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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the political and cultural changes that have occurred since the late 1800s, including the rise ofteenth century president Biden, the decline of former president Trump, and the rise of current president Biden. They stress the importance of truthfulness in speech, avoiding false assumptions, and being aware of one's own characteristics. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding harmsening behavior and treating people properly outside of their homes. They end with a call to pray for unity and avoid mistakes.
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Tonight the topic of photography is one of the scariest topics that we can speak of, specifically, for any member for a public speaker. It is one of the most frightening topics in the world to be quite frank with you. I fear I fear to speak about it, to be honest with you. I'm going to drop that Ozzy's will handle the lots either. When he spoke in his farewell football, I'm going to nod that Aziz was speaking to a group of over 50,000 people. And he broke into tears. And he says, you know, I'm giving you this advice.

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I'm giving you this advice. And I don't know anyone who has more sense than I have, over

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the last 50 to 50,000 people in a shop, probably concealed in that 50,000 people, the people that might have plotted to assassinate him, and so on, so forth. So it's a very scary topic. And the more the more that we delve into it, the more that we look at the at the Sahaba of the prophets lie Selim, we see this huge fear. And I really want to address this topic from a totally different perspective. hypocrisy is one of those topics that you can address from 100 different perspectives, and it will benefit us each and every single time because it is the most Pamela is the thing that the Sahaba feared so much that it could have been one acre. He says, I'm not 120 companions of the

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Prophet SAW a lot whining with somebody, could it go home yet? He won't open the file. Each and every single one of the companions that I met, was accusing himself of nifa of hypocrisy, as some kind of other scholars say, you know, he didn't just meet a few of the youngers hovers over the unknown Sahaba he met a bumblebee alone, he met the son of all members of football he met or if not he met, he met.

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He met some of the giants of the companions. And he was saying that each and every single one of them was sure that he was a hypocrites. He was so positive that he was a hypocrite. And so to start this off from the very beginning, if you're here and you think to yourself, you know, I hope that brother over there, you're thinking to yourself, this doesn't apply to me because I'm not a hypocrite. But I hope that guy that's sitting over there. I hope he's listening very close, because I know he's,

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you need to be worried about yourself right now. And if you're not worried about yourself, then you need to be even more worried about yourself. Because the greatest sign of a hypocrite as even Mr. O'Donnell, the law, I will said, is the one who feels safe from hypocrisy. The one who has decided that I am not a hypocrite and I have nothing to worry about is the greatest hypocrite is on the aligners. He was us, many tukey who is the one who was the one who's really pious, she said the one who thinks he's a hypocrite. And then she was asked right after that, and who is the hypocrite that she said the one who thinks he's

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the one who thinks he's pious. Once you come to that conclusion, in essence, hypocrisy goes beyond react, it goes beyond showing off it goes beyond arrogance. hypocrisy is a whole nother level. hypocrisy is when you have decided to wear two faces whenever you have been faced with a lot of face with the people a face with your wife, a face with your kids and face with your parents and face with people from this group, but face with people from that group. It represents a discrepancy. And the reason why it's so scary. It's a lot of loss. Every time he mentions hypocrisy and loophole and dimensions and candidate Kamala says every time hypocrisy is mentioned the blood right after it,

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there is a mention of life, the quality of life, right? You look and sort of basalt out the first description of the hypocrites Allah subhanho wa Taala says what am I that would not count on your keyboard, and they will have a painful punishment for the line that they used to commit because of their life. Because let's face it, that's exactly what to face. This is it's one thing to live with your words. It's another thing to live with your actions. It's actually living a lie. And you know, what makes the messenger so a lot of them so amazing and so great. You know, it happens whenever you read the life of a great, you know, not talking about the scholars of Islam. Let's talk about the

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influential figures of history. You read about them, and they're recognized as great history still treats them as great even though they had some demons in the closet that came out. Right? I mean, look at its history still recognize them as great. So for example, Martin Luther King, Dr. Martin Luther King did amazing things. He was great for his leadership, but he had affairs, right? You lead the life that you read about the life of someone like Napoleon or you read the life of, of different people and somehow a lot you would find that yes, this person was great in one aspect of their life. You know, they have all these kings, you just go through

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The European kings, you go through the founders of this country, when we start reading about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and those types of things, yes, they were great in some regards. And that's what history recognizes them for. But they also had some very serious demons in the closet, and also lost, my son did not have those things. And that's what makes the profit from a lot of the greatest of the greatest, the greatest creation, the greatest human being a leader to ever walk the face of the earth, some of the lock linings of selling something when he stands up as Pamela you can be watching, you know, the massage one time, he said something beautifully said, if you've ever

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watched one of those, and I'm not encouraging anyone to do it, I personally don't do it. I think it's a waste of time I'm saying the Academy Awards or the Oscars or things of that sort. Usually, when the awards are being handed out, you can almost see a look on the face of the family like he doesn't deserve that. She doesn't deserve that. The family sitting there thinking to themselves like yeah, okay, whatever. We know who you really are. We know we really are. And one of the greatest ways to lose your children to your brothers and sisters is hypocrisy. You wonder why your children flee from Islam and the mountain they'll pay him or him or her loss of nothing causes a person to

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leave the faith of his of his parents. Except for hypocrisy, nothing like hypocrisy. They see a discrepancy in your actions and what you're saying. Right, you're conveniently strict on some issues. You know, you're conveniently strict on a dress code whenever you go to the buzzer. But there is a lot there a party.

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It's all off limit, everything comes off, literally everything comes off the sidewalk, and all they see discrepancies, you say you should not date you shouldn't do these types of things. But then they see you getting very close to heart on it.

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There's a discrepancy, you know that you say that you need to be this you need to be that you shouldn't be egotistical, you should be humble, you should be respectful to your parents, then they see you as an egomaniac. So what they do is they take your hypocrisy, and that simply manifests itself in a different form. So there'll be hypocritical with you, when they're home, they'll be the measure of luck in the report. And whenever it comes time for salon, they'll be good little children, and they'll put on their topis. And they'll roll up their pants and they'll come in, they'll pull out their sons and they'll pray right next to you and they'll act like the perfect

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little kids.

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And then as soon as they're not in your sight anymore.

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It's a totally different human being totally different human being why they inherited hypocrisy, they inherited hypocrisy. So we have to be very careful, especially as parents and things of that sort of a look at the messenger. So a lot of it was the prophet SAW a lot wanting to ascend them. When he comes out and he says, hydrocodone hydrocodone, the athlete, the best amongst you is He who is best to his family. the wives of the prophets lie Selim, say and you are the best to them.

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And even after the prophets, I said I'm passed away on Saturday.

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Here this the the best amongst us, he was best to his wife, she would say so let's do this with a lot. You were truthful, a messenger of a loss of love. It was some of the demons didn't come up. In fact, we found out we have more reason to love the province, Iceland when we read about his family life, isn't it? So you know, the moments that really dried close to the province I saw, aren't they really those moments where I saw the loved one was describing how he was in the home. So a lot of it was his calmness, his his kindness, subtle lives, the way that he treated her the way and you know, whenever he wanted to break the Hamelin isn't that what really draws close to neutral wires. That's

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what makes us fall in love with him. When we see how transparent he was, and the greatest statement of transparency is to say that your message is exactly your mission and is exactly how you carry yourself what you say is exactly what you do. Which you say is exactly what you do. And I said well the law says what kind of

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his character was for and for me the MC fell out. He was a walking for and that's his wife. Some allow it was set up who knows him better than that? Who knows him better than that? And that's what the right strip, you know, you think of muscle loss. You're gonna think of the most he is the most religious person that's ever walked the face of the earth obviously, right? We think of religious people. You don't you think of that?

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was always angry, frowning? That's what you think of religious people as Atilla the sheriff is the guy that you don't want to mess with that you don't want to make a mistake and put ads in front of him because he might smack you.

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Honestly alone, Todd

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brings out the secrets of the Prophet sold a lot more.

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He says well, Lonnie, the profit slice was the best of character. And he never even once. chastisement. He never even kissed me. He never said to me

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Why did you do this? Why didn't you do that? So Pamela so the law was always around the province I sent him his mother in law and put him there to serve the profit slice of the one incident, he says is one time the profit slice, I'm starting to deliver something. And you know, on the way I got caught up, I saw some other little kids playing. So I started playing with the little kids and also lost my son just came in.

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And he said, Weren't you supposed to be doing something?

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The more you learn about the profit slice of them behind closed doors, the more you love them, which means that he was a transparent individual. So a lot of whining was set up. And that's why there is a slip, the opposite of the five is truthfulness. There's truthfulness and truthfulness in speech. And there's truthfulness and accuracy. When you're truthful in speech, that means that what you say is consistent with what you're going to which you know, with reality, you're saying is consistent with reality. And when you are a slob, and your honor saw that in your life saw that and once you do truthful in what you do, that means that what you say, is consistent with what you do.

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When you say that, I want to please the last panelist out or I'm doing this piece of data that there is absolutely no discrepancy. There you are, who you are, whether you're in the mustard or whether you're outside the buses, whether you're in front of people or not in front of people. Now it's very important here to mention that there's a certain level of nofap there's a certain level of hypocrisy, we need to be sure that we have none of Okay, in the sense that we should be convinced that I am not this type of hypocrite, which is the type of hypocrite that's that's in disbelief that actually fools people to get a benefit from faith. Right? Like

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they're not actually Muslims, they have no belief in God is just to get some sort of benefit from the deep. We're not those types of hypocrites. inshallah, we should always, we should all be sure that we are not that type of hypocrite, that we might have shreds of hypocrisy in our lives.

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And the prophets of alarm, I used to mention something very powerful. Because you know, the greatest way to tell if a person is grateful to a lot. What's the greatest way? What's the greatest indication that a person is grateful to a lot?

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What is it

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thankful, thankful to

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know what's the greatest indication that he is thankful

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that he's grateful to others.

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The greatest indicator that a person is grateful to allies that he's grateful to other people. But the profit slice of them said, Whoever does not think people does not think of loss of hundreds

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of how to have whoever does not show mercy will not have mercy shown to him. The way you interact with people is a direct indication of your relationship with a loss and kind of went silent. The way you treat people, you're the woman who used to abuse her neighbors when she prayed too fast. And she gave us a couch. He did all that good stuff. But she was abusive with her tongue. And the private side didn't just say she's an alpha in the province license that laugh at her. She is devoid of all good. She has no good inside of her.

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Despite her Salah despite her sleep, despite there is a cap. Why? Because the way you treat people as a direct indication of your relationship with the last panel, it's Allah. So what did the Prophet sighs that I'm saying the three greatest signs of hypocrisy are?

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There are three signs of a hypocrite, what are they?

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If he speaks, he lies.

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And if he makes a promise, he breaks his promise. And if he's given a trust, he doesn't fulfill that trust. That is the greatest sign of a hypocrite, in essence. He's not consistent. He's not transparent, he portrays one face, but he does something totally different. You say something that's not true, you make a promise that you're not going to fulfill it. When you make that promise. The other person has the understanding that you're going to do your best to fulfill it, you're not going to fulfill it. You're given a trust because someone sees you as a good person, as a good individual, I can trust you. But you're not that trustworthy person. In essence, the more you are discovered,

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the more your demons come out, the more it becomes apparent that you really were a two faced person or a three face person or a four forfeit. You know, let's face it today. SubhanAllah there's a Muslim face. There's a work face. There's a home face. There's a school face, somehow a lot

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of nasty little which hate the worst person to last out is the one with two faces and where does that leave a person who acts so differently wherever he is.

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That's a very serious situation. That's why

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whenever he someone said that I know this guy said don't say you know someone until you've done one of three things. you've dealt with him in money.

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Okay, you have to determine the law. Because I don't care how nice the person is, or how what they appear to be at the National Law person that they appear to be. Once you deal with them with money, you'll start seeing that some people are very, very, very sad. What I'm trying to tell you is, whenever you go into business, don't always just give your business to a Muslim, because he has a beard in law, he has so much noise in his face,

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the note in his face might be the reflection of all the money that's happening.

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under the counter, don't be so satisfied, that does not mean that he's a good Muslim, and he's gonna treat you well, you don't know the man until you've dealt with him with money, you deal with people with money with like, demons come out, demons come out, or you live with him.

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You live with somebody, and then all of a sudden things change. And that's why somehow a lot, it's very easy to be nice outside of the house. And we call and portray a certain you know, portray yourself in a certain way. But then you get home as a panel of people see a totally different monster from you.

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It's like you're yelling at your wife. And then as soon as the phone comes, you know, the phone rings, a tsunami comb.

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And then you shut the phone and go, where were we

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back to square one, the monster comes back out, you don't know someone until you live with them. You don't know someone until you live with them. So be careful. Or follow the law under said or you traveled with him. And traveling does not mean that you got in the car you drove to a different city. Traveling means you spend some quality time with this person. Somehow you don't know people until you're actually with them, you encounter more of them. So what I'm trying to tell you is supposedly my favorite human lesson, this Hadeeth of the three signs of a hypocrite.

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If you have one of those three signs, that is your share of hypocrisy, if you have two, that's your greatest share of hypocrisy. If you have three, you are a total hypocrite. You are a complete hypocrite. So even if you just have one of those traits, that's your share of hypocrisy. That is your 75 you've taken a 75. And the point is, if people knew who you really were,

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if people saw you were behind closed doors, if people knew the quality of your salon,

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if people know the way that you treat your wife and the way that you treat your children, and the way that you talk when they're not around, and the way that you are when you're not in the masjid. And the way your relationship with the loss of parents it really is would they still give you the same respect? No, probably not. Probably not. Because we change, we change and we're so good at it. So it's become so much more easier to manipulate people's minds. Especially the young brothers, I want you to think about this story for a moment. Again, looking at and I you know, looking at news, I want you to listen very, very carefully to this, looking at the people on the outside. Well, it

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doesn't matter how many halaqaat you attend, it doesn't matter how much you do over here.

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If you're not treating your own parents, well, it means nothing.

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You look at the Sahaba of the prophets I sent him I

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was the Companion of the profit slice of them. So it's assumed he's great, he's magnificent. But when he's dying, and everyone's telling him say de la de la, you can't say that.

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He cannot say that you've got a little he's a companion of the Prophet. So I sent him he used to attend lectures with the Prophet. So a lot of it was some what more he said, like, in the hands of Mohammed Salah Lama Islam, the Prophet slicin, getting Shahada and at the time of his death, he can't say that, you know, the law. And the prophets lysozyme said, go to his mother.

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Let's go to his mother, Prophet slicin and asks her, how was your relationship with Allah, and she was not pleased with him.

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How much he wasn't pleased. She was upset with him. Because of that Allah Subhana, Allah prohibited him from saying that, you know, at the time of his death,

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and also lost my son and pleaded with her, I'm paraphrasing, until she said that she forgave him. And when the Prophet slicin went back to Alabama, he was repeating that he left the law until his death.

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But let's face it, many of us won't have the opportunity for the prophets license, or we none of us will have the opportunity for the province license to talk to our parents on our behalf over here and say, Look, forgive your son.

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No, no, you better be consistent. The people that are closest to you know you most and Allah knows you more than they do.

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So you start off with your inner circle, as an indicator of hypocrisy. You start off with the people that know you best, your friends that are around you most. And you ask yourself, and you asked them, you know, what, am I am I am I failing? You know, what do you think give me advice. Because it starts off with that inner circle. They know you

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than anyone else, or else the demons will eventually come out. And he reminded me,

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of him a lot. He said that there was an amount of scholar, a scholar, who was so righteous in the eyes of the people female yell horrible enough as it appeared to people that when he died, the people were crying, I mean, rivers on his generosity.

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And then they found that his men became infested with rats.

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They said, Whoa, what's going on here.

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And Subhanallah, they asked his wife and his wife was making against him the entire time.

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And his wife was making the art for a loss outside to take him because he used to abuse his wife. All of that goes to waste. Because the people around you, they know you best. And then after that, Allah subhanaw taala knows you better than the people around you. Because let's face it, we even put on a face for the people around us to we put on a face for our family members also, many times, maybe not to the extent that we do outside. But we do put on faces everywhere.

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And in essence, coming to a consistency with a loss pattern, what

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were your actions and your words and your being it's all consistent, there's there's a truthfulness in it is something that you have to strive hard for. And the first way is to fear it. The second way is to make sure to make sure that what people don't know of me

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is better than what people know of me. How many of us can actually say that? You know it, you know, any moment of fame, Rahim Allah, he said, first and foremost, the indicator, he said, your tongue is like a spoon into the food, your heart. You know, it's like a spoonful of the heart. You know, if you think about a meal, you're going to get a taste of the food from a spoonful. So you've got to listen, your tongue is a spoonful of your heart. So it's a good indicator of the state of your heart. That's number one, your tongue. So your actions the way you treat people. But the other thing, just ask yourself, Allah subhanho wa Taala, on the day of judgment, he says, there's going to

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be two types of people, there's going to be the person that's going to be walking around after receiving his book in his right hand. And he's going to be saying, How

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do you know the person who didn't bribe in this dunya he's going to be bragging. And if you're gonna say, look at my book,

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look at my salon. Look at my secrets.

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Look at this moment that I did this, and I made this we have a ticket. Here it is, everybody can read my book, How To Grow ottavia I knew this was coming. I didn't show it off to you are done here, because I wanted the pleasure of the last panel.

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But now go ahead and read my book.

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And the one receives his book, and his left hand would say yeah, they would take it.

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And the last title says two things. For Mmm, ooh, Chiquita, Mishima Lee Valley. And a Lost Planet. Allah also says,

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in his left hand and behind his back, and the scholars explained this, that whenever the person realizes that he's about to get his book of business, like he was a liar and a hypocrite in Indonesia, he's gonna put his hand behind his back.

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So we can't receive it there. And a loss of power to other will allow the book to hit him in the back. And we'll teach him that way. And as he walks around in shame, he would say yeah, later, Nina, ooh, thank you, Tanya. I wish I never got a book that I dreamed up this idea.

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And I never knew what my state was. Yeah, I think we all do. I just wish I was destroyed.

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I wish I didn't exist.

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And everyone is reading and saying, oh, Pamela, we used to think he was a chef.

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We used to think this was a person who comes to the masjid. We used to think this was a person who give sadaqa You know, he was the most generous set fundraisers that kid he was the one telling everybody else to go to the Holocaust. We thought he was this we thought she was that

00:24:14--> 00:24:19

picture being exposed Full Exposure on the Day of Judgment. We ask a lot of protectors.

00:24:21--> 00:24:23

But I have a question for you. And on this note.

00:24:25--> 00:24:29

If the loss of Hannah Woods Allah allowed us to receive our books right now, at this moment,

00:24:31--> 00:24:33

would you be willing to show that book to anybody?

00:24:36--> 00:24:37

It's as simple as that.

00:24:38--> 00:24:39

No, I wouldn't.

00:24:40--> 00:25:00

I know, I would. You know, would you be willing to take that book around and say, This is what I do. This is my life. This is this is who you thought who you didn't know I was? And the answer is no. Usually it's not. And that's why this habit feared at most. They feared if their salon was a little bit longer in Japan than it was at home. They feared if they

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Just a little bit better under law, the law. This guy wasn't beating on his wife.

00:25:05--> 00:25:13

He wasn't disobedient to his parents. He wasn't a crook in his business. He wasn't doing speedy Salawat on the profit slice and I wasn't watching.

00:25:14--> 00:25:26

He was so convinced he was a hypocrite because he said, I'm not as religious. When I'm not with the Prophet, slice Allah, he's still the same person. He's still consistent.

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But he says, When I'm with the Prophet slicin, I'm Yana solo. And when we're with you, we don't even think about it. All we're thinking about is Africa. Then we go home and the family and the kids. What was he worried about?

00:25:39--> 00:25:44

He wasn't worried about the demons coming out of the closet. Well, he thought they were demons, but his demons would be our asset, not

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the amount of Salah he did at home to be our hustle. Not the amount of things that he did at home would be our greatest day, our greatest day of Ramadan. But they were scared. They were scared, because we have to worry about that consistency. If someone was watching me tonight, and watching you tonight,

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would they be impressed? Or would they be ashamed? humiliate. And that's why the prophets lie. Some of them said that the worst person on the Day of Judgment, the worst person in Hellfire is going to be a person. By the way, don't think this is just a scholar, or an email. This is each and every single one of us messes and goes that tells other people how to come close to a loss out of each and every single one of us. Who tells the other guys Hey, come to the chanukkah

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wa Salaam says that that person is walking around the fire of hell holding his intestines.

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And the people are saying to him,

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you used to tell us come to the masjid used to tell us to fear a lot. What happened to you? Say I was telling you things that I wasn't doing myself.

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What I was saying to you was not who I really was.

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It's a very scary thing.

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The point of this though, is not to make us despair. I know it feels that way.

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But I just want to give you a few tips and Charlotte's I know I probably have like three minutes left. Just quickly inshallah tie your brothers and sisters. The more you pray in the midst of this, the more you should pray at home.

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The more you treat people good outside is the more you should treat people good inside of your house.

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The more that you appear to be generous on the outside is the more you should be generous on the inside.

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Trying to be consistent start off with your tongue, guests consistency and tongue because the liars and whenever a person who breaks his promise, even he says I promise I'll be there in 10 minutes. That's a promise you just gave a promise. Someone gives you an amount and you don't deliver it until two years later. That's a problem. That's a trust that you broke. Those are signs of hypocrisy,

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trying to rise up to your xpect to the expectations of you, and then beat those expectations. Otherwise, we're just like those hypocrites in Medina, who would only come to the messages. Right? Awesome and lovely.

00:28:00--> 00:28:02

Why? Because federal

00:28:03--> 00:28:15

federal was hard to wake up because it was sleep time. Because during Feds international was pitch black, we didn't have the central IRS who's gonna see me anyway. No one's gonna know I wasn't at the lesson.

00:28:16--> 00:28:45

Beat the expectations that people have you do things that people don't know about. Pray to cause without anyone knowing. Give it a little bit of Southern call without even telling your wife. Because just as the people in your house know you better than the people outside of your house, the one who created you, and is always with you, knows you better than the people that are with you most of the time. We ask Allah, Allah to grant us sincerity.

00:28:47--> 00:28:48

And truthfulness, we asked a lot,

00:28:49--> 00:29:15

to keep us away from hypocrisy, to keep us away from all forms of reality showing off to keep us away from an urge but a lot of self deceit and conceit. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those who on the day of judgment will be exposed for their good deeds and not for their sins. We asked the last panel to Allah to protect this for our shortcomings to forgive us for our shortcomings, and to allow us to rise above them before the time of death. And they asked us

00:29:16--> 00:29:27

to leave this world saying that you'd have a lot of luck raised up saying that you'd have a lot of little luck. Does that allow a border collie Hello stuff