Saad Tasleem – Allah Knows What is Hidden

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not hiding from mistakes and seeking forgiveness in the face of loss of data. They also mention the need for balance between seeking forgiveness and apologizing for past mistakes. The speaker briefly mentions a new product being sold and talks about a family member's health issues.
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Kumara rahmatullahi wa barakatuh just came back from thought Oh yes, I figured I'd do tonight but are we reflection? The mountain my machine was deciding sort of tip but I hate when it comes to Sunita Brahim. There's a lot to reflect upon. It's a very, very powerful suit on. But I'm going to pick one I and that is item number 38. This is actually the Rahim in the eyes actually before this I as well and even after this I Ibrahim is that I'm continuing what is the up? He says I've been in the Qatar lemma minority woman darlin he says, Our Lord, most certainly, you know, that which we hide and not which we expose, might mean Allah he she fell out of the water for some up and nothing

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is hidden from Allah, on Earth and in the heavens. This actually speaks on a couple of fronts. First of all, it's the issue of when we make the auto Lost Planet Allah, we remind ourselves, that Allah is aware of everything, in the deepest things in our hearts, the things that we may have not told anyone about a Lost Planet, Allah is fully aware of that. Because of that Allah is the most capable and the best one to answer our da. And this is why I brought him out he said I'm he says, What is my Our Lord, you know, everything but we hide and what and what we show, so because of that Allah knows what is best for us. So one of the errors that we make is that Allah grant us that which is best,

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even if we're unaware of that is a relationship that is very special between us and allow us to honor the fact that a lot can answer our their eyes that we have held deep inside our hearts. The second theme of this Dawn is the fact that last month, Allah knows everything in terms of wrongdoing, or sins or problems. And so a believer should never, ever feel helpless. Even when a believer is wrong, even when bad things happen to us, or someone harms us or wrongs us, we may meet a law, human shake, that nothing is hidden from Allah subhanaw taala. So the people who wronged us or harmed us a lot is fully aware of that, that applies to us as well, if we have harmed anyone, if

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we have treated anyone in a bad way, then a lot is also aware of that. Just because we may have gotten away with something in this life, or, you know, somebody didn't know we did something or we didn't suffer the consequences in this life, it doesn't doesn't mean that we won't be held accountable in the US at all. And this is why we're continually seeking forgiveness. And the last point out even in our there are a big portion of our data has to be seeking forgiveness are the eyes balance between seeking forgiveness from Allah, and also asking from a loss of data and they go hand in hand when it comes to our data. And that was the way the product is selling weight we're selling

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made to us. And we see here that it was the also the

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family system and all of the profits when they made the they made the art in this fashion. And that's the last part of the audit to forgive our sins, those sins that are outward sins and also the inward sins and the sins that people know about in the sense that we have hidden from other people. I mean, what law hotel Indeed Allah, Allah knows best. I will see y'all later inshallah tada I sit on ya Kumara hematoma. He will but I can't

From the series ‘Tarawih Reflections’ on Snapchat.
In this lecture: Some reflections on Ayah 38 from Surat Ibrahim.

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