missed the budget. And this Thursday, I said something mean to my wife because my boss yelled at me. And this Friday, before coming to Japan, I watched something maybe that wasn't that good for me to watch. Oh Allah. From last Friday to this Friday, I asked you a lot. The sins that I did. That will not only affect me in the hereafter but since affect me here in this union, a lot make those sins be washed away as if they never happened.

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I give you three quick examples. We've done this before right here in New Jersey. I had the same foot but I will encourage you to remember you know when we tell lies. This is the explanation of the effective sin. Sometimes we say brother if you don't pray, you could go to Johanna. This is true. But Why doesn't anyone tell me here in this dunya a lot reminds me in masala

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vida. Salaam Namaste what I pray here.

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It makes Bollywood and Hollywood difficult.

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It makes it difficult to watch what's on TV Salaam makes those things like ah, can't watch that. That's not that's not appropriate. Why didn't anyone ever tell me if I don't pray the dirtiness on the street will seem normal. A father walking with

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His daughter and Daisy Dukes was it no big deal.

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And this natural human nature will be reversed. Over love see me from the effect of say, the Day of Judgment faraway friends. Right now save me from the effects of say out here make me someone who praised the province. It was hella upsetting the looks of it. It is narrated under authority of raela. Whoever lies tells a lie, can hit. Whoever says a lie from his tongue, a small black spot is placed on his heart. I asked you as a physician, there is no black spot in your heart physically. So what is this black spot? It's not in aphylla. take a simple example. I asked a man why I asked you. When I come into the machine, do you have some lights on it? Sometimes people fall asleep and jump

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off the bed happens.

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And if I come in and all the lights are on, and then he says, okay, we left the windows open, and I come in with black spray paint. And I darken out all the windows, and I start yelling at Chase. It's so dark in here. What is he gonna say to me?

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You blacked out the windows. He Daya guidance is like the light that comes inside. If you close the windows, and you lie, and you don't pray, and you don't choose to bind Allah. Then did Allah make the mustard?

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But did you?

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Are you gonna believe God is gonna guide me when he wants to guide me but you have a big spray paint can in your bog in your hand, a level guidance

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over law save us from the effect of not following your love.

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In this world,

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Allah Allah, Buddha Buddha was

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one that Gina mina lumati either do what Jenny when alpha ma Wah, wah, simple translation, Allah save us from that which is perverse that is hidden. And that which is right in front of our face. The perversity that keeps us away from a lot of luck cleansing from us, whether it comes in a beautiful package and they give them a gold Oscar for taking off their clothes. Or it's something that you would watch in front of your family, a love protective,

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we say to allow on our own to be learned even surely and fusina Allah save me from the evil that makes me capable of free will. And Allah saved me from the effect of bad deeds, not in the afterlife. But here in this studio, a lot cleansing from

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Mayor de la vida de la da mo

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the Allah whoever Allah subhana wa tada guides This is the next sentence. So if Allah cleanse me from being lazy, cheap and cowardice and a love for gave what I watched on Tuesday night what I said to my parents on Wednesday morning and the vulgar prayer that I let go because I had to get to work a lot cleanse that from me Make me amongst the most suddenly but then I realized Where's guidance gonna come from from this cookbook?

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From solely saying Allah? Allah is the best yes guidance will come there but this foot sounds awesome. Having someone blow on your head will not give you guidance a luggages guide whoever a lot guys no one can miss guide a lot of money.

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And whoever A lot has not chosen for guidance and loveliness amongst those a lot more and keep me wish the what are mature enough See, whoever has blacked out their own windows and said Allah guide me. They're playing games.

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Whoever guides no one can miss guide whoever has not been chosen for guidance. No one will guide so to bring all of us to the zero level. Some of us are minus some of us or plus 100

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You don't know me? I don't know you. But you came to listen to me because of one sentence.

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I bear witness I testify I sanctify the statement. There is no other language

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other than a loss.

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There is no other creator sustainer there is no other God. There's no other rock. There is no one else who created the sack that I selected for nine months other than unloved. And if love also has one more meaning and no one ever told me something to share with my brother. No one ever told me ILA also means there is no one who has more authority other than a lot. And what is this authority we're all thinking anger. There

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is no one who has the right to be loved more than a law.

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How could I love something more than a la? La Ilaha Illa de la, la la la, la la la. There is no one there is no deity sustainer creator, Judge, architect worthy of my love, compassionate love, other than the last.

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And how do I know Allah loves me more than I love him? Why not?

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Because Allah said the most perfect creature, the greatest human being the fulfillment of the succession of prophethood. And if I made the way anastomotic Allahu taala, I will live till the age of 103 is an asset for the love of God.

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I have smelt the perfumes and the masks from Persia. I have smelled the we have the greatest must of the Arab world. And I have never smelled any. Like the mask that came from the sweat of a suit of law. So long ago it was sort of how do you know Allah loves you? I don't have to tell you just say a lot, suddenly was suddenly a beginner. What have we been our Shafi arena was soon enough.

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But we still have a question to answer. Why did Allah make us Why did Allah send us a messenger? He sent us and he says this twice once in Surah Mohammed

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who are like the

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Allah sent out

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to us

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salon B without the need help with spirituality, he Daya guidance, namaz Topeka spear religiosity Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came with it. But after Juma brodo you gotta go to work. Don't you have to get back to work, what needed help. A lot also sent Mohammed sub A love body with love to tell us how to live, how to love and how to hate and how much date this

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symbol of love it was someone who was sent with a complete system, not just pray here in the must get and stay here, but get back to work. And when you work, smile, and when your boss yells at you respond with that respect. And when you get home and your wife yells at you says

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I would rather take I would rather take the difficulty than give difficulty and say oh, my beloved even makes you feel better. Yeah. Yes, throw stones if you need to. I am here for you. And if your spouse comes home my sister that says something to you say Subhanallah you must have been beaten up all day by the people outside my love is for you beat upon me say words upon me brothers. That's a tongue lashing reading, right? That's a

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very loving tongue.

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So we turn to a lot it's a new era, who is the Cooley spirituality Salafi our knowledge and spirit combined with activism. And they give us the fact that it's not his will become dominant upon all other systems, not by the sword. But because America needs health care. And we have

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because America wants guidance. I think we know a lot a little bit. Let's introduce our love to the fact that they know they know there's a God. Let's introduce a lot to them. They're waiting for you on our

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food, even if the bush rate even if someone who said there is no God isn't what JC says there's no church in the world, you can do that. It's just a monster. They probably no tricks.

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You tell him that a lot loves and that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't want us to follow law. He just wants to organize our life. So

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this is a law. This is recognizing Allah. This is finding a loss of headwater Allah so we say to Allah, Allah, Allah, but Allah we ask for your love. By man, you hit book a lot those people in this crowd would love you already. Make them love us. Not the big players and not the guy who would love one this slam dunk competition. No, I want the love people who love a lot. I want hope. I want Java I want desire for electric desire me and feel good for me.

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you be booney

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Allah give us love of actions that will bring us close to you have la isla de la

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Time is so trickling but I have to share one Fun fact with you. You all know what July is because the Oscars passed I have to say this has nothing to do directly with clipper. You know before the Oscars what they do they do a dress rehearsal, right? So they put out all the tables and they put out little pictures in front of the chairs. And this actor is going to sit here this year who's going to sit here and they put these things up, they do a dress rehearsal. Then the host comes out and he pretends like he's talking to the crowd. What's Juma? Can I tell you what?

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Thursday night in Jannah? Thursday night in general, a caller comes out to the people and says yeah,

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oh people have Jelena tomorrow there will be a gathering, a banquet if you will. Prepare yourself so that people have gender they will go to what like a mall like a salon. And they will go there and the block all the creatures of white will say What do you wish they say we wish to look better than last week. So the people of general will go and beautify and you will return to your family your family will say you look more you look more beautiful than last week. Your sheep have a sharp sharper than last week. And the people of genda will celebrate Friday morning. Friday morning they will gather in a banquet, but there will be no roof. It will be the throne of Allah and the people

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of genda will gather me and you will be lucky to get it right we're gonna sit in there. We're gonna sit in Jenna. And just like we lean sometimes we will lean will lean on a chair. Except you guys

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and we will ask why. Why does he get to sit in the front of the banquet? Why does he get to sit and the angels who are sitting us the ushers at the party will say these are the people who sat in the front row of Juma.

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These are the people who sat in the front row of July. So for 30 minutes a week you are learning to sit quiet. So one day one live one says a lot tells the caretaker of gentlemen remove the curtain

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who will talk to us

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who will speak to us on Friday to dress rehearsal My beloved brothers and sisters. It's a dress rehearsal for a love to give us

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a lot of money, a lot of money.

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Allah wants to talk to us that Juma prepare for German prepared, cut your nails come clean when you walk to Juma Don't spit. Don't blow your nose come to Juma with love. We have a few moments like write this down in your head surah number 71. This is

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celebrating surah number 71 you all know already 29th June 29 Bara Allah, Allah says in Surah I fast forward for 950 years, one prophet changed the name his name was new 1000 years minus 50. And I gave this book but I have to give it one more time for 950 years new told these people to pray. Nope. There were no prayer and you'll have a tough time grow up here. Hold your hands here. Ew ha Nope.

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He just said one thing. After 900 years Allah came to him and you know, I've worked to have those progress reports. Allah said what's your progress report? No. No what what do you do?

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Do honey syrup comes with his paper and says to a lot but we'll have to sell

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a law for 900 years for good to stop you in the singular. He said I told my people there was no prayer there was nothing else to do. I told my people say, a stove

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see a stone law. And when you blow through the scene and you garbled the line and say a stone feudal law

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is no who gonna walk

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in aku Allah is was and will always be.

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Allah would love to forgive you. But when I tell you right when the Moseley says,

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Allah Subhana Allah Boleyn. When you hear these words, right, you're like God won't be here. He goes by who is going to feed my family? mana who's going to take care of my kids who's going to do their taxes next month? A lot actually answered that question. No, I told his people save a little love. And then Allah Himself, you will see this.

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a love we'll sit down from the sky rain. Every economy's

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Based on its agriculture analysis, you people say a lot. I'll take care of your money. I'll take care of the economy. You see this?

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booming oh boy Are

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you worried about your children say a selfie with a lot here? A lot says a lot of words. Well, you well you did the combi

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Fatima the ones who don't eat their vegetables.

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Allah subhana wa tada says to them, I will take care of your children, I will take care of your children. And I will take care of the 401 k in the bank account, read the is solid math, you do eight to 11 if you think I'm making it up, plus very convenient click But no, unless it so I say it with confidence. What you did can be your buddy, I will take care of your children and your wealth.

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I'll take care of your money. Now. You were worried about one hour missing work on lessons I will give you over time. Just say a stone.

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And I will cleanse you I will give you money, I'll take care of your kids, your wife will start listening to you. And I will give you gardens beneath which rivers flow.

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Then he turns to his people. And he says something amazing, which I need help translating. This is the entire purpose. This one is

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so new, he turns to his people and says look, Allah is going to sort out this dunya you don't think Allah can feed you and your kids and your family?

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You all can recognize a lot. And then he says this word to these people. And this is the right that an old man has how old 900 years old this 900 year old man like a like a buzzer. He turns over he goes man

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I give you the simple translation monokuma

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What's wrong with you all lacher una de la de la Cava. I'm going to try it in as many languages as possible. In English, Allah says new ask is people y'all couldn't recognize a lot. y'all think a lot a future you could go to help. Recognize fam recognize a lot better. Find a love. Don't just look at a distance and say some kind of luck. Recognize a lot bit john, does that make sense? To recognize a law unless the new half Did you didn't recognize a law? Brother? Can you help me?

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Do szenische in the Uzbek language to Spanish and I asked him to remind me this word to say this means and I gave the brother a word look at something to Spanish is correct. You look at something you don't just say that's a car. You said that's a 463 horsepower car 63 you recognize you know exactly what it is? recognize the love my brothers and sisters. Allah created us to love us. We just got busy loving other things. monokuma una de la vaca my time expires. I need to share one story with you though, because this is just words to you. This is America. I need to prove things to you. So between the sittings of the football, make dua for whatever you need last five seconds say a

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stealth little lock with the line as still law law say three times a need to offer the comma because from the looks of the tile on the wall, we're doing pretty well good. It's a beautiful place unless taking care of us made love my brothers and sisters overseas. Who today there Gemma wasn't as pretty as ours. That there is a narration and that's the cue to say time to sit down. The narration is weaker but we still take it the sittings of the football wise not rejected. Can you make dua? Can you talk to a lot not to someone talk to a lot through your heart directly and raise your hands and tell a lot a lot. I'm sorry about whatever happened.

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But you don't mind you love

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hamdu Lillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah nebby carry

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a wall.

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If you came late to Joomla you didn't miss the main event in no one.

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He was suddenly moved this Mima.

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it will come on, come on

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Ibrahim al

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Abadi, tada Mohammed, Mohammed

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Ibrahim Avada and Ibrahima Majeed. We ask Allah to guide us into forgive us a little fun fact off topic. Did you notice when you say his name, you said Mohammed right? Because when you met him, the poet's right, what would you do?

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You would pop your lips and kisses had your lips kiss his hand. So you say Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam every time you say it, make good and pray that you kiss the hand from which you will drink and say out of pseudo love from your beautiful well that never ends. Can I get a little bit too? a suit of love with the suit of love will say his name with your lips puckered. Don't say Mama, Mama doesn't have the same respect. It's fair enough. We end with one small story you all know this panel will be on this panel.

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You all know for a great amount, right? Even Abu hanifa Malik Shafi Mohammed, they've been humble enough, you're with me just not the last of the four great amounts that I'm showing you the youngest of the four. That is the last one to come in chronological order. Mr. Ackerman, even humble was a simple man. so simple that when he left his house in boonton, one day he left, he lived in a town. He left boonton and he went to Trenton it's fair far enough. He got to the Trenton mustard. This actually happened without the names of the cities. He got there and he stayed in the mustard cave. He prayed. And he was trying to get through. He didn't know where to stay. So we went tried to stay

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in the mustard. What did the mustard caretaker say? You ain't stayed in the mud. You have to go.

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Where am I going to go? So he said, I don't know. And the massive caretaker I'm not losing my job over this. So he took his stuff. And as all of us have seen before he left his stuff in the courtyard of the musket like in the front. So he said, Okay, I'll sleep outside. It's fair enough. It'll be okay. The caretaker came outside and said, You can't stay here.

00:28:22--> 00:28:23

Where am I going to go?

00:28:24--> 00:28:26

He picks up his stuff.

00:28:27--> 00:28:28

He stands outside.

00:28:30--> 00:28:41

And a baker walks by Baker. That Dunkin Donuts guy. The Dunkin Donuts guy walks by it as cap on everything's like he's like, Hey, how are you? What's up? He goes

00:28:42--> 00:28:51

I don't have a place to stay. The baker doesn't ask his name. The baker doesn't really do this. Don't worry. It's late. Come on. I'm a bachelor. I live alone. I work at Dunkin Donuts Come with me.

00:28:53--> 00:29:03

So all I got rats and stuff. They're walking home. You might have been humbled notices something about the baker. As they're walking stuff. Stuff.

00:29:04--> 00:29:07

Had a good trip. Everything's good stuff.

00:29:09--> 00:29:11

You might not get him humble gets home.

00:29:12--> 00:29:26

He shows him his quarters. He goes, look, Bro, I have to go make the donuts. I have to go prepare for tomorrow morning. Right? So you can stay here. And if you need anything, let me know. He goes into his room. And what does he keep hearing

00:29:31--> 00:29:33

his stuff down in his room and he comes he goes

00:29:34--> 00:29:59

this is something I can't let this go. He comes out of his quarters. Now. I want you to put yourself there. If you're staying at my house and I don't know you and you come trotting out of your guest room like Hey, what's up? Where are you? It's kind of it takes a bit of courage, right? So he comes up to the kitchen door. He's covered in the powder and he's got some Boston Cream stuff all smeared on the side and the baker turns around and says what's up What happened? Is everything okay, do you need

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

Another blanket, he goes No.

00:30:03--> 00:30:09

He said Allah in Surah 7129 June 29 Mara says proposed to stop.

00:30:10--> 00:30:24

Canada if you say you're allowed to level forgive you your sistema de comida Allah will give you money to take care of your kids. I need to know have you ever made a dua ask the law for something and he didn't give it to you.

00:30:26--> 00:30:28

The baker does talk the power

00:30:29--> 00:30:30

he says

00:30:33--> 00:30:45

My business is going good people buy donuts things are good because you know what though? It's not a big deal unless got knocked back all the time. But there's one draw I made and I never got it.

00:30:47--> 00:30:53

What is this blob? a baker says no that guy who lives in boonton

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I could see his face one time. If I could see his face one time.

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Via foot

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I'm happy

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Mr. Ashman even humble looks at him I want you to put the eyes the look on his face him I'm with him humble in a second gets a flashback. I'm the shape of all of Islam. I got thrown out about must've been printed left out on the court yard in the street. So that this Baker could see my face so that he opens his mouth he says a lot has answered every block a lot dragged me to your doorstep.

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A lot I recommend one time today. CSS rule 100 times but the 100th time say with a smile on your face because you know what's coming you know what's coming.

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And the man looked at him and said

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actually been humble who lived miles and miles away was dragged to his doorstep in the baker didn't even ask his name. He said my name is Iman you've been humble. Here's my face all that it's clean and pure is from a love Love is from a love beauty is from a law difficulty is what we bring upon ourselves. Those of you who came late take one is in the law he said what you thought you did indeed a lot is enjoying justice whatever you know about Islam following you don't have to seek out any weekend courses yet just whatever you know Allah do it whatever you know to be held on to Allah mala chama what you know to be held on tour is needed but what you know to be good attributed to a lot

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what is on know that Allah sees that's what he thought he didn't pull back and spend on your family member find one family member you didn't talk to because he stepped on your shoes. Find one family member you haven't spoken to and say this some guy from California was screaming I'm sorry about whatever happened. Make right why and how and if I shot one one curry well above a law says and stay away from three things be just have consciousness of luck and see you spend on your family members and stay away from three things.

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Stay away from Dancing with the Stars No matter how much fun it seems. Stay away from what the eyes are entertained with. One one cup Moncure is like a line in the sand. This one's good. This one's wrong. Don't walk up to the line in the sand and say well how hard is it? This level of hell or this level? Because I can make it he'll do that no play with a smile. One body oppression.

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Allah started with justice and ended with oppression if something in the hood but made sense don't oppress it I close with one thought. I told you one word istockphoto la 24 times in the pool on a lot teaches us wrong by man. If you get this stuff for seeing stuff from Allah, can you imagine what you get when you call a lot of banana?

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Anything be eaten lunch Tada. We will discuss that after the salon in the La Jolla will be largely when he died. What about

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what about

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long walk about a long

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long long shot on Omaha