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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The rise of the "fitless" movement has caused harm and confusion, leading to "fitless" movement and negative publicity. The "monarch" movement describes individuals who were considered "outss" and "slacker," and is a way to avoid civilized conflict and lead to "fitless" movement. The struggles of graduates drop out of graduation programs and the difficulty of graduates in applying to master's programs, as well as the importance of avoiding negative language and learning from experiences. The speaker emphasizes the need for caution and caution against mistakes, and the importance of avoiding negative language and finding true interest in what one is.
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Tip number seven,

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when I asked the people, and what should I ask? Dottie has a body, a lot of them had kind of your journey as an intellectual your journey growing up in mind. So I wanted to ask you as I want you to kind of put yourself in a position of a young student in Medina University. What were your general experiences in Medina university? And more specifically, I wanted to ask you about your dealings with those individuals, if I could call them that that kind of follow shift on IBM at Halle. vehemently and and kind of you could say they are followers of him? Did you run it? Did you come into contact with those individuals? And what was your experience? I think this is the first time

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you would answer a question like this publicly. So what was your experiences?

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So hot, I love that sir.

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I'm shaking my head. Because

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it's an awkward topic, I try my best to be as fair and as just I don't, I don't like speaking about other individuals and other movements in it in a negative manner as much as possible. At the same time,

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I fear that those who don't learn from history are going to repeat it. And what we are seeing now is the rise of and I've said this explicitly on Twitter and Facebook, and I've given you know, not full lectures, but hinted at it, that what we see now is the rise of a new Neo Methodism is a manifestation of that trend. And these youngsters that are in the refutation cultures online, it seems as if they have no clue as to the damage that this movement did. And I don't like using the term advisedly because it is a derogatory term from their perspective, but I don't have any other. So I don't intend any derogatory meaning I don't know any other word for it to to use now. I'm

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gonna, you know, open up here, and then really, we're gonna go down memory lane. And the reason I'm doing this is so that I want people who are influenced by this reputation, culture, to learn from history and to see that these these, these are not new movements, there's nothing new about this, this, this obsession with finding the faults of others and thinking that you're defending Islam by exposing, you know, the balton and the deviancy of people, while we're in a while you yourself have not trained and the people that you're refuting are, whether you like it or not, it's just the truth. They're older than you, and they've studied more than you. And the people that are older and

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senior than them are not doing what you were doing. So I want to go down a little bit of memory lane. And I'm going to begin by stating that, you know, I'm forgetting Methodism, per se, as a psychological trend. One can find this sort of manifestation in every single movement in the world, whether it's a political movement, or a religious movement. It transcends Salafism. And I think one of the best examples that I would encourage all of you who are listening in our interest to just do even a Wikipedia entry on this is the American phenomenon of McCarthyism back in the 50s. Okay, McCarthyism, and Methodism are the exact they're two sides of the exact same coin. And if you study

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McCarthyism, right, you understand this was the essence of the mindset of materialism. It's not a it's not a new trend. It's found in every single movement across the globe, the globe, and McCarthyism is the perfect example of what happens when you start obsessing over who's on and who's often who's a deviant. And is the perfect example of the rise and fall of a movement that is going to become popular because it rides the social wave of anti communism or the modalities or you know, anti metaphysical whatnot, but then it eventually, you know, starts eating itself up and eventually fizzles out and leaves a very bad reputation and a lot of damage is caused in its wake. So,

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Methodism, and again, I don't use the term derogatorily. I don't know any other term to use. It is, of course, a trend within modern Salafism. That was started by not actually sure for a beer it was started by somebody named chef Mohammed Jami, who was the teacher of chef Arabia. He was an African scholar, who came to Serbia in the 50s, I think, and then, you know, stayed in Medina and passed away in 1996. I actually met him once as a freshman or a first year student. And historically this trend manifested itself after the first Gulf War. It was the first Gulf War in 91. In Saudi Arabia, that really split up the salary data officially before this time you had trends, but they were all

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together. This is the first Gulf War when the Americans claim by the invitation of the king of the royal families

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And established military bases an hour away from Mecca, you had hundreds of 1000s of American troops, you know, in Arabia, literally an hour away from MK and whatnot. And this is when this the movement split up. And you had, for example, you know, certain groups you call them, the Southwest scholars led by shifts of shifts, and others who they were not calling for rebellion. But they were saying accountability and they were saying that you can't just invite in you know, the troops and then ignore that there is a civil war there's a people here, you do not have the right single handedly to bring in you know, 100,000 American troops, this is a country we are Muslims, we are

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living, you know, together, we should have a say in what is happening over here, they did not call by the way for open rebellion, they did not call for an overthrow of the government to be clear, other movements did the second was scholars did not now in response to this shithole Germany, spearheaded a movement that was eventually taken over by his student, but their issue for me and my colleague after his death, and the main issue that they had here was the feel the joy, of political acquiescence to the establishment, they made it a point of our feeder, that to be a good Muslim, you need to be faithful to the king. Okay. And not only that, but that if anybody wasn't loyal enough,

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they are a fifth column that will destroy Islam. So you need to rat them out, you need to refute them, you need to socially ostracize them, you need to shame them for the sake of a law. So politics and religion took on a type of wedding together, which you still see, you know, to this day, and they took an element which is found in the in the traditions of thought about and again, this is a deeper discussion. I don't have time to get into the modality interpretation of thoughts, but it is definitely not mainstream Islam and the irony of ironies. And I've said this many times, How can any student even Tamia? How can anybody who studies demography potamia and upper mobility, the two are

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absolutely polar issues apart shareholders have even taymiyah even refused to listen to? The fact was that he disagreed with a triple cut out that what do you have the sole pawn for bait given to me from you know, giving this fight when he's like, yeah, whatever, I don't think you're right. And he gave the fight to us for you know, I'm advising the ruler even TV as well, when he went to jail multiple times, because you felt that, you know, he didn't call for rebellion, but again, advising the rulers, public mistakes are corrected publicly. So the point being, that medicine ism, did have this merging of political quietism and religion such that to be a good Muslim, you must follow the

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king blindly, and to dare disagree with the king to dare even express that, hey, I don't think that's founded, you are sinful in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then, of course, what happened here is that it quickly escalated into the book definition of a social cult. I mean, Methodism truly is a cult. If you study the psychology of culture, social cult, it is 100% a cult because if you are not with them, you became an outsider, a deviant. And again, this is a with McCarthyism as well. And what happened, of course, it's a standard tactic tactic, just like McCarthyism, is that you have to be vetted by a group of people. are you on? You know, the men hatch

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of McCarthy? Are you on the manager with a beard? Or are you off? And if you and how do you decide that? Okay, so you look at who you're socializing with. Okay. And of course, again, the same thing goes with if you look at the McCarthy phenomenon, the exact same thing. And I was admitted to Medina in 1995, when the Mercedes were at their their Pinnacle, I would say, and it is now well known. And I actually heard this myself myself in the, from the Minister of Education directly at the time, because I'll get to my story as well. I was in the Minister of Education Office, and I heard this and he goes, and when he heard what happened to me, which I'm going to come to very briefly, he

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literally said, Oh, yeah, I'm sorry about that. We're the ones who put them nanowall by now, and who were the ones who put them in power over there, meaning that holism became a useful tool for the government, the government obviously wanted the strand because it's it is beneficial to them. And so this strand, and whoever was a part of it was given certain social clout and certain privileges. Amongst them was to decide who would be admitted who would be promoted, you know, which jobs would be given. And even though there were always a minority, statistically a very small minority, they had far more clout and they were given much more power than the majority. And the irony of ironies

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is, I mean, this is looking back. I mean, I was wondering about this when I was a student here. The followers of this movement were typically converts to Islam, and typically Muslims who did not grow up in practicing households, they discovered Islam. Very recently, they got accepted to Medina, and out of all of this trends, they jumped to the harshest and the most janee

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cultish mentality. And at the time I didn't understand why like 100 on myself, I grew up as a practicing household. And pretty much all the other students who came from practicing households with any bit of room, they did not end up sort of these by, by and large, were not mainstream at home. And it is irony, we had more Frenchmen, hoodies and sororities, we had more British melodies, you know them Saudi Jews. And it's just bizarre that the majority of practicing Muslims that were in Medina, they were not a part of this movement at all, there were more Western converts than there were, were from from Muslim lands. And the reason for this now, it is obvious to me at the time when

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I was 20 years old, I didn't understand the reason for this is self evident. There is a psychological appeal, how and why when you join any such movement, whether it's McCarthyism, or whether it's motherhood isn't when you join these movements, what happens is, you get a VIP pass a quick track to empowerment, you go from being a nobody to automatically having a sense of superiority over everybody else, right? You get this self does gear instantaneously, who wants to be put in a long line of hard hours to study many years to master the text, you know, just reading after reading, who wants to do that when you can bypass all of that, and label all of those who have

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done it as being evil and misguided. Thus, instantaneously giving yourself it's a, it's a quick reversal of power dynamics, right? It's an instantaneous reversal of power dynamics that you start off with nothing. You see these people that have memorized the Quran, they have all the jobs that they have studied the books, and whatnot. And you if you wanted to do that would take you like five years, seven years, like, whatever, you just joined this movement, they're all there, they're all off the Manage. And what's happened is, all of a sudden, you are the person in power. And with your dismissal, all of that has been very easily eliminated. But of course, these movements come with

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many dangers. And if I have a Facebook post a few months ago, and I have some points in mind that I've said, and I want, I really wish that those that are in this modern refutation culture is on the rise again, I really wish that they were to study history, and to see that some of these people, you know, they rise for a while, but then they just fall crashing down. And they don't impact history in a positive manner. They end up losing themselves, most of them. And they end up as well causing a lot of damage. So what are some of the negatives that I would like this, the open minded amongst them. And by the way, my philosophy even in Medina was always the same. I was there for 10 years.

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I would like this is the first time I'm going public about this. And I'm even now I'm going to be very generic. I don't like saying these things. May Allah give us all this loss and always protect us from using our religion we need we need to we need your experiences. Yes, we need to know what happened. Yeah, it's very, it's a very, you know, so if you if you look at my book, the introduction to the book, I mentioned in the paragraph that I was undergoing a very serious crisis at the time, I was constantly making dua to Allah. And therefore that book is my favorite book, as I wrote it with passion, it came from the and I was making art and writing the book. And one of the biggest crises

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in my own life took place when I was writing that book. And so you feel the spirituality, I think, and then it was literally when I was finishing the final pages of that book, whenever I was making was answered by a lot, in what I still say, is a mini miracle that I love Leslie, but what happened? So because I was not Jenny McCarthy, and I was the most prominent Western student that wasn't medically, and then handed in a straight A's, as you know, I mean, you know, top, you know, percentage of the class. So, as I said that the colonies still had power in opposition to many of them who got kicked out and couldn't get, to be honest, to be honest, the default amongst the

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methodius was that they will be expelled or kicked out. In fact, I don't know. I don't have in my memory right now a single modality that actually graduated, and is successful in data. I don't have anybody in mind right now. So some of them failed, and continued our as you know, after never graduating, many of them just fizzled out, they stopped practicing Islam, by the way, part of the majority of them, and this was going to happen, we're going to come to these points of a few of them. hamdulillah they repented and they and they apologized to me and others and they're now six giving success without what they're no longer have that strength. So what happened in the year 2000.

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I was graduated from college of Hadith. And I applied to the master's program. And this is the first time I'm going public about this. And I want to say this, because again, it's just it's, it's something that is still painful to me, but I think there's benefits and May Allah preserve our floss. So we were applying to the graduate level and at the time in the year 2000. There was no American in the graduate program. The majority of American British students were dropouts at the time because it was a very difficult timeframe for all of us. It was the old curriculum, which was very different, different and difficult than the new one. We had the you know, it was a very

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timeframe 95% of Western students dropped out in Medina and did not graduate 95% when I was there we had a handful of graduates and then handed in that Allah bless me to be not just a graduate of the College of heavy but in the top notch any with an A grade basically won't as they call it right and this was almost unprecedented for any Westerner not just American almost unprecedented in the history of Medina and I applied to the the the graduate level al Qaeda I wanted to do this monopoly them and in the entire university of all of the applications that came in they had to give a special exam and have the day that is the first time saying this but everybody knows who was there I had the

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highest score in the entire university no exceptions amongst the Saru these qualities howdy geez everybody the number one score from an American student to get applied and the only one that got an A in the introduction exam What do you call it the admittance exam you know so to apply to the Masters was very difficult back then so an American half ago for on with the jazz out in Oregon and headed with an A from the College of Huggies and ba and the only a from the admittance exam This is a no brainer right i mean obviously you need to know what's gonna happen these madatha they started a petition and their Messiah as well and these their machines are known as well for this that he's

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not Yanni a proper Yanni selfie. Okay, so he's basically uh, you know, his be and whatnot and, and so they petitioned and it was a very vicious battle within the Jambo because again, the University of Medina has its own strands and the morality strand is one strand and then you had other strands I had so many professors and teachers fighting on my behalf. But you see, the majority are not vocal publicly they are Mashallah mainstream wiser here, right? It's the modalities that are the minority that are working below. So there was one particular person elder forgivable had a high up position who was medicine. And my my petition kept on getting pushed up, pushed up until the reach this

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person, and he in a manner that was unethical and immoral, he pulled out my name Altoona, very evil, it was totally not allowed, because everything has been met. Anyway, he did it. And I was given the heterogeneity to go back to America. Okay, like I was denied my, my master's level admittance because they said, You're not getting a monthly basically, okay? And my teachers told me to go to court, my teachers, my professors, my Michelle, you said, Take them and sue them. Okay. And they said, do this. I did. And I followed there. I didn't actually end up suing them. I went to, you know, this is when I started, you know, getting involved in the sorority process, which is the other

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issue altogether. She has had been a mean, got involved. He wrote me a density Alhamdulillah. I visited many machines, and I really want to show you that.

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Oh, yeah, I have this letter. I have this desk. So how sad

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is it?

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for that?

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I have it.

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I said he didn't own a visa the year that before he passed away in the year 2000. He passed away January 2001. I was the last batch to study with him in the summer of 2000. So I went to an ISA, because that was the semester that I had polygyny. Hi, like I was supposed to leave. Right? So I go to an ace I study with him and handled it, I got to know him. And so he heard of my case. And he wrote me the test here. You know, my, my new my, my case became well known amongst the scholars of the land, because it was such a blatant, you know, misfortune abuse? Yeah. Just because of materialism. Right? Yeah. And it because I'm not a fan of the modalities in it. And a Western

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student at that there had been zero American graduates from, you know, the PhD level zero. nobody's been there since the beginning of Medina, and Westerner and you're going to deny me because what I am not card carrying with honey, seriously, that's the reason

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I visited shift, because I wasn't ready to visit shifts and man for the second third time, but when I walked in, he's like, oh, you're not a shift, shift. shift mode. He's like, oh, you're yourself or the the guy heard about hustling? What is it? The views had reached him. This is the first time he got to know me after dinner, we met more often. But he had heard about my case, I visited reality get petitions from the sheriff. They all knew that was happening. It was like in the news spread everywhere, like even between the cerec machine if it became a very, you know, sensitive issue like this is ridiculous, man how, how much hatred or maybe as you speak now I'm getting a little bit

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angry, I have to say, I was I was denied. And that's when I got letters from so many machines. And I went to, you know, shared with me and I went to so many and then also the somebody hooked me up with the Minister of Education, and he heard my entire story, right. And he's like, appalling in his office in reality, you know, and he's like, apologizing to me like secular guy, you know, clean shaven. He's like, he's like, sorry, kid. You know, we put them there. For our reasons. This was not what we intended. We didn't want this type of stuff to happen. You know, I'm saying

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Yeah, so this is the point like, you know, he literally told me like young people don't know this. And I don't like to say these types of things. But this is the reality that How can you be so naive as to not understand that your version of Islam is very conducive and very, very beneficial for a certain strand of government? Right? That it's very convenient for them to push you through. And that's what happened. And of course, what happened was lawsuits and people like me and others. And after a while, the government quietly just withdrew their support, because it became socially unacceptable. The same with mercy. I thought the same thing that nowadays I don't think it's, it's

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part of the narrative. Exactly. It's not it's not it's not official anymore. Right. And the same thing with McCarthyism is like, you know, there was a time when Joseph McCarthy was the most powerful politician in America. And within five years, his own people and party turned against him. There's an infamous clip on line you need to watch this as like, you know, the Speaker of the House has Have you no shame, Mr. McCarthy, like you're gonna stoop to nothing. Everybody's a communist in your eyes. But when he was in power, he caused a lot of damage. Now, again, I was gonna talk about this the issue of Oh, yeah, what happened? Yeah, tell us about well, yeah. Okay. What happened?

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Yeah, so I mean, basically, the, the, you know, the all of these letters and the ministry so and handed it out, both the people of Dean and the sensible people of politics, and I even petitioned the governor of Medina, who was the brother of the king at the time. Wow, this is a serious water. You went into that? No, no, because my wife told me my Misha said we want to use you as a case like that. Because everything like Check, check, check, bro. Number one in the exam, what what do you want, you know, like an American half of the former ijazat and multiple karate and he's like, what more do you want man? series is right. And so and so they have a look, you know, many of my close

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and near and dear friends did not get in because of their their nationalities, you know, the Libyans and whatnot, they they didn't get in, but someone like me, my Messiah wanted to use me because I have the American card to show how nonsensical Madison was right. And so I had the support of many scholars, and many people in politics. And that's what happened. They use my case, and 100,100 illa. That's the phone call that came now. I was literally in front of my computer, finishing the book. And somebody I never even met her hurt. And so I was well known. I don't know how he got my number. He goes, Yeah, I said, I'm from the Ministry, I just wanted to call you to say, Thanks a lot, you're

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gonna hear some good news in a while, and he hung up. And I fell into such that crying brings memories back somehow, because I don't know why that guy was. But my case was being

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at the same time finishing the final pages and finishing

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come to the mayor about this before man, because I try to protect the force of my brother. And but I feel that because there's a new neoma, Cadiz coming, they need to hear these types of things to understand. So what are some of the dangers of this mechanism of the past? And also the new mechanism that we see now? There's many dangers, what happens after before we get to that? What happened after that? What was the good news that you heard? The good news was that my application was there was a special committee assigned by the Ministry and by the king's brother, they said they literally thought Maliki came, whatever you call it, that a special committee, excluding the one guy

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that didn't want to be on is going to be assigned to look into the case of Yasser or the like, by name, right, to see whether he should get in or not. And when it comes from the government, you know, what they're saying is put him in. Okay, so a very atypical exceptional scenario was done. And like I said, it was a miracle because this had never happened in the history of Medina. And I don't necessarily mean it truly, I still say this, like, it is something that Allah blessed me with, because of the I need that doors that I was making at that time. And then after that, because of the help of so many, you know, Misha, French chef art, and as I said, it was a case that had

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implications beyond me. And it was at a timeframe when metabolism was beginning to be withdrawn the support, right. And so my just a serious piece of history, the lie is a serious piece of history. Yeah, it's interesting, and I've never been public about this. But again, I think it is important that we know and, by the way, that was when you were telling me that as soon as you need the last page, you get the phone call as well, like that's, that's like a secondary truly literally, and I'm not exaggerating, I'm finishing up the pages, like finding, you know, I've finished the first draft finishing up. And you know, it's and that's why in my book, in my book, the introduction has that.

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And the book is published January 2001. It took three or four months to edit, you know, so it's all like it's there. You know, and by the way, every student of Medina who was in Medina in 2000, knows the story. It was a very public news, the Medallia and the nonword College they all know this because I became a cost celebrities, you'd like every student's non-security everybody knew it was like a public scandal, because because of again, the dynamics and whatnot involved. And you know, as you're aware, some of the politicians may

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I need you to forgive them and whatnot, they actually release videos about me, it's still online shift.

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By the way, she'll probably know how to use my teachers. He's been quoted already,

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which is, again, one of the points I'm going to come to that's what's going to happen right? At the timeframe, you know, he was the big shot. And he taught her. And only when I got into the Masters, he released a video against me, which is still online, like how the thought of an underestimate Allah and forgive him and me, so he is of that strength.

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Shia phobia himself, by the way, I was his neighbor, and I was he used to live in a neighborhood is him. And I visited him privately when I first got there, because when I got accepted, I applied in 1994. And I had no idea what Mark Hudson was, I mean, just an instant selfie. I just thought everybody's the same, you know, so I had no idea what's going on. And the American and British converts are predominantly war medically. And again, I didn't understand at the time Now I understand why. Because when you're ready, you get this self ego like I am on the hunt, for example, you know, so I was just with them. And I got to know her for a beer. And you know, I handed out

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because of who I am my language, my questions, whatnot, 100 other people, the only the likely would not some of them. So I got invited to his house multiple times without the other students. At the time. I didn't understand. But there's this spider sense in my back just doesn't make sense, though. I don't understand what what he's saying. I mean, I'll give you one example before, there's some points I wanted to but one example. Another shift that's famous is Chef Aveda Jovi. I remember this very clearly that the first semester I was in Medina, and I'm learning Arabic. And this is before culated had determined the Arabic program, right. And so one of the modalities and they're all

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dropouts, they never graduated, those guys that arranged these meetings, they arranged that we have a private meeting with one of the majors called, I've never heard of before, whether Java, I don't know who he is, okay, let's go. And that was one of the main points that said something is psychologically wrong with these people. I went to their house, his house, and again, May Allah forgive him. I'm not personally but the idea that he had was wrong again. I was there, I heard this with my own ears. Nobody can tell me something else. So all of us do. 3040, not 30, maybe 20 I think British Canadian Australian, went to his house, and there's some new Muslims conference, you know,

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they've converted a year or two ago or whatnot. And the whole lecture was against the white and Muslim. Okay. The Tech has one got to do with these, these new Congress teach them some basic. So anyway, one of the new white Congress in Canada goes, look, check. This is all news to me speaking English, the masjid that we have in our community, we only have one message from some small town in Canada, you know, and it's run by somebody who's in a one. What should I do? Should I, you know, go and pray with them? Or or what I don't have any other question to go to. And I remember I was so shocked when I heard his response. I actually turned to the guy next to me said, Did he just say

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what I thought he said, What did the chef say? And I was there. He said, No, come to the mechanic, the truck to say that if you missed it was a little late. This is what shift will be the job. But he said to a new white convert, my jaw just dropped. Like what? And I did it again, translate that sorry, because

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if I were in your place, I would not pray behind them. And I would pray tomorrow in my house. And when I heard this, and I'm a 20 year old giant, like I don't know anything about the advanced after you then find out how to move data, which is discussed in the books of faith. And Mr. Muhammad is saying that if you have no other choice, you could pray behind the actual Buddha, they are not the one but an actual move to there. You don't leave the jamara, you know, for even somebody who's an open faster or whatnot. Right? But I didn't know any of that. But because I've been raised in a practicing household. There's enough common sense in hitting me that says these people are off met

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I don't even know I don't, I don't want to be too harsh, but they're not mainstream. They are a Congress, you're going to tell this and I see the kid is like, Okay, I guess I will pray behind it. Now, you know, what world are you living in? That you're going to tell them? You can't anyway, so I have a lot of horror stories like that, that these people are just so problematic. And so what happens? What are some of the dangers of that movement, and then also of this new strand of the refutation culture, these are now all the same mentality. They don't call themselves modalities, but it is a new strength, a number of things come to mind. First and foremost. When you start following,

00:29:28 --> 00:29:59

and exposing the faults of other people, you end up neglecting and not concentrating on your own false. And this is something that goes against the prophetic traditions that really are a core of what it means to be a Muslim. We are more concerned about our mistakes than the mistakes of others. I swear to you as a lawyer as my witness, I am more worried about even the smallest mistake I've made than the biggest deviations of all the aroma of the world of all the colors because I have to answer to myself in front of a lot about myself.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:40

In front of a loved one, I don't have to answer for the other people. Now what happens when you concentrate on the faults of others is that automatically you get a sense of given a sense of arrogance, a sense of lack of spirituality a lack of and that's why almost all of the modalities of Medina and you can ask any of the students that were there are dropouts of Medina, they didn't even or graduate, where are they? Where are they? No, during my timeframe, over 200 students came in and out, and those that were of that strand, I cannot at this stage and maybe can be somebody can correct me later on. I cannot recall a single one of them ever graduating, and then going on to be

00:30:40 --> 00:31:20

successful in that what many of them the bulk of them fizzled out of even practicing Islam, some of my worst enemies of the morality strand with Mashallah the biggest fears and the hardest deviation, your website or whatnot. I heard later on that they completely left praying five times a day and they're doing this and that and drugs lifestyle, this is what's going to happen. The the modality burnout is going to happen because you're concentrating on the mistakes of others, rather than thinking about yourself, this is one point. Another point is that what happens here is that you start believing that every slip up, or every mistake is somehow worthy of being exposed, and you are

00:31:20 --> 00:31:59

somehow defending Islam, when you talk about the mistakes of other people. And what happens is you typically end up creating a much bigger scenario out of nothing, Shakespeare said Much Ado About Nothing Shahada beer, so many times made a lot forgive him and guide him would accuse, say a photo of every single crime known to humanity, and you would use a well known and he would say that all of the most shocking of the dunya go back to every wish killer in the Muslim Mom, I heard him say this multiple times, by the way, every mush killer in the Muslim Ummah can be traced to them like seriously, bro, he claimed, you know, and again, I'm not a fan of particular, they can call me

00:31:59 --> 00:32:07

whatever they want. And he also doesn't move up good. He has some good ideas and bad ideas. I don't spend my time reading him or if you do, he's a person that came to the left, you know, but you know,

00:32:08 --> 00:32:48

the Methodist Church have been explicitly accused Saporta of things that say photos, closest disciples and followers never got the impression of, for example, the Koran is created, for example, cursing the Sahaba, for example. So all of these ideas that he was accused of the people closest to him, right, never got those ideas from him. You know, the followers of photo don't go around and say the Koran is mahalo wherever it says it, they don't go around, you know, cursing the Sahaba. So what you see here is that a lot of times you read in the worst interpretation, and you then extrapolate the most evil, you know, possible interpretation. And I see this now happening with me and almost

00:32:48 --> 00:33:23

with a man and others that literally 95% of what I'm criticized for, is within the valid spectrum of opinions or complete misunderstandings, yes, four to 5% whatever they're genuinely positions that I understand are atypical or not mainstream. And so we can go back and forth like a judo Dude, I have no problem with somebody understands where I'm coming from says, Hey, this is not mainstream, you're right. It's not mainstream, no problem. But the bulk of what I'm criticized for, are people who themselves they're reading in the mistake, or they don't even have the knowledge to assess the mistake, you know, and they don't and they're not qualified to then go ahead and comment on it. And

00:33:23 --> 00:34:02

this leads to another issue. And that is the issue of self piety for that was a coup and full circle. That is why as I said, so many people who knew the practice the deen so many people who are new converts, they love this path, because it's an elusive fast track, you get ahead of the line, you get to the top without putting in any of the effort. And again, a sad reality will lay I don't like saying this but it is not surprising that when you concentrate on the faults of others, your personal life suffers. And I know too many horror stories from my Medina days about those brothers, I'm not going to say them explicitly. I will give one anecdote without names. So please, nobody read

00:34:02 --> 00:34:37

in anybody, anybody who you're thinking of inshallah somebody else I'm just telling you now, a few weeks ago, few weeks ago, sister contacted me online, got my email and whatnot. They sent me a long email about one of the main people who are criticizing me on YouTube right one of the main people sending videos and whatnot, explaining how she was taken advantage of and a secret marriage and then she found out she's not the only one and she had and she goes because he's refuting you. I want you to have this information so that you can then you know expose he's doing and he's not only me he's doing this to multiple sisters right? And so panela Firstly, I said I'm not the same system must

00:34:37 --> 00:34:59

have given me the same details I guess and the reality broke this guy you would think he shared with us now what he's finding every mistake of the asset or the He must be the most and I've been hooked up when he's talking about other people. And there's a long list of sisters that and the sister says here's I can give you the numbers look at it, look at it you know, firstly, because of this person, animosity, you can't come to me because

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

This is not the right person. I said go to four down in Florida. And

00:35:04 --> 00:35:41

I didn't tell her that. But I mean, it's up to you. And that's the second thing I have to say. It didn't shock me at all. Because those people who are the most angry at their fellow Muslims, and think that they're the most deviant in reading and other Muslims, I know from my Medina days, their personal stories, and they're about that and what they I know that this is the reality of when you concentrate on other people's mistakes, it's going to burn out and you're not going to concentrate on your own. And my genuine advice to these brothers and sisters, you have to answer to a love for yourself, not for me, not for anybody else. And what we also see this is what's hardest in the

00:35:41 --> 00:36:24

Medical District as well, is that typically these people end up attacking those who are benefiting the most in areas they themselves are not benefiting. And I saw this myself the names of the machines that were medically or one 10th one 100 as successful and popular as those who are outside the strength. And you wonder, are these guys sure that no personal issue is coming in? I mean, is anybody truly qualified to open up his own heart and negate any jealousy? And he has said is it really appropriate for somebody who is almost unknown to criticize somebody who is his senior or maybe even appear? Is that really something that you can say has nothing to do with your own knifes

00:36:24 --> 00:37:05

and ego. So any movement whose initial success and fame is defined by refuting established success established individuals, it is doomed to failure your success cannot be by destroying other people. History teaches us this time and time again. And that is why By the way, I don't spend much time defending myself I honestly believe in I I hope I don't come across as arrogant. It's not my intention. But history teaches us that all of these people they will not even be a footnote in tomorrow's books of history. Not even a footnote. Well, technically there'll be a footnote democritus did this and that's it. History goes on. Nobody cares about the the critics and the

00:37:05 --> 00:37:39

haters nobody and I even sent to one of them online yesterday if you really disagree with me, show a better way produce a better lecture do a better service it is well law here. I pray for the success of those who want to do good for the oma I'm not saying my series is the best will produce a better series I brought it problems again to demo to you solve them in an academic and go for it and I make to offer you may Allah subhana wa tada bless you with even better so that the oma is protected. The issue is not about egos and personalities, the issue is Ouma. So rather than get involved with my mistakes, do something better, show the product better, and then say, hey, look, I've done this in a

00:37:39 --> 00:38:15

better way. And I will make up for your success. But you see, that's what happens when you get into this mindset. And you know, the biggest problem and all of this, and this is what hurts the most is the confusion of the innocent masses who don't understand you embroil them in controversy. And the average person gets involved in practicing, he looks up to almost to demand myself or whoever else they refuse, Mufti mancow. And by the way, all of them the more successful you are the more deviant you are in their eyes. Look at the irony here, right? So yeah, then this innocent person starts listening to move to Microsoft by myself, then he comes across as to do well I that's the that's the

00:38:15 --> 00:38:26

main thing that I found was destructive about this thing was exactly. Someone's gonna build that email of someone like Mr. manku, someone like Monet, or someone like FireWire, or someone like

00:38:27 --> 00:39:02

yourself. And then they're told after that, actually, this person is off completely. It's not like that, oh, he's got some or he's got some things he shouldn't he shouldn't have said it like this because everyone has split apart. He's saying that this person is completely this person is completely deviant. In other words, Don't listen to him. There's no benefit that you can get from that person. It's not going to insane your Halloween while you're ugly, that everyone has some things that you can refute them or something's it's not a nuanced embrace that this person's completely off. Exactly. This even if some people accept that narrative, it might actually destroy

00:39:02 --> 00:39:22

their whole event. And you might destroy the hurting people by turning people away from those people you actually end up turning away from Islam itself, because here's the point these people that are refuting they lose the forest for the trees. Let me be again very explicit here. A mortality is a million times better than a calf. Okay.

00:39:24 --> 00:39:26

Are they trying to justify Montez Elizabeth liquid your water?

00:39:28 --> 00:39:33

I'm getting I'm getting to the next example here. There are people in England in a in

00:39:34 --> 00:39:59

helcim in America for Pakistani origins, right? their views are not mainstream. Certainly their views are somewhat fuzzy. But I don't refute them by name. I disagree with them very famous people speaking in order to very famous out of you know, person in in Europe, very famous doctor there you have yours in England as well another person coming up. And you know, I disagree with much of their views. I really do. But I would never as of yet

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

Do an entire lecture by name refuting the person? Why? Two reasons. Number one, the person might repent. Why would you want to mention him by name? It's the idea, not the person. Okay? Talk about the idea you disagree, bring in the concept, and then talk about it. Number two, much more important than this, when you understand the types of people that are attracted to those individuals, okay? You realize that these people, if they didn't have that individual, most likely they'd be outside the fold of Islam. Most likely, they wouldn't even be praying and practicing. And somebody who is listening to Dr. funan from that world, or shift without or what not. And praying and fasting

00:40:40 --> 00:41:15

Ramadan, and believing in the Koran is infinitely better than somebody who has lifted him or somebody who is not praying and practicing at all. And so we need to be gentle in our correction, because we don't want to separate them from their own the connection to Islam. Right. So this involves Hickman, when you look at the broader picture, don't mention schutze yet mentioned the concept and say, Oh, we should believe in the sooner Oh, it's not right to bring doubts about all of it. Oh, to do to deny the virgin birth does not make any sense. You talk about concepts, not individuals, right? And I have no problem. Yeah, okay. There are people that refused to meet with

00:41:15 --> 00:41:52

him. And I say, may Allah azzawajal guide both of us have no problems with refutations with between the people of monitoring is a part and parcel of the territory I have chosen. It's the people who don't have it in and the people who don't have a job. Sometimes it's you know, the the issue is the language and the the the technique, and the the the audience that you're doing. And by the way, positions within Islam are really not black and white. The more you dive deep into the more you understand that you know what I might have an opinion and the other opinion also makes sense. and dare I say this, and I know you agree with me, but I know many of our viewers don't. A shoddy and

00:41:52 --> 00:42:28

unnecessary outdated. When you're at a superficial level, each side is certain that they have the evidences and they're fully 100% certain, but that's superficial. And the deeper you go into those leaders and the more encyclopedic works that you read, and the reputations, the cutter reputations, all of a sudden you realize you know what? I see where they're coming from, even if I don't agree. That only comes with a deep dive. It doesn't come with the superficial and if you only study with machetes, you will think that selfies must be a bunch of idiots wish You only said it was selfies. You're like How can a Chinese Nazi the light of day, right? It's so self evident when you're at

00:42:28 --> 00:42:37

level one, when you're a beginning student of knowledge. When you do a deep dive and you study a shiny Mattoon in detail. I'm speaking as a previous set if you are if you're a

00:42:38 --> 00:43:16

shiny if you actually study a daddy, me and you study the books of the of the setup, you study and continue in detail. All of a sudden you read a property, for example, and you read it cover to cover like or cover to give you my point, you're like, oh, okay, I see. I see. Okay, I see where you're coming from me. You have some some validity. So all of a sudden, you toned down, and you gained a little bit of sympathy for the other side. So what this shows us and of course, this is the same well known, a little bit of it is very dangerous, very dangerous. And the more room you have, the more humble you become. And that is why a hallmark of mercantilism and McCarthyism and neoliberalism

00:43:16 --> 00:43:52

is that you have a group suffer How could the fellas none young overzealous undereducated throughout the major machinery of shift of entertaining, shuffling but others they never got involved in this. They can't it's even though they did not another point I want to say here. You know, these guys that McLean is always they've been biases on our side of bad news on site. And, you know, the payment is on site. This is all a lie. Everybody knows this was inside the movement. I was in Grenada, when a strand of Methodism tried to influence the students of the ship. And he gave a public lecture in Grenada. You know, the famous lecture that he said, that once said, If you start deviating leave set

00:43:52 --> 00:44:27

of fees, and go back to the service, there's a famous quiz right after him. Everything he said that, yeah, yeah. He said that and I was 10 feet away from him sitting under you. It's not something I heard on a cassette. He said that and I was in that gathering, the famous gathering. Why did he do that? Because a certain students of CAD comp was from that strand, and he was preaching that strand and share it with me did not like this at all. You want to see Shepherd, Amiens, bandhej. Look at his students in Malaysia, look at his son in law, the one who has taken over Look at his core students, none of them are Muslim. You're gonna tell me that, oh, because he generically praise you

00:44:27 --> 00:45:00

for being No, this is a Kumbaya thing, which again, in hindsight, I don't know if it was the wisest thing to do or not, but it was him at the time. You don't want to make it worse. He pre shift stuff up, and you pre shuffle a bit, you know, he prays for the same worship members, you find positive statements here you find positive statements there. They were above this free they didn't get involved in this and hindsight is 2020 should they have should they not have this is something that is difficult to say, but bottom line, the real methodology of the kivar of rula is not to get involved in refutations to this level it is petty it is becoming

00:45:00 --> 00:45:37

Personal and if you must refute refute the idea without mockery, without a sense of harshness be absolutely academic. And if you have a personal issue with the person, you should not be the one refuting. Definitely, because you do not know the recesses of your own heart. Is it because you're jealous that he's more this or that? How do you know, go to somebody whom you are certain that has none of these issues and go to the senior them? And I'll finish up? I do have another question here. I'll finish off with this point. With regards to share promos for the man both demek, myself and others, all of us are minor students of knowledge compared to the Cabal, I'll be the first to say

00:45:37 --> 00:46:18

this, Allah has tested us that because we speak fluent English, because we're born and raised here. You know, we have more clout than others. But you know, America has proven chefs, Allah has always somebody I look up to immensely. He is a person who used to teach and one of the questions on this story just to kind of add this, one of the questions that was one of the most popular questions is how would you do fine island? Before you talk about Okay, j. So, my point is this, let me finish your question. Go to those ama with your problems about me and go to those remember, have your issues that shift we disagree with this point. Because you do not know so many times, you might not

00:46:18 --> 00:46:53

understand or you might have a different or you might not even be qualified, go to those that are actually qualified. And then you know what, yeah, if she was to call me and say, you know, I said, I disagree with this issue. And I think it's wise that you don't see it anymore. Well, like I would be, I'm not going to guarantee but I would really take it to heart and really think long and hard like somebody from him coming to me and saying, you know what this is causing fitness, it would have an impact that some impetuous 20 year old self recording from his car is never going to have one. You don't say like you're not qualified to you don't even speak English, and you're coming in and

00:46:53 --> 00:47:31

talking to me about it. So go to the people that you're in, and then they are going to solve amongst themselves because they will also know, okay, you know what, maybe funan has this one mistake, but he has 99 good things as well. So maybe it's not wise to just publicly blast. And I keep on saying this last point. But you see, some of these brothers, may Allah guide them, the very fact that they create a drama online without coming to me or others first, and they have indirect content, or the very fact that they can figure out hey, you know, did you mean this or not? The very fact that they rushed to Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and create a drama out of it. May Allah protect me in

00:47:31 --> 00:48:02

them, but it bodes an evil Nia because that's not the way it is done. If you really, truly have a problem with somebody, go to the right channels, verify, ascertain, make sure it is something that is worthy to be made public and that Bismillah if you're qualified to go, but these brothers I find out their reputations because of YouTube clips or whatnot, and to scour Yeah, hit my guy, I have an admin, he told me I have 1700 YouTube videos for these brothers to go through those clips and find something that's seven years ago, right?

00:48:04 --> 00:48:29

Yeah, what are you doing with your life, man, worship Allah, slowly that is, you know, you know what they actually they've got chariot by for example, in the UK, they've got charities, you know, well known charities, they get money and they get they get money. So in effect a lot of these people that's what they do as a job. So people are paying their cats for Yes. accardi and for Bill Phillips and for I don't know Mufti menk to be refuted.

00:48:30 --> 00:48:36

I mean, for me personally, it's 350 pages and you know, I think they probably written more on you

00:48:37 --> 00:49:08

probably has, that takes a lot of time. And I can see because the time stamping things and they with all of the videos and some of the videos is like trivial ones, like me speaking in a park or something like that. So it is the level of obsession it's the level of obsession is Yeah, good. We have one life to live and I have to answer to a love for the time I have on Earth. Do you think I'm going to spend my time talking about other people? Let them be history shows history shows that they're they're going anywhere middle of middle ground testicle. Awesome.

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