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Glad you could drop in this me not 100 in the US Salam aleikum, greetings appeased before we start hit that notification bill after you subscribe.

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Now who doesn't know our friends? Sir? vestre. Stallone?

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At one, Adrian?

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Or how about when he went all out and extreme and Rambo?

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Someone shared this with me and I thought good advice. He's really on point. something extremely important time. So let's listen to what services Dylan has to say. Pay close attention to this one word he's going to be using time. Time. What's it reminds you of? Let me know in the comments below. What do you think is

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what's valuable thing you might have in your life you really don't pay attention to, especially when you're young because you just feel you have an abundance of it.

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It's never envy. Time. What came to your mind when you heard this word time? If you connect it to the Quran, go ahead and share with me in the comments below. And I'll share with you what came to my mind and elaborate some more. Now. Go ahead Sylvester Stallone and tell us some more time. And as you get older, you realize time becomes your currency. Subhanallah he said time becomes your currency. How many out there just wasting time via Instagram, Twitter, tick tock Facebook, social media, just peddling about insignificant things, you name it. If you accumulate just think about that if you accumulate added up day by day each day, not to mention the weeks, months and years, how

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much of it actually is beneficial time versus useless time think about that. It's very deep things you'll get good deeds or bad deeds for and ask yourself which one when I'm doing all the things is writing danger on the left or the one on the right. Let's hear what else versus salon has to say. When you realize there's less runway ahead than behind. You sometimes learn that too late. He said when you realize there is less runway ahead than behind you. Sometimes you learn too late. This is deep brothers, sisters, and services salon, the Muslims will appreciate this. As we take these kinds of topics seriously, as you're referring to our DD departure date, as Islam has so many things to

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say about this topic. And it'd be whose use of estar to look into and see for yourself. Now, if you didn't know Islam simply means to submit your will to the Creator of the heavens and earth and we invite you to it my friend. So I'm telling you people that

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you really have to be very, very, very stingy with your time. Don't waste it on people that aren't like minded. He says Don't waste your time with unlike minded people. Don't waste time doing things that you know, are not part of your dream plan.

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Don't waste time being bitter, which I know I've been argumentative. I understand the meaning of hate. Because the end

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is just waste your most valuable asset time. So what can we take from this if you come across people and they're trying to invite you to the club still going to the club. Don't waste my time. Time people who are still partying and playing those tracks that put you in a lala land. Tell them Don't waste my time. Friends, we're inviting you to get back to getting pimped by Shakedown, to the alcohol to the drinks to the party to the drugs to the moral decay and corruption things that corrupt the heart, mind, body and soul. Tell them Don't waste my time. Time to the Kim Kardashian is in a DJ Khalid's tell him I don't want to be part of it. Don't waste my time. Or you got friends who

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remind you of your true purpose in life. Your Creator when you mess up, they remind you of the Hereafter they remind you of when it's time for Salah when it's time for prayer, or they're trying to get you out of a job into some tawdry dress, tell him don't waste my time. Time. Jenna's on my mind God's

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not my brothers and sisters one last chance what did that remind you of when he was talking about time time repeatedly? Go ahead leave that in the comments below from the Quran. It makes you think did Sylvester Stallone ever read the Quran? Say no. I just had no idea. Probably not. And if he did possibly a really bad translation for much of the hate machines out there in sha Allah this video gets to him with your help. Do you think he'll read the Quran verbatim Word of God Almighty Yeah.

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Make dua for his guidance and his fans guidance inshallah. Those who will be watching this video our guests Glad you could drop in. Now back to what I was saying.

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And here's the answer as soon as Sylvester Stallone started talking over and over about the importance of time time for those that no it reminded me of the sutra from the Quran where God Almighty the craters think in the name of God, the Gracious the Merciful, one lost in his nephew who's in the

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army no Slony

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whatsoever also been helped. They were Dowell song with Bill SLUB. By time, all mankind has in Lost except those who believe and believe in what in the pure monotheism is called the towhee. The pure monotheism, not the Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Trinity, no, just one God and encourage people and invite people to the truth and recommend patience and perseverance. In this next clip, where Sylvester Stallone, he's talking about Christ, we'll get that to a second, I really never caught that Rocky was used in this way to kind of proselytize in this way he was they were doing this he was doing his kind of his Dawa. Subhanallah people don't realize it's, the first shot is a shot of

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Christ and it comes down over the, the beams of the church. That's the verses alone, you talk about Christ, which means the Messiah, translated Christ. Did you know As Muslims, we love Jesus Christ as one of the mightiest messengers sent by God. In a chain of messengers, let me just name a few of the other mighty messengers, Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed is Lee being the last and final messenger sent to mankind it had to come to an end, he just happens to be the last to find a messenger who was also sent as a mercy to mankind for you. So going back to Jesus, we believe in His miracles, and his miraculous birth, that he gave life to the dead by God's permission, He healed the

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sick by God's permission by God Almighty Allah's permission. And often you hear in church for those that believe in Jesus, or if they denied Jesus, we believe in Him. And we believe if you deny Jesus, as a mighty messenger, if you deny him that he was sent by the Creator that happens, or if you curse him, like some people do in his mother, that you can end up in the hellfire. And if you also take him as a god or a literal Son of God, you can also end up in that place too. Because this is very important, my friend, and everybody out there Jesus never ever I know you hear these things, but not everything that we hear is based on evidence and truth. Jesus never ever claimed to be the God the

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Creator or literal Son of God, or did he ever call people to worship himself, he only called people to worship the one up above the Creator of the heavens and earth, God Almighty Allah actually find Christian ideals that he finds love, he starts to bring people together. In his next clip, Sylvester Stallone, he was talking, he talks about these slogans he finds loves, brings people together. That's why we call it the OMA, this is the community of almost 2 billion Muslims. And we ask you civis Islam, to come come to visit us come to a mosque, go ahead and read the Quran, and go ahead and connect with a Muslim. So you can go ahead and learn more as we're inviting you to this

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beautiful way of life of submission to the Creator, not the creation, himself, with old friends, even ex fighters that read Scripture. And then when he goes into the ring, talk about that clip reading scripture. So this is so long, why not read the Quran? I heard you read. I mean, this is amazing. People read all sorts of books. And I've heard that you've read all of Shakespeare's books. So why not read the Quran as a potential we know as the verbatim Word of God Almighty. But why don't you as a potential book from your Creator to you? Why don't you read it? And I have a surprise for you at the end. And for all your fans. There is one thing about speaking the word but eventually you

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do need the Crusader. Someone who goes out there and has to defend it and face evil one on one. This is extremely interesting. You said Sylvester Stallone, you said, there's one thing about speaking the word meaning the Word of God, but eventually you need a crusader. One who is has to face evil one on one. These are your words, eventually you do need the Crusader. Someone who goes out there and has to defend it and face evil. So what you said there is pretty much jihad. I mean, they say so as soon as they can, they can actually take this and say Sylvester Stallone is talking about jihad. This is where the law stops.

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And I start Did you catch that? Because jihad is to struggle and strive against evil. That's what you're talking about. One has to step up eventually from speaking to go ahead and fight against evil. And that's a whole different topic in and of itself. But that's what a jihad means is to struggle and strive against evil and corruption. And again, that's a whole different topic. We've done many shows on this

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Just go to our channel and type in the word jihad. And we go more in detail you can watch some of the programs that discuss this concept. This term this subject you had I, you know, I was very strict Catholic. And then when I got to Hollywood, all of a sudden you're given cater to candy stores and temptation about anybody else from this background, or like him, I believe. So as long as Italian I want you and anyone else out there to check out my brother Michael, the chat roll Michael de cero. The channel he was also raised a strict Catholic with over eight years in a monastery you can hear where he's talking about worshiping only one God, Hear, O Israel, the LORD your God is one

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God worship Him alone about Jesus, the Trinity. If Jesus was God, or bringing something new, he should have said, heroes are the Lord thy God is me, or the Lord thy God is three, or the Lord thy God is three in one. What happened? And let me direct you that if you go to our channel, that's number 442 442. You can see the entire episode. And while I'm giving out numbers, you can also check out 837 where we talk about the different miracles in the Quran, particularly this one of the splitting of the moon. Check that out, yes.

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Especially Ceylon. Let me just share one verse I have from the Quran says we're talking about Jesus where God Almighty Allah is saying, the Messiah, Son of Mary was only a messenger before whom other messengers had passed away. And his mother was a woman of truth. They both used to eat food, know how I make clear the revelations to them, and note how they are deluded. This is in chapter five, verse 75, in the Quran, verbatim Word of God Almighty. Let's think about that, my friends versus Ceylon, anyone who is common sense. Anyone who eats food can't be God cannot be divine. They are not self sufficient. They're dependent on the crater on God. They have to answer the call of nature. And

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if there's no toilet, they have to look for the rocks in the bush. Now, we don't want to go ahead and tribute that to the created heavens and earth God Almighty God doesn't look for the bush in the rocks. He's above all these things humans ascribe to him. That's why we say Subhan Allah Glory be to God the Most High. So I know. I just had no idea. Just a few interesting points. I mean, as Muslims we love also Moses and did you know that Moses has mentioned 136 times in the Quran? Why wouldn't you want to read the Quran to learn about what the Quran says about Moses about Abraham, he was a pure monotheists. Remember, Abraham wasn't a Judeo Christian but he was one who submitted his will

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to the Creator to heavens and earth to God Almighty Allah, he was a Muslim because that's what a Muslim mean one who submits his or her to the One God he's mentioned 69 times in the Quran. Noah, he's also mentioned 43 times in the Quran as a Muslim as submitted to God, Joseph use of he's mentioned 27 times in the Quran as one who submitted his will to God, look at the chain of Revelation, all these messengers came like lot Luthuli. Salamis mentioned 27 times on and he's also look at his story very interesting. Look at the moral message that he's calling to Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. He's mentioned four times ton of references to him. But just think about

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a side note over here. Why would he if he's writing this book? Why wouldn't he elevate himself more in the Quran? Why would he elevate his own mother? Instead, he's elevating Jesus's mother, because it's not him. It's God Almighty. And there's a whole chapter named after his Blessed Mother, Mary and Mary, in the Quran. That's why you should read the Quran. And this is a very interesting point. Jesus, the son of Mary is mentioned an equal number of times as Adam the first man exactly 25 times each. So let me just get you one more semester. So of us there one more, and the rest you can read on your own.

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In chapter 359, of the Quran, God Almighty This is God Almighty speaking about Jesus. He said, the likeness of Jesus in God's sight is that of Adam, He created him from Deus. Then he said to him Be and he was confi Akun. So turn your thinking caps on, if anyone had more of a right to be called the Son of God, it would be Adam, as he had no mother, or that you have a father. But in the language of that time, the language of the Jews at that time Son of God meant someone who was close to God, a servant or slave of God, not us, not a literal Son of God. You see, cats have kittens, cows have calves. Dogs have puppies. So what do you mean people don't think when they say this, what do you

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say when God had a son, a baby God? No, this does not fit the majesty of the Creator God Almighty. This does not be fit the Supreme Creator of the heavens and earth. These are pagan concepts as Jesus him himself, his original followers, his companions of disciples, his brother, James, the earliest Christians, they didn't preach, teach or taught any of these things they taught and brought that pure

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monotheism. But over time the message got changed and corrupted and distorted. That's why God Almighty the Creator, Allah sent the ion. And we're inviting you Sylvester Stallone and the people out there to go ahead and read the Quran. And the surprise is, we're going to make this easy. You can get the Quran for free. At the deen Yes.

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And for my friend Sylvester Stallone, I go ahead and make myself accessible to you. If you have any questions, if you want some answers to certain things, go ahead, have your team hook up with my team, we can go ahead and make that happen. If we can get you on the program also are just a private conversation. We'll go ahead and make ourselves myself available for you and other people who are out there who have some questions, go and call us one 806 62475 to get in touch. Before some of the haters people out there have been programmed by much of the hate and negative propaganda that's out there. Go ahead and watch some of our shows, give us a call, visit a mosque. And this is the way

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moving forward so we can have more peace and harmony in the world. Brothers and sisters, let's go ahead and benefit what we started talking about in the beginning was Sylvester Stallone was talking about time that kicked this off time taking advantage of the time we have left on this earth before the runway Up ahead is gone. And we come to an end Subhanallah now go ahead and leave your comments. In the comment section below. Let us know what you think you think he'll read the Quran after he gets his message. Inshallah with your help, go ahead and like this video, help us get some traction going so we can go ahead and get this message to him and others and don't forget to subscribe, hit

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that notification bill and support us on our Patreon page to sokola higher as salaam alaikum. Peace be with you. Thank you guys for tuning in and go ahead and watch this video here. And you can also watch one of our videos right here. You can support us right here. And you can also subscribe right here. Thank you for tuning in to the deen show Peace be with you as salaam alaikum