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And then from that Illa una

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una de

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la Killarney when I will be learning all the meaning sharoni and fusina woman sejahtera Marina de la la la la la woman you will finance ag de la jolla. Merci de la la la la la la la la la sharika

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comes up when you meet whoa whoa Hang on a minute big hill fire. wahana Konishi, buddy. Why shadow ana Muhammadan optical water pseudo wasafi

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Manitoba lava rissalah Toma Sahil oma wakasa filma whatever can be bought later hurricane Harvey Hello Jezebel I'm in the harnack family of

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esteem wine and he was lucky he woman is standing to be so nutty he you know young Dean a lot Medina woman alladhina amanu warahmatullah Swanee how to tawassul bit happier colossal the soap I mean yellow banana mean Well, we'll see come when FC beats up la hi zoa jen wakad mo on urban walk on Atlanta. Yeah, you heard Edina Amina Chappell la haka Ducati. He will attend Muna 11 to Muslim on yohannes itakura bacuna de Hanako menacing wahida wahala caminhadas lj. Well, that's Semin humare Jr. and Kathy on one Isa what's up a lot. Letty Tessa, I don't want to be he will not harm in the law. Hi can aliko merkiva Latina de la kulu Conan sadita you'll snack nakoma como

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como, la la la rasuna, who felt as if it was in alima. Barrett, we begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and bearing witness that there is no god worthy of worship or unconditional obedience except for him. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to send his peace and blessings upon his final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and those that follow until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst them Allah I mean, the brothers and sisters, many times we say things to our dear friends, and we say things to our spouses, we say things to our parents, we say things sometimes to close friends that indicate that

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Without you, I would be nothing. And we all have these different statements, whether it's an Arabic or English or whatever it is, that without you I would be nothing. Where would I be without you, you aren't my sanity, right? And it depends what language you're in. And then the language, the exaggeration gets more and more and more and more. And while it's good to be nice to people, and it's good to express choco to people and gratitude to people. Unfortunately, many times, there's a lot of truth, nut statements, that a person is completely vulnerable, and is completely at the mercy of another human being. And many times when we talk about hardship, and when we talk about making

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drama, and when we talk about patients, we talk about that when someone dies in the community, we talk about that when you're through real hardship in your life, how to deal with the loss of a job, how to deal with the loss of a child, how to deal with this, how to deal with that, then all of a sudden, you have to remember, all of a sudden, you have to remember how to call upon a loss. And all of a sudden, you have to remember that if I if Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with me, then this hardship is actually a means of reward and elevation for me on the Day of Judgment. But they're the daily struggles. They're the daily things, having a rough day at work, getting a little tough with

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you know, your finances getting a little harder, you know, your tax Seasons come around, the economy is getting tougher, my business is suffering, I'm having issues with my wife, I'm having issues with my child, I'm having issues with this person. This person insulted me while I was at the gas station. You know, the clerk, you know, looked at me in a funny way. This person, you know, I was at TSA with TSA in the airport, and they searched me and they humiliated. Right. And the first thing that you think about doing is pulling out your cell phone and calling as many people as you can tell them about what kind of day you just have. Right? But you play someone or you put yourself at the

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mercy of another human being who has their own set of problems, who has their own difficulties. And unless you are also serving as a source of comfort for them. They really don't want to hear it from you. And when they listen to your hardships and

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Difficulties it's because they also want to be able to come to you with their baggage. And what it creates is a an atmosphere of complaining an atmosphere of implicit displeasure with the political loss of what's out. And this is what we call in the Arabic language chukwa complaining, unfortunately with us we don't usually do sexual we do whining. You know, it's not just complaining. It's whining. It's complaining in a way that I'm displeased with the loss of Hannah hoods Island. And in essence, when you really think about this, and

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he was talking about a man who was who was always telling other people about his problems, always complaining to them about this situation about how how life is really getting tough for me and him. I'm gonna

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say shortcodes, ammonia, hammacher either mela hammock, you complained about the one who has mercy upon you, to one who has no mercy upon you. Right, that person. You know, he has his own set of problems. She has her own set of problems. And Subhanallah were consistently, you know, taught that you need people in your life. And yes, to an extent you do need people in your life.

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But when it comes to complaining, when it comes to speaking about the issues that you're going through, dealing with the everyday obstacles and hardships, and all of the allotted time. And you know, all the love, I could never beat around the bush, he was never diplomatic. Right? There was no such thing as diplomacy with all the love. And he told it how it was all the time. So he was talking to a man who was always complaining to people, right? not complaining as Why did Allah do this to me? And why did why am I going through this? And why do good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people? He wasn't complaining in that way. But implicitly when you caught when

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you keep on talking about how miserable Your life is, because your laptop broke down, or you dropped your iPhone in a fish tank or something like that, when you're consistently speaking that way. You're expressing displeasure with a loss of habitat, especially when you go telling other people about it. Solomon said, Listen, Lisa, for shekhawati teresina seleka Oh, 272 I do what

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he said, You're not getting any good out of your complaining except that you're either depressing someone who actually cares about you. Or you're making someone who doesn't like you pretty happy or pleased with your own misfortune. Right? You're either you're either pleasing someone, you're either calling someone who was finally having a good day, maybe he got a pay raise at work, maybe, you know, he finally had saw the light with his own spouse. And then you call him and you say my wife is terrible. She's horrible. You know, she didn't cook on time today. And she didn't do this. And my field wasn't clean when I went to federal, and start complaining about her. And then that guy has to

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get depressed. Now. He has to feel sad. He feels obligated to feel sad, because you're complaining to him, and you're his friend, you're his brother, you're his confidence. You're the gut he looks to. Right. And at the same time, if someone doesn't like you, while you're complaining about your situation, although they're not, you know, outwardly expressing joy with your misfortune, you're thinking to yourself, Well, how did it I don't like him anyway, he deserves it. You deserve it. Right? But at the end of the day, you gained absolutely nothing from it, except that you complained about Allah subhanho its Allah and Allah was willing to hear your complaint the whole time. You

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don't have to wait for someone to die to call upon the loss of time and say, Grant me so that you don't have to wait for a major tragedy in your life. Daily shaquil to Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way that doesn't express this Express displeasure with your situation, but in a way of trusting Allah subhana wa tada loving Allah subhanaw taala knowing that Allah subhanho Tada is the only one who is both capable and willing to listen to me and help me at any time. And I want you to think about this advice for a moment. There is an authentic hadith Muslim Imam. It's a very powerful you know, we have Hadith bootsy which obviously is a loss of hundreds Allah talking and the prophets lie

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some of them are narrating what a loss Giada has said but it's not. And obviously we have

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the highest number what makes this unique. This is a hadith of gibreel Ronnie Salah,

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but not the hadith of gibreel, which is what is a man what is Islam? What is that son? No, no.

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Salam, advising the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's not that handy, outside of his capacity of delivering the way and we know that because he says to the Prophet sallallahu it was seven Yeah, Mohammed. Yeah, Muhammad Ali Salaam is addressing him this way. He's showing the Prophet so I said I'm look this is advice from me to you. So panela the best of the angels giving advice to the best of human beings and the best of all creation. Yeah, Mohammed's and he wants to give lots of advice

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Some advice. He says there is not shipped in a coma yet live however you want to, but know that you're one day going to die. What did mash it in a camel fatty for love whoever you want, but know that you're going to be taken away from that person, you're going to be separated from that person. Either they're going to die first or you're gonna die first or long distance, whatever it is, you're going to be separated from that person. While I'm in my comfort zone, do whatever you want. But know that you will be granted exactly what you have done. In the comfort zone bit you will find on the off, get off the reward for your deeds. Right You will find the payment of your deeds. So go ahead

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and act and do the deeds that you want to do. But know that one day you have to be held accountable for them. And listen to these last two advices. And this is what I want to focus on because of the the you know the shortage of time.

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He says why

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tiamo belaid Where is still not one in us, says know that the nobility of a believer is his standing up in Korea to Allah subhanho wa Taala his nobility and his sense of dignity is being independent of people panela listen to how powerful this advices when you take them together. Now obviously if you break up this, this heavy could be five photos in a row. I think everyone recognizes that each advice is loaded. But specifically let's look at the last two and tie them together. Know that the nobility of a believer is his standing up in the hamlet praying to Allah subhana wa tada crying to Allah subhana wa tada telling to a lot telling a loss of data what Allah already knows, but in a way

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of placing his dependence upon him. And his sense of dignity is being independent of the people. Now, this is something that's problematic, because if you if you take that last statement in particular, does that mean that we can't ask for help? Does that mean that we shouldn't you know, if we're in a bind, we can ask other people to help us out? To an extent Yes. To an extent Yes. Because well back in a study called the love line, who says they are back to nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and

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I took an allegiance a pledge to the Prophet sallallahu. It was and I'm never to ask anyone for anything. Now, of course, double bucket is a special person who has an elevated standard, right? The profits license, that's a different standard for him. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, at the

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height of law, that to have the upper hand is always better than having the lower hand and the profits, Isilon said earlier, he had one of the earlier the higher hand is the one that's giving. The one that's always giving was simpler here, sir. And the lower hand is the one that's always asking, sometimes you're in a bind. Sometimes you need help, sometimes you need to go to people. And whether it's emotional, or it's financial, whatever it is, sometimes you have to ask people for help. But a person should try his best to put all of his needs to Allah subhanho wa Taala, and to abandon what people have. And that's a problematic concept. Because then you say, Well, wait a

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minute, how are we going to know who's poor? How are we going to know? Does that mean that we can give sadaqa? What about the car? What about South Africa? And this is the perfect system that Islam created, that the Muslim who has supposed to go look for the one who needs and there's a difference between being in need, and not going out and begging the people and becoming vulnerable and saying, help me, help me help me, between that type of person and a person who's in need. And other people can see that and they come to him or her to help. There's a total difference, unfortunately, because of the imperfection of the way that our society is set up. Obviously, we can't apply that

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wholeheartedly. So sometimes, yes, you have to ask. But let's talk about emotional vulnerability. You know, panela whenever you become dependent on one person, or you become dependent on a group of people, you are at their mercy panela you weaken yourself. You start to have a low self esteem, you start to have a defeated mentality. And you get used to being a bum. You know, the whole thing of teach a man how to fish or give them a fish, you give him a fish, you feed him for a day, you teach them how to fish, you feed him for a year, right? You get used to that sometimes you get used to Oh man, I'm having a rough day I need to go to I need to complain to this person. I need to call up

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this person. Oh, I need money I need I know I can always go to this person. I know I can always go to that person. And you're complaining and you're making yourself vulnerable and weak and Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Allah wants to make things easy for you. And him Allah He says very beautifully. He says that people go to the door of this person and that person and that person, this medic and that medic this king or that key

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But money could look, the King of Kings has his doors always open for you. And you only go there in times of tragedy know, when you develop a habit of turning to a loss of habits

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and complaining to Allah subhanaw taala. Not in a way, not in a way that expresses displeasure with an a sec was the moment, Rahim Allah is one of the most beloved forms of drama. It's the drama of jacoba salaam, a school has never been to LA, I'm not going to worry about you. I'm going to complain about my grief in my sadness to Allah, you know what I'm going through. But I'm going to I'm going to turn to our last panel, it's after you've already set up all of the stuff that happened to him, he complained to a loss penalty, there was chukwa. But the way he complains lasagna,

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for Allah, my Lord, harm has struck me and you're the most merciful those who have mercy. Just a few words. It's his attitude with Allah subhana wa Tada. Oh, Allah, you know about my situation. And you know, it's good to talk about your situation with a lot because we as human beings, naturally, we like to talk about our problems, we like to talk about what we're going through, you know, how many times and you know, it was funny, because I was once watching

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a show on on psychiatry and things of that sort, there was one person who was talking about, you know, basically, if you think about it, and this is not to insult any psychiatrist, because your work is important, because there is serious clinical depression, no doubt about it. But sometimes people go there without really needing them and they don't need the antidepressant. They don't need that. But you know what, I want to go inside that office and sit on that nice couch and lay back and complain for an hour and then pay $600 at the end until you are the greatest psychiatrist that exists on the face of the earth. You're such a good listener. Right? And brothers, if you want to

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try helping your wives sometimes when your wives complaints, you don't try to offer them solutions. Just listen.

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Listen, she had a lot. We as human beings naturally want to be heard. We naturally want someone to hear us and listen to us. Right? That's just the way that we are. That's the way we're programmed. And Allah programmed us that way so that we would complain and turn to Him.

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And the prophets did it. Zakat era is set up when he's come when he's told he's saying to Allah subhanaw taala in the moment he was shava my bones on the inside have been completely You know, they're decaying, they're gone while they were starting to shave and the gray hair on my head you see where it is all Les Brown tada it's oppressed me, it's blowing up literally the word that he uses is the stag, which means a fire broke out on my head and there is not a single black hair on my head. And as a Baba, we came home last that was like an era slam doing, saying oh my you know my insight and you know, my outside until,

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you are the one who's self sufficient, we are completely in need of you. You are the one who is all bestowed with power and endowed with power. And we are the ones who are completely weak. We could do nothing without you, Oh Allah. That way, you're not expressing displeasure with him. But you know what? someone hears you all the time. And when you have a last panel of data, you don't need anyone else to hear out your problems. You don't need anyone else to listen to your problems. Because you know that you're calling upon the one who doesn't get who doesn't get sad and whenever you call upon him, you're not going to harm Allah subhanho wa Taala. But you know that you're calling upon the one

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who has your best interests, who has your best interests as a priority, and at the same time, is fully capable of helping you at any time. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us amongst those who turned to him in our everyday lives with our small problems, our minor problems and with our hearts problems and major problems and drugs We ask Allah subhanaw taala not to make us amongst those who are forbidden from the pleasure and the love of turning to him and making drama and standing in Piazza Glen Lama I mean a hula probably Hannah was talking about he would come when he sat me festival threw in the hula for him.

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Come to the last

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one or one in a lot. I mean, when October in a lot of somebody was telling me about a karate kid Oh sweetie can Mohammed in some a lot. It was a little while Ernie he will sign me with Southern Pacific Theater. Dear brothers and sisters. A person finds pride only by turning to Allah subhanaw taala. And a person finds true self worth and security only by turning to Allah subhanho wa Taala as honorable football the law of Thailand who said in the famous statement when he entered into a new column as in a lot of Islam. We're in a terrain and there is certainly later he learned a lot. We are a people who Allah gave dignity to through Islam. And that's

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England has so many dimensions if we seek it through anything else, we will only be humiliated. A loss penalty will only cause us to be amongst those who are humiliated. Whether it is for your emotional needs, or your physical needs, try turning to a loss of Hannah Montana consistently, or else you will feel the heat of the slice because that's how we're programmed woman out of line, the Khalifa in Nana humare, satin Blanca, whoever turns away from the remembrance of the loss of Hannah data has a constricted life, life is going to suffocate you, your job, your relationships, everything is going to feel suffocating, because you're eventually going to run out of people to

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call upon. And eventually the person that you keep on calling, even though he might love you, and he might respect you, and he might, you know, have your best interests at heart. Eventually, when you keep calling and he keeps picking up the cell phone or she keeps picking up the cell phone and seeing that same thing. They're gonna start making excuses, you know, putting out the paper bag, and

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I'm busy, I'm in a halaqa, they might even start lying to say I don't want to talk to you right now. But a last panel, what's

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the one who's both capable and willing to help you at any time and think about this, and he says no. And with this, in this life, you'll find someone who's capable of helping you but he won't be willing to help you. Right? There are people that are multi, multi, multi millionaires, and I don't care what kind of financial hardship you're going going through, you could go to that person. If they wrote you a check, it wouldn't affect them much. They wrote you a check. They could take care of you for the next 10 years. You never have to worry about your financial troubles again, but they're not willing to help you. And there are some people that are always willing to help you but

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they're not capable of helping you. Right, your mother loves you. Your mother wants you to be a rich person. Your mother wants you to have everything in life. Your mother wants you to be the president to be this to be that, but she won't be capable of giving it to you. But Allah is both willing and capable at all times. And Allah subhana wa tada unlike people who get upset when you keep on calling them, man is la la, la la la la, the prophets I send them says whoever doesn't ask a lot, a lot becomes angry with him for not asking for not asking him. So develop that relationship, strengthen that relationship, direct your concerns towards them, and know that Allah subhanaw taala will make

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make a way out for you. As the mama Shafi. Allah says in the O'Fallon he had to stand at the doors of people as a way of forbidding yourself, right, it's a way of depriving yourself and he says, rahima have lots

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of wabi hermano when I do unusual insaan in Santa and disability and laziness and in capability is that a human being needs another human being.

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And that's how to unmute Luke and what's up. So when do you put all of your hope and all of your trust into another creative being and expect that he's going to get you out of your situation? And can our individual anonima know when you have a man and a subpoena? Whoa, it's been lovely, you're ugly, though I am now. So then put your trust in the one who gives to this one, and forbids this person because at the end of the day, with equally young men who aphasia and Allah subhanaw taala is planning our day. The last part is called as precise and daily woman.

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As he said, looking hola to Allah, that whoever has a loss of Han Hosanna than Allah subhanaw taala is sufficient for him. He asked the Lord to bless us with His pleasure with his little with his love. We ask Allah to honor us to be able to wake up and briefly and to call upon him subhanho wa Taala and to direct our needs towards him. We ask Allah subhana wa tada not to put us at the mercy of any human being alone. I mean, a lot of meaning and one will be not listening. You know, it was not

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a month in the Casimir potty emoji without a lot more familiar than our wife Wanda

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Robin Allen. I'm not enforcing our interaction, Renato Hamlin, an akuna minal phosphorene along in the capital 12451 Allah fiddley Valley Dina McNamara, buona sera Robyn Avalon, as well as in our reality now for what was tequila Mama, a la dafina. fisherman sham. A lot of them will struggle if either when which I have enough for Sam a lot. Mostly one is wanting a man Covina for sha Allah is one in

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Saudi cannot have the will Nevada be a la Houma la COVID la I mean a lot. A lot. I mean, a lot. I mean, what region I'm invading him Saudi mean about the law in the law? Yep. A little bit. I do an excellent what you type the

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first federal law was Kuru What is it? What are they called La Aqua for LA Yamato. snarling Welcome to salon.