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The speaker discusses the importance of happiness and peace in the first day of the year when it comes to Easter. The speaker describes the consequences of major events such as the opening of gates of heaven, the closure of gates of hell, and the negative consequences of major events such as the downfall of the year, the loss of joy, and the need for reership. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not overcoming past hurts and not rushing to leave.

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What is the priority of a Muslim on the very first day of Ramadan?

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The first priority and duty is an expression of happiness and gratitude. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was very eager to communicate the sentiment to the companions on the very first day of Ramadan. He would congratulate them and he would announce publicly Khadija accom shadow Ramadan, Shadow Mubarak. He would say the month of Ramadan has come to you a blessed month.

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If not all Allahu Allah consider now Allah has made fasting its days and obligation upon you. Then he would say you've Delphi above agenda will Yola, Kofi Abu Abu Rahim. During this blessed month, the gates of paradise are opened and the gates of the Hellfire are closed. What 200 V. A shayateen and the devils in this month are chained and then he would say V Lena to hyaluron min l Fisher harinama and holy Maha Cohanim. During Ramadan, there is a night that is superior to 1000 nights, and whoever is deprived of its goodness has certainly been deprived.

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Allahu Akbar, happiness and gratitude to Allah show it to him. If knowledgeable humbly, he said that some of the scholars of Islam have said that this hadith is a key evidence for the practice of congratulating one another for the arrival of Ramadan. And then he said, why shouldn't the believer be congratulated when the gates of paradise have opened? And why should the sinner be congratulated when the gates of hell have been closed? And why shouldn't the intelligent ones be congratulated for a time when the devils are chained? He said, How can this month be compared to any other time?

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You see a person's happiness towards something is directly linked to your sense of need for it. Now, as for yourself and myself, let us recall the sheer number of prayers that perhaps we've missed or delayed the number of prohibitions that our eyes have fallen upon that daily backstabbing endeavor or the private conversations that have that should never have been furthered the React the showing off that poisons our deeds endlessly and so on and so forth. Then on top of all of that, recall the long list of repercussions consequences that come through sins in this world and in the hereafter. Look at the list which imaginable am mentioned. He says some of the repercussions of sins is the

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deprivation of knowledge, inner sense of loneliness, struggle in all endeavors, weakness in the body, the prevention of worship, a bad the removal of Baraka blessings, the lack of divine assistance, internal tightness, the birth of more sins, the normalization of sins, the insignificance of the sinner, in the eyes of Allah,

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and then the insignificance of the sinner in his own eyes, and the insignificance of the sinner in the eyes of people, the cursing of animals, the garments of disgrace, the ceiling of heart, the rejection of Doha, the corruption of land and sea, the destruction of higher protective jealousy, the destruction of high art, shyness, the onset of punishment, terror in the heart of the sinner, falling into shape, hands captivity, a horrible end to one's life, suffering the hereafter Allahu Akbar.

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So it's daunting. These are the aftermath and the after effects of Satan's. But this is precisely why we are so excited for Ramadan's presence, because our lives are in desperate need for reformation.

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And if you don't feel this, then realize that you need it the most. Imagine with me, a guest, who makes an effort to visit you from afar.

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Guests that you hadn't seen for an entire year. Now, shortly after this guest leaves.

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You notice that they've taken out the trash, they've cleaned your home, they've even repaired structural damage to your home that would have otherwise posed a threat to your life and your children's. They've renovated your house making it look like the day it was first built.

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And then when you notice all of this guilt begins to consume you because you now realize you'd fallen short in honoring this guest. I mean, for starters, you kept giving him the impression that you wanted him to leave, making him feel like he's abandoned. Why do I mention that?

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Because this is precisely what the month of Ramadan does. A guest that visits once a year and upon its departure, it takes with it your sins, all of them that had weighed so heavily on your back. And we're on the verge of jeopardizing your hereafter Subhanallah healthy, so be happy. So Allah gratitude, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said min sama Ramadan Eman and what he said as a wolf your Allah who met or condemn me and then be

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Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan out of belief in Allah, and out of hope in the reward will have all of his previous sins and raised is this not a cause of joy and celebration?

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So it's through this lens that the people of Eman observe Ramadan through the lens of the Hereafter not the lens of hunger and thirst. So rather than whining at the pangs of hunger and complaining from the disruption to sleeping patterns, no, no, their motto in life is different. Their slogan is Oh, Ramadan, don't be in a rush to leave. Because sins are heavy. And hearts are Ill allow me to host you Oh Madonna's you deserve