Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2022 – Judgment Day #1 – What Happens to You After You Die

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of graduating from a grave and the importance of praying for the future, emphasizing the need for praying for the future and being mindful of one's actions. They also mention the prophecy of realms, including a woman being killed by a beast and put on a grave, and the importance of practicing religion and following one's trainer to answer one's religion. The speakers emphasize the need for practice religion and following one's trainer to answer one's religion.
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So I want you to think of yourself as a parent to your deeds, you produce them, you raise them, and you have all sorts of hopes for them. The only thing is you don't see them yet. Now just like a parent hopes that if they live long enough, their worldly children will comfort them and benefit them when they get older. We all hope that our hereafter children will comfort us and benefit us once we make that transition. The question is, how many deeds have you produced how many DS Have you raised? And what's it going to be like to meet them for the very first time?

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Hatchimal Assam Rahim Allah says in the novel to ill health, for a two kilowatt hidden you hebbal mahabhava and for EDA, elaborate. Farakka Houma Bobo, he said that I looked at mankind, and I noticed that everyone has something or someone that they love. But then once they die, that beloved person or thing leaves them, so I decided to learn to love my good deeds, so that when I enter into my grave, they get to come with me. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yes barrier mediator for the deceased is followed to his or her grave by three things. Lou wamalwa, who was

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his family, his wealth and his deeds Sayaji Lu Amato, who way up our family home so his family and his wealth turned back from the grave and they go home. And His only companion that remains with him in his new home from now on, is his collection of deeds. And we know that Allah subhanaw taala says about the Day of Judgment What yo mela young Pharaoh Marlon Wella, by noon, the day that wealth and children are no longer of any benefits. From this point onwards, deeds are going to be your comfort, and they're going to be your currency and the profit slice and I'm once asked the Companions Do you know what Allah meant when he said woman out of that and decrease in the level narration Wonka, that

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those who turn away from my remembrance will have a constricted life, one actual who Yeoman calamity Arma and will be raised up on the Day of Judgment blind. Now that constricted life is certainly across all realms. But here the Prophet slice and him said, when they go to their grave, you send an alpha early to Saturn with his una to Nina, Allah places 99 Dragons over that person. And the Prophet slicin went on to describe that every one of those dragons is like 70 serpents with seven heads, stinging him and maiming him until the Day of Judgment may last pants out protect this. It's at this point, that your hereafter children are going to come to your aid for the very first time.

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And this is before the angels even come. The prophets Allah is on them said that when the believer is placed into their grave, and they hear the final footsteps of their family leaving, the punishment comes. And as the punishment comes from above, your prayer stands up. And it puts its hand up and says Matt, Tibetan Medicine, you will not pass through me. So the prayer guards your head. And then the punishment comes to you from your right side. And the prophets lie some said your slam your fasting rises and stands guard and says Matthew Betty Metatron, you will not pass through me. And then to his left is the cast hence and says multibody method you will not pass through me.

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And then at his feet, his sada and Scylla His goodness towards his family, and then his community, his voluntary charity, his truthfulness, his honesty, all of those things stand guard at the bottom and say matheba the material, you will not pass through me. And then it said to him sit up, and he sits up. The Prophet slicin him said that the Sun is made to appear to him as if it's about to set up. It's almost Muslim, it's about to be marketed. So the believer is accustomed to what you're accustomed to Salah you're accustomed to prayer. And if you wake up at an odd time sort of this oriented, the first thing you worry about is did I miss my prayer? So this person says, Let me pray.

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And the angels say you'll get to that but first you have to answer our questions. Mountain Rob book, Who is your Lord ma Dino UK? What is your religion? Men? Nabhi yoke? Who is your prophet? Now the only way you're going to be able to answer who your Lord is, is if used to worship and the only way you're going to be able to answer what your religion is, is if you actually used to practice it. And the only way you're going to be able to answer who your prophet is Salallahu it who was setting them is if you used to actually follow him. And if you answer rites of voice cries out from the heavens, and says saw the family. My slave has spoken the truth And subhanAllah in one Hadith the prophets

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lie some said that those two angels that were first frightening

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They say to you after you answer the questions correctly, couldn't analemma NACA Tokuda, you know, we knew you were going to say that. We knew you were going to answer these questions right? And Allah subhanaw taala then calls out, supply him with the furnishings from John, clothes him from the clothes of paradise opened for him a gate to Paradise, so that some of its fragrance comes to him in his grave. And then his grave is expanded for him as far as his eye can see. And then at that point, you are laying in the clothes of gentlemen with a window to gender and everything starts to feel like gentlemen starts to feel like paradise. This visitor comes to you and this visitor has this

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beautiful face has these fine clothes and has this pleasant scent. And he says to you up should have * a Suruc has a young mocha lady Quinta to add glad tidings of that which will bring you happiness. This is your day, which you were promised. And so the deceased says, Men and who are you for what who can watch Yeji woman height? that face of yours is only going to be a face that brings good news. And that person responds to you and says an AMA look Assad. I am your good deeds nice Pella. Imagine what your good deeds look like, all in one person. The beauty of that bidden lie to Allah if you actually used to act upon that guidance from Allah. What does your Quran your prayer,

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your fasting, your charity all look like in the form of one person saying to you, I am your good deeds. And I'm here to give you good news. First, your good deeds guarded you from your punishment. Right first they stood guard all around you. And now here they are bringing you good news. And from here on out. They're personified and they're going to be your greatest source of benefits. And they're going to be your greatest source of good company. And there are many narrations about people that are categorically protected from the punishment of the grave you have the Shaheed the martyr, you have the one who dies of a stomach disease, or you have the one who dies on the day or night a

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Friday. And then you have all of these narrations about those who are specifically punished in the grave due to their sins. And so you want to avoid those sins obviously, such as the slander, or the one who is neglectful with their shahada with their purification, or the adulterer, or the one who deals with the deba with usury and interest. In any case, everything you experience now is part of the lead up to the last day. And the prophets. I seldom said, when a person dies, he's shown his eventual place morning and evening. And so if he's amongst the inhabitants of Paradise, he has this window to his place in paradise. And he's constantly told, this is where you're headed to this is

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where you're going. And if he's amongst the people of the fire, may Allah protect us, he shown his place in the fire, and is told this is where you're going. And no matter what his situation is, he shown one more place. And he looks at this place and is told how the makhado Khiladi to barefoot lay here on Korea. This is the place that you're going to be sent to on the Day of Judgment. So for the believer who has his deeds with him as provision, he's got his clothes from Paradise, you've got your window to paradise. When he sees his place on the Day of Judgment. He's not running away from it. In fact, he's saying Rob be Akina sir, I'll be Akima sir, I'll be Akima sir, my Lord established

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the hour My Lord established the hour My Lord established

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pool at my was seen for whoever variation to roll with

In the darkness of your freshly covered grave, as you hear the footsteps of your family walking away, nothing from this worldly life will help as your eternity begins—except one thing: your good deeds. One by one, they’ll show up in the form of beautiful people, guarding you from the punishments of the grave and bestowing you with glad tidings and the best source of companionship.

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