Allah Spoke Directly to Him – Angels In Their Presence S02 Shorts

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So he says the prophets my son came up to me he said you had Java 90 Urraca when Casio you know Subhanallah it's so beautiful the prophets lie some even recognizes, yeah job, but why do I see you broken when Kassala like you're broken? And he says jasola My father has been martyred and he left behind, you know, a lot of daughters and a lot of debts. So it's overwhelming. So the prophets lie Selim said, Should I not tell you what happened to your father after he passed away? So I said that I also like yes, a messenger of Allah so we already know the angels were following him around with their wings and shading him throughout the entire process. The prophets I send him says, Man kedalam

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Allahu I had an hot illumine what are the hijab will kill llama Baca? Keifa Han This is so beautiful. He said Allah never spoke to anyone except from behind a veil, but he spoke to your father directly