You’re not going to miss Laylatul Qadr this Ramadan!

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AI: Summary © A representative from the Prophet sallahu Sallam foundation is giving away a chance to participate in a daily media check-in in the hopes that they can witness a night that is recognized as the Day of Judgment. They are offering a chance for participants to sign up and allocate a certain amount of sunblock to receive a chance to participate in a monthly media check-in.
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I'm already compartmentalizing a bit of cattle. So as the last 10 nights come in, I first and foremost want to wish you all an accepted Ramadan. And I pray that a lot depends on it allows you as well to witness in the last 10 nights that blesses might have later through other. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us to observe all 10 nights in hopes that we would witness that wonderful night. And so it's important for us to have good deeds that are spread across alternates that can testify for us on the Day of Judgment, and hopefully ensure that that night is accepted. And so what we've done at yaqeen Institute for Sonic research is we're giving you an opportunity to have a daily

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silica in these last 10 nights in sha Allah to Allah to ensure that in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, you are a part of something very special inshallah you're a part of growing this project so that we can continue to produce content that nurtures conviction and inspires contribution in sha Allah tada and helps us truly take back the narrative about Islam in our own children's hearts inshallah tada and so we're asking you to sign up at the link below inshallah. And to allocate a certain amount of sunblock every single night of the last 10 nights in sha Allah to Allah, even if it's a small amount, you never know which one is going to be accepted, does that will heighten for

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your support, and I want to come up with someone who would have counted wabarakatuh