Yaser Birjas – Ramadan 2017 – Khatirah Night 9

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The importance of following people in a authentic way is emphasized, even if it is a subtle way. It is crucial to be a man to be a woman, finding one's route through the message and not following a Facebook group or social media platform. The speaker also touches on the difficulty of following a certain path and the danger of victory.
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A man, who would that person should fall? What do you think?

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I know you're gonna sort of sort of like a subtle lesson. But in terms of practicality,

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if you would like to follow somebody in terms of your dean, who's right now the person that you would probably make your role model for your children role model who wouldn't be?

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Forget about me.

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Now I'm saying if you would like to have somebody that you want your kids to be like this person

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or for

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grandma, when I say when you say Rama, Like who?

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scholars like cool.

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So you guys are giving me names of people. Right?

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Don't do that.

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Don't do this.

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Do yourself a favor. If you're gonna follow somebody. If you want your kids to follow someone, look for someone who's already dead.

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Because they say the living is not yet safe from the fitness.

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When I personally allow grandma said that Coniston new women met in an hyla to manohara Hill fitna. If you're going to follow somebody in terms of your deen look for someone who's already dead

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because the one who's who's dead and we know about them, we know about their righteousness about their education, their devotion that or abandon their testimony came out on the tongues and the books of many many Rama afterwards. I mean, today everyday in here and this message we read from a book written a book a collection of a hadith that was collected by one of the other men and the scholars who died over a millennium ago. Mmm and no Rahim Allah

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and was deleting from his book.

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When I finished the Koran memorization of the Quran, what do they do they look for the Hadith gurmeet boom man Buhari, my Muslim

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man when they want to quote someone they could somebody like him in a bus I live in a beautiful economy Chevy Malibu honey, Rahim Allah, Allah, they look for someone who already was already dead. Because the testimony is all out there right now for people to say yes, they were righteous.

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They were pious people. You see Allah subhana wa tada refuses a lot of fuses to spread this Deen or at least fuses to keep the deen actually alive, unless the person who's carrying it is sincere.

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And that's where there always be a sense of filtration. And that sense of filtration is very scary, and it's very dangerous. So do yourself a favor and do your families a favor if you're going to be loving someone to follow him in the matters of your dean. Don't you ever attach any of yourself or your children to someone who's still alive? Because the living is not safe yet from the fitna?

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If they die

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and the word spread that they were righteous Mashallah and good and sandstone hamdulillah then fine as long as you're still alive.

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You make sure that you never attach yourself to personalities of people. Seeing the citation we heard right now and then to sort of Allah Allah subhana wa Taala same on what Lala him never let the attorney know who is enough and silica minha Fatima who shoot on for Canon minella with your Mohammed, narrate the story for them. Tell them about the story of the man the person, Olivia Tina, who is Tina, we've given him our eye on the science, the proofs, the evidences that from the Quranic would say, from Salah homina which means, turned his back to it. But at the bajo shavon and then the shaitaan followed him and he followed the shavon for Ghana, Malawi, and he went astray.

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Allah subhana wa Taala says what else should not have an obeah lots of hunters Indeed, Allah says that we would have actually elevated him, exalted him with these ayat and disproven his emphasis.

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What was your Nirvana Haha, well, I can, I can do whatever I want. But he chose the worldly game.

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He chose these earthly things quickly, whatever that is fame, money, pleasure, carnal desire whatever Hawa followed his own desires, followed his own desires. And the last of how that says, The method who can method and kill in terminally ill has of the true quiana his example his parable is the example of

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the dog,

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the dog.

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Regardless whether you charge that the dog is still loves, stung out, and if you leave it alone, it was still allowed to stand out, which means it doesn't matter how you approach them, they still would follow their designs follow that same path.

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So Pamela, when it comes again to following people of my knowledge, they're still human beings. And I want you to keep that in your mind and I'm

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Speaking from this position as an A man, because I'm part of this group, I'm part of this class. You guys have no idea how difficult to be an Imam to be a scholar to be a Mufti to be someone in charge of people's you know spirituality and Deen of Allah subhana wa it's a huge Amana

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that's why I'm glad Mubarak al de la hora Rahim Allah He said called in huddle el Medina. This is part of your deen your faith. Therefore founder of Amanda Medina come up to you. You watch where you take your deen from? That means you need to be careful where are you choosing to follow whose do you choose to follow with come to the matter of of Dean and the last panel as a matter of responsibility of the knowledgeable people that they should deliver the message. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him the command of leadership the knowledge he should actually go and spread that knowledge of aloha aloha mitaka Latina O to the auto guitar better to buy in Nevada, Nevada takuna, Nevada, Idaho,

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wasabi alphabet semester, loss of Hannah water have taken the covenant from those who received the book, receive the scriptures ship their own, it should explain it to the people explain to the crowd what I have to move. Don't hide it. But a lot of these people unfortunately, are under pressure. Under you know a lot of hand a lot of temptations here and there. They will just throw it behind their back and they will go for the worldly gain. So it'll be feminine karela Samia, completely completely lonely goals in this life matters of dunya again with the fame or game, whatever that is. It's very dangerous. This path is extremely extremely dangerous. And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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allows us warning us again and warn us from from that path to the path of the believers should be always to have Taqwa in their hearts. Lots of hunter says yeah you Allah Deena I want to appeal Allah wa sallahu wa who Amana documentum tala moon warning the allama the scholars the teacher, the educator, those who carry the path to others. The torch to other people it says you are Latina, M and O you who believe it or Allah that you obey Allah subhanho wa Taala obey the messenger sallallahu wasallam while at the Hulu Mr. nauticam wanton tala moon and don't betray these Amana don't betray the trust people they trust you with their D in their Eman that they trust you with

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their children with their families. To have to be aware of that you'll be observant of this unknown tala moon and then he says hello to Allah. Allah ma ma ma como la token fitna, wonderla and originality. Did you know that your family, your money, your wealth is fitna? It's fitna makes people sometimes compromise, to take care of their family, they will compromise a lot of their values to earn some money for whatever reason that they compromise a lot of their values and says Be careful with that. Yeah, you are Latina am Allah tala or you who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah. So you have that taqwa in your heart, last panel and provide for you.

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So the point that I'm making here is that if you're going to be following anyone in this life, in regards to your email, and your dean, and your practice of the dean, look for someone who's already dead, because those are alive, they're not yet safe from the fitness. Unfortunately, living in this generation, in this society, in this culture, it seems that with all the social media and hype that happens, right and left and so on, a lot of people get attached to personalities.

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It becomes a cult.

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Every share has become a cult of his own.

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Call them followers,

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especially on social media, and becomes a ton of partisanship over this issue. And you follow this person, regardless whether the same right or wrong. Why because now the attachment is the personality. Remember, it's not about the messenger. It's about the message.

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It's about the message.

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And many, many people's handle, they came to Islam and they came to Alaska virgin, following a lot of these people out there that are on whatever they are Panama, but then they chose to drop out. It happens, the human being after all,

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and that's why even history books of history. There are many, many so called olema, who are known as Roma

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lamassu, which means a corrupt, corrupt scholars Subhanallah How could a scholar be corrupt? That is the problem. The fitna fitness so great. So be careful when it comes to being out there that you need to make sure that you attach yourself to the message not the messenger because even if the messenger chose not to follow that path again, that doesn't mean the message is wrong.

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That doesn't mean the message is wrong. If the message is coming from the Parana, the sooner I attach myself to the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam because that's what I care about the message, where does it come from, and even the

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So last alimony came

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in the story of the man used to come to take from Masada and nagahara grabs his hand, he goes, I'm gonna

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take you to the Messenger of Allah. He says, Please leave me know I have kids this and then I leave the golf him. And then again and again and again. And finally he said, Listen, I'm taking

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the mantle over abora Listen, if I teach you something, would you like me to go with me? Because what is it he goes, if you go to sleep, make sure before you go to bed you recite? Allahu La Ilaha Illa? Who am I to kursi? If you do so, Robin Akasha patatas will have a shoot from the shotgun until the morning, like a lot protected from the shaytans. So what I wrote, of course, is interesting, but he went through the process allows him to confirm that. So the prophet SAW Selim, he said, that is true. Because this is true. He said, Do you know whom you've been talking to all these Knights? Because who is it the lasala karate Conchita that was a failed one. And then it says sada who can

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do. He told the truth, even though he's known to be a liar. Sometimes we take the help. We took the hat from unconventional sources, it doesn't matter. But remember, that you always attach herself to the message, not the messenger. I'm just a messenger.

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I'm just a messenger like you human being. If I make mistakes, I ask a lot to forgive me. If I do anything wrong, I'll try my best to keep it between me and the last surgeon.

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I'm not going to go up publicly and announce it to the people. I'm going to try my best to go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I want you to put these people the amount that they are in that same position. They're just human beings. And therefore, if anything happens, it's not the end of the world.

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The fact is that we're just human beings and we attach ourselves to the message, not the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala protect your time and your families and protect our DNA of Allah mean and give us the ability to be true to our fate and Solano Mohammed

Follow the Dead, for the Living is not yet safe to follow.


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