I Lost My Car, But I Still Have My Child

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So now when it comes to library catalogs,

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So So had a lot of this past week, you know, you might have seen someone someone actually mentioned to me somehow I said that your Facebook page reads like an obituary right now, you know, for the different people that have passed away and truly Subhanallah it's been a very heavy week with the loss of very beloved brothers, to neighbors. And, you know, and so had a lot, it reminds us of how temporary this life is. So we lost pets, I have mercy on our loved ones that have passed away, we lost pets and make it easy for their families. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to make the most of this life to connect to him and to better our state in the hereafter Ilana, I mean, I want

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to actually share the story of a friend of mine, and something that he had encountered, and I'll never forget this. And some of you may have heard me tell this story before in a class on perspective and hardship. And,

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you know, it really relates to making the most of the time that we have with people and then understanding the scope of blessings that we have, from a loss of time. So this, this actually took place about 16 years ago, there was a friend of mine, and he had gone to pick up his son from school. And he had his brand new car, and he went to pick up his son from school, and as his son got in the car,

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you know, he he, you know, he got in the car, and he had his book sack, and he shut the door too quickly. And he basically scratched the door because of the way that he pulled his books back into the car. And, and you know, kind of messed up the door. And it was a brand new car. So how he was sharing with me how on the way home, as he was driving back, he was so upset with his son, he was so angry with a son, he was yelling at him about, you know, about the way that he was reckless with the, with the book sack and scratch the door. And then somehow Allah, you know, suddenly he gets into a car wreck, he gets into a car accident. And as he gets into this car accidents card flips

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over. And he he's able to get out of the car. And he looks at the car and it's in flames. And his son is in the car. So Subhan Allah, you know, just a minute before that car accident. He was, you know, upset with his son for scratching the car door, and now he's looking at his car on fire flipped over with his son inside. And, you know, he told me sorts of Halloween at that moment. I said, Yeah, I don't care about the car, I just want my son. And the way that everything flips for him in that one moment where he realized, you know, the blessing of having his son, and how insignificant the car was in that moment. And handed in 909 handed enough, his son did survive that

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accident, with minimal injuries and handed not around he was actually grown up to be a fine young man, he lost to protect that family. But that that reflection always stuck with me. Have you know that that brothers incident what happened with him in his life, you know, you see people, you know, being interviewed after disasters, typically, news cameras will go in the face of someone after a tornado, or after some sort of disaster, and they'll interview the victims. And, you know, they're trying to capture their emotions and their tears. And so how a lot sometimes you can see the gratitude that comes through from a person who was spared with their family, even if their house is

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completely destroyed. Whereas, you know, that same day, if something happened to the house, if there was a hole in the wall or a broken window, or you know, an expensive plumbing job that had to be done, you know, it would bother them it would disturb them, but perspective changed, perspective changed. And so even though the house is damaged further, even though the car is damaged further, there was another blessing that Allah subhanaw taala made apparent to you and you saved him the love for that. And you know, you capture that for a moment. And you use that to build a sense of perspective and to reorient yourself to the pursuit of the hereafter while appreciating the

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blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given you along the way in this dunya and so it's it's a reminder and it's a wake up call for all of us, you know, to save hamdulillah for what we have to be

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grateful for what we do have to recognize the beauty of these blessings before they're taken away from us, not to wait for them to be taken away from us. And to to understand how merciful loss of habitat is and to, you know, to think about what typically upsets us and what typically gets us down. And, you know, to keep in perspective, that doesn't mean that,

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you know, my seven year old son breaks things all the time, and I get upset with him all the time.

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God bless all of our families, it doesn't mean that these things are not going to upset us sometimes, but to never lose sight of the ultimate pursuit of Allah subhanaw taala and also to never lose sight of the blessings that we still do have in our lives, even if we're tested with lesser blessings in our lives. And surely even those of us that are tested with major blessings in our lives can still look to some of the blessings that las panatela has preserved for us We ask Allah subhanaw taala to to bless us and what he has given to us. And truly people are listed in our lives as well their sustenance May Allah bless us and what he's given to us by allowing us to be grateful

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for those blessings, to thank him for those blessings. And to use those blessings to get closer to him at all times. May Allah subhana wa tada make it easy for all of those that are struggling. For all of those that have lost family members may loss patterns and make it easy for them to comfort them. Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be gathered with our loved ones around our beloved one Mohammed Salah it was an agenda for those who mean does that mean lol hate on us? Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh