Omar Suleiman – Jannah #2 The Moment You Get to Jannah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of entering Jannah for people with certain qualities is emphasized, as well as protecting one's appearance and the need for proper will-done rules. The speaker discusses the prophets lie in the creation of Easter, citing the discovery of the fruit of passion, faith, and will-done rules. The importance of entering Jannah for people with certain qualities is emphasized, along with the need for caution and frequent wear masks when entering Easter. The prophets lie in the first location, and the first controller of Easter is known as Lord Jesus, and the first controller of the world is known as Lord Jesus.
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Not everyone gets into Jannah. At the same time, not everyone occupies the same rank. And not everyone is called from the same gate. But everyone who eventually gets in is going to be pleased. And the believer is so driven to generate now that he tries to get in as fast as possible, and with the highest place possible, let's Paola, that's what agenda mindset means it means that every single minute in this world is an opportunity to proceed quickly and beautifully through the gate of eternity.

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People are going to be entering Janna at different points and you have some that will actually be entering Jana, while others are still being held accountable. The profit slice that I'm said that there is a gate which is specific for those who are not even going to be called to account may Allah make us amongst them, Allah him I mean, and he said, this is the right hand gate of paradise. And he said, the rest of the people of Paradise will enter with everyone else through the normal gates, and Allah subhanaw taala controls time and place. So this doesn't all have to fit in a linear way, when we're speaking about it. The Prophet sighs Some said that the poor and downtrodden and they are the

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majority of the people of paradise, they get to go first. And if you think about first class and VIP in this life, who usually is always at the back of the line, and in a more dramatic way, those swats of poor people that are turned away from the gates of rich nations, and now they're ahead of everybody else, and everybody wants to be like them. But that's not absolute, because a record will be allowed Salah anhu, for example, was not a poor man. And he's going to be ahead of us all. So the scholar said that if a person used their blessings, right, then they still have a higher place, even if the poor will get in faster and lighter, because they have less burdens to worry about. So

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there's the pace that you get into Jannah. And then there's the place that you occupy within it. Now remember, Jana is for people with certain qualities. So the prophets I said, I'm said, the first people to enter Jannah are people who are when they're doing they praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah at all times, in good times and in bad times. So it's not about what you had or didn't have. It's about how you channeled all of that towards the pursuit of Allah's pleasure and Paradise. So you ask yourself, Are you praising Allah with your circumstances or not? Because that's going to determine how praiseworthy, your order of entrance and eventual station are into paradise. Now, what

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is the waiting area? outside the gates of gentlemen look like? The believers are near to its entrance as the prophets like some said, and they're under this tree, where two rivers are flowing, they drink from one of them, and they bathe in the other. And this removes all of the impurities inside out. And they come out full of radiance, and the profit slice and absurd that as you look at the gates of paradise, Paradise has eight gates, whereas Hellfire only has seven. And this is just another way in which Allah subhanaw taala shows us how his mercy exceeds his wrath. The prophets lysozyme said you have the gate of Salah you have the gate of sadaqa you have the gate of jihad,

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those who strove for the sake of Allah. And then he mentioned that Allah Allah Salam, you have the gate of fasting, and he said, it's called a yawn, which means endless drinks. And he said that no one enters that gate of paradise, except for the one who's distinguished by their fasting. So we'll make it all the law and who is hearing this? And he says, he also said, Allah, is there anyone who gets to be called from all of these gates and the prophets lie, some said yes. And I hope you will be one of them. And this isn't random, because Wilbekin will the law on who actually used to excel in all of those things. So it's only right, that he's called from all of those gates. Whereas most

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people are blessed if they have just one quality that they excel in, to which they hope to be called into Paradise by. Now, of course, you have gifts from Allah subhanaw taala, that open all of these gates, even if you don't have all of the qualities of those gates. So when the Prophet size some said, for example, no one of you performs will do perfectly and then says, a shadow Allah, Allah, wash the whole lash recolor or shadow under Mohammed Abdullah rasuluh, except that all eight gates of paradise will be opened for you, and you can choose which one to enter from. But even that's not random. Because to make that Dheeraj you have to do a perfect rule. And you wouldn't be careful and

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frequent with your will do if you weren't careful and frequent with your Salah. So the wisdom of will do opening all the gates is that if a person carefully preserved their salah, they naturally preserve everything else and the prophets lie. Some said the same thing about the Day of Judgment, that if the prayer is good, everything else is going to be good and the same thing is now true about your entrance into paradise.

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Now, ideally a lot on who said, you'll notice that the gates of paradise are actually vertical, not horizontal, you have one above the other because the higher gates correspond to the higher levels and for this ummah, there's a special gate reserved for us in sha Allah, the Prophet slice and I'm set, the gate from which my OMA will enter Paradise is as wide as the distance covered by a writer and several years. And in some narration, the prophets lie some said, like the distance between the cities of Mecca and hudgell. And in other places, he mentioned different cities, some Allah who are using them, so it's a ye gate, yet still, they're going to be squeezed until their shoulders are

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about to dislocate. And that's from the Mercy of Allah subhanho Its ad and also la sigh some said, Djibouti Eisah came to me, he held my hand and he showed me the gate through which my OMA is going to enter Jannah. And once again, you have a robocall the alarm and he says, You have a soul Allah, I wish I could have been with you to see that gate, and the profit slice and I'm said, I'll give you something better. Don't worry, you're going to be the first one to enter through that gate with me. But the profit slice alum said for all of us, he said, You're the best Amma because you're the last OMA to come. Yet you're the first OMA to enter into paradise. So Rasul Allah says, Allah is the

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first prophet to enter Paradise, and we are the first Ummah to enter Jannah together with Allah He to Allah. So as we stand, in line with anticipation behind our prophets lie Selim Qatada Rahim Allah says, you can actually see through the gates of paradise directly into it. And also the last lie Salam walks up, and he said, he rings the bell. He said, I will be the first person to hold the chain of paradise and clatter it well, if I'm not boasting, and the keeper of Jannah will answer the doorbell and he'll say, Man and tour you. And I will say Mohammed, and he will say Welcome Oh prophet of Allah. I was ordered not to open this for anyone before you. So that's the prophets lie

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Selim. Now for the rest of us, we have our keys. The key to paradise in a metaphorical sense is La ilaha illa. But as the scholars say, the teeth of that key are our deeds, and that's what's going to determine our order and our station. And the prophets lie Selim says in another narration by cinemawall, the Allah Tala and that we also have passports. So think about it. Like when you go to another country, you have a passport. So when you get to Jana, what's the passport he says in Allah azza wa jal, you are telling Mina JOAs and I lost the lot that Allah subhanaw taala gives you a passport on the slot and it says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. How are the Al Kitab Amin Allah Allah

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Aziz and Hakeem and the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. This is a passport from Allah subhanho wa taala. To this person and this person, allow this person to enter paradise with all of its loftiness and with its fruits within reach, so you have your keys and you have your passport ready in sha Allah tan and then Allah says hat either Guha will foot the hat blah blah, and then they come and its gates are slowly opened. Now middle column, Rahim Allah said Pay attention to the difference between how the people of paradise enter and how the inhabitants of * enter Allah says about the inhabitants of * had to either jack or her foot yet

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as soon as they get to it, the gates are suddenly opened and they're thrown into hellfire. But when Allah speaks about the people of Paradise, he says, had to either Guha were 40 had a wobble, ha, they get to Paradise. And then the gates slowly open, revealing the beauty of Jana, capturing you, with every second of its reveal as you marvel at its beauty. And we enter into paradise, zoo Mara, as groups. Why because it wouldn't be a celebration otherwise, in this life As believers, we do hedge together, we break our fast together, we then celebrate eat together, we pray in Jamaica together. So here every group is walking together with happiness, and they're congratulating one

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another, whereas the inhabitants of hellfire are actually cursing each other as they're being thrown in. So we're together in groups lined up, and the Prophet slice Allah and his companions and his family are at the front. And we all enter behind them, just as we follow them and goodness in this life in sha Allah. Now for now, if you want to rattle your gate and have the angels call you the Prophet slice and I'm said that barely there is an angel at a gate amongst the gates of paradise. And he's saying, man, your cradle Yom Eudes Avada. Whoever is going to give a good loan today will be rewarded tomorrow.

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And then an angel from another gate calls out and says hola RT month you can hola hola Marathi months you can tell her Oh Allah give back more to the one who gives and give destruction to the one who withholds. And those angels are calling from the highest place of the gates of paradise to the one who gives because you responded to the one calling upon you from the lowest places in the streets and alleys of this earth. And think about how many times the gates of sada called out to elbow Beckett well the Allahu Tada and hold while he was alive in this lane, so imagine how eager they are for him now in the next life and ask yourself how eager Do you want them to be for you

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rattle your gates and try to get in line with the first batch. Yeah

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