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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various legal topics, including breastfeeding, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. They emphasize the importance of women taking responsibility for their own health and the need for men to be aware of their own the importance of women taking responsibility for their own health. They also mention the need for men to be aware of their own the importance of women taking responsibility for their own health.
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So now the mother delivered the baby. What about breastfeeding? is breastfeeding in the Quran? The answer is yes. Was pantalla said the following, when Why are you down to the mothers may nurse, your donor hola governor, they may nurse breastfeed their newborn.

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How will they be Camlin? me two years to complete hymns. For whoever wishes to do that, to complete the nursing doesn't have to be two years, it's a choice in that period bite upon the father is beer provision, the child and the mother, and not only the provision, but also their clothing according to what is acceptable in that society.

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Now look at this one, no person is charged with more than what he or she can carry, or capacity. And this is a principle I have no Calphalon of St. Louis or whatever I can do Allah who will ask me to do now the next one, no mother should be harmed through her child, and no father should be harmed through his child. Now, if the father died, and law said this in divorce, and upon the father's air, like that of the Father, he still has to take care of the mother and the child is they both meaning the father and the mother desired to stop breastfeeding? Both agreed on that there is no harm, that's fine, also. And if they decide that the mother is not going to continue to breastfeed,

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rather, they will hire someone to breastfeed the baby. That's also is okay, there is no harm. So if you wish to have your children nursed by substitute, there is no harm, no blame upon as long as you give them what you agreed or what is acceptable, according to what's acceptable. Then Allah in the tweet this week, what the OMA

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be word of Allah, Be Allah conscious. And Allah ended like this walk will be my time and you'll never see an ally singing everything you're doing. It's a long verse, as you look at the details of the last Pantai that is selling, highly encouraged to breastfeed. He didn't say you must. But it's highly encouraged that you are good. Now, I don't know how Nene can relate to yours doesn't have to be Lehmann, or order you tomorrow, da for those who wishes to continue to complete two years doesn't have to be three years. Number one. And number two, the details of it is what is the responsibility of the Father, if the mother is breastfeeding, take care of her financially, emotionally. Same thing

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with the baby, financially and emotionally. What about the father isn't there, the father passed away, whoever will inherit that man that father needs to feel the same responsibility. Then look at the mercy of Allah in this verse, He gave them a couple of us choice. They don't want to continue breastfeeding. That's fine. As long as both agreed.

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Or they wanted to she cannot she doesn't want it's for whatever the reason, they decide they were bring someone else to breastfeed the baby. That's also fine mutual agreement. And then Allah imbued it with this, all these other actions. You do it for their sign with excellence. You do it with what is acceptable, there is a woman responsibility as a man responsible as to take care of each other. Know that I'll be Allah conscious and Allah is watching and seeing what you are doing. pregnancy and breastfeeding is also mentioned later on in the Quran in surah. Allah have

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now wa said the following

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or signle incentive you want to hear Santa We have enjoined the human being to treat his parents with the SN utmost excellence. Now pregnancy hammer taught on the world Quran.

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The mother carried him

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not something very pleasant for her. Although I too caught up same thing when she delivers also with pain, with difficulty, something not very pleasant. And then we'll have new office filed with Arataura Shahara. pregnancy and breastfeeding. Totally it's 30 months. This is one of the scientific articles of the Quran. Because in the words I just shared with you and that Bacara Allah said maximum two years in here, he said 30

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each month's meaning 24 words, they're going to breastfeed me during pregnancy. The minimum for months needed for a child to survive after delivery is six months as Subhanallah that's what Madison says 24 weeks less than 24 weeks it's very unlikely this child will live now if we continue on this why Allah solo this frequency delivery with 24 months now Hamlet all caught up on world auto Kuma Quran Hello Officer Fatima Shara had taken over a hello should now the message to all of us

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when that baby that child or the parents

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get to the age of 40 That's the only age in the Quran. Subhanallah What are you supposed to do at age 41? Allah is teaching us how tight our Halloween is. When he or she human being reached the age of 40 upon us say r&b Oh zany, an ash Curonian amateur cullity and untidy y'all law helped me make it easy for me and remind me to be grateful for all the blessings you gave me. And I'm telling you why now led and upon my parents when atma lasagna handless the third dua helped me now I'm age 14, middle life, there has never been a midlife crisis in Islam. It's an age to reflect helped me to do good deeds or itis these way more than before, because before you know we're busy studying going to

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college builds up career all this now at age 14 Most of the people have settled helped me now to focus on doing good deeds and musalia Hampton law. Now I have children not only about two of my children, whilst definitely the reality are slightly rectify them. Maybe I didn't do the best job you helped me to change and change them Bismillah whilst Rififi though he and then the end in need of Torian. I repent to the old law, I turned to the age 40 is that each time to our last panel or tied in me took to Jake ID pen to Yala does what we should. When we celebrate the age 14. I've turned to Anwar footie and we're in niemand mo stimming. And I am from the Muslims, but it's come

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here it's not only the religion, I am now your Allah from those source submit to your way. So may Allah subhanaw taala put baraka and blessing in our family in our children, in every pregnant woman in every delivery and every breastfeeding woman and most important, all of us that is living to Allah blessed our life. Now Allah makes us live this dua and he respond to this dua and make us live and die in a state of style. That'll be

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